Birds of a Feather

by IcarusFics

Chapter 2

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I awoke to the soft chirps of birds and slowly opened my eyes, only to be staring straight at a matted bunch of fluff.

"What the..." I murmured, my feminine voice now reminding me of last night. I sat up slowly and looked to at the still sleeping Gilda, her eyes closed and her chest slowly rising up and down. Damn, she looked attractive. Like, weirdly attractive. I hadn't been anywhere near as attracted to her before I changed, if at all.

I continued to look around our makeshift camp with tired eyes, taking in the beautiful forest enveloped in morning mist. If it weren't for my back hurting so much from sleeping on the hard ground, I'd want to sleep out under the stars more often.

I looked down at my claws and feathers, finally fully taking it what exactly had happened to me. It's not everyday you get transformed into a griffin. I examined my sleek black feathers and orange birdlike claws, flexing the powerful muscles, utterly in awe by how beautiful they were. I spread my wings out and shook the morning dew that had settled on them to the ground. I chuckled to myself, imagining the droplets falling in slow motion with light glinting off of them, my hair flowing in the breeze... Wait a sec, I don't have hair any more. What do I have up there?

I reached my hand up to my head and felt through it. It felt kind of like I had hair, just made out of extremely soft, long and flexible feathers. Weird. I glanced to my side and spotted a small pool of water. Curious about my appearance, I wandered over to it, tripping a little as I went, still not used to having four legs.

I eventually got to the pool and was extremely surprised by what stared back.

I was... Pretty. Like, girly pretty. Like, young innocent girl pretty. My face was slender and thin, a lot more smooth than Gilda's. My beak was small, but shapely and came to a rounded point at the end. From the neck up, my fur became much more feather like and turned white and bluey grey, the bluey grey bits spattered a little, almost making me look like I had light freckles under my eyes. Speaking of my eyes, they were large, round, pretty cartoonish and were the most beautiful soft blue colour I had ever seen. My god... I was pretty.

Something about this made my chest flutter. I was pretty. I was cute. I was... The object of desire. For my entire life, I’d always seemed so ignored by the general populous, but now, looking at me in my transformed state, I was finally wanted by someone.

And not just anyone either, I was wanted by a beautiful Griffin. I walked back to her and nudged her awake. She grumbled a little, something about "fish" and rolled over to look at me. As soon as her eyes came to rest on me, she smiled and reached her claw out, which I took hold of.

"Hey, Anon, how you doing?" She said, smiling and attempting to lift herself up. I helped her too her feet and she began to stretch and yawn.

"I'm feeling great. I... Really enjoyed last night."

"I did too. Sorry about jumping your bones so fast, I realise that I could have... Creeped you out just a little. Probably wasn't the greatest idea."

"Hey, don't worry about it. I admit, I was a little shocked by how forward you were, especially right after I had gone through something that others might describe as "traumatic", but-"

"Oh jeez, I fucked up." She held a claw to her face and looked away from me.

"No you didn't, don't worry! It's like I said, don't worry about it." She lowered her claw and smiled nervously at me.

"Yes it was a little forward, but I’m over it. It was amazing, you're amazing, and if I’m honest, having a pussy? Also kinda amazing." Gilda blushed at that and raised an eyebrow.

"You're a beautiful Griffin, Gilda. I think that I’d be willing to see where a relationship takes us."

"Really? Are you serious? But I’m... I'm not nice, Anon. The way I act around you... It took a lot of effort not to try and push you away the moment I met you."

"But you saved my life, Gilda, and you said that you'd help me get to Ponyville. I'd be dead if it weren't for you. If you weren't nice deep down, would you have stuck with me after we fell?"

"Well, maybe... I dunno."

"You are nice. You just need to accept it and start changing yourself. You mentioned Rainbow Dash? A friend you had in Ponyville?"

"Yeah, but she wouldn't want to see me after what I did to her and her friends."

"Well, we're going to Ponyville anyway, and I think that you should apologize to her. Accept her friends as well and she will accept you."

"Are you sure? What if she still hates me?"

"Then it's her problem, not yours. If you're expressing your interest in making up with her and she rejects you, then who's the better Griffin? Pony. Thing."

She chuckled and smiled at me, wiping a mixture of light tears and sleep from her eyes. "You're smart, Anon."


Suddenly, a long and loud growl emitted from my stomach and I looked up at Gilda nervously. She laughed and stepped forward to kiss me on the cheek.

"Sounds like you need some food in you. I'll go swipe some fish from the river."

"I should come with you. Don't want anything to happen while your wings are out of commission."

"Oh crap, I almost forgot about that." She said glumly and examined her damaged wing.

"Hmm, wait a sec." I looked back at the remainders of my clothes and an idea popped into my head.

"Wait here, I'll be right back."

I rushed around and picked up some clothes which I proceeded to tear apart. I then collected a long straight stick and flew back to Gilda. I began strapping the stick to the hurt wing with the stick using the shredded clothes and ended it with a quick knot.

"There we go, all better. That should help the healing process and stop you from damaging it more from general use."

"Wow, thanks Anon. That's really sweet of you."

"No problem, I learnt it all at the z-" I quickly re-thought that sentence, letting her know that I worked at a place that kept animals as a tourist attraction might make her think differently of me. "At the place I used to work before I came here."

Gosh, it seemed so long ago. I'd only been here for a day and a bit and my old self seemed so far away. What was I gonna do once we reached Ponyville? Would I stay with Gilda? Or would I try and find a way home?

"Hey A-Anon..?"

I snapped out of my stupor and smiled at her.

"What is it?"

"Do you think... When we get to Ponyville... That you'll cure yourself?"

"Cure myself?"

"Of the poison joke. The blue flowers that made you like this." She motioned to your new body.

"I didn't even really think about it. I mean, I got a look at myself in a puddle earlier, and damn... I can see why you're so attracted to me."

She blushed again. Who knew that someone so boisterous could be so sheepish when I came to sex talk?

"And to be honest, my old life wasn't that special anyway. I was an only child and both my parents had passed away before I moved out of home, so I don't exactly have too much to go back to. In my eyes, this feels like a fresh start, an excuse and a reason to start anew! And with a rockin' hot girl by my side to boot." I put a claw around Gilda and nuzzled her neck. She seemed a little surprised at first, but soon nuzzled back.

"Are you sure, Anon? I mean, you might not have had much where you used to live, but home is still home."

"I am sure. I was in fuck tonnes of debt too."

"Aww, you're so cute when you swear."

Shit, now I was blushing.

"Shut up, no I’m not."

"Yes, you are. Anyway, I'm gonna go get some food now. You should stay here and set up a fire with that magical "Lighter" thing."

"Sure thing, see you soon!"

I smiled and waved as she walked off.

After breakfast was done and in our stomachs, we decided to continue walking towards Ponyville. As we were walking, we chatted idly about my old world and hers. I told her about computers and the internet and she told me about magic and the princesses. Apparently, this world has two gods that watch over all of the Pony's and help out with the griffin nations too.

We started to get into a thicker part of the woods as the path became thinner and the sun started to get blocked out by the ever growing mass of trees and an ominous fog that covered the forest floor. The sooner we were out of there woods the better.

"Anon, stay close. This is giving me the creeps."

I began walking a lot closer to her, our sides almost touching as the mist encroached on us. I shivered, not at the cold, but at the unsettling nature of this entire place. Suddenly, Gilda spoke.

"Don't say that, Anon."

"What?" I asked. "I didn't say anything."

"Yes you did, you just-" She pursed her lips tightly. "Never mind, let's keep going. This fog has to end soon enough."

Almost as soon as she finished saying that, a loud bang rang out from the forest and small creatures scuttled from the direction of the noise. I ducked down and covered my head with my claws, letting out a small eep as I did. After a few seconds, I looked back up to see that Gilda had gone.

"Gilda?" I called out to the forest.

"Gilda!? Are you there?" I began to panic, my eyes darting all around, trying to find any trace of her.

"She's gone, you know." A raspy female voice came from behind me.

A chill went up my spine as I felt the breath of the thing that spoke against my neck. I was frozen in fear, unable to move, yet unable to look around and see who it was.

The voice chuckled and sighed.

"By that, I mean that she's run away. Like the little scaredy bird she is. She ran from me, just as she ran from you."

I spun around as quick as I could to see a bright blue, rainbow maned Pony flying on the spot.

Could this be...? "Rainbow Dash?"

"So she told me about you, did she? That bitch. I can just tell what shit she's told you. About how she's "Changing", about how she wants to improve herself... Lies. All of them"

"No! You're... You're the one who's lying!"

"Oh, am I? If I was lying, then why did she leave you? She said she wanted to be nicer to Ponies and yet she abandons you at the slightest notion of danger."

"Y-You're lying! She wouldn't do that!"

Rainbow Dash chuckled again and raised an eyebrow as she floated on her back and put her hooves behind her head.

"Gilda! Oh, Gilda!" The pony shouted out sarcastically. "See that? No response. Tell me I'm lying again."

"No! No, no, no! No..." I collapsed to the floor, tears flowing from my eyes. "Why? Why are you doing this?"

"Hmm." Rainbow dash put her hoof to her jaw. "Revenge? No, that's not it. Spite? Again, no... That's too simple, hm? Ahh, yes, Fun. That's it." She grinned widely and floated closer to me.

"GILDA!" I screamed out.

"Oh, quit your whining! You're giving me a headache. She's not coming!"

"GILDA, PLEASE! COME BACK!" I screamed, tears flowing from my eyes onto the leaves below.

" "Oh, Gilda, my knight it shit coloured feathers! Come save me from the big bad meany pants pony!". Pathetic."

"Anon? Is that you?" My heart skipped a beat as I heard Gilda's voice come from the trees nearby.


"Oh look. Seems like she's actually come to save your sorry ass. Enjoy the two seconds of happiness she'll bring you before she breaks your heart." Rainbow Dash said before she evaporated into a puff of fog which floated to the floor. Was she... An illusion?

"Anon! Oh by the nine, I was so worried!" She ran toward me and wrapped her claws around me, hugging me as tight as possible.

"I-I Thought that you l-left me, Gilda."

"No. No, never. I'm right here." She said as she brought her claw up to clear away the tears from my feathers.

"There was a... Pony... And she... She said, that you left me, and that you abandoned me and-"

"It wasn't really, anon. It wasn't real, I saw the same thing."


"Yes. Except for me, it was... Never mind."

"Oh thank god... Thank god. I love you Gilda."

"I love you too, Anon. Let's get the fuck out of here before we see more... Stuff, OK?"

"O-Ok." I nodded and we both began to run.

It wasn't long before the fog began to clear and the much more normal seeming forest area replaced it. We ran for a little bit longer before collapsing to the floor to catch our breath.

"What was that place?"

"I dunno. But it seems like it brought out our fears."

"I saw... Rainbow Dash."

"Wait what?"

"She was telling me that you were going to abandon me as soon as we got out of the forest. She said... That you didn't really want to be nice."

"Oh... Well, for what it's worth, she was wrong. I've only know you for a short while, and so far, you've been the sweetest, kindest griffin I’ve ever met. Uh, I mean monkey thing. What were you?"

"A human."

"Yeah, that. You're more accepting of me than anyone else, OK? I wouldn't give someone like you up for the world."

"Thanks a lot. What, if you don't mind me asking, did you see?"

"It was... My dad. He said a lot of mean stuff. Stuff that isn't true, but also, some that was true."

"Like what?"

She sighed deeply and smiled at me. "I might as well tell you the whole story." She said while scooting over to where I was sitting.

"My dad is very traditional. It was always his way, or no way at all. As you can expect, he was strict with who I hung out with, who I talked to, and especially who I dated. I never got to ask someone out, it was always "Gilda, this here is my business associates son. Marrying him will bring wealth and honour to our clan. Did I also mention he has magic jizz that will make your children strong and powerful?" That kinda shit."

"Wow. My parents were strict, but not that strict."

"Yeah, that's not even the half of it. Having children is... A big thing among Griffins, especially ones like my father. If you don't get a mate and have children by age 18, you're considered a failure. By the time I was of breeding age, I started to realise that I wasn't exactly the same as other females. All of my friends were out fucking their fathers recommendations, and I was only interested in... Women."


"Obviously, lesbian relationships can't bring about children, and to my father? That was a crime. He tried so hard to get me to like men, but it just... Didn't work, y'know? I mean, you were straight before you were a Griffin, right? Being with a girl sounds like it isn't that much of a deal to you, but to me, I thought that there was something wrong with me. I only truly understood that the way I was wasn't bad by the time I was going to flight school, where I met Dash."

"Rainbow Dash?" I knew that the illusion was fake, but something about here still irked me about her.

"That's the one. Rainbow Dash was also a lesbian, and kinda my first lover. We didn't really get into a serious relationship, but after, she helped me become comfortable with myself and helped me find my first proper partner, Blazing Glory. Unfortunately, that didn't last long, and not long after, I ran away from flight school. I couldn’t go back to my father after what I had become at flight school, he would never even accept me back into his home. I wandered for a bit, joined a freelance flight stunt team for a while, a few weather jobs here and there, and then eventually, went back to Ponyville to see Dash. You know the rest from then."

"Oh Gilda, I love you."

She smiled and me and I kissed her cheek.

"Thanks, Anon. I love you too."

We sat in silence and just enjoyed being together for a while before I thought of something to say.

"Ugh, I need a new name."

"Why? What's wrong with Anon?"

"It's not exactly a girls name. I need something a little more feminine, something softer."

"Cloud Rush?"

"That's... a bit of a weird name."

"Hmm... Sonic Boom?"

"If you don't mind me saying, that name's a little too autistic for my liking."

"How about something simple. Sky."

"Sky. I like it."

"It's settled. From now on, I’ll call you Sky."

"I love you Gilda."

"I love you too, Sky."

Author's Notes:

Hey guys, this is my first ever fic posted on this site, and I'd love it if you gave me some criticism on what you did and didn't like about the story.
I've already received criticism about Gilda and Anon rushing into their relationship a little fast, and hopefully i will improve with time.
Thanks all!

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