The New Colt

by SwiftBolt

Chapter 1: The New Colt

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The New Colt

Button had no friends, there was no doubt in his mind. It wasn't because he was weird, although he was a bit weird, but that wasn't the reason. He could make friends easily, so that wasn't the problem. The problem was Button’s dad. It wasn't that he didn't like any of Button’s friends; he was a really nice stallion. The problem was that his dad changed his job almost every year, Button never understood why. So in the last couple of schools, Button never tried to make friends. He always hated goodbyes. So when his father told him that they were moving to a town called Ponyville, Button simply shrugged it off.

Button's parents called him to the dinner table. He sat in a chair across from both his parents under a single light, hanging from the ceiling. It swung back and forth, mesmerizing Button until his father stopped it with his hoof. “Son” he spoke, with a low and soothing voice “You know that were moving again, right?”

“Yes dad, we move every year. I've gotten used to it,” Button spoke with a slightly irritated voice.

“I expected that much. We’re moving to a small town called Ponyville. I think that we may be staying for a bit longer than we usually do,” Button’s father said, a grin growing on his face.

“You really think so?” Button asked, his face lighting up with joy. For years his only friend had been his JoyBoy, but this would mean that he could have friends. He could have actual pony friends. He could have friends to say goodbye for a day, not forever.

For Button the next few days were full of packing and excitement, he couldn't wait  to meet new friends. The most antagonizing part was the train ride, stuck in a confined space with a lot of energy. On the train he dreamed of his new home and the new friends he would make, the dream was pure bliss. A voiced arose from outside the train, “Welcome to Ponyville” it called. Still unconscious, Button’s mother carried him to their new home. A small two floor house, painted a bright shade of green. Button’s mother gave Button a light nuzzle on the head and whispered to wake him up. Button’s eyes shot open as he sprung off his mother and into the house.

“This is amazing!”

On Button’s first day of school, he got ready before the crack of dawn. He packed himself a lunch, some lined paper, a couple pencils and his JoyBoy. While Button was walking to school with his mother he spoke up and said “After I make some friends, do you think I could walk to school by myself?”

“Why, is your mother not cool enough for you,” asked Button’s mother, looking down on her brown colt. Button let out a disgruntled sigh while his mother giggled softly. When the schoolhouse was in sight, Button’s mother kissed his head before saying goodbye and trotting off. Button walked inside the school and sat down in an empty seat near the window. He waited for a couple minutes before pulling out his JoyBoy and started to play on it. Not long afterwards two young fillies walked up to button.

“So you’re the new kid?” One of them asked.

“Uh-huh,” Button said, nodding without losing focus on his game.

“Well I guess we’ll welcome you to the class,” said the second one. Button pulled his attention away from his device to look at the ponies for a second before turning back to his JoyBoy. The grey filly whispered something inaudible to the other one. Both ponies started to laugh and point at Button.

“Blank Flank!” exclaimed the one with the tiara on her head.

“Yea, I don’t have a cutie mark. What’s the big deal?” asked Button, still giving all his focus to the device he held.

“Aren't you embarrassed not to have a cutie mark?” asked the silver one.

A low noise emitted from the JoyBoy. “My game,” Button screamed “I've been working on that for days”

“What’s wrong, Blank Flank-” The pink one put her hoof on the JoyBoy “-did you lose your focus?”

Several unearthly words escaped Buttons lips, each cursing the ponies who messed up his game in a language unknown to most. He knocked the pony’s hoof off of the device and started it up again, slamming the buttons with great fury. The bright colors and cheery music kept him in a trance, oblivious to the outside world. “What is he doing?” The pink pony asked

“He’s playing his game” the silver one said back

“I’ll tell you what he’s doing, he’s ignoring me,” the pony put only a fraction of an inch between herself and button “Listen here Button, nopony ignores me. Especially if they’re a blank flank, I am above you and you will do whatever I say. Do you understand?”

The room remained silent, everypony now listening to the altercation. Button continued to stare deeply into his screen, unaware that the entire room was now watching his every move. He glanced past the angered filly to three others, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Button looked back down at the filly in front of him, who was now red with rage.

The teacher cleared her throat before she spoke “Good morning everypony, I hope you all had amazing weekends. May I introduce the newest member of our class. His name is Button Mash, he has just moved here so be kind to him.”

The next hour or so seemed like a blur to Button. At lunch he decided to sit down on an empty bench at the side of the open area. The two ponies from earlier approached him again. “Hey Blank Flank, you’re on my bench” the ring leader said. Button quickly scanned the bench from side to side.

“How can you tell? There isn't a name on it,” He said.

“Not only are you a Blank Flank, but you’re also dumb. This is my bench because I sit here every day, now move it.” the pink pony said. Button groaned before deciding that arguing wasn't the best way to make new friends and left the bench. He looked through the lunch area for a place to sit, but everypony was already in their groups. There was an empty seat on the table in the middle, surrounded by three fillies.

“Hey, Button! Come and sit with us” cried one of the ponies, her voice cracking. The three fillies turned to look at Button, each with a smile on their face. Button quickly glanced left and right before joining the other three ponies at their table.

“Ah reckon you deserve a proper greetin’. The name‘s Apple Bloom, it’s nice to meet ya,” Said the yellow-clad pony with a bow, sticking out her hoof. Button grasped her hoof before Apple Bloom gave a firm hoofshake.

“My name is Scootaloo, nice hat by the way,” said the Pegasus pony, spinning the propeller on Button’s hat. Button quickly stopped the propeller and looked over to the third pony. The white unicorn sat speechless for a few seconds before finding her tongue again.

“My name is Sweetie Belle,” She said, slightly blushing.

“Anyway Button, it was really cool how you stood up to Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon earlier,” Scootaloo said.

“Really, you think so?” Button asked, blushing “I kind of just did that to get them off of me so I could focus on the level I was playing.”

“What was that device you were playin’ with earlier?” asked Apple Bloom

“Oh my JoyBoy” Button said, pulling the device out of his bags and showing the other ponies. Scootaloo slowly touched it with her hoof. It began spurting out music, causing Scootaloo to fall backwards onto her wings with a scream of surprise. Apple Bloom and Button started to laugh.

“That wasn't funny” murmured Scootaloo. Apple Bloom glanced over at Sweetie Belle, who had been sitting in silence for the past minute.

The school bell rang, calling every filly and colt inside. Button grabbed his JoyBoy after saying goodbye to his new friends. At least, he thought they were friends. He couldn't quite focus in class, although he knew he should. Something about math, he was sure it wasn't important. Button was thinking about those three fillies, there was something off about them. There was something different, a good different though. The thought consumed him until it was broken by the sound of a ringing bell. Button packed his things and left the room. In the hallway he heard someone scream his name, but turning around only showed the empty hallway he had just walked through. The three fillies clouded Button’s mind during his walk home. Button was a quick learner, so getting home wasn't a problem. He arrived at his house and opened the door.

“I’m home!” he announced

“Welcome home sweetie, how did your first day at school go?” A voice spoke from the kitchen.

“It was…amazing” Button responded, leaving a longer pause than he had intended.

A head appeared out of the door way, “Is everything alright?” Button’s mother asked. Button didn't respond instantly, his mind was still thinking of those three fillies. What’s wrong with me he thought, it’s not like I haven’t seen a filly before.  

“Yeah mom, I’m alright. I was just thinking about something” Button said, staring into the distance. He put down his bag and headed up the stairs.

What’s wrong with me?

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