Starlight in a Broken Vessel

by the-pieman

Chapter 99

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Chapter 99

Seriously, what just happened, and why are all the ponies ignoring that it just happened? Am I the only one who remembers this happening just now? It’s like a real-life BLAM... jeez.

Leaning out the window to see if there’s any ponies nearby to ask about this, I see that there’s a couple of ponies chatting nearby the library. It’d probably be best to go down to them, so I head downstairs once more, planning to ask what the huge two-second parade was about.

Opening the door, I look to the two ponies chatting, and see that one is a dark pegasus guy with a mohawk mane, and the other is the smith I’d talked to earlier.

Mental note: remember to talk about getting armor. I return my attention to the stallions. “Hey guys. Uh, what was up with that crazy music?”

The two look up at me. “Hey, Anthony! Haven’t seen you in a while. And what do you mean what was up with it? I didn’t see where that one started, so I’m not too sure, actually.”

“Well, it was... weird. I mean, I don’t really know what action or occurrence would need a musical number that involved the entire populace of the nearby area. You guys have some sort of holiday today?”

“Not that I know of, but most of those musicals are planned in advance. Ess-em-ens are pretty common in Ponyville, though, just ‘cuz of all the weirdness around here. Gotta let the leylines vent, y’know?” The stallion chuckles knowingly.

“Hmmm... magical leylines? Like, magical buildup?”

“Yeah, like, uh, those flame vents in the fire swamp. But musical, y’know? Especially with the leylines movin’ closer over the last few years.”

“So... you just have a giant musical number to release energy... How does everyone just know the words to the song and stuff? Does it just...” I think back to when I felt the overwhelming urge to join in. “Nevermind, I think I got it. It just sort of happens when someone starts singing?”

“Well, uh, it’s magic. Idunno more than that, you’d want to ask a unicorn or Miss Cheerilee about that. It just happens, y’know?”

“Actually... I think I do. I recall something being mentioned called ‘Harmonic Magics’. Like, if someone is acting a certain way... the magical properties of the action could influence others... holy shit I’m turning magic into science.” I facepalm. “Just... forget I said anything.”

The pegasus looks really confused. “Wait, isn’t magic a type of science? Or... is it the other way around?”

“I don’t know. Humans have a history of having magic be pretty much the opposite of science. It’s... complicated.”

The pegasus shrugs, flapping his wings to keep himself aloft as he puts his forelegs up in a classic ‘idunno’ pose. The two start talking when it becomes apparent I’m not talking to them anymore.

I just go back to my room and think about this... after a moment, I decide I should probably write down some information. Grabbing some ink and a quill, and some paper I make a list of facts.

1. Magic buildup needs to be released.

2. Magic buildup occurs more often when there’s more magic in an area.

3. I’m hungry.


Damnit brain! Sighing I head to the kitchen to find something to eat. I never could think on an empty stomach.  Making myself a quick sandwich, I start again.

3. ‘Harmonic Magicks’ have an affect on the immediate public area, this explains why some of my music is not as well received, possibly.


1. Why does the magical release manifest itself as music?

2. Is it possible for this magic buildup to be used in another way that could be more beneficial

3. Why am I affected, even if not as much, despite not being a pony?

4. Why have I never noticed anything like this before? Supposedly this happens regularly, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it during my two-year stay.

I look over my list and figure I’ll just show it to Twilight when she gets back. She’ll probably have some kind of presentation for me about it, so I just expect that I’ll be a captive student for a while... oh well, it’s actually something I want to know.

Once I’ve decided there’s nothing else to add to the list, I just put it on Twilight’s desk. If I forget about it, she’ll see it. That done, I notice that it’s actually a bit late in the afternoon... I wonder if they’ll be okay. Eh, if it was a real problem, Celestia would have me come by... except she doesn’t know I’m powerless... That might have been worth mentioning.

Nah, Twi and her friends are pretty resourceful, I’m just good at providing the level of violence that most ponies tend to avoid. Guess it helps, but it also means I’m not that important... ah who am I kidding, they’d be dead without me. I’m the best bet they got around here.

But I’m also bored out of my mind. Another knock at the door sounds from downstairs. For the third time today, I head down to see what other pony might need help. I open the door.

“It’s a public library. The door’s unlocked.”

Outside is a pony with a golden, indeed metallic coat and a brassy, almost bronze sweep of hair for a mane. She smiles up at me.

“Uh... can I... help you?”

She springs forward gripping me around the middle in a tight, almost spine-breaking hug. “Wow, you’re so much cooler-looking in person!”

“Th- thanks... urk, who are you?”

“You c’n call me Gladius!” The mare backs up, and I get a better look at her as she looks me over. “Huh, you’re not as muscular as I’d expect.” the mare comments. I get a good look at her eyes as she stares me in the eye, her blood-red irises sparkling slightly.

The mare herself is actually pretty athletic looking, even more so than Rainbow Dash, and a pair of wings flutter slightly at her sides, a simple sword as her cutie-mark.

“Muscle size isn’t important, I’m still the toughest guy around. So, Gladius huh? You a swordsmith or something?”

“Nah, I’m a soldier. See?” She turns slightly, and I see that she’s got a bronze sword strapped to her side, under a wing. The handle looks just like the one on her cutie-mark, go figure.

“Well, what’s a soldier want with me? I guarantee you I’m not signing up for the militia force, if that’s the idea.”

The mare laughs a hearty, strong laugh. “No, no, you’re fine where you are. Nah, I just wanted to meet you ‘cuz the rest of my siblings seem to be doing that, and I’m usually the pointmare for us. Hey, d’you mind if sleep on your couch, I’m beat.” Without even waiting for a response, she casually pushes past me and flops onto the couch in the main room of the library.

Siblings? I didn’t... wait. “So, you’re ‘nother constellation. Yeah, I’ve kinda been temporarily... what’s that word you guys use?”

“Castrated.” She volunteers cheerfully. “No, wait, that’s not right... Gelded, that’s it!”

I get a horrified look on my face. “No! No no no! That... thing where you lose you star core thingy!”

“Yeah, magically gelded. And it’s still there. Whatever you did, it’s just real teeny tiny. It’s kinda like a little baby star, except baby stars are actually real big. Old stars are tiny. So it’s like a teeny little grandpa star!”

“Sure... but I’m pretty sure there’s another word for it. de-something, it had nothing to do with losing my dick!”

“Whaaat? When did genitals come up in this conversation, and why aren’t we talking more about them?”

I facepalm. “Castration, or gelding, is the act of... well for normal people or ponies, cutting off one’s penis, making them sexually useless.”

“Wait, really? I thought castration is where they cut off your sack, ‘cuz your dick getting chopped won’t make the urge go away. Speaking of, have you gotten laid any time recently? ‘Cuz I haven’t, and I’d love to.” She pauses for a second. “Does this town have a brothel? It totally should.”

Jeez, this mare. “I don’t know if it does, honestly. I haven’t looked because I don’t plan on fucking a pony.”

“Why not? I’ve fucked a pony. He then went on to unite a nation. Hey, maybe if you-”

“I won’t because I’m not a pony. Not on your life. Ever. Got it?”

Gladius looks at me quizzically over the edge of the couch. “Wow. You really want blueballs that bad? Whatever, maybe you can join my bro in the stick-up-ass briga-”

“I’m not gay either, dammit! I’m just not gonna bone a pony. I have other options around here... but I’d rather actually have a relationship before I just fuck a girl.”

“...I was referring to Galeam, mister no-fun-protect-and-do-no-more. That said, that would be hot. As in, literally. You two would probably blow up, and like, wipe out half the night sky. Kinda cool to think about, actually. Man, just imagine, an explosion so big, you can see it from anywhere!”

“Too bad, I’m not doing any ponies... or anything male. Seriously. Wait, that guy’s your brother!?” I can’t even begin to imagine any form of relation.

“Yeah, Galeam, he’s ‘the shield’, I’m ‘the sword’. It’s hilarious, ‘cuz he’s the one who never uses his sword. Wait, maybe it’s poetic. Ironic? Idunno. It’s funny.”

I facepalm. “You should hang around with Cadence...”

“Oh, yeah, the new lovebutt! Terrible, what happened to her predecessor, but I can’t work miracles. Well, I can, but not a miracle to stop fifteen-hundred enraged, castrated gryphons. Man, they were pissed at her. Hell of a curse she did, too, for ruining Romeorange and that one chick’s marriage.”

Wait, that was history? Well, it was in with the Wunderland books which were real... Guess I should have seen that coming.

“So, other than coming down here to see me and get a dicking... not at the same time, what are you doing here on the ground?”

“Eh, auntie Luna’s been moping around ‘cuz she thinks the ponies still hate her, and momma Selene is still pissed at auntie for leaving those giant blotches on her for a thousand years. Basically, I’m hanging out here while my family stops being a bunch of drama-heads. And get laid. Ah, I can’t wait to light some colt’s fire. Maybe get him to go slay a hydra or something. Whoo, that’d get me so wet...”

“Well, you could get on that now. I’m thinking I’ve had enough of our ‘conversation’. And when you’re done, don’t tell me the details, just... go somewhere else, okay?”

“Oh, alright. If you’re gonna be a grump, I’m gonna sleep.” And like that, she begins snoring lightly, already asleep.

Dafuq did I get myself into? Wait, I didn’t get me into this... dafuq did Lyra get me into? She is kinda right though. I don’t really need to get laid right now, but... eh, I can just take care of it myself... I wonder how that works for stallions? Maybe it doesn’t...

That would explain a bit, actually. Next Chapter: Chapter 100 Estimated time remaining: 20 Hours, 57 Minutes

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