Starlight in a Broken Vessel

by the-pieman

Chapter 97

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Chapter 97

This is not good... I rack my brain to come up with what I should do, and I end up with a pretty good idea. Denying everything.

“If anyone asks, I was never here!” I say quickly and run off towards Ponyville, leaving Anne with the children. I don’t think she’d mind, though. She’s right that they’re cute but... the greatest evil hides behind the most innocent of façades. She just needs to spend a few adventures with them to understand.

I get to the library and begin my usual search for something to read. I figure I should study a bit more about pony history and social norms if I plan to live here. I’m walking to a shelf when I notice Twilight’s cabinet where she keeps the stash of notes she’s taken. I decide these might be useful, at least to get someone else’s perspective. I try to open a drawer and I discover it’s locked, and yet I can open all the others.

Now why would she lock only one drawer... unless whatever’s in there is important. I think about how I could go about opening the drawer. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the lock is rather simple, but also has some sort of enchantment on it. With this level of security only added to this drawer, the importance of it’s contents is clear... and has piqued my curiosity.

After multiple tries with various tools, I determine that the enchantment was that the drawer can only be unlocked with the key to it. Clever, but suspicious. Unfortunately, I have no idea where Twilight might hide a super-important key. Deciding I won’t find out today, I reopen one of the other drawers and I find her usual notes on various subjects.

After a bit of reading, I get bored, not having learned anything really important or useful. Sighing, I figure I should go off and see the princesses. Opinions of them aside, it has been a while. Wouldn’t want them to get bored.

One train-ride later I’m in Canterlot once more. As I make my way to the castle, I feel like something’s off. Then I notice some of the ponies I pass are staring at me, but are trying not to look like they are staring. It’s not the usual hero-worship I get in Ponyville, but at least it’s less annoying. Suddenly I’m approached by a mare.

“You uh, need something miss?”

“Hello, my name is Violet Velvet and I was wondering if-”

“If this is about a date or a marriage proposal, no.”

She blushes and looks down at her hooves, avoiding eye contact. “O- oh... Okay.”

I continue towards the castle, but I don’t go far before I’m tapped on the leg. When I turn and see the same mare, she shrinks back a bit, still blushing.

“Yes?” I sigh.

“D- did I do something wrong?”


“W- well, uhm... I was kinda hoping that... could you tell me why not, please?”

I facepalm. “I don’t even know you! Secondly, I’m not exactly in the market for a girlfriend in the first place.” With that I just continue on my way, shaking my head. I stop when I pass by a newsstand and a paper catches my eye. I pick it up and read it, discovering it’s about one of those rumors with Celestia and I being in a relationship. I hold it up to the pony running the stand.

“What is this crap!?”


“Why would you idiots print this garbage?” I tear up the paper and throw it on the ground and stomp off, when I hear the pony call out.

“So... you’re breaking up with her?”

AAAAAAAAUUUUGH!” I just rush to the castle. I’m going to have a talk with the sisters about this.

I approach the gates and just walk past the guards. By this point I’m pretty much allowed to come and go as I please, which is something I’m thankful for. Saves me time and energy. Once I’m in the castle itself, I head for the throne room. I walk in and Celestia, who appears to have been pacing, looks up somewhat hopefully for a moment then actually looks at me.

“Oh, hello Anthony.”

“What? Expecting someone else?”

“I was rather hoping Twilight and her friends had returned already.”

“Well they’re not back. At the moment, there’s something I’d like to talk with you about.”

“And what is that?”

“I’m sure that by now you’re aware that the ponies seem to think you and I-”

She sighs heavily. “Yes, I know... As well, Luna is stubbornly refusing to go out in public until the rumors about you and her end.”

“Damnit, why do they think I’d even consider it?”

“Because rumors about the personal lives of celebrities sell better than stories about current events.”

“Well, I managed to stop the rumors around Ponyville, perhaps I should do the same with Canterlot.”

“I agree. I’ve wanted to do it myself, but at the moment there are other pressing matters and I just don’t have the time to gather all of Canterlot and address the issue. It also isn’t really that important either. They are just rumors and we both know they are completely false.”

“False or not, I want it to stop.” I say as I walk up to her empty throne and plop down on the fancy, armless piece of furniture.

Celestia sighs. “Now we wait for the rumors about you becoming the new leader of Equestria...”

“Pfft, if I ran this place, it’d be a lot different.”

“I don’t doubt that in the slightest, and I’d rather it stay the way it is.”

“You’re no fun. Imagine all the ways I could benefit this place if I was in charge.”

Celestia rolls her eyes. “All I can imagine is how it would benefit you, not the ponies.”

“Would another back rub change your mind, princess?” I say with a grin, wiggling my fingers.

“Not at all. Though if you’re offering, I believe Luna could use some stress relief.”

“Hmmm... I’m not sure Luna would trade her position for a massage.”

“I meant as a friendly gesture. You two really should settle your issues with each other, doing something nice for her would certainly help.”

“Pfft, I already did something nice for her, but she-”

“She still wears the diamond you made her, if that’s what you’re meaning.”

“She... she does?” I’m surprised by this. If I was her, I’d have just tossed the bloody thing.

“Yes. Even if you two aren’t on the best of terms, she still keeps it. She treasures all the meaningful gifts that our subjects give her. It’s how she knows that her years as Nightmare Moon are over and that she’s loved again.”

“But that moon pendant wasn’t an offering or an apology it was-”

“It was a gift for the sake of being a gift, and that makes it even more special. She says she keeps it because she finds it pretty, but I know it means more to her than a simple piece of jewelry.”

“I...” I’m actually at a loss for words. Celestia levitates me out of the throne and onto my feet.

“I think you should go talk with her.”

“Y- yeah...” I nod and make my way to her room. Next Chapter: Chapter 98 Estimated time remaining: 21 Hours, 15 Minutes

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