Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 25: New Questions Raised

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Author's Notes:

So, I have no idea. That is the best way to describe it. I enjoy writing but I can't seem to sit down and write, and I have no idea if this chapter is good. I think some things seem disjointed and the entire thing seems a bit rushed, I would like if someone could tell me if this is just me being over critical of it or if this needs to be done. And if someone could tell me how I could go about finding someone who could proof-read or something I would appreciate it.

Sorry if this is bad to ask, and sorry if this is just bad right now.

New Questions Raised:

“Now that I know about this you can be sure I will be back, Twilight Sparkle” Nightmare Moon thought, completely unused to this form of communication.

Quickly she pulled her thoughts away from this mental link she had discovered, a smile growing on her face.

“You think of something funny?” Bastion suddenly asked, startling her slightly.

“Oh, yeah I guess it was funny.” Nightmare Moon said, immediately thinking of anything she could say if he pressed her on this.

“It’s good to know that you can still find reasons to smile.” Bastion said looking over at her briefly with a smile of his own before going back to looking at his map. Nightmare Moon was slightly relieved, but also a bit sad. For the most part she enjoyed that she didn’t have to explain everything, it made it easier to hide things that could give her away. But at the same time, she also wanted to have Bastion ask her things, to try and get to know her better, even if it would all have to be lies.

Thinking about that last part sent a small feeling of guilt through her body, one that she almost let stay.

*No,* She thought to herself. *I can’t think of things as superfluous as friendship. I could never have a friend anyway.* With those last thoughts, she hung her head a bit. Bastion noticed this as well.

“Hey, Moonbeam, are you alright? You were all smiles just a minute ago.” Bastion asked her, folding the map and putting it in his bag.

“Oh!” Nightmare Moon said, looking up again. “Uh, it… It’s nothing, I just thought of something that made me a bit sad.” Nightmare Moon said, trying to be as vague as she could be.

“If it makes you sad then it obviously isn’t nothing.” Bastion said, giving her a gentle look. “Why don’t you tell me about it? Getting things off your chest can feel pretty good.”

Nightmare Moon looked away for a second, this was technically what she had wanted, but she had no idea what to talk about.

*I guess I could try telling him about me. I would need to change things, but maybe I could get him on my side* She nodded to herself slightly.

“Okay, I guess I’ll tell you.” Nightmare Moon said, still slightly unsure of herself.

“I was thinking about a time that I was… bullied at school.” Nightmare Moon started. Bastion stood there, listening to her intently.

“For a long time it was just me and… my best friend, another unicorn filly, we used to get bullied all the time. The other But for the most part I could protect her from everything they did.” Nightmare Moon began, trying to paint the tale of Luna’s fall to darkness, and her attempt to bring about eternal night in a sympathetic way.

“Eventually, we both got suspended due to something that our bullies blamed on us. I couldn’t see her for the entire time we were suspended, I was miserable.” She shivered a bit remembering her time on the moon.

“When I finally got back, I found out that my friend had blamed me for everything that happened. She joined the bullies and left me all alone.” Nightmare Moon finished, hoping things hadn’t been too see through.

next thing she knew, Bastion had brought her into a hug.

“It’s alright, you can cry if you need to. No need to act strong in front of me.” Bastion told her. She looked at him in confusion for a second before she noticed how damp her cheeks were.

*But, why am I crying?* Nightmare moon thought. Suddenly her body started shaking, small sobs escaping her filly body. *I didn’t even tell a true story, I changed everything about my time with… Luna.*

Suddenly she started crying even harder.

*It’s not fair! Luna and I just wanted ponies to enjoy our night. We were both unhappy with ponies calling us inferior. But just because I was the one who acted on something, I was made into the villain.* More sobs escaped Nightmare Moon's filly’s body, and Bastion continued to comfort her.

*Luna, why did you turn your back on me when we came back to Equestria! I just wanted to help you, but you wouldn’t tell me how!* Nightmare Moon put her small arms around Bastion as she continued to cry.

Slowly, Nightmare Moon’s breathing returned to normal, her tears stopping. She continued to hug Bastion for a while longer, thinking about her life and how unfair things seemed to be.

“Bastion, can I tell you something?” Nightmare Moon asked suddenly

“Go ahead Moonbeam.” He told her, ready to comfort her if she needed it.

“I… I actually don’t have any parents in Ponyville, I was an… orphan, I ran away after the last fight I had with my friend, I don’t know what I’ll say to her if I see her again.” Nightmare Moon told him, still trying to keep close to the truth. She had no idea what she was doing anymore.

Her purpose, once so clear to her, had been brought into question. Her only reason for bringing about eternal night was to try to make ponies appreciate Luna and her. But now there was no need for that now. Without that, what was she supposed to do?

“Moonbeam, I will be honest. I have no idea what to too tell you, and I’m sorry for that. But what I can tell you is that until I get you back to Ponyville, don’t worry about it. I know from experience what it’s like to fight with somepony close to you.” Bastion said, a small reminiscent smile on his face.

“Taking time to think about things that make you smile before you see the pony you fought with, and I don’t know if this goes for everypony, but it always makes me feel better the next time I see them. Just ask my brother.”

“I… I’ll try.” Nightmare Moon said, finally releasing Bastion from the hug she had been keeping him in.

Nightmare Moon tried to give a smile, if only so they could get going again. Even though there were new questions she didn’t want to think about, she still had to get to Ponyville.

*And* Nightmare Moon thought, *I still need to get my body back. This poison joke has been helpful, but I can’t stay like this forever.* She looked over toward Bastion who was standing once again.

*But what will happen to Bastion when the time comes?

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