Starlight in a Broken Vessel

by the-pieman

Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

I open my eyes and I’m in a hospital. I check my arms for needles. None, thank goodness. Wait, what’s... Oh boy, should’ve seen this coming. I raise my right arm and I see that the area from my hand to my elbow is in a cast. I manage to sit up, but I ache all over.

“Girls! He’s awake!”

Owww, my head is pounding. “Not so loud...”

“Oops, sorry.”

Pinkie walks over to me as the rest of them walk into the room. They all give their greetings as they file in.

“Hey ladies. Man, that was somethin’.”

“I think that’s our line.” Rainbow Dash said, a smile on her face. “That was the most hardcore thing I’ve ever seen! Well, aside from myself that is.”

I laugh. “Sure, whatever you say. So how’s Ponyville?”

“Well...” Twilight started. “It’s... not on fire anymore.”

“But it’s gonna take a long while and a lotta work ‘fore it’s rebuilt.”

“Dang, if only I could have stopped him sooner. I’m sorry everyone.”

“Sorry? Why would you be sorry? Dear, if it wasn’t for you, that horrid thing would have destroyed everything!”

I suddenly remember a bit of info. “No he wouldn’t. Not before getting to Fluttershy. He told me he was going after her.”

At this, Fluttershy started shivering, curling into a yellow and pink ball.

“But... why?” Twilight asked. “What did he want with Fluttershy? How does he even know her?”

“Well, what he actually said was that he wanted to ‘despoil the fount of kindness’ and something about ascension.”

“Hmmm... well, it definitely sounds like he was talking about Fluttershy, but I don’t understand what he meant by despoil. I can’t think of anything Fluttershy would have that a demon would want. And what could he use to reach a higher power?” Twilight pauses. “Sorry everypony, but I’m going to go look into this.” With that, she left.

“But that thing is gone right?”

“Oh, most certainly. I can’t imagine anything that could live through a display of power like that.”

I grin “Thanks Rarity, like my ego needs to be any bigger.”

“At least we know you’re healthy... well, mentally at least.”

“That is the most incorrect statement I’ve heard in my life.”

Rarity rolls her eyes. “Yes, well, you understand my meaning.”

“Yeah. So after I literally blew his mind, what happened?”

Pinkie spoke up. “Welllllll, you stopped glowing you fell over and when you didn’t move a bunch of ponies brought you here what did you do anyway you didn’t even move!”

“Heh, oh yes I did. I punched him in the face so fast he exploded.” This got a collective gasp from the others. “Heh, speed of light, baby. That’s what they mean when they say ‘faster than you can blink’.”

“I wouldn’t brag too much, partner, the doc said ya broke yer hand. Yer gonna have that there cast for ‘bout a month.”

I look at my heavily bandaged arm. “Well, that could be a problem. Oh well, at least Ponyville is safe for now.”

“Yeah! You’re a hero now! *gasp* I should throw you a hero party!!” Pinkie jumps onto the bed and hugs me, which I reciprocate with my left arm.

“Thanks for everything girls. Hey, Fluttershy, are you okay?”

“I... I am now, thanks to you,

“Aww, come here.” I pat my right side and Fluttershy hovers over to me, and resting next to me. I pull her into a hug with my right arm, being careful about my injury. I hold both ponies close to me as I lay back down. I’m tired.

I pet them both, and though I can only feel Pinkie, Fluttershy seems to appreciate the gesture as well. I’m tired, but happy. Just gonna close my eyes for a minute...

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