What's in a Name?

by IcarusFics

Chapter 10: Chapter Eight and a Half (Semi-Cloptional)

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Author's Notes:

While this chapter does have clop, some important story parts are in here as well, so I recommend that you read, even if you skip the clop.

The rest of the day was relatively peaceful. Things were still awkward between my parents and I from before, but they started being a little bit more normal toward the end of the day. I was silently worried the whole day, knowing that there was more to my mums outburst. She didn't like this situation one bit, and I could tell it was hurting her. I wanted to say or do something to help, but until she accepted it, the only thing I could do was wait and offer her support. All in all, the rest of the day was nice, if a little awkward. Not to mention that Lily was clinging to my side and breathing heavily in arousal for a lot of the day, taking another shower at around lunch time to help cool off a little more.

It was honestly super cute watching her struggle to keep her arousal as un-obvious as possible, shrugging it off as a fever whenever my mum or dad asked if she was okay. A small while after lunch, my parents packed up their stuff and we said our goodbyes. I promised them that we would talk over Skype very soon and be in contact as much as possible.

As the door shut behind them, I breathed out a sigh of relief. It was still nice seeing my parents, but the past two days had been absolutely exhausting. I was just kind of glad to finally get some res- Woah!

I stumbled back as Lily practically threw herself at me, pressing her lips to mine and forcing her tongue into my mouth. I was a bit shocked for a second, but melted into the kiss after a short while. I heard both Lily and myself let out short, high pitched, involuntary moans as we passionately kissed.

I forced myself to separate from the kiss and looked into Lily’s beautiful, half lidded eyes.

“Jeez, Lily. That bad, huh?”

She nodded jerkily and kissed me again. I felt a familiar warmth and wetness begin to spread through my groin and each touch of Lily’s hooves only sent my passion soaring even more.

The smell of her arousal began to fill the room and I felt a hoof grip my rump, pulling closer into the kiss. It was much fainter than hers, but I began to smell my own arousal as well as our kiss intensified. Lily began pulling me, mid kiss toward the couch and when we got there, she pushed me up against it, pinning me down and staring into my eyes, lust practically dripping from her.

Oh. Wow. It was literally dripping from her. I felt a warm liquid drip onto one of my hind hooves currently pinned under Lily.

“L-Lily…” I said, my arousal reaching a peak, causing me to squirm around in anticipation. “W-we should probably get to the b-bedroom.”

“No.” She said plainly. “I'm taking you here.”

My cheeks flushed with heat and I lifted my hooves up, slightly covering my blush as she pecked me softly on the forehead.

“My mare…” She whispered between kisses. Her kisses slowly lowered until she kissed me once on the nose and she pulled away.

Lily held me by the hoof as we both jumped up onto the couch together, immediately resuming our kiss as we fell into a comfortable position. Lily pulled away and looked me up and down, breathing heavily.

“You're so beautiful, Rose.” She smiled slightly, still panting. “My beautiful perfect Rose. I'm so lucky to have you, Roseluck.”

“R-Roseluck?” I was confused. Why was that so familiar.

“That's your full name. Roseluck. We shortened it to Rose.”

“Wh-what’re you talking about?”

“I had a dream… about when we met.”

My mind drifted to that day, the one that my memory dreams seemed to focus on so much, yet somehow… I had missed such an important detail.


I glanced out of the train's window, watching as the beautiful landscape passed me by. How many more ponies would I meet here? How many more romances would blossom thanks to the help of some of my flowers? I couldn't wait to see their happy faces as they picked their flowers, with my help of course.

It wasn't only flowers for love that I sold, but there was no doubt in my mind that it was my favourite type of bouquet to sell. A bouquet of love.

I sighed happily, reminiscing about the last couple that I had helped with my flowers; I usually tried to get to know any ponies who might be buying flowers for a potential partner so I could help them pick the perfect arrangement. Lyra was her name, and the pony whose heart she was after was Bon Bon. I had heard from them, after they started their relationship, that they were sick of the busy lifestyle that was so common in Manehattan and had decided to move to Ponyville.

I myself had been looking for an escape from this city for a while, not only because I prefer a less frantic home, but also because ponies living out here liked the simpler things. Roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, any flower could easily brighten up the day of a sad pony, or bring the hearts of two ponies together.

The train began to slow as I saw the tops of houses poking out from the trees I stepped up a little, smiling as my new home came into view.

“We will be arriving at Ponyville in a few minutes, everypony. Please gather your belongings and prepare to disembark.”


I carried my huge pile of luggage all the way across the station floor, looking for a trolley of an kind. It was times like these that I really wish I had gotten my mother's horn.

“Hey, stranger!” I jumped as a golden glow enveloped my bags, lifting them up off the floor. I spun around and was greeted by a mint green unicorn, her smile spread all the way across her face.

“Lyra!” I stepped forward and hugged her in greeting. A cream coated mare with a flossy blue and pink mane stepped up next to us, smiling as she did. “Bon Bon! You’re here too?”

“Yep!” She replied. “When you told us when you’d be getting to Ponyville, Lyra immediately said that we should come and surprise you.” She kissed Lyra on the cheek and began walking toward the exit of the station. “Come on! We’ll help you get settled in.”


The first few days here had been great! I was relaxed, calm, and happy for once in a long while, partly due to the relaxed atmosphere that this town exuded, but also the fact that today was also the first day of business for my flower stand in the Ponyville marketplace! I got up bright and early, setting up my small stand and placing a few bouquets that I had prepared beforehand for display. Across from me, a pink pony with a blonde mane was also setting up a stand, placing pots full of flowers, all perfectly and trimmed and watered.

As the mare turned her head toward me, I felt my heart race as she smiled at me. I waved to her, strangely enthralled by her. Maybe I… Maybe I could make a new friend. Yeah.

“H-hi!” I called out. “Lovely morning, isn’t it?”

She said nothing but smiled and nodded back, going back to her preparations. Right, I should probably be doing that too. As I turned, I felt the ground begin to rumble slightly. Confused, I watched as the pots on my stand began to vibrate and slide along the side of the stand.

I jumped as I heard a scream from next to me, swinging around to see the pink mare gasping. I looked toward where she was looking and felt my heart plummet as a literal stampede of rabbits charged toward us.


I came to a short while later, blinking as I woke up from my fainting spell. I looked over at my stand and gasped as I saw that every single flower had been eaten! Every last flower, devoured! I heard a quiet sobbing over to my left and saw that the other flower mare from before had her stock eaten as well. For some reason, I felt extremely guilty and walked over to her, placing a hoof on her withers.

“Hey, miss? Are you you okay?” I asked quietly and she looked up at me, tears in her eyes.

“N-no… All of my flowers… Gone…” She sobbed.

“I… I know. Mine too.” The realization that not only was this my first day of business, but also that my entire days stock had been eaten hit me hard.

“O-oh, gosh. This is the worst day ever.” She sobbed again and I helped her to her hooves. “W-wait, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around town before.”

“Oh, yeah. I just moved to Ponyville a few days ago. My name’s Roseluck, but my friends call me Rose. Did you want some help cleaning up?” I asked, glad to extend a helping hoof to this, hopefully, new friend.

“Really? You’d do that for me?” She asked, hope in her eyes.

“Of course! What’s your name?”

“Oh! Sorry. My name’s Lily. Lily Valley.”

“That’s a pretty name.” I said without thinking and froze after I had said it. What the hell was that, Rose!?

“Th-thanks…” She blushed and turned away to start cleaning up her stall. I joined her and swept up as much of the debris and plant matter as possible, shooing away the stray rabbit or two as we worked. There was something weird about Lily that I couldn’t put my hoof on. Or was it me being weird? I had no idea, but I was sure that I had made a great friend today, despite the tragedy that was our lost flowers.


The memory smashed into me like a train, leaving me stunned for a second. That was so… vivid! I knew I had had that dream before, but this was so weird. I was awake, and the memory had rushed into me.

“R-Rose?” Lily asked, looking down at me. I snapped out of my stupor, realizing that we were just about to make love when that memory had rushed me.

“S-Sorry, I just… I just remembered that day, when I came to Ponyville… It all just kinda hit me at once. Roseluck… That’s my full name...”

“Y-yeah.” Lily smiled nervously. “I think it’s kinda pretty.”

The heat came back to my cheeks and I pecked Lily on the lips, sending a shiver through her body.

“Sorry for killing the mood. Where were we?” I grinned, reaching up and placing a hoof on her rump, eliciting a slight coo. I put a little pressure down, pulling her firm but malleable rump apart. She closed her eyes and breathed out slowly, lowering her head to my chest as I felt her body against mine.

“Your fur is so soft…” I whispered in her ear, sending another subtle quake through her body, her breathing now picking up in pace.

“You smell so nice…” I breathed in through my nose, the faint smell of her natural flowery scent mixed with the smell of her arousal flooding my senses. It was my turn to shiver this time and Lily pulled her head up, placing her lips on my neck and suckling it lightly.

“Oh, Lily…” I wriggled around, the arousal coming back to me and my groin warming up once more. I felt her hoof stroking my side before slowly drifting downward toward my crotch. She lifted it up off my belly and I held my breath, expecting her hoof to press against my sex any second now…

Only for it to press into an entirely different part of my body. Her hoof began to slowly massage my tender and sensitive teats. I let out a small moan as I felt the tip of her hoof brush against my nipples, now much larger than they had been last time.

“W-wow… They’re so big.” She mused lustfully. Her head lowered slowly as she kissed me, eventually reaching the space just above my crotch. Her lips planted themselves softly around a nipple and a calming pleasure washed over me as she began to suckle. I let out a soft moan, wiggling as her tongue flicked my nipple softly. They were extremely tender, and even though I felt a small amount of pain from her ministrations, the pleasure far outweighed it.

“You like that?” Lily chuckled from between my legs.

“Y-yes, but… I want to make you feel good too.” I replied, trying to lift myself up to kiss her. She answered me by quickly slipping the tip of her hoof between my dripping folds, causing me to gasp in pleasure and fall back down.

“Just because I’m in heat doesn’t mean I don’t want to make you cum.” She replied, her language causing even more arousal to spread. “Trust me, I’m gonna make you make me cum, Rose. Whether you like it or not.”

“I-I will, though. I w-want to make you...” I said nervously as she began to move her hoof around again, flicking the tip against my clit. I let out another groan as her lips fell to my teats once more, her tongue grazing the side of my nipple as she licked all around.

All of a sudden, her snout entered me and her tongue shot out, licking the inside of my walls. My legs instinctively clenched around her head as the familiar pressure of an orgasm began to build up in me. Lily pulled her head up and moved it next to mine.

I panted as I saw Lily’s beautiful face, her muzzle dripping in my fluids. I accepted her kiss, the taste of my own wetness entering my mouth along with her tongue. She pulled away, leaving a trail of what was either saliva or my own mare juice between our lips.

“T-touch me, Rose.” She stuttered, her eyes wide. “I can’t take it any m-more. I n-need you.”

I immediately dropped my hoof between her thighs and pressed firmly into her cunt as she did the same with her own hoof. She moaned along with me, millimeters from each other's lips as we pleasured one another. I kissed her sloppily as my pressure began to climb, causing me to involuntarily thrust my hips to the movements of her hoof.

“O-oh god, Rose!” She moaned into my mouth, thrusting her hips in the same way that I was. “I’m so close!”

“M-me too.” I whispered breathily. “Make me cum for you, Lily!”

We both climbed over the edge at the same time and our bodies rocked and shook, our simultaneous orgasm shaking through us. A few spurts of cum dripped onto both of our hooves as we continued to rub each other, prolonging the incredible orgasm that we were both having.

Eventually, Lily fell away, panting heavily as her hips convulsed and my own amazing climax beginning to subside. I watched as Lily still writhed in pleasure, turning to me, her eyes unfocused as she continued to cum.

“W-woah.” I muttered as she spasmed again from the pleasure. While she was distracted, I grinned and lowered myself between her legs. I felt her body lock up as I placed my lips around her clit, her wetness squirting onto my muzzle.

“R-Rose!” She screamed my name, much louder than she had done before. “Oh god, I l-love you!”

I smiled and continued to lap away, tasting her familiar mare cum as it filled her love tunnel, only for me to happily drink it up.

“Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, ohgoshohgoshohgosh!” Lily panted out, getting more and more frantic until eventually, she held her legs around my body and I felt her cunt clench itself intently on both my tongue and my muzzle. I moaned into her pussy as she came, enjoying the pleasure of my beautiful marefriend as she climaxed for the second time that night.

I eventually pulled myself away, smiling at Lily as she shook in orgasm. I flopped down next to her, our lovemaking session taking all of my energy out of me. Lily glanced over at me, still panting in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“R-Rose… Oh my gosh. Y-you’re so b-beautiful.” She leant forward and kissed me weakly. I could tell the two consecutive climaxes had exhausted her, so I took control of this kiss, exploring her mouth intently. She cooed into the kiss and I let her taste her own fluids as she had done to me before.

I separated from the kiss and rested my forehead against hers, smiling happily, knowing that I had satisfied my marefriend.

“T-that was amazing, Rose.” Lily said, smiling weakly and pecking my face between pants.

“You’re amazing.” I replied, kissing her strongly again and gripping her in a tight hug. “Satisfied?” I asked coyly and Lily nodded silently, closing her eyes.

“You do know that it doesn’t go away, right? I can make you cum every night and your heat won’t stop until the week is up.”

Lily looked over to me, her eyebrows raising in a mixture of confusion and lust.

“I-it won’t go away..?”

“Nope. And I fully intend on taking advantage of this. I love you, Lily, and when we’re together like that… I feel so close to you. I love you, and Brisk Breeze, of course, more than anything in the world.”

“I-I love you too.” She smiled and closed her eyes again. I kissed her on the forehead and went to kiss her on the lips when I heard a soft snore coming from the mare beneath me. I smiled warmly and pulled a blanket over us.

“Goodnight, my beautiful Lily.”

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