Date of the Fire Diamond

by TheGreatEater

Chapter 2: If you fail ...

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Diamond Tiara sat before her vanity mirror with her head resting in her forehooves. As she glared at her reflection in the varnished mahogany surface of the Cavallian Mahogany desk. Her face scrunched up as her mind flooded with thoughts of a specific pony and the important event that would be brought up today in school.

Come on Diamond Tiara. Today’s the day. You’re going to march up to Scootaloo, ask her out to the Harvest Festival, and not screw it up. Not like Heart and Hooves day when you scared her because you couldn’t get your stupid mouth open. Or Eventime when you spent the first week a sputtering mess and it looked like you were growling at her. Or all those times I want to say hi and end up insulting her and everypony within my line of sight who’s not an adult or SS. I can do this! It’s just a small simple sentence.

Looking at the mirror she took a breath and imagined seeing Scootaloo surrounded by her friends. With eyes only for her, she’d walk up and, “Hey Blank Flanks! I need to talk to the chicken,” Diamond Tiara said banging her head on her desk. She rubbed her forehead from the slight sting from the act.

“Hey losers, Scootaloo and I need to talk about something actually important. Not like any of you would know what that means,” Diamond Tiara banging her head into the desk. A small grimace of pain passed her features as she saw the red mark in the mirror.

“Um … you … the orange one! I need to say something to you,” Diamond Tiara grimaced before planting her face again into the desk. A dent forming in the varnished mahogany surface.

“Ow! Why is it everytime I want to talk to her I get word diarrhea and it comes out wrong? Why can’t I just say ‘Hey Scootaloo can I talk to you for a bit’ … That’s it! That’s what I was trying to say you stupid mouth! I swear I sometimes wish you were a pony so I could have daddy blacklist you. Dumb wordhole never saying what I want to say. It’s your fault that some ponies think I’m a jerk.” Diamond Tiara scolded herself after finally not screwing up.

“Let’s try this again,” Diamond Tiara said, massaging the lump on her forehead, “Scootaloo, I need to talk to you for a second.”

She threw her hooves in the air in victory before it dawned on her that she’d have to follow up with something more than that. Headdesking a fourth time and letting out a swear word that her mother would be thoroughly disappointed in hearing come out of her mouth. Taking a breath to ready herself she began her speech.

“So you know that the Harvest Festival is coming up right?”, No too formal. Diamond Tiara thought letting her head fall furiously upon her desk.. The sting on her forehead a perfect mix of the sting her imaginary self felt from failing to ask a simple question.

“So I’m not completely horrible, and you’re pretty decent I guess, let’s go out to the Harvest Festival. Get to know each other better?” No too sappy, and it makes me sound like a loser.

Diamond Tiara grunted as her head once again got reaquainted with her desk.

“I need an escort to the Harvest Festival, and you’re going to have the pleasure of escorting me.” Bad mouth. Don’t ruin this for us. For once I just need you to say what I think rather than vomit insults, or instigate fights.

By now the repeated attacks on her desk had left a small welt which was smarting from her losing battle with finding the right words.

“Listen. I want to ask you to come with me to the Harvest Festival, and I need to install pillows on my desk. Mahogany hurts. Stupid talking, and stupid Festival! I just want things to go right for once! Is that so hard? Is it so difficult that everytime I talk to Scoots I send everything up to the sun rather than say what I mean?”

She gave a final mighty wail upon the desk that left a forehead sized crater that left her seeing stars. A groan of frustration leaving her lips as she finally got it right only to feel as if she was going to seriously mess it up when she opened her mouth.

The door opened letting in Dust Buster who noticed the now large purple lump on Diamond Tiara’s forehead from her repeated, full force attacks on her desk, “Miss Tiara? What happened? And why do you have that welt on your forehead?”

“It’s nothing. Just a disagreement with the furniture, although I do have a question for you,” Diamond Tiara stated, feeling the massive knot that had sprouted on her forehead. Definitely need to get pillows installed.

“Of course Miss Tiara, how can I help you today?” Dust Buster asked slightly confused about DT’s actions this morning.

“Well your advice with Scootaloo so far has been helpful, so I wanted to ask you this. How do I go about asking her out to the Harvest Festival?” Diamond Tiara pleaded.

“Just be yourself. If you open up to her and let her see the real you, and just ask her out then everything shall be fine,” Dust Buster said with a kind smile as everything clicked into place.

“Be myself! Are you kidding me? Why’d I want to do something like that? Who’d want that? The only thing people care about from me is my money or my connection to my daddy. Well other than Scootaloo. She’s so pure, and carefree, and most importantly she doesn’t care about my father or my wealth. So give me some good advice. What should I buy her? Or do for her? Maybe I could offer her a new scooter if she goes out with me,” Diamond Tiara rambled.

“Trust me as a mare whose seen plenty of life and ponies. Just being yourself and talking to a pony can be a powerful thing. After all friendship is the greatest magic in Equestria,” Dust Buster sagely replied.

“Whatever. I guess I could give it a try, “Diamond Tiara mumbled before waving her hoof dismissively, “That and if it doesn’t I’ll find a way to buy her affection.” Stupid mouth you know that Scootaloo wouldn’t care about what I could buy her. Although she might not say no to a scooter. Or a better wagon. I should probably thank her.

“Anyways I should thank you Dust Buster. You’re the only pony in on my plans, and have been instrumental with your advice so far. Keep up the good work and I just might keep you,” Diamond Tiara said with a smug grin. Whatever I guess that wasn’t too horrible of a thank you.

“Of course Miss Tiara. I’m glad I can be of help,” Dust Buster said warmly. Having over the past few months since she’d been helping Diamond with her problems with Scootaloo, learned how to read between the lines of what Diamond Tiara said and what she meant, “Well you should get ready for school you wouldn’t want to miss your important day, and I’ll try to find something for the welt.” Ever since you started hanging around Dinky, and occasionally Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle you’ve changed a little bit for the better. You still can be a spoiled brat, and a hoof full, but you’re starting to grow into a better young mare. I just hope that you continue to grow, me and the staff love the changes they bring about in you. You’re less cynical of good deeds, open up just a crack more than you used to, and are less inclined to threaten anypony over random things. So I truly hope things work out for you.

My little pony, My little pony
Ahh ahh ahh ahhh...
My little pony
Friendship never meant that much to me
My little pony
But you're all here and now I can see
Stormy weather; Lots to share
A musical bond; With love and care
Teaching laughter; It's an easy feat,
And magic makes it all complete!
You have My little ponies
How'd I ever make so many true friends?

Diamond Tiara saw Scootaloo with Sweetie Belle and Dinky, sitting at the bench in the schools play ground. Taking a deep breath she trotted to the fillies. Her face set itself in a scowl as she mentally told herself not to mess this up, “Hey Scootaloo! I want to talk to you,” Diamond Tiara commanded, her nose automatically turning snout upwards.

“What do you want?” Scootaloo asked her eyes folding slightly.

“If you’d mind I’d like to talk you in private,”Diamond replied calmly even though her ears were twitching in nervousness. Although to those who only knew her as “the spoiled brat” it could come across as agitation.

“Sure whatever, girls if I’m not back in ten minutes you know who killed me,” Scootaloo joked to her friends who responded with a wave. Even though their faces wore a confused frown.

“So what do you want DT, and what happened to your forehead?” Scootaloo asked.

“Well it’s about Harvest Festival, I wanted to …” Diamond Tiara started to say when she was interrupted by a shout.

”Watch out!” An unknown colt yelled causing Diamond Tiara to look in their direction as a lacrosse ball flew and thwacked her on the forehead where her recently healed welt was earlier. Diamond Tiara was aware of a sharp pain before falling unconscious.

Several minutes later she woke up to see Cheerilee and her classmates looking around her a rare look of concern on their face. Cheerilee gave a wince before asking, “Diamond Tiara, are you alright?”

No, my head hurts, and my pride’s taken a blow. And I think I see two of you. “Of course I’m alright! Why wouldn’t I be okay with being assaulted, and would the two of you stop spinning? It’s giving me a headache,” Diamond Tiara replied wincing, “And someone turn down the sun, it’s evil!”

“Okay … possible concussion, I need you to answer me a few questions,” Cheerilee said after writing a note and telling a student to run over to the hospital.

“Whatever, as long as it gets all of you ponies to stop spinning.”

“What is your name?”

“I don’t know, maybe the same name you called me when I woke up,” Diamond snarked. Really not the best time to be sarcastic mouth.

“Do you know where you are?”

Huffing she replied in an annoyed tone, “School, why all the questions? Seeing if that didn’t turn me into a retard?”

“No, it’s to make sure that you aren’t too seriously hurt and that you haven’t lost your memory,” Cheerilee replied patiently.

“Fine, anymore questions? I’m perfectly alright, especially now that you all have stopped spinning. Although someone really needs to turn down the sun,”

“So you have sensitivity to light. We might have to look to see if that turns into anything serious,” Cheerilee asked.

“Alright, but I doubt it’s anything you have to worry about, now why don’t we go inside before anymore of our time is wasted,” Diamond Tiara said getting up, slowly. Wincing as blood rushed to her head filling her visions with black spots, “Whoa, okay I’m really feeling that. Anyways, lets get inside where it’s cooler and I don’t have to deal with this Corona damned sun. Bucking ball of hate and evil.”

“Diamond Tiara! Watch your language!” Cheerilee admonished, “But I do agree, come on my little ponies lets go inside. We have a busy day ahead of us. And Diamond I’ve never seen a welt that big, I feel its something that we need to keep an eye on.”

Cheerilee had seen a lot in her life so far, from almost being dragged into a Griffon duel to fighting an alicorn goddess. But in all her years she had never seen a knot like the one Diamond Tiara was sporting. She winced as she noticed the several inch long protrusion that shouldn’t be, and hoped that there wasn’t going to be any lasting harm.

“Alright students,next week we have the Harvest Festival, on the 12th. As you know it’s a time for families, friends, and special someponies. Now I know that most of you must be excited to ask out somepony to go with, but I ask that you wait until recess or after school,” Cheerilee said with a smile as she looked at the class erupted into excited whispers with their plans for the upcoming Festival.

She was about to get started on the first lesson for the day when the young, pegasus colt she sent to get a doctor opened the door, “I’m back.”

“Thank you Rumble, please take your seat. Now everyone please remain seated while me and Diamond Tiara go outside for a second,” She said as she used her muzzle to flip her chair onto her back so that Diamond Tiara could sit down while being examined. While a part of her was annoyed that the school didn’t have an infirmary for situations like this.

Setting the chair down she saw Diamond Tiara set a note in front of Scootaloo, and trotted up to the chair taking a seat outside just as Cheerilee closed the door to give the semblance of privacy. She waited as the Dr. Stable ran through a series of tests and magical scans over Diamond Tiara before he spoke up, “Well I can give her a healing spell to shrink the knot to a mere bump which should go down in a few days on its own. And she’s going to need to go home today and rest.”

”But I can’t go home!” Diamond Tiara yelled, “I mean today’s an important day I wouldn’t want to miss out,” she added sheepishly.

“Well I’m sorry, but you’ll need to rest today. I’m sure some of your friends can fill you in on what you missed,” The doctor replied in a kind, yet uncompromising tone.

“Don’t worry I’ll be sure to send a copy of your homework with Silver Spoon and she can give you what notes you need,” Ms. Cheerilee said patting Diamond Tiara’s back, “but you heard the doctor, you need to go home and rest. Doctor Stable can you take her home?”

“I think I can manage that. Come now Diamond Tiara I’ll make sure you get home safely,” Dr. Stables said.

It was several hours later, with Diamond Tiara in a state of pure boredom when a knock came at her door, and opened to reveal Dinky Doo who trotted into her room, “What are you doing here?” Diamond Tiara asked, “And why isn’t Silver Spoon with you?”

“She said that she needed to check up on something for a special event and her family needed to see her about something after school, but she’d be here as soon as she could,” Dinky replied before putting a pile of papers on Diamond Tiara’s bed, “And I brought over your homework for Ms. Cheerilee.”

“Just what I need. How come more ponies didn’t come with you? I should have an army of ponies here to keep me company,” Diamond Tiara huffed. It’s not like I’m that bad of a pony. After all I did invite all of them to my cute-ceañera, and it’s not like I tease all of them. If they have any sort of class at all I usually ignore them, unless they want something for me and I can get something from them in return.

Dinky tilted her head slightly trying to get her words in order without coming across as rude,“It’s probably that you just have a special personality that takes a while to get used to. I’m sure if you tried hanging out with more ponies and get to know you then I’m sure ponies would be there for you more.”

“Why should I hang out with them? They should want to hang out with me, it’s not like I haven’t offered to anypony before. But like always they wait around for me to make the move first, as if I’m desperate or something,” Diamond Tiara said. Other than Scootaloo, she took me a few times to swim with her and Sweetie Belle. And although I offered that we should work together more often. She rarely hangs out with me unless its with her other friends, and other than Silver most ponies only come up to me when they want something. It’s not fair!

“Well maybe there just unsure on how to approach you?” Dinkie said questioningly.

“Of course they are. I’m a filly of wealth, grace, and beauty. Ponies are always in awe of ponies such as myself. It’s the way of the world. That doesn’t mean they have to avoid me, stupid ponies and their stupid faces,” Diamond Tiara huffed.

“Does it have to be?” Dinky asked innocently, “I mean Ms. Trixie is Luna’s apprentice, and Representative of the Night Court, and the greatest magician ever. And she’s a really nice pony. Maybe if you took lessons in friendship from her like I do for magic she can help you get lots of friends?”

“Okay … maybe later. Hey! I need to rest, but its usually so empty feeling here. Why don’t you stay over? Keep me company?”

“Um … that’s a little out of the blue. Why’d you want me to stay? I usually have to go home after school so my momma doesn’t worry.”

“Don’t worry I’ll send Dust Buster over to let you mom know that I needed you to stay over, and it’ll be alright.”

“Well if my momma says it’s okay then I’ll stay over and keep you company. But I have to leave around three so I can go help my momma with cooking.”

“I’m sure she’ll have no problem. You know it’s odd, but I don’t know what point between I saw you buy a necklace for your mom and my dad singing praise of your business sense and when all the adult went crazy that we became friends. So I want to know why?”

“Why do you want to know?” Dinky asked bouncing slightly on the bed.

“Well I don’t really get it. You hang out with me and Silver, but I can’t place my hoof on why we went from teasing you to being not best friends. Only Silver has that privilege, but you like us and we don’t dislike you. So why?” Diamond asked lifting her blankets up higher.

“My momma said that I should look past what other ponies see and give ponies a chance. Since my momma wanted me to be nice to you and give you a chance I thought I’d do it. And you aren’t all that bad of a pony. A little rough on the outside, but I’ve seen you do some nice things for other ponies. So I guess that’s why I guess,” Dinky chirped.

“Well of course I do nice things sometimes. Being mean all the time would be boring, but thanks I guess,” Diamond Tiara said.

Author's Notes:

The My Little Pony [LunaVerse] song I couldn't get the colors write from GDocs mostly since I copy and pasted from a differnet story hoping it'd cross transfer from the fic to GDocs and back. Keep it canon feel. Hopefully it's not a complete totally horrible. That being said, I think this was a good start to the fic.

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