Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 24: Things Revealed.

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Things Revealed

Twilight was sitting in the library, reading as usual as she waited for Moonjumper. Moonjumper had gone out to meet with a guard to receive a report on the search for Nightmare Moon. They had decided to hold meetings with the guards somewhere other than the library, as they were afraid that some townsponies might start wondering why guards were stopping by every now and then. As she waited her mind turned to the date she and Moonjumper had went on.

Twilight still thought the date went well, even if they had gotten a few interruptions at the beginning. After they got off the cloud they had walked slowly back to the library, just enjoying eachother’s company.

Suddenly The front door opened, Moonjumper coming inside and walking over to where Twilight was sitting and Sitting beside her. Moonjumper looked over at Twilight, slightly exasperated.

“Was there any good news?” Twilight asked.

“*Sigh* No, they haven’t found anything of importance. I don’t know how Nightmare Moon has managed to evade the guards for so long, but it is starting to put me a bit on edge.” Moonjumper said. Moonjumper put her head down on her hooves, letting out another slight sigh.

“Did you want to do anything to try and take your mind off of things?” Twilight asked, wanting to help if she could. Moonjumper looked over at her and gave it some thought.

“I don’t know, I’m going to take a quick bath before I decide, I need something to help me relax a bit.” Moonjumper said as she walked upstairs. Twilight gave a small frown, she didn’t want Moonjumper to feel upset.

“I need to think of something soon.” a voice rang through her mind, a voice that Twilight didn’t quite recognize.

“Hello?” Twilight thought back, waiting to see if the voice would talk back.

“What is it Twilight?” Moonjumper’s voice now came through.

“Did you hear that? There was another voice coming over our mental link!” Twilight exclaimed as she tried to search for the voice in her mind.

“I didn’t hear anything like that, are you sure?” Moonjumper asked.

“So Luna can’t hear me can she, this is interesting.” The voice said again. Twilight was about to ask if Luna heard that when the voice spoke up once again. “Now that I know about this you can be sure I will be back, Twilight Sparkle.” The voice said before going silent.

After the farewell, Twilight felt more sure of who the mystery pony was.

“Moonjumper, I just heard from Nightmare Moon.”


Moonjumper was sitting in front of Twilight, still damp from her attempt at a shower earlier.

“This changes things immensely.” Moonjumper said finally. She had listened to what Twilight had to say about the short and admittedly one-sided conversation with Nightmare Moon. She was not surprised her freed half was being vague, she didn’t want to be found and couldn’t wouldn’t give any hints.

“What are we going to do from here? Should I try and contact her again?” Twilight asked.

“No, she likely won’t respond. And if she did it would likely not be anything that would help us. The only things we can do is to stop communicating through the mental link, and prepare for her to get here.” Moonjumper told her. “We can’t give her any ideas of what we might be planning.”

“How will we prepare? Should we get our friends and the elements?” Twilight asked, she had a few ideas of her own.

“That would probably be good, I’ll go and get them, I need you to send a letter to Celestia. She needs to know what is going on!” Moonjumper said as she walked toward the front door. She turned around suddenly to look at her. Twilight nodded.

“Alright, I’ll go grab Spike then.” Twilight said, Moonjumper nodded as well and opened the door, taking flight as she exited.

Twilight got to her hooves and rushed over toward the stairs.

“Spike, come down here as fast as you can, we need to get a letter to the princess, quick!” Twilight called up the stairs. She heard a door open and close, followed by rushed footsteps.

“I’m coming Twilig- AAHHH!” Spike screamed, tripping on the stairs. Suddenly he was caught by a purple glow and was again standing on the floor, now beside Twilight.

“That was close, are you okay Spike?” Twilight asked, giving him a quick look over to make sure that he wasn’t injured.

“Yeah Twilight I’m fine.” Spike said waving her away a bit. “But thanks for the save. Now you said something about a letter to the princess?” Spike said.

“Right, do you have some parchment?” Twilight asked. Spike pulled a piece of parchment and a quill. “Great, now let’s get started”

Dear Princess Celestia,
I have urgent news concerning our situation with Nightmare Moon. After Moonj Luna came home from a meeting with the guards patrolling the surrounding forests Something unexpected happened


With this in mind we ask that you come to Ponyville so that we may discuss what should be done next face to face.
-Your Faithful Student: Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight turned back toward Spike who was just finishing on the letter.

“Did you get all of that Spike?” Twilight asked.

“I think so. Urgent news, mental link intrusion, threat from Nightmare Moon, coming up with a plan to deal with her when she arrives, want the Princess to come and give her thoughts on how to proceed. Does that sound right?”

“That should be good, send it off Spike!” Twilight exclaimed. Spike sucked in a deep breath and let out a small stream of green fire, burning the parchment and carrying it out the window and off toward Canterlot.

“Now we just have to wait.” Twilight said to Spike as they looked off toward their old hometown.

Author's Notes:

I am very sorry for how long it took for this chapter to come out for those of you who do enjoy this story. I am not sure why my drive to write has been so low for so long. I hope this chapter is fairly good, I tried to make a chapter where things might start the next part of the plot well.

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