My Little Pony: Love is Confusing

by TheTwientist

Chapter 11: AJ is a Nice Pony

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Subtitle: Friendzone is Magic

Rarity bustled around her shop, rapidly reformatting the four dresses standing on mannequins.

No, no, no, Rainbow Dash's must have a shorter train, it's trailing too much. Her horn flashed, and scissors went flying through the air towards the dark blue and pink dress which was sitting in one corner.

And Fluttershy's shouldn't cramp her around the wings . . . The scissors flew across to the other side of the room.

More lace on Twilgiht's, less fluff on Pinkie's . . . ooh, pink ribbon, that'll be for Rainbow Dash, to go with her eyes . . .

By now several boxes were flying through the air, and the scissors were nothing but a line of whizzing metal.


Everything came to an abrupt halt; several boxes bumped into one another, and the scissor halted mere inches from Applejack's throat.

"What do you want?" scoffed Rarity. "Here to rub it in some more?" She turned her back to the orange earth pony and scowled.

Applejack looked down at the floor, and muttered, "Ah'm sorry."

Rarity froze, and with much effort, hissed, "Sorry, are you? Sorry that you took perhaps the most elegant and dashing available stallion in all of Equestria, when you specifically knew I wanted to ask him to the gala? Thirty minutes alone with him and you've sold him on the 'charming rustic who can do a Manehattan accent' schtick? Sorry?"

"Eeyup," said Applejack, doing a pretty good impression of her brother. "Ah'm sorry, I really am. It was childish of me, and no matter how much of a prissy snob ya'll were bein', weren't an excuse for me to do that."

Rarity ignored the "prissy snob" bit and studied Applejack with surprise and a faint bit of hope.

"And so Ah wrote Fancy Pants a letter, telling him that I had an obligation and couldn't go with him."

Rarity let out a litttle squeal.

"But Ah did mention that ya'll were still available, and that you certainly wouldn't mind going with him, if he wanted to . . ."

Rarity shrieked, jumped up, and hugged Applejack. "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthank-"

"Can't . . . breathe . . . " Applejack spluttered. Rarity awkwardly released her, and then was distracted by three empty mannequins. "It's a good thing I hadn't started on your gala outfits yet! I'll have to make a matching ensemble for us, and of course, a nice dress for you, too . . ."

She squealed and began to prance around in a little circle, chanting, "Going to the gala with Fancy Pants! Going to the gala with Fancy Pants! Going to the-

There was a low knock on the door, and then another one, slightly louder. Rarity raced to the door, smoothing out her mane, muttering, "Maybe it's him! Oh, what if it's him?" The door swung open to reveal . . .

Spike. He was carrying a bouquet of roses.

"Why, Spikey-wikey!" Rarity said, "whatever are you doing here?"

Spike took a deep breath, and said rapidly, "Rarity, I've had a crush on you since I first met you and I think you're the prettiest mare in all Equestria and I was wondering if maybe you'd like to go to the gala with me-?"

He broke off, gasping for breath, and trying to flash her a charming smile. Rarity glanced worriedly at Applejack, who was pointedly studying Fluttershy's dress.

"Well, um," Rarity said slowly, "this is a bit awkward . . ."

Poor Spike.

Next chapter will be longer, I swear.

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