Starlight in a Broken Vessel

by the-pieman

Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

As I think on where to acquire a bucket of paint, I decide to look for Pinkie. She likes sweets so I figure Sugarcube Corner would be a good place to start.

Once I get to the giant gingerbread shop, I look around. I don’t see anyone sitting by the counter, at a table or anything, the place is empty.

“Hello dearie.”

“Oh, hey Mrs. Cake. I was looking for Pinkie, but it seems she’s not here.”

“Oh but she is.”


“Pinkie! Anthony is here to see you!”

The usual pink blur zooms down from a flight of stairs and tackles me. This time I’m expecting it, so I end up catching Pinkie. “Hi! What’s up, Anthony!?”

Apparently, Pinkie lives here. It’s a sweet shop. I am not surprised. I explain the competition between Rainbow Dash and I, and what the ramifications for my failure were. “Wow! She needed a Sonic Rainboom to beat you!?” Pinkie exclaims.

“Yeah, now I need you to get everyone by the town hall. Also, if you know where I could get a bucket of yellow paint, that would be nice.”

She quickly scribbles down something on a piece of paper, hands the slip to me, and dashes out the door. Looking at the paper, I realize that it’s directions to an arts and crafts shop.

This place is a lot more subdued than Sugarcube Corner, that’s for sure. It looks like a typical store. Well, for Ponyville’s usual appearance.

I walk in, again having to duck a bit to avoid hitting my head on the doorframe. Seriously, I wish I could shrink.

The first pony I see is wearing an apron covered in paint splotches, she’s busy sweeping the floor.

“Hi, I need a can of yellow paint and a brush.”

Still sweeping, she doesn’t look up. “Paints are on that shelf over there, brushes on the rack past the paint.”

I realize I don’t have any money. That could be a problem. Oh well, I can try anyway. Once I have my merchandise, I walk back into view of the mare. Now she finally looks at me. And she screams. Great.

Suddenly she throws her broom at me. Obviously, it just hits me and clatters to the floor. It’s a broom. These horses are really stupid. Suddenly, I’m glad I can actually share an intellectual conversation with Twilight every once in a while.

I pick up the broom, readjusting my carrying position so I have the bucket under an arm, and holding the brush in my hand.

I approach the mare. She’s cowering in the corner. I toss the broom at her, letting it land on the floor.

“This is probably the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I think I’ll take my supplies for free as compensation.”


“Make sure you aren’t antisocial before you start a business, horseface.”

I get to the library, placing the paint and brush down, once more sitting down in my chair to read. After a while, I finish the book. Getting up, I decide to check the shelves for another, preferably one a bit more stimulating. Twilight walks in, pauses, then yells at me. “Exactly what do you plan on doing with that paint, mister!?”

“I’m going to put on a show for Ponyville. It involves me getting covered in paint.”

“Why do I not believe you?”

“Because I’m not entirely trustworthy.”

“...yes, that’s it exactly.”

“Awesome, do I get a gold star?”

“No, you get more interrogation.”

“Maybe later.” I return to the shelves, and a book catches my eye. Explanation of Magic for Beginners. Interesting.

Twilight notices the book I’m holding. “Seriously? That’s for children. Everypony knows that stuff already.”


“Fair enough. Seriously though, what are you going to do with the paint?”

“Ask Rainbow Dash.”

“Oh no, this isn’t going to be one of her pranks, is it?”

That stopped me. “Rainbow’s a prankster?” Oh my, this is interesting.

“You... you’re not going to cover somepony in paint?”

“Nope, I already told you, I’m going to cover myself.”


“You could ask Rainbow, or hear my excuse.”

“Despite my better judgement, I’ll hear your excuse.”

“It makes me feel pretty.”

“Of course.” Twilight groaned. She leaves. Presumably to go ask Rainbow Dash.

I think of something. “Oh, Twilight, I’m probably going to need some money.”

She freezes. “Yes. Yes you do... how’d you get that paint!?”

“Compensation for poor customer service.”

“You stole it!?”

“Hey, nobody’s perfect, as much as you may think I am.”

“You’re a theif!”

“Yeah, I steal. I’m also a liar and a cheater.” She is positively steaming now. Teeth gritted in anger. “You wanna go?” I ask nonchalantly


“It’s slang. Are you challenging me? You wanna fight?”

“Actually, I kinda do.”

“Well too bad. I’m not in the mood.” I continue reading the book. Despite what Twilight said, this is very informative.

“Get out!”

“No thanks.”

“Do I need to kick you out of my house?”

“This is a public library, genius, technically you only own this place because you’re the head librarian.”

“I can ban you.”

“Sure you can, but then you’d have no idea where am during the day.”


“Hey, if I can use my untrustworthiness as a valid argument, I’m gonna.”

“You are such a pain!”

“You’re not as slow as you look.”

Suddenly, I’m not in the library. Teleported again. I look around, and I realize I’m at a train station. I suddenly get an idea. I go up to the ticket stall. “Hey, do you have any trains heading to Canterlot?”

The pony is reading a newspaper, not looking at me. “The Friendship Express goes to Canterlot, it’ll arrive in half an hour.”

“Friendship Express? That is the most frilly name I’ve ever heard for a train.”

“Don’t like it? Go home.”

“Even Celestia can’t do that.”

“Listen buddy, don’t... er...” Now he’s looking at me. And stammering “Uh... B- big...”

“This isn’t big, mate.” I enhance my size once more, making him crane his neck until he’s looking straight up. “This is big.”

He gulps. “So, uh... one ticket to Canterlot, is it?”

“If you would be so kind.” I shrink down to normal size once more. He throws some tickets my way. When I pick them up, I realize only one of them actually going to Canterlot, the rest say something about Appleoosa.

The train ride was uneventful, well, to me at least. Some ponies get off the train once they see me. Once I get to Canterlot, I start asking for directions to the castle. The place, not to mention the ponies, are a lot more regal. But the inhabitants are even bigger wusses. One stallion actually wet himself. Eventually I get to the castle gate, which is being guarded by a bunch of armored, perfectly identical pegasi with spears.

“Outta my way, bucketheads.”

One actually points his spear at me. “S- stop! Don’t move, or w- we’ll attack!”

This time, I decide to make my presence a bit more interesting. I focus on my Spark form, imagining the feeling of energy that comes with it. I assume I succeeded, as the guard just locks up. I brush past him, but am stopped by another guard. “Stand still, freak!”

“Go ahead, make my day!”

He jabs his spear forward, but it seems he misjudged the length of his spear as I don’t feel anything. He looks really scared now. I continue forward, his eyes getting wider and wider as I approach. Wait... something’s off. I look down and realize he didn’t misjudge the length. The entire time I’ve been advancing, I’ve been impaling myself further on his weapon. I don’t feel anything. I wiggle a bit and I notice the spear acts as though I wasn’t even there. I look back at the guard. “Still feeling lucky, Officer Jenny?”

“Uh... uh... uh...”

I close the rest of the distance between us. I reach behind me and grab the spear, yanking it out of his hooves and pull it the rest of the way through my midsection. I give the spear a twirl.

He turns to run. Nope. I hold the spear horizontally behind his neck, trapping him between my now solid body and the shaft of wood.

I stare hard at him, I can see my glowing reflection in his eyes. I then power down and let him go. But I’m not done. I grow until the spear is about as big as a pencil, snap it, and shrink back down. I throw the broken spear halves at him. They bounce off his paralyzed body.

I put my hand to the side of his head and push him over, walking past.

I hear him stammer a question. “Wh- what are you?”

“A good guy.” With that, I leave, heading for the castle.

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