Stiff Wings

by desolate_account

Chapter 1: Stiff Wings

Twilight knew at that moment her life was over. Surely embarrassment would soon consume her soul and she’d be swallowed by the memories of what had just transpired. The alicorn buried her face in her pillow, as if it would somehow snuff out the fiery blush filling her cheeks. For the fiftieth time in the past half hour, Twilight groaned inwardly to herself. She entertained the thought that maybe she could just not leave her room. But even as frazzled as she was, the princess knew she couldn’t hide forever.

The purple mare growled and looked back to inspect her wings. “Yep..” She sighed “Still flared.” At this point, she’d had her feathered appendages for a while. But she had only experienced a so-called ‘wingboner’ a few times. And not once had others been around to witness it. Previous attempts had proved futile, but still the alicorn reached towards her back and tried to push her wings down forcefully. However when she touched the feathers, her wings would only shudder, twitch, and stiffen more. It was in all honesty really uncomfortable. Not just the feeling of not being able to move her wings, but also the heat in her core she was beginning to feel extremely aware of. “Oh for love of-”

It was then that Twilight’s ears perked to the sound of wings flapping down her castle halls. The flapping was far too rapid to be Fluttershy. Which meant that in all likelihood, Rainbow Dash was looking for her. It’d only be a matter of time until Twilight’s athletic pegasus friend burst through her bedroom door to get a second eye full of her spread wings and a laugh at how awkward Twilight felt about the situation. Granted, Twilight knew that such a thing was beyond her control. It was simply her body reacting to stimuli. As an adult, hormones were bound to get the best of her on occasion. It shouldn’t have been embarrassing. But these kinds of things always were.

She didn’t have much time to think, so Twilight settled for covering herself with a couple blankets and hiding under her pillowy fortress. She briefly considered locking the door. But to lock the lock would only serve to worry anypony who came to find her. That and Twilight could very easily imagine Rainbow Dash forcefully kicking down her door if push came to shove.

Just as the purple mare suspected she would, she soon heard a tentative tapping on her door that non surprisingly turned out to be Rainbow's knocking. From the other side of the wall came Dash’s raspy voice. It wasn’t mocking like Twilight had worried it might’ve been. Rather, it sounded kind of hesitant. Which felt extremely jarring to hear from the blue pegasus. “Hey Twi? You in there?”

Should she just ignore her friend? Maybe Dash would take the hint and leave her to wallow in her less than ideal situation. But no, she was the element of loyalty for a reason. If Rainbow felt Twilight needed a talking to, she wasn’t going to leave without getting the job done. Which she made perfectly clear as she again spoke up from outside the princess’s room. “Okay Twilight, if you’re in there, I’m coming in alright? So just like… be cool, okay?”

With that, Rainbow Dash gingerly opened the door. The creaking of its hinges alerted Twilight to this. “So um… How’re your wings doin’?" Oh fantastic, right out the frying pan and into the fire. She just had to open with that, didn’t she?

The only response Twilight could muster through the pillows, blankets, and the suffocating weight of her chagrin was a muffled groan. What made it worse, was that she absolutely knew her twitching wings were visible through the blanket cover. Knowing as much simultaneously sent heat to her stiffened feathers, her flustered cheeks, and though she hated to admit it to herself, other less appropriate areas.

“The girls were wondering if you maybe felt like coming out?” While Twilight could definitely hear a thread of amusement in Dash’s voice, moreover she sounded legitimately concerned. “Starlight said she was gonna come find you but uh…” Rainbow scratched the back of her head awkwardly, managing a smile. “I thought maybe it’d be better if somepony with wings talked with you first. Flutters had to go take care of something, so I figured I might as well.”

At this, Twilight peeked out from under her hiding place. If not for the fact she was clearly a mare with a horn, she could've easily been mistaken for Big Macintosh her face was so red. Through pursed lips and an unprecedented amount of self induced cringe, Twilight managed to speak. “Thanks Rainbow. Though as you can imagine I’m not really in the mood to socialize.”

Rainbow Dash chuckled. Under her breath she took a small jab at Twilight's issue. “Heh, nah. You look like you’d like to do a bit more than socialize.” The pegasus joked. But she was fast to apologize when she caught the icy glare it earned her.

“Rainbow… please just let me sit here until my wings calm down. Your being here isn’t making it any better.” That came out a little more suggestive than Twilight had meant it to.

Rainbow knew what she’d meant. But she couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a little more fun at the alicorn’s expense. “Oh? My being here is making your wingboner worse? Should I be flattered?” Dash smirked at the incredibly amusing expression that crossed Twilight’s face at that remark.

“You know that’s not what I-”

Rainbow Dash held up a hoof and hurriedly cut Twilight off. “Yeah, yeah. Not what you meant.” Dash offered a warm smile to the pony cowering under her sheets. “You mind coming out from under there? I just wanna talk. I swear you don’t have to be embarrassed.”

Twilight opened her mouth to argue. Then upon realizing there wasn’t a point, she gave a hefty sigh of defeat. She simply nodded and began sitting up out of bed. She felt her temperature rising when Dash not so subtly let her focus drift to her open wings. The pegasus seemed a little taken aback. Not out of sheepishness or disgust or anything of the sort. Just plain and simple surprise. “Wow..” She muttered, her gaze scanning Twilight’s feathers. “You’ve got it real bad, huh?” The purple mare couldn’t quite bring herself to look her friend in the eyes. “You’ve had this happen before, right? Why’re you acting like it’s the end of the world?”

Twilight shook her head. “Well sure, it’s happened before. But never in front an audience Rainbow! This isn’t the sort of thing you want happening in front of your friends. The first time it happened, I had a general idea as to why. Just to be safe though, I did confide in a few books on pegasus anatomy and such. I know it’s just my brain making my body feel all… y’know… but still…”

Rainbow Dash took a seat next the Twilight. She did so slowly and carefully. It was unlike Dash to be so gentle about anything. Twilight supposed maybe she was trying her best to make her feel comfortable. Difficult, given the circumstances. But appreciated nonetheless. “So erm…” A rosy tint crept onto Rainbow’s cheeks. “What’s got you all hot and bothered? You seemed fine for a while there. Then all of a sudden you got all red and wingboner-y.”

Twilight shifted uncomfortably where she sat. “To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I mean… I’m sure you know as well as anypony else that sometimes it just sorta happens, right?” Rainbow thought about it for a second. There had been times where she’d woken up with stiff wings. But luckily for her, she wasn’t too prone to random feathery hard-ons. That said, the pegasus had absolutely heard of wings just suddenly freezing up. Often with no noticeable catalyst or cause. With that in mind she nodded at Twilight’s somewhat rhetorical question. “Right…” Twilight continued. “So I’m not sure if there was a reason… Maybe cause it’s been a while since I’ve um…” At that thought, Twilight’s red-face intensified and her wings pricked out a little more.

It took all of Rainbow’s self control to neither snicker at Twilight’s discomfort nor stare at the fidgeting pair of fluffy wings on Twilight’s back.

Twilight both cleared her throat of its hesitancy and her mind of unwanted thoughts. “A-anyways” she began with a stutter. “Point is, I don’t know why it happened. It just did. And in front of all my best friends. So I’m sure you understand my wanting to be left alone until I calm down.”

Rainbow Dash shrugged nonchalantly. “Right. Makes sense I guess. Just wanted to check on you and make sure you weren’t in here bashing your brains out over this.” Dash began lifting herself up off the bed and into the air. She hovered stationary just over Twilight’s head. “Just so y’know… I’ve had my fair share of experience with this stuff. Even the awesome aren’t immune to these things. If you ever want any advice about anything, feel free to ask. Or like… not even just awkward wingboner type advice. Any question you’ve got about your wings or whatever else. I know you’re pretty used to flying by now. But this is all still relatively new for you.”

Twilight would be lying were she to say she weren’t mildly surprised by how genuine Rainbow sounded with that. She wasn’t quite sure what to say. So a small smile and nod sufficed.

Rainbow grinned down at her friend. With that, she turned to make her leave. She reached the door before quickly facing back with a smug little smirk plastering her lips. “Oh, before I go. Pinkie told me to tell you that you’re awful cute all flustered and hard-winged. And I thought you’d like to know that soon after you ran off, Fluttershy got stiff wings too. Hehe” Dash giggled and shot Twilight a teasing look. “You’re pretty popular Twi. Try not to feel too embarrassed.”

Rainbow Dash exited the room. It took a moment or two for Twilight’s brain to catch up to what Dash had just said. But as soon as her brain processed the new information… Her wings got even stiffer.

Author's Notes:

I'm not super sure if I'm satisfied with how this one turned out. But I wanted to write something involving wingboners that wasn't a clopfic. Idk, at least I managed to get something written. Damn writers block.

Oh well, hope you enjoyed reading about awkward and aroused Twily. :twilightblush:

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