Date of the Fire Diamond

by TheGreatEater

Chapter 3: Try, try again

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It was a brand new morning and Diamond Tiara thought back to how the rest of her day went. She had confirmation that Dinky could keep Diamond company until her folks arrived, and getting Dinky to Pinkie Promise not to reveal Diamond Tiara’s guilty pleasure. Diamond Tiara and Dinky played a small campaign of Gates and Golems. It was one of the four games her father told her were indispensable to learning good business and socialization techniques.

The other three of course being chess, for it’s strategy and a game for ponies of class as well as prestige. Although Diamond Tiara loathed the game with a passion. She’d rather play the newest game to hit the markets recently. A new type of game that relied on collectible trading cards split between monsters / characters, resources, and spell / miscellaneous cards. Called Minions it sounded fun, but nopony in Ponyville had the money or time to play. It was something that annoyed Diamond Tiara to no end.

Then there was Trust, the game all about buying property, setting up produce, and driving your competition into bankruptcy. Her father always had the money bags, her mother the wheelbarrow, and she usually took the puppy since it was only fitting that something as loyal as a dog be her piece. Then lastly there was Diplomacy the most evil game ever invented by pony kind. If she could ever get a unicorn to find a way to travel through time she’d personally bite the games creator and burn the patent to the game. Just so that she wouldn’t have to sit through the Cavallia-Zeldian variant while she was obliterated almost every time she played.

But as for Gates and Golems, it was one of the few fun games she loved playing with her family when they had time for her. And Dinky after learning the rules was no slouch at the game either. Diamond Tiara played the lovely Dunmare Sorceress, while Dinky was a Unicorn Paladin. Together they fought the Altmare Druid, Fluffykins, and his army of combustible squirrels. As they played they both fished each other for information.

It was shortly in their gaming session that Diamond Tiara fished for information about Scootaloo. She thought she saw a knowing look cross her face before she started letting Diamond Tiara know. By the time Silver Spoon came around she learnt quite a bit about Scootaloo that she would help her make the Harvest Festival the greatest night ever. Afterwards Dinky left and Silver Spoon and her planned how to ask Scootaloo out and decided to turn have an impromptu sleepover.

As Diamond Tiara woke up she had the perfect plan to ask out Scootaloo. First she would make sure that there were no rogue ponies playing sports. Then she’d ask Scootaloo to come into the schoolhouse with her. She’d do the nice thing by opening the door, and would be the perfect gentlemare. Then she’d ask Scootaloo out to the Harvest Festival, and Scootaloo being shocked by seeing the rare nice side would agree to it.

Then she’d take her out to the best night ever. Scootaloo would be amazed by her ladylike grace, and be wowed by the food Diamond Tiara would find out how to get her. Then she’d fall head over hooves for her and they’d live happily ever after. Like in those fairy tales her father sometimes reads her when he has the time off of business stuff to read her.

But what about her dream of being a Night Gaurd? I mean yes, she saved my life when the adults were crazy, and she’s hung out with me without me having to buy her things. She’s nice, and kind, and loyal. And she is free, she can do some awesome stuff with her scooter, and when she can finally fly she’ll be able to be anywhere, go anywhere. And she’ll forget about me just like everypony else when they don’t want anything from me anymore …

I wonder how Bon Bon and Lyra got together. According to my father Lyra was a jerk when she was younger, but mellowed out when she got together with Bon Bon And Lyra said that her other self when they crossed over was a lazy, layabout who did nothing with her life. I don’t want to be like that other Lyra, and if this one can win the heart of her true love, being with her forever. Even when she had to go away to learn music. Then me and Scootaloo can make it if she goes and becomes a Night Guard But if she goes will she find somepony else and forget about me? No! Stupid Diamond Tiara, Scootaloo wouldn’t just forget about me.

And after this Festival she’ll know how amazing I am. Then I’ll be able to fly with her. And I’ll never have to be alone ever again. Even if I have to wait for her …

Diamond Tiara was dragged from her revelrie as Silver Spoon opened up the blinds letting the sun’s evil rays smack her in the face, “Hey what was that for?!” Diamond Tiara yelled indignantly.

“Sorry Deets, but you were zoning out again and it’s time for you to confess your love to Scootaloo. Do you remember the plan?” Silver Spoon asked.

“Well maybe. But I have a plan B. Come Corona or high water I shall have Scootaloo today. And I don’t know about confessing my love. I mean yeah she’s complimented me a few times, and is the greatest filly in Equestria. But it needs to be just right,” Diamond Tiara said blushing. I will get Scootaloo tonight even if it kills me.

Diamond Tiara looked at the playground besides the schoolhouse and turned to look at Silver Spoon, “So you’ll help make sure that nopony ruins this for me, and I’ll help clear the way for you to talk to Moon Glimmer. Deal?”

“Sure Deets, but make sure that no one gets her before I do. I’ve had this planned for months now, and the reservations finally went through,” Silver Spoon said.

“What reservations? And does she know about this?”

“La Fluer Rouge, and no she doesn’t,” Silver Spoon sheepishly.

“Alright, I think I can do that. And why her? She’s almost as much of an egg head as Sweetie Belle,” DIamond Tiara asked with an interested tilt of her head.

“Um Deets I’m an egg head. Unless you’ve forgotten the one who’s been helping you get through school while letting you get the credit,” Silver Spoon snarked.

Diamond Tiara gave a sheepish grin, “Well that’s only because you appreciate my brilliance, that and ponies of means such as ourselves need to stick together.”

“Ha! You know how to make me laugh, but yes we need to stick together. After all other than Dinky and me I don’t think that you have the skill sets to make more friends. Seriously though I wish you the best with Scootaloo, and no matter what we’re still friends right?” Silver Spoon said.

“Thanks, although I don’t need luck when I have you for a friend. And of course, even if everypony in Equestria was my friend you’d still be my best friend,” Diamond Tiara said giving a playful push on her shoulder, “you really need to stop being so insecure. I’m not like Apple Bloom, I don’t toss away my friends and forget I ever knew them.”

“You’re right, you know me though. My family never pays attention to me unless I’m causing problems, and everypony thinks that I’m your yes mare. Even though I’m the smart one, and start a lot of the things we end up getting in trouble in. Yet if I … well you know. I’m just afraid if you made more friends you’d forget all about me,” Silver Spoon mumbled.

“Hey! Enough of that. We talked about this before. We’re best friends for life, you just need to be a little bit more like me and seize the night. Get more out of your head, okay?”

“Alight. Thanks I needed that, well Deets, there’s the pony you crush on. I’ll make sure that nopony lobs any heavy objects at you,” Silver Spoon whispered conspiratorially as she came out of her thoughts while giving a mental sigh, seeing that Diamond Tiara was still zoned out. She gave her a slight push breaking Diamond Tiara from her day dreams.

“Ok, here goes nothing,” Diamond Tiara said before giving their special hoof bump, “Bump, Bump, Sugar lump, Rump!”

Diamond Tiara trotted up to Scootaloo with all the bravado and oozing confidence that she could muster, “Scootaloo, I want to talk to you inside the Schoolhouse.”

“Have you heard of a word called ‘please’? I heard it does wonders,” Scootaloo said teasingly.

“Ugh! Fine, Scootaloo, can you come with me into the Schoolhouse please?”

“Alright. And I was just poking fun, and I want to know what you meant on your note. Especially since Dinky said that I should listen,” Scootaloo said trotting beside Diamond Tiara.

Diamond Tiara watched as Silver Spoon ran interference between the foals playing hoofball, lacrosse, and an errant game of dodgeball. As she looked near the bushes near school she saw Shady Daze and his brother Green Daze looking focusedly at the schoolhouse doors which were slightly cracked. Okay that looks weird, but colts are weird. I bet they are going to try spying on me asking Scootaloo out, but they’re going to be surprised. I’m going to close the door and they won’t hear anything! I’m so clever!

“Wait Scootaloo, let me get the door for you. After all I am a lady,” Diamond said smugly as she pushed open the door for Scootaloo. Only for a bucket filled with chalk dust to land heavily over her head.

SNNRRRHONK! Diamond sneezed with a duck like honk. The sound amplified greatly from the bucket. Scootaloo held back a snicker as she lifted the bucket from her head, “Are you okay DT?”

“I’m I-I-I’m Allergic t-t-to SNNRRRHONK! Chalk du-dusSNNRRRHONK!” Diamond said as each honking sneeze sent clouds of chalk flying out of her nose as the rest covered her coat.

A group of foals gathered around laughing at Diamond Tiara as the Daze brothers fell over holding their ribs as they laughed. Scootaloo who was going to start laughing until she heard she was allergic, “Hey! It’s not funny. She’s allergic to chalk dust! Come on DT I’ll get that off you.”

Scootaloo dragged Diamond Tiara to the cart attached to her wagon, most of the foals were still chuckling at the sight of Diamond Tiara honking out chalk dust. While Sweetie Belle and Dinky helped strap Diamond Tiara into the wagon as Silver Spoon came running up to them, “I’ll let Ms. Cheerilee know what happened,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Me too,” Dinky said tightening the straps holding Diamond Tiara in, “drive safe Scootaloo. See you soon Diamond Tiara.”

Diamond Tiara was being dunked into the park lake. Thick clumps of chalky paste were getting tangled in her mane and parts of her coat. Gasping for air, she sputtered, “Can you stop trying to drown me?!”

“Sorry DT, I just wanted to get the chalk off of you so you’d be better,” Scootaloo said earnestly.

Diamond Tiara blushed lightly, “Thank you. I guess, I mean I appreciate your help.”

“Wow DT, you do have a heart,” Scootaloo said jokingly giving Diamond Tiara a playful push on the shoulder.

Did she just tell me a joke?Diamond Tiara while grinning inside gave a huff and turned her nose upwards, “Of course I have a heart. It’s made of diamonds.”

Scootaloo gave a chuckle, “So … what did you want to talk to me about? I doubt there’s going to be any rogue missiles, pranks, or random mishaps out here in the park.”

“Well … I wanted to -” Diamond Tiara stated before a fridge slammed into the lake near them, splashing them with water. Over at the other side Trajectory yelled, “Sorry! Miscalculated trajectory needed to freeze the sun!”

“O-kay! Forget I said that, lets get some distance between us and him,” Scootaloo said nervously shaking from the close call. Already a group of adult ponies were yelling at Trajectory and his irresponsible experiment to attack the sun with catapults. While others were asking if the fillies were alright.

It was a while later when Scootaloo stopped in the middle of a clearing in between Ponyville Proper and the Park. She hopped into the wagon seat across from Diamond Tiara and said, “Well what about Harvest Festival did you want to talk to me about?”

Diamond Tiara looked all around her and closed her eyes tightly as if she was praying to Luna to let not another mini-disaster strike, “Listen … I want to ask you out to the Harvest Festival. It’ll be fun, and daddy’s giving me enough bits to make the night memorable. So will you go with me?”

“Wait … like out out? Like as in fillyfriend out?” Scootaloo asked in shock.

“Well yeah … what’s the problem with that?” Diamond Tiara said.

“Nothing, but why do you want to ask me out to the Harvest Festival? I mean we’re not exactly enemies, but we’re not really close friends either. So why?”

“Can’t I just want to get closer to and get to know a filly?” Diamond Tiara said defensively.

“Sure. But … the Harvest is in almost a week. So I’ll say maybe,” Scootaloo said. Which got Diamond Tiara looking down dejectedly twirling her hooves.

“Is there any way I can help it be a yes?”Diamond Tiara asked.

“Tell me why you chose me,” Scootaloo said. Between things she heard from Bon-Bon and Lyra when she was over there. And them joking about Diamond Tiara’s crush without really saying it outloud. Dinky Doo coming over last night and talking to her, as well as Dinky’s past conversations on how Diamond Tiara had a secret creamy center under her hard crunchy outer shell. And Diamond Tiara’s weird behavior around her. Scootaloo had a clue that Diamond Tiara liked her.

But she wanted to know what, why and when. Especially if she was going to give this an honest shot. She was taken out of her thoughts when Diamond Tiara gave a soft cough, “Anything else? I mean I’ll tell you, but not right now. It’s not the right time.”

“Nope. But I’ll tell you this. This isn’t a no. It’s not a yes. It’s a maybe, and I’ll let you know before the Harvest Festival,” Scootaloo said.

“Alright. Thanks for not rejecting me,” Diamond Tiara said with a hint of warmth, “And thanks for giving me a maybe, rather than a no.” She didn’t say no! She didn’t say no! *Squee!* I need to go to Bon Bon’s though so that I can ask how they got it to work. Even though I’m not always a jerk. Others can misinterpret my keen eye and insight as being bitchy. And if Lyra can get better, I can too. Then Scootaloo will love me, and it’ll be perfect.

“By the way, were you the one who had the waiver for The Monster sent to my place?” Scootaloo asked dragging Diamond Tiara out of her thoughts.

“Yes, Dinky said you liked hot food. Although even if us going out is a no. The offer still stands. It’s the hottest Veggie Burger in the world, using several controlled ingredients, liquid rainbow and rainbow oil for all the water and oil needs, and the hottest sauces and buns in Equestria. So I thought that you’d like it,” Diamond Tiara said excitedly.

“So you like hot foods too!” Scootaloo said with a yelp of excitement.

“Kind of … sometimes. I just know of it because my father sponsors the one minute challenge. And with how fast I’ve seen you hork food I bet you could eat it in seconds,” Diamond Tiara said with a hint of pride and the business-like professionalism her daddy taught her when talking about Bargain Bins’ promotional items, challenges, or discussing store events with other ponies. He’s going to be happy that I did this right. And best of all Scootaloo can’t fail.

“Wow! Thanks DT, you’re a pretty cool filly. Well let’s go. We don’t want to miss too much class,” Scoots said hopping back onto her Scooter and buzzed off.

Author's Notes:

A/N 1:
Trust: Lunaverse version of Monopoly. Instead of hotels and house. You get orchards, and plantations. With Railroads, and commodities [replacing utilities]. And rather than go to jail you get Blighted Other than that same basic concept.

Dunmare: Dunmer of Elderscroll. And since nocturnal / moon related things are good here. They’d be the High Elves [Altmer] of Lunaverse seeing as sun and moon meaning are reversed. Ponyfied Elves are unicorns with long pointed ears, and thin bodies. Their coats and mains usually follow a color scheme mimicing DnD Elves. As well as Elfen advantages and disadvantages. [ex. of a Dunmare Link].

Minions: Is a ponified Magic the Gathering trading card game.

Moon Glimmer: Is a Lunaverse! Sun Glimmer. Since sun based names are ostracised and seen as unlucky.

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