I Will Hunt You Down

by TGM

Chapter 1: STAAAAARS!

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Bored. Bored. I’m really bored. Bored. Bored. Did I mention that I’m bored?

“Children, what do you think this statue stands for?”

The schoolteacher mare gestured towards my stone prison with her hoof, a small group of foals following close behind.

“Whatever it is, it’s ugly!” The snotty comment came from a small filly wearing a tiara . If I could move my eyebrow, or any part of my body for that matter, it would’ve twitched. I could smell her from where my statue was. She was spoiled rotten. Despite this, it earned several laughs from her classmates. The teacher motioned for them to be quiet before continuing.

“This statue represents ‘Vengeance’, or the act of exacting punishment on those who have wronged you, or others before. Long ago, legends say that Vengeance roamed Equestria, bringing destruction wherever it went.”

Blah, blah, blah, typical sun-butt bullshit, blah blah. Geez, I wonder if she told them that I ate ponies too?

“The stories also say, that the very land he tread upon was cursed- and wherever he went, a great sickness would soon follow.”

That’s not a curse. That’s a virus. The t-virus to be exact. Of course, the schoolteacher mare couldn’t hear this.

“It’s s-scary…” I heard one small white filly in the back of the group speak up, hiding behind the yellow and tan-coated fillies.

Kid, you have no idea.

“Move along children,” she pushed them along elsewhere in the garden. I noticed the little brat who had spoken up earlier, reach out and trip the little white filly who had vocalized her fear of me.

“Better run Sweetie-butt,” the snotty one sang. “don’t want Vengeance to catch you, do you?”

The white one shrieked and looked behind her, but I was still stuck in the same position.

For now. I reminded myself. Discord had actually broken out not that long ago, hopefully that also meant my time was coming. Remembering that backstabbing bastard brought up some bad memories, but I let them go. His time would soon come too.

The red-maned filly helped the little white one to her hooves, and they were soon joined by their purple-maned friend. “You okay Sweetie Belle?” The red-maned one asked. I could hear the country in her accent.

“I’m fine just...gosh she makes me so angry!”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” The purple maned one spoke up. “Someone should teach her a lesson or two.”

I felt something tingle. AHHH- what the fuck?

“Yeah. Have her running scared for a while and see how she likes it.”


The small fillies froze in fear, and slowly turned to look at my statue. A large crack formed on top of my chest. Holy shit, am I breaking free?! Another crack, and my statue was visibly shaking with my effort to finally be free of my prison. The fillies ears folded back as they watched a monster freed unto their world once more.

Another crack, and my arm was free! I immediately set to work on freeing the rest of my body, ripping stone from my face, chest, other arm, and legs. Then I fell face-first onto the ground. I didn’t even care, it just felt good to finally be able to feel something other than bird shit!

Air! Grass! Finally! Three shrieks. I looked up to see the three fillies quaking in fear. I should thank them. I thought, as I climbed to my feet, rising to my full seven foot and eight inch height. I opened my mouth to thank them.


The three fillies screamed and went running off. “Ms. Cherileeeeee!” They shouted after their teacher.

No! Wait! Come back!


Goddamnit! This reminded me all too much of how I first got here…

~1200 years ago, Nemesis~

“Shit! He’s coming this way!!”
The menacing figure on the television screen merely responded by uttering “Staaaarssss…”

Just before he impaled Jill on the end of a tentacle, slamming her repeatedly into the ground and throwing her several feet away. The text ‘You Are Dead’ came up on the screen. My friend dropped the controller, and looked at me with a wide eyed expression. “What. The fuck. Was that?”

I laughed. “Dude, haven’t you played any Resident Evil game ever? That was Nemesis.”

“What the fuck is a Nemesis?”

I furrowed my brow and thought of a way to explain. “Well, basically the Umbrella Corp’s main goal was to create a biological super weapon. One that could coherently follow orders, as well as being an unstoppable bio-mass of ultimate destruction. Chris and Jill fought their first experiment in the first game, the Tyrant, and he was actually the basis for the improved model. Nemesis, who they named after the goddess of divine vengeance. They programmed him to go after the members of S.T.A.R.S., who survived the first game.”

“So...is there any way to kill this guy?”

I shook my head. “Well...technically yes, but you can’t even consider it until you’ve gotten a special weapon from beating the story. During the game , Jill blows him up with rockets, shoots him with magnums, throws him into a dissolving chemical, and unloads tons of lead into him and he just keeps coming. All of his moves do massive damage to you, and he even has some moves that can insta-kill you. Jill finally manages to take him down with three shots from a rail cannon, but until then he just keeps coming. He’s...unstoppable. To make it worse, he’s the only ‘intelligent’ enemy in the game. Later on he even has a rocket launcher that’s become a sort of staple for him, and he shoots down a helicopter that comes to rescue you. Throughout the entire game you just have a feeling of being stalked. He can show up anywhere, anytime, and just unload hell on you.”

I won’t lie, I let a bit of admiration leak into my voice. Nemesis is one of my favorite antagonists of all time, after all.

“Whoah.” My friend sounded awestruck as he leaned back into the sofa. “You sound like you really like this Nemesis guy.”

“Yeah, definitely. He’s one of the most terrifying enemies in gaming history.”

“I’ve got a pretty great idea, you know how that comic-con’s coming up in a few months? What if you went as him?”

I narrowed my eyes. “As if. Where in the hell would I get a costume like that in only a few months?”

~Celestia, present day~

Princess Celestia was not having a good day. Not only had Discord broken free from his thousand year imprisonment, but today was appeal day, meaning nobles from all across Equestria flocked to Canterlot, and talked. And talked. And talked.

And talked some more. So instead of being at her student’s side confronting an age-old enemy, she and her sister were stuck here.



“...So as you can see, if we were to rotate the crops ninety degrees to match the rising of the sun, they would get more overall sunlight. Or, instead of wasting the money and effort on completing such a huge task, you could simply change the direction the sun rises. What do you think, Princess?”

Celestia stood to her full height, adopting a regal pose. “There are rules forbidding me from doing that. Surely you know this.” After all, you were the one who made them… Celestia thought to herself. She stole a glance at her sister, who was faring no better than she was. Her eyelids fluttered as she stared dully at all of the nobles assembled. Celestia felt for her sister, she should be long asleep by now. However, any decision that affected Equestria must have the consent of both princesses. Celestia ensured this rule was made shortly after Luna’s return, she did not want Luna to feel any less important than herself.


Everypony in the room froze. Celestia’s eyes widened. “T-that can’t be…” She rushed to the window to confirm her fears. Nemesis’ statue was gone. She immediately returned to the center of the room, looking a little worse for the wear. “Everypony, I’m afraid I have to cancel the appeal court early. My sister and I have a matter we must attend to.”

As everypony quickly filed out of the room, Celestia summoned a scroll and grasped a nearby quill with her magic, quickly jotting something down. Luna galloped up to her sister, a worried look on her face. “Sister? What is it? What’s wrong?”

Celestia looked up at Luna with a grim face, closing her eyes as she finally accepted what was happening.

“Nemesis has returned.”

Author's Notes:

So yeah. Apologies for the short intro chapter, that'll change with the next one. Hopefully. I might even edit this one still, dunno yet.

Comments are always appreciated! Tell me what you like/don't like and I will take ALL the suggestions!

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