Sunset's looking forward to a relaxing afternoon in the West Gardens. Philomena has other plans.
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  Sunset's looking forward to a relaxing afternoon in the West Gardens.

  Philomena has other plans.

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Historian’s Note: While Habits is part of the Wavelengths Timeline, knowledge of the series isn't needed to enjoy this tale.

Set in a timeline where the Sonic Rainboom didn't happen, Habits of the Equestrian Phoenix occurs about two years after the events of Grading on a Bell Curve.

Cast: Sunset Shimmer & Philomena with Princess Celestia.

Stories set in the Wavelengths Timeline in chronological order:

Origins Arc

The Alchemy of Chemistry

Bards of the Badlands

Grading on a Bell Curve

Habits of the Equestrian Phoenix

How Not To Use Your Royal Prerogative

Applications Arc

The Application of Unified Harmony Magics

Princess Celestia: A Brief History

The Cloudsdale Report

Dreamers Arc

Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns

A Study in Chaos Theory

Teahouses of Saddle Arabia

As the Raven Flies

Cover Design by Amber Spark

Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark By Millennial Dan

Philomena Design by Oelderoth

Beta Reader & Editor Credits

Ebon Quill - Audio Director & Quest Designer on The Manehattan Project

Little Tinker - Master of Systems at Poniverse & Scripting Engineer on The Manehattan Project

Beltorn - Commenter-at-Large on FimFiction

Painted Heart

Word Count: 4,500

Version: 2.0

Slice of Life

4,321 words: Estimated 18 Minutes to read: [Fimfiction.net] [Cache]

2 Chapters:

  1. Feathered Fiery Fiasco [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Feb 5th, 2018
  2. Felonious Felicitous Fellowships [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Feb 1st, 2020
Published Feb 27th, 2017


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