The Love in the Night

by EPP

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - How it all started.

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Chapter 1
How it all started.

Supernova walked through the huge hallways of Canterlot's castle, making sure there weren’t any unwanted visitors. The normally calm and collected night soldier nervously swayed on his legs as he trotted back and forth.

Reason for his nervousness was a challenge given to him by one of his friends on their night off, as he patrolled the area he couldn’t focus on anything else then what was he supposed to do.

Supernova walked down the streets of Canterlot as the night breeze covered his fur, making him shiver. Nights these days were cold, but no matter the temperature they were still majestic.

Besides, why would he care about a slight chill when his destination was much more important? He was going to hang out with his friends from night guard on their night off.

After few more minutes of trotting, he finally arrived at the big tavern called “The Prancing Pony”, their favorite place to hang out at nights.

He walked inside and immediately spotted his group of friends sitting at the table, he sat down at the free spot right next to Dashing Star who like the rest of his friends was a bat pony, his fur was jet black and his mane white and combed.

“Look who finally showed up! Our dear future captain!” Void Night shouted from across the table. Supernova’s roommate, his fur was of similar shade to Nova’s while his black mane was long and straight, with a few grey highlights here and there.

“Yeah yeah, shut up Void, did you get me my beer?” Supernova stated smiling.

“We sure did, one Equestrian Pilsner coming up.” Adamant Sky said and passed him the cup full of beer, Adamant’s fur was grey and his mane was long and unkempt, it was crimson red.

“Well then, what are we waiting for?” Supernova asked as they simultaneously raised their cups and cheered before taking few big gulps. He put his glass down and sighed in satisfaction as suddenly he felt a slight push on his back, he turned around and saw one of the waitresses, smiling nervously. “I’m really sorry sir.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Nova said and watched young mare walk away.

“What a player.” Void said mockingly.

“Hey,” Nova talked back, “what was I supposed to do? Ask her out cause she bumped into me?”

“Oh please, you wouldn’t have the guts to ask somepony like her out, regardless of the situation.”

Nova puffed out his chest, “I can get any mare I want, mark my words.” He said, half jokingly.

“I sure will.” Void said and took a sip of his beer.

The night went on as they talked and joked around in the tavern, this night it was almost full, most of the customers were bat ponies, not really surprising.

It would be just like any other night off, but suddenly something happened.

A small unexpected event that was going to change Supernova’s life forever.

“Hey listen guys, guys listen,” Void shouted, as always he was first to get drunk.

“Yeah we’re listening what’s the deal?” Adamant asked while finishing his fourth mug of beer.

“I was thinking about something. Supernova you said earlier that you can get any mare you want right?”

Supernova flinched but nodded, “I did say that.”

“Well then, how about a small bet?” Void asked smirking, both Adamant Sky and Dashing Star rose to attention upon hearing his statement and waited for Supernova’s answer.

On the other hoof Supernova wasn’t very amused, he knew what the bet will be about that’s why he wanted to decline but he simply couldn’t, he can’t just chicken out of it.

“Let me guess, you’ll pick a mare in the crowd and I need to ask her out right?”

“More or less, yes.”

“All right then, let’s do this.” Supernova stated trying to sound confident, Void’s grin widened.

“Okay, but you see the mare I want you to ask out isn’t here, sadly.”

Nova raised his eyebrow, slightly confused. He scratched his head as he asked, “Well, then who?”

“Oh don’t worry, you know her very well.”

And here he was, trotting through the hallways of the Canterlot castle thinking about how is he supposed to ask Princess Luna on a date.

How did he even get himself into this mess? A simple night guard trying to ask out the Princess of Night herself, his heart was pounding as he thought about the possible outcomes, like getting thrown out of Night guard, or maybe getting send on the moon.

He really didn’t want to be banished on the moon. He figured it would be cold there.

However as these thoughts about his possible punishments flew through his mind something else started to emerge, he started to think about the subject of his challenge, Princess Luna.

He never really thought about her in that way, but now he started to realize how much he actually adored her, how gorgeous her flowing sky mane was, her wonderful teal eyes, her beautiful face and dat fla…

Supernova shook his head as his thoughts wandered to the place they weren’t supposed to be.

Oh buck it, here’s what I’ll do: when I’ll see her I’ll simply walk in front of her, tell her she’s completely stunning and ask her out! That’s right Supernova you can do it! Supernova cheered himself on and something caught his eyes, he looked through a window into the royal gardens.

“Huh would you look at that.” Supernova mumbled to himself not being sure if he should curse or thank his luck that his chance showed up so fast, here in the garden Princess Luna walked forward alone.

For some reason his previous nervousness completely faded as he unfurled his wings and flew forwards.

Princess Luna walked slowly through the garden enjoying the silence of her night…


“Guhh!” Luna gasped and jumped in place startled as a bat pony landed in front of her, she calmed herself after noticing the familiar curves of night guard armor.

“Did I startle you? Sorry it wasn’t my intention, kind of a habit I guess.”

“A habit?”

“Oh yes! I’m from a night guard, surprise attacks are our speciality.”

Luna nodded.

“But that isn’t why I’m here. I wanted to ask you if anypony has ever told you that you’re gorgeously beautiful?”

“Not for a long time..” Princess Luna said blushing lightly.

“Well that just can’t be! Princess Luna, you’re gorgeously beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She said with a small smile forming on her muzzle as her eyes wandered around the place.

“No problem, I’m just saying the truth! By the way my name’s Supernova.”

“Nice to meet you dear Supernova, so is complimenting me the only thing that you wanted to do?”

“Oh not, of course not! Thanks for reminding me, I was wondering if maybe you would like to go on a date with me?”

Luna was completely caught off guard by a sudden question, she stood dumbfounded amidst the chilling night breeze of royal gardens staring down at her smiling suitor.

“Well I..”

“You’re not going out too much? Don’t worry I’ll take care of everything.”

Luna sighed, “You’re quite an interesting fellow mr. Supernova.” She chuckled, “I guess I do need to go out of the castle from time to time.”

Supernova smiled. “Well then how about Saturday Night?”

“Very well then,” Luna stated still blushing lightly.

“Great! See you then!” Supernova stated and flew off to his post, as he landed in the huge hallway his adrenaline that was driving him this whole time stopped flowing through his veins and his legs started to shake crazily as he thought about what he just did, I just asked a Princess of the Night on the date, I just asked a Princess of the Night on the date, I just asked a Princess of the freaking moon on the date.

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