The Green Cloud of Ponyville Elementary

by ChappyHooves

Chapter 1

Apple Bloom doodled in the margin of her Social Studies notes. The paper itself already was a bit messy and smudged thanks to a couple of water droplets falling on out of her mane on to it after she came inside from the rain.

Sweetie Belle gave a quiet sigh and she tried to look like she was thinking hard about her math homework. Apple Bloom glanced over knew she wasn't really working because she had been playing pensive for that last ten minutes on the same problem.

Apple Bloom looked over to Scootaloo who had a burdensome gaze at the clock and pendulum that hung on the wall. She didn't even have anything on her desk, her gaze was locked on the time as if it would stop moving if she looked away. Apple Bloom herself looked at the clock too. Ten minutes left of class before the day was over. Ms. Cheerilee said the class can use the time to finish up any homework before school got out, but none of the Cutie Mark Crusaders were motivated to.

She saw the pendulum on the clock swing back and forth, her gaze too now locked in following it.





She then notice Scootaloo's wings were slightly unfurled and unconsciously flapping to the ticking of the clock. Not full strokes but just enough to notice movement.

Suddenly a white thing whizzed past Scootaloo's ear, though she didn't seem to notice. Apple Bloom looked over where it landed, it was a paper hoofball. The snickering she heard over her right shoulder confirmed that it had came from Snips and Snails.

Before Apple Bloom could turn her head at the two she heard Ms. Cheerilee place the book she was reading on her desk and walk over to the folded paper on the ground. Snips and Snails tried to silence the snickering.

Ms. Cheerilee cleared her throat which got all the class's attention.

"Boys, would you please refrain from the sports until school is over." She said sternly before she picked up the paper hoofball and walked into the back of the room behind the fillies and colts and threw it in the wastebasket.

"Now," she said curtly to the two colts. "Open your books to page 72. The questions for your Science homework are on that page and I expect it to be done when I see you tomorrow morning."

Cheerilee walked back to her desk, picked up her book, and started reading again.

Apple Bloom looked down at her notes and gave a sigh.

When the air hit her nostrils, however, it was not of the scent of old parchment, books, and chalk. It was of sickly odor that reminded her of milk that had gone bad, the kind of aroma that comes from an outhouse after an pony with diarrhea had used it.

"Eww- uh. Ahem," she quickly said to hide her disgust.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle looked at her while the rest of the class had luckily had not noticed anything.

"What is it?" Sweetie Belle whispered.

"Somthin' wrong?" Scootaloo quietly asked.

Before Apple Bloom could say anything Sweetie Belle immediately seized up and covered her nose. "Ack!" She sputtered. Her curly mane stuck out straight for a moment and then drooped down like a wilting plant.

"Sweetie Belle, are you all right?" Ms. Cheerilee asked looking up at her.

Sweetie Bell was now hunching over her desk, hooves still covering her face.

"Sweetie?" Cheerilee asked again standing up.

"Nothing," Sweetie Belle's nasally voice rose up. Her hooves were still covering her nose. As she rose her head to look at Cheerilee Apple Bloom could see her eyes had started to water from the pungent odor. "I... I... Think I feel a sneeze coming on."

Cheerilee nodded her head in understanding and sat back down to her book.

"Nice cover," Apple Bloom muttered, carefully taking small breaths through her mouth, avoiding breathing through her nose.

"What is going on?" Scootaloo asked, the gas obviously hadn't whiffed over to her yet.

"Here, Sweetie Belle," a meek voice said. Button Mash, who sat on the opposite side of Sweetie Belle to Apple Bloom, was holding out and piece of cloth to her. "You can use my hoofkerchief."

Sweetie Belle looked up at him not sure what to say.

"Uh," she gasped. "Thank you." She muttered taking the piece of cloth.

"Your welc-GAK!" Button Mash gagged.

Everypony in the classroom looked up at him. Button's face was aghast and starting to turn green. "Abaglaphlaa," he stuttered incomprehensibly. He wobbled in his chair woozily for a moment and then fell face first on to the floor.

"Button!" Ms. Cheerilee shouted as she ran over to him.

Everyone looked over in shock at the two of them.

"Button?" Cheerilee asked turning him over.

Button was now flat on his back spread-eagle, his eyes bulging in shock, the color drained from his face.

"Are you ill?" Cheerilee asked placing a hoof to his forehead.

"I don't feel so good Ms. Cheerilee," Button said sickly. "It's getting kinda stuffy in here, can I go outside and get some fresh air please."

"Oh, Button," she said helping him up. "Of course. Class, please continue working quietly while I help Button outside."

Everyone watched quietly as Cheerilee helped Button out of the room.

"PEW!" Scootaloo shouted grabbing her nose now, he wing flapping in panic. The smell had obviously reached her now.

"You finally smell it too?" Sweetie Belle coughed.

"Aww, Scoots quit your wing flapping. You're only stirring it up more." Apple Bloom shouted at her.

"What's going on?" A student behind them asked.

"WHOA!" Diamond Tiara blurted out. "Ewwww!"

"Did Scootaloo cut one?" Silver Spoon asked.

"It wasn't me!" Scootaloo called out.

"She thinks it's funny to let one and then fan it all over the room?" Silver Spoon called.

"Yeah, turn off the cloud factory, Scootaloo!" Diamond Tiara added.

Scootaloo's wings immediately snapped shut.

"I said I didn't do it!" She shouted back.

"Leave her alone, you think just cause she's a Pegasus, you assume she's the one to be making clouds." Apple Bloom cried.

"OH SWEET CELESTIA! THERE IS ANOTHER ONE!" Sweetie Belle cried out holding Button's hoofkerchief against her nose like an air filter.
Apple Bloom smelt it too. A second odor worse than the first had wafted it's way in. It had mixed with the first one and made another gas that made her start coughing. By now all of the class had noticed was reacting to the bad smells as well.

"Smells worse than a zoo!" A filly called out.

"Somepony's been baking air bagels!" Snails called out.

Snips started laughing.

"Really peeled the paint with that second one." Snips quipped with a few more chuckles.

"That was you, Snips!?" Apple Bloom call out over the fillies and colts all a chatter.

Everypony stopped talking and glared over at him.

"I wish," Snips responded. "If I made a horn toot like that and I would taken pride in it."

"Is that suppose to be a unicorn joke," Sweetie Belle asked, not amused.

A few colts gave a suppressed snicker at his words. Others gave a slight shrug, it was an honest confession; the smell didn't come from Snips.

"Only ponies who live on a farm and eat country bumpkin food would be able to make a smell like that." Diamond Tiara proclaimed standing up from her desk.

"I don't take kindly to that tone!" Apple Bloom glared at her.

"We don't take kindly to your smell." Silver Spoon responded, her hoof holding her nose.

"It wasn't her," Scootaloo shouted this time coming to Apple Bloom's aid.

"Yeah, Apple Bloom would never," Sweetie Belle added turning to face them, hoofkerchief still covering her face.

"So it was you, Sweetie Belle." Another filly called out.

Diamond Tiara scratched her chin.

"Of course," she thought out loud. "Button was sitting next to you, it makes sense that you did it."

"No, you are more likely guilty than me, trying to force the blame on others." Sweetie Belle retorted.

"Hey," Snails replied. "She's got a point there."

"You all are so thickheaded!" Sweetie Bell retorted.

At that moment the whole class broke out in to accusations and pointing of hooves. The volume and chaos rose to a level that would have brought a tear to Discord's eye if he was present.

"CLASS, SILENCE AT ONCE!" Cheerilee's voice arose over the fillies and colts.

Everypony fell silent and saw a sopping wet Cheerilee standing at the entrance of the room furious. No pony had seen her this angry before. Apple Bloom could swear for a moment that smiling daisies on her cutie mark had changed to angry frowning ones. To add accent to the mood a rumble of thunder echoed in the suddenly hushed classroom.


Every colt and filly promptly made it back to their seats, dead silent while Cheerilee made it to front of the class.

"Seriously my little ponies, what has gotten in to you!? I step out of the room to help a single student for a moment and the whole class goes to the dogs."

"It's not our fault Ms. Cheerilee," Silver Spoon called out. "Sweetie Belle keeps farting."

A few colts started laughing, Apple Bloom tried to say something but another nasty aroma had snaked its way into her nostrils. She gave another dry gag.

"No it wasn't me Ms. Cheerilee, I swear!" Sweetie Belle cried.

Cheerilee stomped both of her forehooves on the floor to silence the class again.

"I don't want to hear it," she brayed.

The class said nothing, mostly because a majority of them were trying to hide their disgusted expressions from Cheerilee. The newer odor by had made its full round of the room.

Cheerilee gave a slight sniff and the class watched her with bated anticipation of her reaction. Cheerilee showed no change in her expression, half of the fillies and colts were dumbstruck. 'Did she have no sense of smell at all!?'

Apple Bloom focused her gaze on her teacher's face, for a split moment she thought she saw a single drop of sweat starting to gather on her brow.

The dismissal bell rang breaking the silence.

Manes and hooves of young fillies and colts whipped away from Cheerilee and galloped for the door. Though it was still raining outside many students just grabbed their ponchos and rain coats off of their coat hooks, not bothering to put them on.

Cheerilee didn't even try to tell the colts and fillies to walk, or even wish them a good evening. Some forces ponies just never have a chance to stand against; Celestia raising the sun, the water when it crashes against the shore, and school foals rushing out of a classroom at the end of the day.

The rush took no more that minute, the fastest Cheerilee had ever scene happen. Usually there was at least one student who was dragging their horseshoes, but this afternoon Cheerilee was now completely alone in an empty classroom.

She stood there for a moment taking in the silence, it was quite remarkable But her moment was short lived, cut off by that horrid odor.

The smell finally got her her, she quickly ran over to a window, opened it, and took a few deep of the fresh gale from the rainstorm rushing into the room. The bell could not have rung sooner, another five seconds and she would have lost it in front of the students.

As she took deeps breaths her stomach gave a nauseous gurgle.

"Ugh," Cheerilee groaned as gave a belch that tasted like rotten eggs.

"Eww," she said out load and walked over to her desk.

She opened up a drawer, pulled out a few antacids and popped them in her mouth. She chewed thoroughly getting the sick taste out of her mouth. She did she looked at the container as she swallowed, she must have gone through half of it in this one day alone.

She put back the container and then reached down and opened one of the larger drawers at the bottom of the desk and pulled something out of it.

"The last time I eat there!" She said placing a paper bag on her desk.

The bag was take-a-way bag that had the ornate logo of the new Saddle Arabian restaurant that opened up last week in Ponyville. Last night she and couple of girlfriends decided to try it out.

"I don't know what they put in you!" She said at the bag that obviously still had food in it. "It was a mistake to have you as cold left overs for lunch!"

She turned around and bucked the bag squarely with her back hooves. I soared in the air for a moment and then perfectly landed in the trash bin on the other side of the room.

"You still got it, Cherry!" She said to herself.

Her stomach gave another deep gurgle. The physical exertion had shifter her digestive tract and she could feel gas starting to build more pressure into the lower recesses of it.

"Got to get to the pharmacy," she said quickly grabbing her rain slicker and heading for the door. "Those antacids are doing nothing for my gas."

She paused a moment and looked back at the students' desks.

"Sweetie Belle keeps farting." She said in a mocking voice sounding like Silver Spoon.

She shook her head. "No student ever suspects it was the teacher."

She felt a slight urge to give a nicker, but her demeanor kept that of a professional. Putting on her slicker, she turned off the lights, and left the classroom.

The End

Author's Notes:

Thank you for reading this. I hope it gets posted in time for April Fools day! I have a slight confession, I am a teacher and I have done this.

The students never see it coming- man I am horrible!

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