Birds of a Feather

by IcarusFics

Chapter 1

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We sat together as we watched the sun set over the Ponyville sky, stroking her feathers softly and repeatedly. I sighed a content puff of air and let my eyes relax. Never in my life would I have ever expected to be in such a weird state of bliss and peace. Jeez, what was it, a week ago? I could hardly remember how long it was since popped up in Equestria, but I can easily say that it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

About a week ago...

I laid my head down to rest after a long day at work. Generally, working at the zoo is fun, but field trip days... My god. The day before hand, the break room is like a group of soldiers before they are deployed to Gallipoli. We sit in dead silence, praying to whatever might be listening to not have to look after the tour group.

Of course, i'm the luckiest idiot at the harvest moon ball, and I got picked today. What made it worse is that all the kids wanted to do was see the birds. I don't mean that they wanted to see the birds more than the other animals, I mean that they ONLY wanted to see the birds. They would whine and complain when we started to leave and the teacher insisted that we stay there longer to get her kids to shut up.

Not sure if I mentioned, but I hate birds. I fucking hate birds. I fucking HATE birds. They're smelly, loud, ugly, and that's just just scraping the top. I could go on for ages about how much I absolutely fucking hate birds, but I'll save you the time and leave it at "I fucking hate birds.".

I flicked on the T.V and zoned out watching some horrible RomCom, the kind that they show at 8:30 when there's nothing else to show. My eyes began to flutter and I yawned. I contemplated getting up and going to bed, but I was just so tired and comfortable enough where I was that I didn't bother. As my eyes began to get heavy, I managed to flick the T.V off just before they shut for good.

My dream that night was weird. I was standing atop a cloud, and looking down at the forest below. I turned away from the edge and was suddenly back in my room, except something was different. I had bird cages everywhere, filled with cats. Cat's? Why cat's? I don't even really like cat's. One of the cats started to claw at it's cage and howl. As I approached it, it began to change, it's face becoming much more like a bird and much less like a cat. I reached out to touch it when it's mouth suddenly gaped open and swallowed me whole, waking me up.

I woke up to the sound of wind rushing by my ears, almost like somebody was blowing an industrial strength fan in my face. I opened my eyes and shat my pants. Holy fuck, I was falling!


All I could do was scream as I plummeted downwards. Most of my brain was filled with fear at this point, but part of it saw what I was falling towards and recognized as the forest from the dream. What the hell?

Suddenly, my fall was slowed as something grabbed me by the waist and knocked all of the air of me. I tried to look at what was grabbing me, but from that position, all I could see was a bunch of brown feathers. What the hell was this thing?

As much as it was slowed, my descent to the ground was fast, just considerably more horizontal than before. I heard the thing carrying me groan and try to pull up just as my feet started brushing against the trees below.

Shit! My foot caught on a branch, wrenching me backwards as the weird bird thing tried to keep it's grip and fell with me.

I screamed again as we both fell about 5 meters from the top of this tree into a clearing filled half with blue flowers and half with dead leaves and grass. As I thudded to the ground, I thanked the great spaghetti monster that I landed on some leaves and not the rock right next to my head. I heard a second thud a few seconds later and looked over to where I heard it come from.

Holy shit.

What the hell was that? It looked like something halfway between a cartoon and real life. It slowly pulled itself up and shook the leaves from it's wings, which looked pretty mangled and banged up from the fall.

It groaned and swore before looking at me with a scowl on it's face.

"What, no "Thanks for saving my life"? What the hell were you even doing up there!" The creature said.

I stared back at it and blinked silently.

"No?" It scoffed. "Great... And I fucked up my wings saving your ungrateful ass too."

Suddenly, my words found me. "S-Sorry, i'm just a little... Shocked. Thanks for saving me. What... Are you?"

"Me? You're telling me that you've never seen a Griffon before?"

A Griffon? Those are from storybooks, right?

"I thought... I thought Griffon were just legends."

"Where the hell do you come from? Griffons are almost as common as ponies."

"You've lost me. And I think that i'm lost myself. Where the hell are we?"

"The glorious land of Equestria!" The Griffon said sarcastically while throwing one of her... Legs? Claws? Whatever, up into the air. "And welcome to my least favourite place in this shithole, the Everfree forest."

I looked around and examined the forest around us. It certainly looked anything but welcoming, sharp branches devoid of leaves jutted out everywhere, dead plants lay in abundance around. In fact, the only thing that didn't look dead in this area was the blue flowers I was standing in.

The Griffon seemed to notice them at the same time that I did.

"Oh shit, get out of those flowers!"

"What? Why? The-" I was cut off by her wrenching me by the wrist out of the patch of flowers.

"You didn't breath any in, did you?"

"Uh, I dunno. Maybe. I-Is it poison?" I stuttered and check my shirt for any traces of the flowers.

"You could call it that. It does some... Weird shit to you. Trust me, if you're poisoned by it, you'll know."


"Anyway, who are you?"

"Uh, I'm Anon."

"Gilda. Nice to meet you." She held out a claw which I tentatively shook.

"Where you from, monkey man?"

"Uh, Perth."

A blank stare.


She raised an eyebrow.


"You've lost me. Where the hell is that?"

"I think it's... Pretty far from here. Different planet from this one, definitely."

"Shit dude. Harsh. Well, we should get moving. It's not safe around here." She looked around at the surrounding tree line, almost expecting something to pop out and eat us right there and then. If what she said is true, something might very well do that.

"Yeah..." I muttered, also looking at the tree line. "Let's get going. Where are we heading?"

"Well, the closest town is Ponyville." Was that... A pony pun? "It's a few days away on foot, and I'd rather not go back there any time soon, but... I'd say that we're in a pretty bad position. just a shame I can't fly." She said sadly and looked back at her broken wings.

"Sounds like a good idea, let's go."

As of yet, the walk had been mostly quiet. I spent the time of silence I had contemplating what had happened so far. I had that weird dream thing, then suddenly popped up here falling from sky, met a fucking Griffon, possibly got poisoned, and was now on my way towards a town called Ponyville. This was a lot to take in and a lot to think about. I hadn't even thought about how I was going to get home after this. What if I was stuck here forever?

My thoughts were cut short by Gilda yawning loudly and beginning to slow down.

"Hey Anon, it's getting dark. We should probably set up camp."

I nodded and started looking for sticks to make a fire. After a while, I had gathered enough sticks and reached into my pocket. Luckily, my lighter came with me when I came to Equestria, so I piled the sticks up and flicked on the lighter. After a few seconds, the fire caught and I sat back down next to a stunned looking Gilda.

"What was that? That thing you just did, was that magic?"

"Magic? No, it's just a lighter." I brought up the lighter and flicked it on once more to show Gilda. "Most people in my world use it to support their terrible life threatening habit. Me included."

"I dunno about life threatening, but I know all about terrible habits..."


"Which is... Mostly the reason why I don't want to go back to Ponyville."

"If you don't mind... Might I ask what happened?"

"Well, I had a great friend who I hadn't talked to for ages. Emphasis on the 'had'. I turn up there and... She's got other friends. At first, I think "Oh hey, that's cool, I got no problem with this.", but after a while, I just... wanted to spend time with her. Alone. But she just wanted to spend time around her other friends! I was... In love with her. But, she didn't love me back. To her, I was just a friend. I got mad. I drove her away. Her friends, too. I fucked up again..."

I put my hand on her shoulder and she looked up at me with a tear in her eye.

"I keep doing this, Anon." She continued. "It happened at flight school too. I act all antagonistic and mean to others, thinking it will get me respect, but... It never works. And I never learn."

"You haven't driven me away."

"Yeah, but you're just..."

She sobbed silently and I wrapped my arms around her tentatively to try and calm her down. After a while she stopped crying and smiled up at me.

"Thanks, Anon. I've never... I've never cried in front of anyone else before."

"Seems like you needed it."

"Yeah, I think you're right too. We should get some sleep."

"Good idea. You feeling better?"

"Thanks to you, yep." She lay down on the floor.

I rested my head on the log next to me and closed my eyes to try and get some sleep.

After a few hours, I woke again to my arms itching insatiably. I scratched them, but that seemed to only make the itching worse. Oh crap, this was getting pretty bad. I continued to scratch to no avail and eventually felt something weird happen. The hairs on my arm were getting longer and longer as I scratched.

"What the... Gilda? Are you awake?"

Gilda rolled over and yawned, blinking tiredly.

"This better be worth waking me up over."

"Uh, I think something's wrong." I said, looking at my still growing arm hairs.

"That's... What?"

My feet started to feel weird and bloated, so I tore them off to see them growing hair rapidly and changing shape.

"What the fuck!?"

My feet continued to wrap and change while the changes travelled up my legs and started to change the shape. My heart was racing and I was frantically grabbing at my shirt and pants, trying to remove them as the changes started to change my hips and chest.

The weird black hairs looked like they had spread pretty much all the way over my body and started to widen and split apart, turning into what looked like... Feathers! Holy shit, this couldn't be happening...

"Anon, I think you're turning into a..."

My hands started to change shape and colour, becoming orange and scaly while my finger nails grew out to a point. I looked down at my feet to see that they had completely changed into lion like paws.

"Into a Griffon."

"What is this! Why is this happening!"

"I think it might be the poison joke."

"The what?"

"Those poisonous flowers you fell in."

"What kind of fucking joke is this! This isn't what I was expecting when you said weird shit happens!"

My lips began to harden weirdly and extend from my face. I groaned at the strange sensation in my face which was soon finished and overshadowed by the new feeling I was getting in my crotch. I ripped off my pants as fast as possible and managed to get a glance just as my balls completely disappeared inside me.

"Oh god. Is that normal? Do Griffon dudes look like this?"


Her silence answered my question and I glanced downwards again. My dick was shrinking rapidly and I clenched at it to stop it from disappearing completely.

"Nonononono! Please not that~!" At the end of my plea, my voice suddenly jumped up an octave, further confirming what was happening to me.

I was turning into a Griffon. A female Griffon.

My back began to hurt as two nubs appeared near my spin which quickly burst out and extended into large wings, almost as big as Gilda's, yet noticeably lither.

I looked over at Gilda who was standing up now with a huge blush on her face, somehow showing up through her feathers. The same feathers that I could feel growing all over my head. I could do nothing but sit there and groan as the rest of the changes swept over my body. After a short while, they stopped and I was left panting and panicking, my heart still racing.

"I'm a... Fucking..." I said with my now extremely feminine sounding voice. "I'm a FUCKING GIRL."

Gilda stared at me and started to walk slowly towards me.

"Yeah... You are..."

"Gilda, what are you..."

I could see her eyes, filled with wonder and... Something else, as she approached me.

"And you're beautiful." She said as she got close and lunged forward, planting her beak firmly on mine.

I almost jumped back and pushed her away, but I suddenly felt a warmth sweep over me. I melted at her touch and sunk downwards into the kiss, letting her tongue explore my mouth and her fore claws caress my body. I slowly moved my claws up as well and began feeling her waist, stroking her up and down. It began hard to breath after a bit, so I pushed Gilda away.

"Gilda, I... This is so fast."

"Anon..." She panted, her eyes full of lust and longing. Oh god, what was wrong with me? I lunged forward and pulled her face towards mine again, locking her beak with mine and probing her mouth with my tongue. We continued to kiss and caress each other until I felt something weird going on in my groin. I pulled away and looked downwards, seeing that my thighs were now soaked in a clear, smooth liquid.

"I-is that..."

"Yeah." Gilda said and stroked my cheek.

"Are you OK with-" I cut her off with a short kiss.

"More than anything." I smiled and brought my claw down to her crotch, which I began to rub. She brought hers down too and returned the favour, immediately causing me to gasp out in pleasure as I felt her claw plunge a few centimetres into my new Griffon pussy. I moaned and tried to finger her as well as I experienced the new-found pleasure of having a cunt, but could hardly keep up as she speedily, yet lovingly pleasured me.

After a while, I gave up on helping Gilda, but she didn't seem to care. In fact, she seemed to finger fuck me with increased vigour and I moaned into her mouth and kissed her intensely.

I felt a strange pressure begin to build up inside of my pussy and I moaned effeminately, my mouth separating from hers to catch my breath. She used this opportunity to descend to my crotch, licking my stomach all the way down until her beak was planted softly on my dripping womanhood.

I expected it to feel weird because of her sharp beak, yet somehow, just like my mouth, it caused me no pain at all, just immense pleasure. She flicked my clit with her prehensile tongue and then stuck it deep inside of me, savouring my taste and causing me to clench my legs around her head.

After a while, she brought herself back up to face me and smiled at me, mouth open and dripping with both saliva and what I could only assume was something I had produced.

"Want a taste?" She said and began to make out with me, pushing my pussy juice out of her mouth and into mine. I moaned as I got a taste of the salty, sweet and delicious taste of my own juices.

She separated her lips from mine once more and pulled her hips close to mine, our pussies almost touching.

"Are you ready?"

"A-As ready as I'll ever be." I replied, and Gilda thrust her crotch forward, gasping out as her cunt rubbed up against mine. I began to move my hips up and down, bringing both her and myself closer and closer to orgasm. Was it gonna feel different? So far, this experience had been completely different from sex as a man. Not like I'd gotten to experience it much, but it was still substantially different.

"Anon... I'm g-getting pretty close."

"Ah! I think I am too! Mmmph."

I continued to scissor her until I felt something change, and my brain exploded with pleasure. My new pussy began to clench and spasm as I came with a pleasure that I had never ever felt before. I hardly even noticed as Gilda also came, squirting her girl cum up the inside of my leg and mixing with mine. Still riding my orgasm, I pulled her in close and kissed her sloppily and hastily.

After what seemed like an entire lifetime, I collapsed backwards and blacked out for a few seconds before regaining consciousness. I panted and tried to get my breath back as I lay on the ground, my cheeks burning red and my crotch still tingling with pleasure.

"G... Gilda. That was... Amazing... I... Love you."

"R-Really?" Gilda said, also panting and lying on the floor.

"Yeah. I don't know what the fuck just happened, but... I loved every bit of it. And I love you as well."

I groaned as I picked myself up and walked awkwardly on all fours to her before collapsing and hugging her close. I could feel my eyes becoming heavy again.

"Thank you for tonight, Gilda. We'll figure all this out in the morning."

"G'night Anon." She said yawning and closing her eyes. "I... Love you too."

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