New Beginnings

by Hiver

Chapter 1

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Day 31.

I should probably have started this journal earlier, but I didn't have the manual dexterity to work a pen until now.

Though I suppose manual dexterity is not exactly the right word... and now that I think about it, pen is exactly the right word. As in a literal pen. As in made from a feather.

Now that took some getting used to, but honestly? Compared to the rest, not really.

My name is Blank Page. Or at least that's the name I received here. Because I am not 'actually' a pony.

Yeah, yeah, don't believe me. See if I care. Then why are you reading this anyway?

But my doctor recommended that I started writing down my experiences, something about it helping my mental state.

Whatever. My mental state is completely normal for my situation and for what I really am.

What am I really?

Funny you should ask. Human. Yeah, I'm not surprised you've never heard of it. Bipedal naked omnivores with an affinity for building stuff.

Not that I am any more... but I really should start from the beginning, shouldn't I?

I was found in a crater filled with some kind of crystals and brought into the hospital about a month ago. Everyone thought I had been in some kind of magical accident.. until I woke up that is...


Ouch. I slowly stirred awake. Fuck my head was hurting.

Shifting I groaned. No, I was wrong. It was not my head that was hurting... it was my everything. What the...


Last thing I remember was being out for a walk when a thunderstorm rolled in. Was I hit by lightning?

Holy crap. If that's not a sign the universe hate you, I don't know what is. Forcing my eyes open, I looked up at the white ceiling. Yep... combined with the smell, I knew exactly where I was.

Hospital. Somebody must have found me.

I blinked up at the ceiling. Wait... why is it in focus? I wasn't wearing my glasses.

Reaching up to touch my face I saw my wrist. No hand and it was covered with light brown fur.

I stared at it for a long moment before I screamed in terror, looking at my other hand. No hand.

My volume redoubled and the door slammed open to reveal a quadruped pink creature with a horn on its forehead, large eyes and long white hair.

I stared at it and then screamed again, scrambling off the bed to get away.

She screamed and ran out as I managed to get all four legs beneath me and ran straight into the wall.


Well, let's just say my reaction was a pretty big clue I was not actually a pony. When they were finally able to calm me down and get my story, there was much poking, prodding and scanning with magical doohickeys.

Now in retrospect though, I'm surprised that they believed me... or at least believed me enough to check out my story.

Back home I would have been pumped full of drugs and stuck in a padded room. Not that that would help me.

I used to be a human with brown hair. Now I was a brown unicorn stallion with darker brown mane... and a piece of half rolled out white paper on my arse. Flank.

Yes, yes, you know all about 'cutiemarks'(and is that not the unmaniliest word in the world?), but this is for 'my mental benefit' so fuck off.

Honestly, I really rather dislike the concept of these 'cutiemarks'. It's like every human, sometime during puberty, gets a trampstamp that tells the entire world something that they are extra good at.

Seriously, who picks these!? Why do they usually match up to peoples names?

Mine I understand, I got the name from the mark, but most people... sorry, ponies... get their names first!

What in the fuck!

And that's another thing. First time I swore, I thought my nurse's head would explode from how red she got.

No seriously, considering she was covered with green fur, having a visible blush was kind of impressive on its own. At least before I realized the fur itself also changed color.

These people.. ponies damn it... apparently have a lot less cursing going on.

So... reader's discretion is advised?

Maybe I should have put that at the front of this thing. Meh, fuck it, not like anyone will be reading this anyway.

I have been rambling along for long enough now and my horn aches. Another reason for this, apparently this will train up my 'magical muscle' but that has to be enough for today. I'll get back to this when I can be arsed(Flanked? No, that can't be right).

Page signing out.


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