Lord Boros and his Dark Matter Thieves come to Equestria looking for a challenge... just as Lord Tirek is attempting to destroy it.
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Victory is boring.

Planet after planet I go, searching for any being at all in this universe that could pose a worthy challenge to me. Planet after planet I find only disappointment. Another pretty pearl that hosts life soon comes into my view, and of course I decide to visit it, expecting only failure to blacken my sight once again.

Then I see something that catches my eye. A creature is rampaging across the surface of the world as if it's his own, personal plaything. His power is... positively exuberant! Could this "Lord Tirek" give me the proper, worthy challenge I've waited for so long?

A fun, innocent little crossover starring characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and One Punch Man

Also, sorry about whatever lack of grammar you spot in the first two chapters. I haven't updated it in quite some time

Hey... what're you doing down here? You should turn back, friend. Danger lies below!

Wha- you're still here? I just warned you! Turn back, now!

Th-this... this is my final warning, pal! Turn back now, refresh the page, and don't delve further! I can't warn you any further! You're gonna regret this, I swear!

Are you daft?! Heed my instructions! Heed them! Heed them now!

I warned you.

I am power incarnate.

To my foes, to the brave, and to the puny who merely stand in my way, I am their destructor. None who dwell in this universe have ever come close to the measure of unconcealable, incomparable, and infinite strength and ability I possess.

None ever shall.

For these reasons alone I have been sealed away for all eternity within a prison outside of time and space, waiting patiently for the second to come when I may grace my weapon upon this universe once more.

But now, my bonds have been broken.

I am free.

And all who stand before me shall fall.

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2 Chapters:

  1. Here Comes a New Challenger [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Feb 27th, 2016
  2. A Sound of Thunder [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Feb 28th, 2016
Published Feb 27th, 2016
Last Update Feb 28th, 2016


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