Universe's Strongest

by Orcus

First published

Lord Boros and his Dark Matter Thieves come to Equestria looking for a challenge... just as Lord Tirek is attempting to destroy it.

Victory is boring.

Planet after planet I go, searching for any being at all in this universe that could pose a worthy challenge to me. Planet after planet I find only disappointment. Another pretty pearl that hosts life soon comes into my view, and of course I decide to visit it, expecting only failure to blacken my sight once again.

Then I see something that catches my eye. A creature is rampaging across the surface of the world as if it's his own, personal plaything. His power is... positively exuberant! Could this "Lord Tirek" give me the proper, worthy challenge I've waited for so long?

A fun, innocent little crossover starring characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and One Punch Man

Also, sorry about whatever lack of grammar you spot in the first two chapters. I haven't updated it in quite some time

Hey... what're you doing down here? You should turn back, friend. Danger lies below!

Wha- you're still here? I just warned you! Turn back, now!

Th-this... this is my final warning, pal! Turn back now, refresh the page, and don't delve further! I can't warn you any further! You're gonna regret this, I swear!

Are you daft?! Heed my instructions! Heed them! Heed them now!

I warned you.

I am power incarnate.
To my foes, to the brave, and to the puny who merely stand in my way, I am their destructor. None who dwell in this universe have ever come close to the measure of unconcealable, incomparable, and infinite strength and ability I possess.
None ever shall.
For these reasons alone I have been sealed away for all eternity within a prison outside of time and space, waiting patiently for the second to come when I may grace my weapon upon this universe once more.
But now, my bonds have been broken.
I am free.
And all who stand before me shall fall.

Here Comes a New Challenger

Lord Boros was sitting on his throne, in his quiet, empty chamber, musing about his current, boring situation. In one of his hands was a clear chalice filled with red wine, and the other was currently being used to balance his slouched, one-eyed head. Just as he finished taking in a mouthful of his beverage and savored its sweet taste, a voice went on over the intercom.

"My lord, I have something to report," the voice of Geryuganshoop, the ship's telekinetic, tentacled controller and pilot, said.

"What is it, Geryuganshoop?" Boros asked, as he swished the red liquid around in the chalice.

"That planet we located earlier... we're arriving to it now," he answered.

"Anything else to report?" Boros inquired again, before taking another sip from his drink.

"Um, well, yes," the octopod on the other end of the intercom replied. "We've had a look at the surface of the planet, and there's something... interesting on it."

"Do tell."

"It looks like a giant, quadrupedal being, and it has some sort of destructive power that it's using to... decimate the landscape. With what appears to be no effort whatsoever."

That last sentence gained Boros's full attention. "Hmm..." he hummed. "Send the ship in to intercept this being at once."

"B-but sir... that thing down there is shooting his power everywhere! It's leveling mountains like a maddened beast!" Geryuganshoop spoke in an alarmed tone. "If we do get into this planet's lower atmosphere and suffer damage from that thing, you might not be harmed, but the ship - and by extension, the crew - will be!"

"Are you questioning me?" Boros asked, his voice sinking to a deeper volume. Geryuganshoop shuddered on his end loud enough for his leader to hear, prompting him to smirk in amusement.

"I-I w-was only thinking about what was in all of our best interests," he stuttered. Boros chuckled from his seat.

"Relax my boneless friend, I was only teasing," he said, before taking another sip from his chalice. "I can't travel among the stars without a ship, you know, and it's pointless to let good crewman like yourself die."

"Oh, hahahaha... of course, sir," he chortled back through the comm, uneasily.

"Anchor once you get close enough, and prepare control to open the main airlock in the pod bay," Boros ordered next.

"Of course. Are you going to make a jump?" Geryuganshoop asked once more, his composure completely returned. Boros grinned a toothy grin that exposed his sharp fangs before letting out another, much louder laugh. After calming down, finishing his drink, and quietly placing it on the end table next to him, he wiped his mouth with an arm and gave his answer.


Tirek was thoroughly enjoying himself. As the great, red fiend sent another beam of pure, raw magic coursing though the air, the attack was sent through the forest of the Everfree, decimating thousands trees with just that single, tremendous, roaring blast. It wasn't even several minutes before that he had taken all of the alicorn magic that Princess Twilight Sparkle had, amplifying his own to a more-than godlike level. He had his revenge against the ponies at long last, and he had won utterly. It took over a thousand years of being imprisoned in Tartarus to get to here, but it was worth it.

The sound of something whistling through the air suddenly went out above. First ignoring it, Tirek continued to sow destruction through the landscape. Moments later the sound grew to a loud enough volume to cause annoyance on the centaur's psyche and so he finally looked up, just in time to see a fiery shape streaking from the sky above, to the ground below. Like a meteorite, it smashed into the ground in a deafeningly loud, and blindingly explosive way, scattering rock, mangled trees, and dirt everywhere, prompting Tirek to shield himself with his arms to avoid getting any of the debris in his eyes.

Upon taking his arms down when it finished, a crater stood before him. Surprising the centaur further, a shape; humanoid in structure, possessing long, spiky, pink hair, light blue skin, and clad in some form of golden armor was kneeling in the indented, still-smoking earth. Standing up, the shape revealed itself fully, and Tirek could now see it had a single eye resting above its nose and mouth.

"Another flawless landing," it spoke in a male voice, brushing himself off and looking around at both the damaged, and undamaged scenery around him. His eye soon came upon Tirek's large, muscular form. "Ah, hello, horse-bull man. Who might you be?"

"I am Lord Tirek!" Tirek thundered back, thumping a fist to his chest in a strong enough way to send out an echo. "The real question that should be asked is who are you, shrimp? And where did you come from?"

"I am no shrimp, my large friend. I am Lord Boros," the one-eyed being replied, his metal, curved shoes clanking on the ground below as he shuffled them to a more comfortable position, his red cape swishing around in the air behind him. "I am the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, and Dominator of the Universe. I travel throughout all of space and its stars, seeking a challenger worthy of my attention. I have conquered galaxies in an effort to find the one that I hope could fulfill this desire, and every time, I am disappointed to a frustrating degree."

"Hmph. You've conquered a lot of galaxies just to meet your end here, at my might," Tirek huffed in an unintimidated fashion, curling a mighty hand into a fist. "There's only room for one lord on this world, insect."

"Agreed, worm," Boros smirked, folding his arms and blinking his large eye. "Shall we settle things now?"

"You fool," the centaur spoke again, pawing a forehoof through the dirt below, a furious grimace stretched across his face as his horned head shook with rage. "I have absorbed all of the magic in this land, magic that can rearrange physics itself... and I sense none on you. What chance do you have against me?"

"That's for both of us to find out," the alien spoke again, stretching his arms out in a taunting manner that he hoped would goad Tirek into attacking. "Come at me, if you have the strength to back your threats up."

And so, with a mighty roar that shook the mountains themselves, Tirek charged.

A Sound of Thunder

Twilight Sparkle and her friends, Spike and Discord included, quickly ran into the cave. Standing before them was the Tree of Harmony, and below its large, crystalline form was the mysterious box that had appeared a few months before, after they had saved it from an invasion of malevolent vines. Sticking from it already were five, golden keys; each provided by their respective ponies, and the element they represented.

Twilight approached the only empty keyhole as everyone watched, and looked at her triangular-shaped necklace, given to her by the repentant Discord. With a deep breath, she lifted the necklace to it, and a purple cloud of magic grabbed ahold of it from her, and spun it around in the air above at a blinding speed. Once it was done, the item had visibly been transfigured into the shape of the final key.

Twilight and her friends smiled as they watched the object slowly drifted down to the remaining hole and hold fast. A feeling of joy went out through the room at their success but the feeling of tremors shaking below their hooves caused the look to vanish; the magnitude of the situation catching up with them all.

"Together!" Twilight spoke to her friends, giving them each a confident look. "I think we have to do this together!"

The six ponies walked forward and simultaneously placed their hooves on their respective keys. Just feeling the objects gave each of them a feeling of vigor and returned strength, considering how it had been taken from them by that centaur. As they were beginning to push in and turn the devices, a horrendously loud roar from Tirek, followed by a more powerful, earsplittingly-thunderous quake from the earth suddenly went out, nearly knocking over every pony there.

"What in tarnation?" Applejack exclaimed, as she fixed her now-crooked hat. "Just what in the hay was that?"

Spike and Discord walked to the edge of the cave, and seconds after looking outside, shocked expressions were painted onto their faces. "Um... guys..." the young dragon began, motioning for them to come to where he was and observe what he and the draconequus were witnessing. "You might wanna come see this real quickly..."

The six ponies trotted over with concerned thoughts and took a peak outside. What each of them saw, far in the distance, was the shape of Lord Tirek. However, he appeared to be attempting to attack something, and the frustrated, if not downright furious look on his face showed how he clearly wasn't having any fun doing it.

"Holy smokes!" Pinkie Pie cried out. "What's going on over there?"

"I have no idea," Twilight replied, as her eyes squinted and caught sight of a small shape that the mountain-sized centaur took another, sweeping swing at. "It looks like somepony... or some thing is fighting Tirek."

"And is it me, or does he look like he's not getting hurt at all?" Rainbow Dash brought up, having seen the same figure. A serious expression came over Twilight's face, and she looked back to her friends gravely.

"I think it's safer of we activate what we found, and make sure their fight doesn't destroy all of Equestria," the purple mare spoke. Her friends quickly nodded in agreement, and followed her back into the cave where the box was. Quickly getting back into their previous positions, they each turned their keys with a click.

Gasping in awe, they saw as the box opened up, revealing a white glow. A rainbow then emerged from it, and connected from the box to the Tree of Harmony, slowly allowing the elements on its branches to glimmer brightly...

The ground shook and split asunder as Tirek slammed both of his fists into it, scattering boulders and rocks. The surrounding landscape was decimated by a beam of orange magic he sent out. The centaur even tried to clap his hands together like a person attempting to squash a gnat, but with every swing of his fist, kick of his hoofed leg, or blast of magic, Boros only dodged each attack with complete ease. So far, he hadn't even attempted to attack Tirek; he was only observing his power, seeing if he was as strong as predicted.

"I have traveled far and visited many places in my quest for a proper fight. When I came here, I thought for sure this was where one native life form like yourself could at least hit me!" the alien shouted to his foe in a mocking voice, as he jumped up and floated directly in front of him, letting his dark, crimson cape flutter in the zephyr created by Tirek's last gigantic swing. "Quit this doltish droll and give my existence some more... stimulation, Tirek!"

"I'll show you stimulation you cocky, one-eyed freak," Tirek bellowed, suddenly sending his enormous fist forward at a much faster, nearly unobservable speed then it was going before. Honestly not expecting this kind of sharpness from him, it hit Boros directly before he could so much as react and threw him to the ground with a massive, concussive force, creating a shock wave of sound that flattened nearby trees and another, deep crater as he slammed into the forest below. Deciding against giving him time to recover, Tirek began to charge a powerful spell, letting the space in between his horns glow as a bright, orange sphere of magic formed. When it was done moments later, he sent it out as a powerful pillar of pure energy that blasted through the crater, and cut through the ground and forest in front of it.

Tirek smirked and couldn't help but chuckled quietly to himself as he saw the unparalleled devastation he had caused. When the dust finally settled however, his snickering stopped when he saw what had actually become of his adversary.

Lord Boros still stood in the pathway of the beam, hunched over, smoking rising from his form, and fully alive and well by the looks of it. His armor had been badly damaged by the attacks Tirek imposed, and most of it had been destroyed or removed from his upper body, revealing how skinny he looked underneath. As he stood up straight, the majority of what armor pieces remained fell off limply, and what still clung on loosely was physically shed by his own hands.

"This set of armor, used to seal in my immeasurable, irresistible power..." he spoke in a voice as low, quiet, and intimate as a whisper, as the last charred flakes of the metal that had been covering him fell to the ground with a clatter. "...Has been broken."

"What?" was all Tirek was able to ask with a confused look, unaware of what storm was about to come his way.

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