What's in a Name?

by IcarusFics

Chapter 9: Chapter Eight

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The dim light of the rising sun filled our room as I was awoken by a bump at my side. My mind immediately remembered the last time I had been woken up like this and I rolled over to see Lily squirming around. I brought my hooves to her shoulders to shake her awake again when I heard a small moan come from her. When my eyes cleared up and I looked down at her face, she didn’t seemed to have a worried or pained expression, but a… Oh dear.

I sniffed the air and the faint but familiar smell of Lily’s arousal filled my nostrils, causing me to follow suit a little as a tiny bit of arousal swept me. Oh gosh.

“Uh, L-Lily?” I shook her lightly, trying not to breath in through my nose and get any more excited than I already was.

“Ohhhh…” Lily moaned and her cheeks somehow flushed an even deeper red than they already were. I clenched my legs together and tried to think of anything else.

“Lily.” I shook her a little lighter.

“I love you… Rose…” She said in her sleep, small eeps coming from her afterwards as she wriggled around. I was about to shake her harder when I felt her legs clench around my thigh and something extremely warm and wet touched me.

“Nope. Nope, nope, nope.” I said, wrenching my leg away from her. Not with my parents in the house.

“Lily!” I shook her harder this time, waking her up as her eyes fluttered open. They suddenly shot open wide and her body stiffened, the sweat on her forehead practically dripping down.

“U-uh… Morning, R-Rose.” She stammered, forcing a smile. “I was… dreaming about y-you.” She covered her face with her hooves.

“Uh huh.” I smiled, glad she was awake and conscious of her actions. “I kinda guessed, what with you moaning my name.”

She stiffened up even more at that and let out a pained chuckle.

“Eheh… Sorry, Rose.” She said, beginning her squirming again.

“It’s okay.” I said, but she continued to move around, the blush on her cheeks and obvious arousal not dropping at all.

“Lily? I… I don’t really want to burst your bubble, but… we can’t really do anything this morning.” I said and she closed her eyes, breathing in and out slowly. Eventually she let out a frustrated groan, which switched into a moan half way through.

“I-I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I can’t s-stop… thinking about stuff.” She murmured nervously. I leant down and kissed her on the forehead.

“I promise, we can do stuff later, once my parents have left, but these walls are really, really thin, and I know how loud you can get.” This only caused her to moan again and cover her face.

“I can’t! I don’t know why, but I… I just want you so much.” She pulled herself up and wrapped her hooves around me, holding me tight. “P-Please, Rose!” She said in a strained whisper. “I n-need you!”

I had to close my eyes and force myself to think about something different, as my own arousal was climbing by the second .

“Lily, please. I promise you, I will let you… do anything to me tonight, just… try and calm yourself down.” I had to force myself not to kiss her, knowing it would make matters worse but I still wanted to show my affection towards her. I instead settled for stroking her mane, which did actually seem to calm her down a bit and she breathed in and out slowly.

“I-I think… I think it’s at least a bit better… but it’s not gone, Rose. I don’t know what’s going on! I’m s-scared…”

“Hey, hey, it’ll be alright.” I stroked her mane again. Suddenly, a memory of something I dreamed about about a week ago entered my mind…


“Good morning class!” An elder, green mare with a messy purple mane and a book next to an apple for a cutie mark entered the classroom.

“Morning, Mrs Cherry Apple!” I joined in as the rest of the class greeted her back.

“Now, we have a guest in today to talk to you about some very important stuff. I’d like to introduce you all to Speedy Learning.” She motioned to the door and a portly pegasus mare walked in. She had a very calming look to her face and waved as she walked in.

“Good morning to you all. Now, I know that Mrs Cherry has told you all that I would be in to teach you all about sex education today.” A few colts and fillies in the class groaned, but I just listened intently. I had no idea about what “sex ed” was, but I liked to listen to my teachers, so I sat quietly and waited. Speedy Learning giggled quietly and looked around the classroom. “Yes, from the looks of it, a few of you have already been told about this by your parents, but every young pony must know about what I have to tell you all. Now a lot of teachers would split the colts and fillies up for this lesson, but I do think that defeats the purpose. Now, onto your lesson…”


Wow! I had no idea that colts even could do that with their parts! I mean, I knew that a colt and a filly had to be together to make a foal, but I had no idea that was how it was done. I never really felt myself wanting to do something like that with a colt, let alone kiss one, but having a foal sounded like a nice idea. Although, Speedy Learning did say that it was a big responsibility having a foal too, and I didn’t even really like the “responsibility” my mum gave me when she left me alone in the house. I was always so afraid I’d break something.

“Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard enough about how colt’s work, but how many of you know about how fillies bodies work?” Speedy Learning asked the class and only a few raised their hooves. Less than when she had asked this about colts. I was rather excited for this part, not only because I didn’t like colt’s -- They were icky -- but I wanted to know how my own body worked.


I had no idea we were so complex inside! I had seen a few mares with large bellies walking around town with their coltfriend or fillyfriend, but I thought it was maybe because they had too many milkshakes, not that they had a baby inside of them!

“There’s also something that you should all consider when you get older and want to be intimate with your coltfriend’s. There is a very particular time of the month that all fillies have that is a very special time for them. You may find yourself being very warm, or wanting to do particular things, but you must not do that. The reason is because if a mare and a stallion have sex during this time, it is very likely that the mare will become pregnant with a foal. This time of the month is referred to as “Heat”, mostly because of the fact that you will feel very hot during this time, almost like having a fever. This happens so that the mare knows when her body is ready to have a foal. It is perfectly natural and will go away in time or until the mare becomes pregnant by having sex with a stallion.”

That was a relief! Colts were gross, I didn’t want to do this “sex” thing with any of them. Mares smelled a lot better and weren’t anywhere near as ugly.

“I do believe that concludes our lesson today, class.” Speedy Learning smiled at us and a few members of the class sighed in relief. “If you have any questions, ask Mrs Cherry Apple and I’m sure she will be able to answer you.”


Oh gosh. I knew exactly what was going on. I smiled nervously at Lily, trying to act normally, but she seemed to catch on to my worried expression.

“R-Rose? What’s wrong?”

I needed to tell her. It would probably be a bit of a shock, but unless she wanted to have a foal too, it would be happening for the rest of her life.

“Lily… You’re in heat.”

“H-Heat? Like, the thing that dogs get?”

“Well, kinda. I don’t know how it works in dogs, but… It’s just kinda like a period, except not painful. You’re just gonna be… like this for about a week.”

Lily groaned and rolled onto her back, covering her face with her hooves.

“A week!?” She complained. “I can’t deal with this for a week. How do you even know about this stuff?”

“Uh… I had a memory dream a week ago about pony sex ed.”

Lily let out a weak laugh.

“Of course.”

“Hey, it’s not too bad.” I said and put my hoof on her cheek, causing her to look at me and raise an eyebrow.


“Because.” I leant down and put my head next to her ear. “Once my parents leave… I’m gonna eat you out so damn much you’ll be keeping our neighbours awake for the next week.”


I should not have said that. I should not have said that. I sat in the bathroom with Lily as a cold stream of water covered her body, trying it’s hardest to quench the fire in her loins.

“I’m sorry.” I said for the fiftieth time.

“I know, Rose. Please stop saying sorry.” Lily chuckled and turned the tap off. I lifted up the towel and helped dry and warm her body back up after her chilly shower.

“Thanks again. It’s definitely a lot less distracting now.”

“The, uh… smell is gone too, which will help” I giggled and dried Lily’s mane. After it was dry, I reached over and clipped the lily hair pin into her hair again. I smiled as the lily completed her image perfectly and we stepped out of the bathroom together.

As we entered the living room, I saw my mum sitting on the couch, petting a very happy looking Simon, still in her pyjamas, while my dad rummaged around in the fridge, presumably for breakfast.

“Morning, Mrs Linden.” Lily said happily and walked toward her, hopping up onto the couch. I followed behind and jumped up next to her.

“Oh please, Lily! We’re family now, call me Jenny!” She smiled up from her book.

“Oh, uh, okay. Morning, Jenny.”

“Hmm, you know what? Just call me mum instead! I’ve always wanted another daughter.”

Lily’s face paled and she looked down at her hooves.

“I-I’d rather not… Is just Jenny fine?” She said nervously and I nuzzled her, knowing what was going through her mind right now.

“Oh, yes, Jenny is fine.”

“Hey Rose, where’s the bacon?” My dad called out as he searched through the fridge. Now, both me and Lily’s faces went pale as we remembered our last encounter with bacon.

“I’m afraid that… bacon and I don’t get along anymore. You know, the whole vegetarian thing.” I said, strong on the outside, but on the inside, I shed a single tear for my lost comrade. I will forever keep you in my heart, bacon.

“Good night, sweet prince…” Lily whispered.

“What was that?” My dad called out.

“Nothing, dad. We just don’t keep bacon anymore. Not really any meat at all. Our pony bodies don’t really seem to like it that much.”

“No meat? How do you live?”

“Better than if we did eat meat, probably.” I laughed. “I know it’s no bacon, but we got some portabello mushrooms, some tomatoes that you can fry up, and eggs are still fine to eat, so we got some of that too.”

“Okay then…” My dad said, saddened by the lack of meat. “Hey, what’s with the tubes of wasabi?”

“Oh, that.” I rubbed the back of my neck. “You can probably throw that out. I was having weird cravings a while back, but I’m sure you can tell that wasabi on toast isn’t exactly a great combination.”

“Ah, I remember my cravings I had when I was pregnant with Alex. Uh, with Rose. I believe I wanted pineapples and milk one day. I can tell you now, not exactly a tasty combination, but it sated my craving at least.” My mum laughed, Simon mewling for attention on her lap. “So what would you like to do today?”

“Well, we can’t exactly leave the house, so I’m happy with just talking for a while. I’m sure you guys have a lot of questions.” I smiled, but my mind traveled to a pressing matter that I still had to address before they left. “We have something important to talk about with you guys too, but it can wait until after breakfast at least.”


My dad had settled on some fried mushrooms with scrambled eggs, which didn’t really taste any different than I remembered it, but was definitely a lot more appetizing than before. Lily looked at me nervously as she finished her meal, her cheeks becoming redder now and her body letting off quite a bit more heat.

“Are you okay, Lily? Is it… you know what?” I asked and she nodded jerkily.

“Mum, dad, Lily and I have something to talk to you about, and she’s feeling a bit... off, so it’d be better to tell you now than later.”

“Oh jeez, what is it now?” My dad complained. I looked at my hooves, unsure of how to say that I wanted to travel back to Equestria. I was remembering more and more of it every day, and as time went on, I couldn’t help but feel more alienated in this world than ever. Equestria felt like home. I know she didn’t want to admit it, but by the way Lily sounded when we talked about it, she felt the same way.

“You know that Princess I was telling you guys about? Luna?”

“She the one that was visiting you in your dreams?” My dad asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, she… she told me something that she’s trying to do. An opportunity that might not ever happen, but if it does become a possibility, me and Lily have decided that we would like to take that opportunity.”

“She’s going to be able to turn you back into Alex?” My mum asked expectantly and she smiled. My heart sunk and I closed my eyes. I knew she wanted Alex back, but that wouldn’t happen.

“Mum, no. I’m still your kid, but… I’m not Alex. That wasn’t the real me, and I feel so much more comfortable now.” I replied and my mum looked dejected for a second before smiling and nodding.

“I know, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said it like that.” She said, trying to smile, but a few tears breaking through. Why did everything have to be so hard?

“Mum… Dad… Me and Lily want to go back to Equestria.”

My mum gasped and her eyes began to well up and my dad folded his arms, closing his eyes and looking down.

“I-I’m so s-sorry…” I began to sob. “I just…”

“Neither of us feel at home here.” Lily spoke up confidently. “If there is a way to contact you when we are there, we will, but this place… This world isn’t ours.”

My mum nodded but her tears still poured down her face, while my dad said nothing and remained stoic.

“I wish I didn’t want this…” I said and Lily put a hoof around me. “I love you guys so much, and I wish I didn’t have to say this, but… Luna has given us this chance, and we’re not missing it if it comes around.”

“I wish…” My mum said, wiping tears from her eyes. “I wish this never happened.”


“Why couldn’t you just be normal!” She screamed at me and I stepped back, shocked at what she had said.

“Jenny!” My dad shouted, saying something for the first time since this conversation started. “Our son- No, our daughter is normal. I know that this is hard, and of course I don’t want to be parted from her, but this is her life. Her decision.” He unfolded his arms and looked toward me, the tears in his eyes betraying his demeanor. “Rose… we love you. You know that. I know that you know how hard it is for us to hear this.”

“O-of course I do. I’ve been s-scared about telling you e-ever since I met Luna.”

“And I know how hard it is for you too, Rose.”

“I don’t… I don’t want to say goodbye.” I sobbed into my hooves.

“I know.” My dad walked over to me from the kitchen and sat next to me, hugging me as best as possible. I sobbed into his chest as I felt another pair of arms wrap around me.

“I’m s-sorry, Rose.” My mum muttered through the tears. “I didn’t… Oh gosh, I’m the worst mother ever.”

“No you’re not, Jenny.” Lily said, joining in on the hug. “All of our lives have been flipped upside down, you’d be a bad mother if you weren’t scared.”

My mum said nothing but tightened her grip on the hug, pulling us all in close.

I didn’t want to say goodbye. I didn’t want to break apart what I had managed to bring back together. I cried, torn between wanting to leave earth and not, but I knew what I was going to choose. I didn’t want to want this, but… earth wasn’t home. I couldn’t raise Brisk here. I couldn’t have a life here. We couldn’t have a life here. My life ended at the doors to this apartment, and if I was stuck on earth… I would never leave.

“I’m sorry, Rose…” My mum said between sobs. “I just… I don’t want to lose my baby.” I blushed and smiled at her.

“Mum… I’m not a baby. I’m about to… to start a new family. I’m engaged, and I have a foal on the way, and this is… just the next step. Finding a home.”

“Oh my gosh.” My mum groaned and covered her face, giggling a little as she did. “I’m gonna be a grandmother.”

All of us joined in and laughed a little, our spirits raising slightly.

“Hey, I’ll be a granddad too! I wonder if she’ll look like us?” My dad chuckled and ruffled my mane. I refrained from saying “Probably not.” and just laughed along, glad that they weren’t too upset anymore. I knew for a fact that it would take a lot of preparation, but hopefully they were used to the idea when Luna found a way to take Lily and I home.

If Luna found a way to take us home.

Author's Notes:

Thanks for reading, everyone.

This chapter is shorter again as chapter 8.5 will be a clop chapter. It is a little bit more of an important chapter than the last cloptional chapter, so it would be good if you read it for the story parts, even if you avoid the clop.

I'll be releasing that chapter later today or tomorrow.

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