The New Colt

by SwiftBolt


The New Colt

Button had no friends, there was no doubt in his mind. It wasn't because he was weird, although he was a bit weird, but that wasn't the reason. He could make friends easily, so that wasn't the problem. The problem was Button’s dad. It wasn't that he didn't like any of Button’s friends; he was a really nice stallion. The problem was that his dad changed his job almost every year, Button never understood why. So in the last couple of schools, Button never tried to make friends. He always hated goodbyes. So when his father told him that they were moving to a town called Ponyville, Button simply shrugged it off.

Button's parents called him to the dinner table. He sat in a chair across from both his parents under a single light, hanging from the ceiling. It swung back and forth, mesmerizing Button until his father stopped it with his hoof. “Son” he spoke, with a low and soothing voice “You know that were moving again, right?”

“Yes dad, we move every year. I've gotten used to it,” Button spoke with a slightly irritated voice.

“I expected that much. We’re moving to a small town called Ponyville. I think that we may be staying for a bit longer than we usually do,” Button’s father said, a grin growing on his face.

“You really think so?” Button asked, his face lighting up with joy. For years his only friend had been his JoyBoy, but this would mean that he could have friends. He could have actual pony friends. He could have friends to say goodbye for a day, not forever.

For Button the next few days were full of packing and excitement, he couldn't wait  to meet new friends. The most antagonizing part was the train ride, stuck in a confined space with a lot of energy. On the train he dreamed of his new home and the new friends he would make, the dream was pure bliss. A voiced arose from outside the train, “Welcome to Ponyville” it called. Still unconscious, Button’s mother carried him to their new home. A small two floor house, painted a bright shade of green. Button’s mother gave Button a light nuzzle on the head and whispered to wake him up. Button’s eyes shot open as he sprung off his mother and into the house.

“This is amazing!”

On Button’s first day of school, he got ready before the crack of dawn. He packed himself a lunch, some lined paper, a couple pencils and his JoyBoy. While Button was walking to school with his mother he spoke up and said “After I make some friends, do you think I could walk to school by myself?”

“Why, is your mother not cool enough for you,” asked Button’s mother, looking down on her brown colt. Button let out a disgruntled sigh while his mother giggled softly. When the schoolhouse was in sight, Button’s mother kissed his head before saying goodbye and trotting off. Button walked inside the school and sat down in an empty seat near the window. He waited for a couple minutes before pulling out his JoyBoy and started to play on it. Not long afterwards two young fillies walked up to button.

“So you’re the new kid?” One of them asked.

“Uh-huh,” Button said, nodding without losing focus on his game.

“Well I guess we’ll welcome you to the class,” said the second one. Button pulled his attention away from his device to look at the ponies for a second before turning back to his JoyBoy. The grey filly whispered something inaudible to the other one. Both ponies started to laugh and point at Button.

“Blank Flank!” exclaimed the one with the tiara on her head.

“Yea, I don’t have a cutie mark. What’s the big deal?” asked Button, still giving all his focus to the device he held.

“Aren't you embarrassed not to have a cutie mark?” asked the silver one.

A low noise emitted from the JoyBoy. “My game,” Button screamed “I've been working on that for days”

“What’s wrong, Blank Flank-” The pink one put her hoof on the JoyBoy “-did you lose your focus?”

Several unearthly words escaped Buttons lips, each cursing the ponies who messed up his game in a language unknown to most. He knocked the pony’s hoof off of the device and started it up again, slamming the buttons with great fury. The bright colors and cheery music kept him in a trance, oblivious to the outside world. “What is he doing?” The pink pony asked

“He’s playing his game” the silver one said back

“I’ll tell you what he’s doing, he’s ignoring me,” the pony put only a fraction of an inch between herself and button “Listen here Button, nopony ignores me. Especially if they’re a blank flank, I am above you and you will do whatever I say. Do you understand?”

The room remained silent, everypony now listening to the altercation. Button continued to stare deeply into his screen, unaware that the entire room was now watching his every move. He glanced past the angered filly to three others, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Button looked back down at the filly in front of him, who was now red with rage.

The teacher cleared her throat before she spoke “Good morning everypony, I hope you all had amazing weekends. May I introduce the newest member of our class. His name is Button Mash, he has just moved here so be kind to him.”

The next hour or so seemed like a blur to Button. At lunch he decided to sit down on an empty bench at the side of the open area. The two ponies from earlier approached him again. “Hey Blank Flank, you’re on my bench” the ring leader said. Button quickly scanned the bench from side to side.

“How can you tell? There isn't a name on it,” He said.

“Not only are you a Blank Flank, but you’re also dumb. This is my bench because I sit here every day, now move it.” the pink pony said. Button groaned before deciding that arguing wasn't the best way to make new friends and left the bench. He looked through the lunch area for a place to sit, but everypony was already in their groups. There was an empty seat on the table in the middle, surrounded by three fillies.

“Hey, Button! Come and sit with us” cried one of the ponies, her voice cracking. The three fillies turned to look at Button, each with a smile on their face. Button quickly glanced left and right before joining the other three ponies at their table.

“Ah reckon you deserve a proper greetin’. The name‘s Apple Bloom, it’s nice to meet ya,” Said the yellow-clad pony with a bow, sticking out her hoof. Button grasped her hoof before Apple Bloom gave a firm hoofshake.

“My name is Scootaloo, nice hat by the way,” said the Pegasus pony, spinning the propeller on Button’s hat. Button quickly stopped the propeller and looked over to the third pony. The white unicorn sat speechless for a few seconds before finding her tongue again.

“My name is Sweetie Belle,” She said, slightly blushing.

“Anyway Button, it was really cool how you stood up to Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon earlier,” Scootaloo said.

“Really, you think so?” Button asked, blushing “I kind of just did that to get them off of me so I could focus on the level I was playing.”

“What was that device you were playin’ with earlier?” asked Apple Bloom

“Oh my JoyBoy” Button said, pulling the device out of his bags and showing the other ponies. Scootaloo slowly touched it with her hoof. It began spurting out music, causing Scootaloo to fall backwards onto her wings with a scream of surprise. Apple Bloom and Button started to laugh.

“That wasn't funny” murmured Scootaloo. Apple Bloom glanced over at Sweetie Belle, who had been sitting in silence for the past minute.

The school bell rang, calling every filly and colt inside. Button grabbed his JoyBoy after saying goodbye to his new friends. At least, he thought they were friends. He couldn't quite focus in class, although he knew he should. Something about math, he was sure it wasn't important. Button was thinking about those three fillies, there was something off about them. There was something different, a good different though. The thought consumed him until it was broken by the sound of a ringing bell. Button packed his things and left the room. In the hallway he heard someone scream his name, but turning around only showed the empty hallway he had just walked through. The three fillies clouded Button’s mind during his walk home. Button was a quick learner, so getting home wasn't a problem. He arrived at his house and opened the door.

“I’m home!” he announced

“Welcome home sweetie, how did your first day at school go?” A voice spoke from the kitchen.

“It was…amazing” Button responded, leaving a longer pause than he had intended.

A head appeared out of the door way, “Is everything alright?” Button’s mother asked. Button didn't respond instantly, his mind was still thinking of those three fillies. What’s wrong with me he thought, it’s not like I haven’t seen a filly before.  

“Yeah mom, I’m alright. I was just thinking about something” Button said, staring into the distance. He put down his bag and headed up the stairs.

What’s wrong with me?

The Plan

Sweetie Belle’s body was on the bed next to Button, slowly moving up and down with every breath she took. The rays of sun that broke through the window landed perfectly across her face, enhancing her beauty. Her mane was soft in Button hoof; he slowly stroked it and brought it close to his face. The aroma of roses filled Button’s senses, overwhelming them. Sweetie Belle put her hoof across Button’s. “Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning-”Button landed a kiss in between Sweetie’s eyes“-You’re looking beautiful as always.”

“You don’t look to bad yourself,” Sweetie said through her giggling.

Button sat up in a pool of his own sweat, searching his bed with his eyes. “Calm down, it was only a dream.” Button said, breathing a sigh of relief. Thankfully his bed was empty of any young fillies, just the way he liked it. Button’s eyes glanced out his window, the cold night still showing. He felt tired, but unable to sleep. The dream was surprise, but a pleasant one. Button’s thoughts were broken by a voice from outside the door.

“Button, was that you sweetie?” the voice asked

“Yea mom, it was just a dream.”

“Are you alright?”

“Yea I’m… actually no, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Button-”she entered the doorway “-you can ask me anything.”

“Well, what do you think it means when you dream of another pony?”

“You were dreaming of a filly?”

“Yes, is that a bad thing?”

“Well this may be better to talk with your father about, but I’ll give it my best shot” she said, sitting down on the bed next to Button. “You see Button, when a mare and a stallion love each other very much…”


“Okay, when you see a filly in your dreams…”

“It means my little bro has a crush. Now go back to bed, some ponies need sleep for a very important test.” A voice called from down the stairs

“A crush, you think I have a crush?” Button asked

“Yes, you have a crush. That was what I was going to tell you. Goodnight Sweetie, try and get some more sleep.” his mother said, before leaving the room and quietly closing the door.

“A crush” –Button pulled up the blankets to surround his body- “I have a crush. Why does she have to be so adorable?” Button rested his head on his pillow and started to drift to unconsciousness.

Button sat back up against the tree, resting in the shade. He looked down at the white unicorn staring back at him and gave her a small smile. The sunlight reflected off of her green eyes and into Button’s. Sweetie Belle pushed her face close to Button and he put his hoof onto her mane. “I know, it needs to be brushed” Sweetie Belle said, looking down to the ground. Button stuck his head into Sweetie’s bag and pulled out her brush. She gave Button confused look, “You want to do it?” she asked.

“NO!” Button screamed, gasping for breath.

He looked out his window into the dark grey sky, thinking back to the dream that had just ended. He was just brushing Sweetie Belle’s mane. Friends brush other friend’s manes, right? It’s not like he actually liked Sweetie Belle, he couldn't like Sweetie. Button was only a young colt, nowhere near the proper age to start dating. At least, that was what his mother told him.

Video games Button thought. If there was one thing that always helped Button, it was video games. Most people thought that Button was crazy for liking games as much as he did, but he didn’t care. Video games had been with him for all seven and a half years of his life. You could ask Button any question about any game and he could answer it. Though most times ponies just asked why he liked games so much. Still, Button was happy with his interests and nopony could convince him otherwise.

He hit the reflective button and a green light started to glow. The T.V. switched on with a loud static, which quickly died down. The bright light shined right into Button’s sleep covered eyes, causing him to quickly shield them. “Press start” the game announced. There was a silence in the room, “Press start” the game repeated. Button sat in silence, staring at the blinking screen.

Button violently shook his head and slammed the controller. A barrage of flashes illuminated his face. This was perfect, now Button could focus on this instead of the dream. He slammed the controller’s buttons, slightly turning his head to the side. “G-G-G-G-Game over, you lose” the game blurted out. Button tried to complain but quickly covered his mouth when all that came out was hissing breath. The morning was too early for complaints.

Button threw the controller on the ground, letting out a sigh. He couldn't even win a game on easy, something was very wrong. He had to do something to take care of this ‘crush’, but what to do? Well, the one thing that he couldn't do was ask her out. If he did that, he would trick her into thinking he actually liked her and Button didn't want to do that. It was obvious he didn't actually like her, right? After several hours of talking to himself and many check-ups from his mother later, Button decided that the best course of action was to do nothing. Maybe he would even get a milkshake, it made sense to him.

“Milkshakes milkshakes, I’m going to get a milkshake.” Button quietly sung to himself, trotting down the dirt path. Sugarcube Corner wasn't that far away from Button’s house, but the cold autumn wind made it feel like an hour before he arrived. When he stepped into the building, he was greeted by the sweet scent of cinnamon.

“Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, what can a get for you today?” asked the pony behind the counter. Button’s eyes were still looking over the entire selection of mouthwatering treats.

“I’ll have a chocolate shake, please” Button said. The pony slowly glanced over to Button and quickly did a double-take.

“Say, isn't it a little early for foals to be up?” He asked. Button quickly bit his lip and turned to look at the still dark sky behind him. “I’m just messing with you. I guess my humor isn't so good in the morning. Anyway, just put down your bits and sit at any table”

Button quickly sat down at the nearest table; I wonder of the milkshakes here are any better than in ManeHattan he thought. He had been over almost all of Equestria in his life. But nopony’s milkshakes could beat old Joe’s. When Button and his family were living in ManeHattan, his brother would take him to Joe’s diner every week and they would both get milkshakes. Joe made the best and most addictive milkshakes in all of Equestria; Button could never wait to go back. The only part better than the milkshakes were the races Button and his brother always had. Button could never win those; he always ended on the ground seething in pain. That was the one thing Button’s brother refused to tell him, how not to get a brain freeze.

“Order up” a voice called as a glass landed in front of Button, freezing his thoughts. It was filled to the brim with brown liquid, foam pouring over the top. Button took a small sip and the sound of satisfaction escaped his lips. This was one darn good milkshake.

“That was the best prank ever.” an excited voiced said from outside the door. It opened to reveal three very happy fillies. Button silently let out a gulp; of course he had to go on the same day Sweetie Belle went. They swiftly ordered there drinks and sat down next to Button.

“Well howdy Button,” Apple bloom said.

“Hey, I didn't think any other foal would be out this early” Button responded, letting out a small nervous laugh.

“Well we had to wait all day for Diamond tiara and Silver Spoon to fall into our trap,” Scootaloo said. “You wanna hear about the prank we just pulled?”

“Sure?” an unsure Button asked

“Okay, so we set up a whole lot of water balloons and set them up in a tree and then we…”

Scootaloo’s voice started to fade as Button turned to look at Sweetie Belle. She was quietly sitting next to Button, staring at the floor. She noticed Button looking at her and quietly blushed. “SPALOOSH” Scootaloo yelled, shaking the table and spilling Button’s milkshake. She paused for a moment and realizing the scene she had just created, quietly sat back down.

Apple Bloom was the first to break the silence, “What time did ya’ say it was?”

“I don’t know, it’s either late or early,” Scootaloo said. “It’s still dark out”

“Ah promised AppleJack that ah would be home, hope she ain't too mad” she said, putting her hoof against her head.

Apple Bloom dashed out and Scootaloo awkwardly sat there, staring at Button and Sweetie Belle. Three milkshakes were thrown at the table landed with several clunks. Scootaloo looked at the two ponies sitting across from her. “Oh look, Apple Bloom forgot her milkshake. I’ll go give it to her” she said, before running out the shop. This left Button and Sweetie Belle, sitting next to each other at Sugarcube Corner quite early in the morning. Great.

“I’ll get something to clean up this mess.” Button said, hoping to get an excuse to avoid this awkward situation. Button tried to scoot off the bench but felt a head land on him. A quick glance to the side revealed a sleeping Sweetie Belle; she had fallen asleep on top of him. Button attempted to wiggle his way out, only managing to make more of Sweetie Belle's body land on him.

Okay, two options. One, escape and wake the princess. Two, stay here until she wakes up. He thought, neither sounds fun. But I guess option two, if I want to do what my mom says and make friends I shouldn't leave them. That’s how it works, right?

Button looked down at the sleeping unicorn, mesmerized by the beautiful purple and pink swirl in her mane. She looked so peaceful. He reached towards her mane, like in his dreams. But he quickly pulled his hoof back, covering his now blushing face. What was he thinking, that is really weird.

A Sweetie Belle in the Mash house

“Button, wake up,” an angelic voice spoke.

“Not now mom. Give me five more minutes,” Button groaned in a half-dead voice.

“Alright, you leave me no choice.”

A freezing sensation overwhelmed Button. “Cold! COLD!” He cried, collapsing onto the ground. “What was that?”

“My milkshake.”

“Why would you do that, milkshakes are cold.”

“I’m sorry, you wouldn’t wake up.”

“You didn’t have to do… THAT.”

“And this is the pony you chose to be your coltfriend? Honestly, I thought you would have better taste,” a second, older voice spoke.

“He isn’t my coltfriend,” Sweetie Belle retorted.

“Then why on earth did you spend several hours sleeping on top of him?”

“I…well.” The small filly stomped out of the shop in a fit of rage. The older mare put her face close to Button’s, leaving no room to breathe. She looked carefully at each of Button’s features, from his hoofs to his propeller hat.

“Okay eye color. Average head shape. You’re not very muscular and you have horrible taste in hats. What does she see in you?” She whispered under her breath. She forced Button’s mouth open and gave him a puzzling look. “Your dental hygiene is not that bad” she continued.

“Excuse me, could I ask what you’re doing?” Button said, breaking the mare’s focus.

“Oh I’m sorry Button Mash. But as you know, my sister must have the best special somepony and I just don’t see what she sees in you.”

“Well may-”

“Look at the time,” she shrieked. “I simply must be going. There is too much work to take care of.”

She briskly exited the building, letting the doors swing behind her. Button stood looking irritated at the swinging door, dripping in milkshake. “Hey there Button,” the pony behind the counter spoke. “Looks like you could use a napkin or two… or twenty”

A grunt of displeasure escaped Button’s lips. “Can you believe that? Saying I’m not good enough,” he complained.

“Listen Button, I may not be the best stallion to give advice on mares because the last time I had to woo one was many years ago. But if you want some help, I’ll be happy to provide,” the pony behind the counter said with a smile, handing over a wad of napkins to Button.

Button quickly shrouded his face with them, wiping off as much of the milkshake still left in his fur as he could. The thick liquid created mats in his fur, mats it would take a long time to undo. “You know what I did when I was your age,” the pony’s voice continued, “I wrote my crush a letter.”

“A letter?” Button asked, finally interested in what the pony was saying.

“Yea, a love letter. You got to tell her how you really feel-” he pressed his hoof against Button “-You have to make it from the heart.”

“How does a heart write a letter?”

The pony’s face grew slightly more irritated. “You should probably go now, you’re mother will be wondering where you are,” he spoke through a forced smile.

“You’re right!” Button screamed, “See you around.”

Button was gone before the words even left his mouth.

“Mom!” Button announced. “I’m home.”

“Button!” she cried. “Where have you been?”

“I was just getting a milkshake.”

“You said you would be home several hours ago” -She wrapped her forehooves around Button- “You had me so worried. What happened to you? Why is your fur all matted up?”

“I might have spilled some milkshake on myself.”

“Oh sweetie, we have to get you cleaned up. We have guests coming over”

“But mo-”

“Not ‘buts’ Button, we’re not letting ponies see you covered in milkshake,” she spoke in a rushed tone as she snatched her son by his tail and dragged him up the stairs. She hurried as she let Button’s face run along the carpet.

Without warning he was thrown into the air and landed into the pool of water. “Now hold still Button” She spoke bringing her brush right up against Button’s mane.

Two ponies approached the bright green house, one hiding behind her sister’s perfectly groomed tail. “Now Sweetie Belle, don’t be ridiculous. There’s no need to be scared of your friends,” Rarity spoke.

“Maybe we should go see if AppleJack will look after me?” Sweetie Belle said, slightly pulling on her sister’s tail. “Or miss Cheerilee, or Twilight?”

“We’ve been over this before Sweetie Belle, AppleJack is too busy to look after a second filly, miss Cheerilee has to teach and Twilight is busy with her royal duties in Canterlot. Besides, Mrs. Mash seems like a very nice pony.”

“It isn’t his mom I have a problem with,” Sweetie belle quietly mumbled under her breath.

“It isn’t polite for a lady to mumble Sweetie Bel-”

“OW MOM, THAT HURTS.  YOU’RE BRUSHING TOO HARD,” Button wailed from inside the house.

Sweetie Belle’s face seemed to brighten at the screams of pain emerging from the house,“It sounds like they’re a bit busy, maybe we should come back another time.”

“Nonsense Sweetie Belle, I’m sure that she just wiping off that milkshake you spilled on him earlier. Your coltfriend must make himself presentable for you,” Rarity teased.

“He isn’t my-”

“THERE’S SOAP IN MY EYES. GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!” Button’s screams continued.

The two now slightly terrified ponies slowly approached the door. “MY EYES, I’M BLIND! MOM, YOU’VE BLINDED YOUR SECOND SON!” his screams continued. The look of terror grew on Sweetie Belle’s face.

*Knock* *Knock*

She watched in horror at how her sister had simply shrugged off the sounds of horror that the house emitted. “MOM? MOM! MOM, YOU’VE LEFT YOUR BLIND SON. THE WHOLE WORLD IS DARK. I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING!”

“It seems your coltfriend is a bit of a whiner,” Rarity continued to tease her younger sister.

“He isn’t my coltfriend,” Sweetie Belle whispered at an inaudible level.

The door swung open, surprising Sweetie Belle out of the concentrated death stare she had been giving her sister. The door had been replaced by a tan mare with a brown mane giving Sweetie Belle a small smile. “You must be Rarity, it honor to meet you,” she said, shaking her sister’s hoof. “I absolutely love your dresses, especially your newest summer collection.”

“Yes well, I thought that I could replace the cinnamon extras with a different shade. Something along the lines of crimson or rosso corsa.”

“Don’t be hard on yourself, they were all incredibly beautiful,” Button’s mom spoke. Her voice was smooth, it seemed to go into the ears like milk down your throat.

“Anyway, we seem to be going off topic. I apologize, but I simply must get going if I wish to make it on time. Again, thank you for watching Sweetie Belle for me.” her sister’s voice knocked Sweetie Belle out of her milk fantasies.

“Oh it’s my pleasure to watch her, you just have fun in Manehattan.” Button’s mom said with a slight giggle escaping her lips. Sweetie Belle watched as her sister trotted away, leaving her with a complete stranger. “Come on inside Sweetie Belle, I’ll go grab Button.” Button’s mom said, disappearing around the corner.

Sweetie Belle walked inside of the Mash house and briskly wiped her hooves off on the mat, A proper lady must always be considerate and keep the host’s house clean Rarity’s voice rang in her head.

“Now Sweetie Belle,” she spoke in a mocking tone, “a proper lady must restrain from doing harm to other ponies.”

“Button will be out in just a minute. In the meantime, can I get you anything Sweetie Belle? A drink maybe?” Button’s mom asked.

“Could I please get a glass of water Mrs. Mash?”

“Yes you may, let me go grab it for you,” Button’s mom said and with a skip in her step she disappeared around the corner again.

Sweetie Belle shook her saddlebags off of her and walked into the next room. It was really empty with only a table in the center and four chairs neatly on all sides. Each wall held a painting of its own. One in particular stood out. It was a picture of a stallion, fully covered in armor. It seemed similar to that of the solar guard, the ones that always arrived with Celestia. Only, it had a green stripe down the center and it was scratched and splattered with blood. He was holding a sword that had a colorful aura surrounding the blade. It looked like he was swinging it through a red pony with horns, only the horns were on both sides of his head and not just one in the center.

“I see you've taken an interest in our paintings,” Button’s mom said. She stood in the doorway, balancing a glass of water on her head. “Do you like them?”

“Yea, they’re… interesting,” Sweetie Belle said, pressing a hoof against her chin. “Although I do have a question about this one in particular. Who is that pony?”

“That stallion is Commander ‘lucky’ Chance.”


“Oh that’s right, video games are new to Ponyville. Well Commander chance is Button’s favorite character. He’s the leader of the famous ‘Tango Squad’, this is actually after he was killed in battle. It shows him fighting off the army of Lucifer to earn the right to live a second life.”

A now petrified Sweetie Belle looked back at the mare who had just talked about a stallion murdering an army of evil with a smile on her face. Sweetie Belle cleared her throat, “These video games sound-”

“-Violent? I know, but they are very fun,” the mare interrupted, handing Sweetie Belle her glass of water.

Before Sweetie Belle got a chance to speak again, Button walked into the room. His eyes were focused onto the device in his hooves, his face being illuminated by its bright light. The other two ponies watched as he sat down at the table, oblivious to their presence. “Button,” his mother spoke up. “Why don’t you say hi to Sweetie Belle?”

An awkward silence filled the room as the mare awaited Button’s response. The sounds of Button’s clicking filled the void as his mother’s face constantly grew more irritated. “Why don’t we put down the JoyBoy and talk to your friend, hm?” She spoke

“Not now,” Button eventually said. “Almost at the save point.”

“Button.”-His mom put her hoof over the device, making the screen grow dark- “Let’s put down the JoyBoy for a little bit, ok?”

“But MoOoM, I was so close to finally killing the dreaded warlord and freeing the peaceful people of the golden clan,” he complained.

“I’m sure that you can save the golden and platinum clan tomorrow, but today we have a guest. Why don’t you two talk while I go prepare lunch.”

As his mother left, Button looked over to the filly sitting across from him. “Hi Sweetie Belle,” he spoke with a quiet voice.

Sweetie Belle sat still for a while before finally breaking the silence. “So, you like video games?” she asked.

“Do I like them? I love them, they’re my favorite thing in the entire world. I have almost every game out that has come out. But my favorite has to be ‘Long Patrol: The unknown heroes’. You play as Commander Chance and you lead ‘Tango squad’ on adventures outside of Equestria. Until he’s killed by a changeling and you have to fight off the demons of Lucifer and eventually Lucifer himself to live again and lead Tango squad.” Button droned on.

As Button continued to explained the basics of video games, Sweetie Belle grew more annoyed. “Anyway, enough about that. What do you like to do?” Button said. As Sweetie Belle recollected her thoughts, Button’s mom appeared in the doorway. She gave Sweetie Belle a smile, except this time her smile seemed to mean more than the smile she gave Rarity.

“Well,” Sweetie Belle started, “Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and I are all in a club we created. We’re called the Cutie mark Crusaders. We try anything and everything to try and get our cutie marks. But if I’m not doing that, I’m helping Rarity with her dresses. Although most times I just make more of a mess.”

“That club sounds like a lot of fun,” Button’s mom spoke from the kitchen. “Maybe you would like to join them Button, you could make some more friends. I mean, if the three of you are looking for new members.”

“But mom, I already have friends.”

“Fictional characters aren’t your friends.”

“We would be happy to accept you Button.” Sweetie Belle smiled.

“I don’t know, I don’t really care all that much about my cutie mark.” Button said, slightly tilting his head to the side to avoid direct eye contact with Sweetie Belle.

“What!” Sweetie Belle screamed, “How could you not care about your cutie mark? It’s like… the most important thing in your life!”

“I don’t know I guess I just-”

“Button, could you come in here for a second please?” his mother asked, her voice, her voice as cheerful as ever.

“Sure mom” Button called back. He swung himself off his chair and quickly ran into the kitchen. He turned the corner and was met by his mother’s hoof.

“Listen sweetie,” she whispered. “I know that you don’t really care about your cutie mark and I’m happy that you aren’t going crazy over it, but maybe you should give this a chance.”

“But mo-” Button said, before his mother covered his mouth.

“If you’re not going to do this for her, do it for me.”


“Now let me see that smile-” Button put on his happiest face. It looked a bit forced, but it always worked “-That’s it. Now go tell her that lunch will be ready in 10 minutes.”

“So Sweetie Belle” Button said, coming around the corner, “about that… Sweetie Belle?”

The room in which the young filly was just a moment ago was now empty.“C-C-Combo” The T.V. splurted out.

“Sweetie Belle?” Button asked, sticking his head around the corner. The white unicorn sat in front of the T.V. hypnotised by the quick images flashing on the screen. So focused on the game, she failed to notice the brown colt now sitting beside her. “Wow, you’re doing really well.”

The sound the speakers made a moment later could only be described as the sound of failure. “Well that didn’t end well,” Sweetie Belle said to herself.

“You know, I didn’t get that far when on my first attempt,” Button said, pointing to the screen which now showed all seven levels of the game.

“Button-” Sweetie Belle tossed away the controller “-I didn’t know you were watching.”

The controller landed with a thunk on the ground behind her, “Sorry about that.”

“That’s alright, these older controllers can really take a beating,” He said, picking up the controller and knocking on it. “So about that position in your club…”

“I thought you didn’t care about your cutie mark,”

“Yeah, well-” Button turned to look at the kitchen “-I was… convinced otherwise.”

“That’s great! Apple Bloom and Scootaloo will be so happy to have another member. We should go right now,” Sweetie Belle squeaked.

“Hey mom,” Button called, “we’re going to go initiate me into club.”

“Alright, just be back in time for dinner and not covered in milkshake,” She called back. As the door slammed shut behind the two foal, Button’s mom let out a small sigh,

“Young love, it’s so beautiful.”

The Initiation

Button pressed his head up against the clubhouse door. He had been waiting for several minutes with no sign of life emitting from the building. “We can’t let him in,” A voice spoke.

“Why not?” a second voice squeaked.

“Because he’s a colt.”

“Why can’t we have a colt?”

“Because he would act all macho and try to outdo us at everything.”

“I don’t think Button is like that. If anything, he’s the opposite of that.”

“So you think your coltfriend is a wimp?”    

“He isn't my coltfriend.”

“Either way, Ah’d welcome ‘im with open hooves,” a third voice chipped in.

“I have an idea,” the first voice spoke up again. “We’ll make him go through three trials. If he wants to join us, he’ll have to prove himself.”

“Ah like that idea. How ‘bout you Sweetie Belle?”

“Sure, but we can’t make them too dangerous. I don’t want to risk his life.”

“Why, because then you won’t get to kiss him passionately under the light of the setting sun?” the first voice spoke in a mocking tone.

“I’ll just go and get Button.” the second voice said.

“Ah thought that Sweetie Belle was more of a moonlight pony,” the third voice pitched in again.

A dark hooded filly smacked a pair of timpani in a rhythmic faction, one after another. Each smack of the skin of the drum echoed in Button’s ears. The tall, dark figure before him spoke, “We, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, elect Button Mash to join us as a sister… brother, friend, confidant, ally, gal… guy pal, amigo, et cetera and fellow Cutie Mark Crusader. You are solemnly sworn in, here this day, in witness of your fellow sisters, friends, confidants, et cetera. Do you, Button Mash, promise to uphold all the virtues of our club and to do anything and everything to earn and help your fellow Cutie Mark Crusader earn their respective cutie marks?”

The room fell silent, Button staring up the the three figures before him. They quickly exchanged glances. “This is tha part where ya say ‘Ah do’” Apple Bloom spoke.

“Oh right. I do.” Button said.

The filly that was just previously slamming her hooves against the drums jumped up the podium and threw a cape over to Button. “Congratulations Button,” she spoke with a sadistic grin, “You are now the first honorary colt member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.”

The abyss beneath Button’s hooves seemed to never end. The leather belt which the three fillies wrapped tightly around Button gave him no sense of security. “Are you sure this is safe?” he asked, peering over the ledge.

“You’ll be fine,” Scootaloo said, pushing Button closer to the edge, “We've done this a million times.”

“Really, you have?”

“Uh, no. We haven’t. But i’m sure a big, strong colt like you can do it.”

“If you say so.”

“Plus, hang gliding is the easiest thing in the whole world.”

Button took a deep breath and took a step forward off the cliff face. Within the second, he was out of sight. The darkness below had consumed the young colt. The three fillies stared into the deep ravine they had just launched their friend into. “He should be coming back up now, right Scootaloo?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Yea, any second we’ll see him fly out of that hole and around our heads.”

“But what if-”

“WOOHOO, I’M GOING SO FAST!” the three fillies turned around to see a bright red hang glider zoom out of the hole and across the sky, carrying beneath it a small brown colt.

Sweetie Belle let out a deep sigh, “At least we know he didn't crash.”

“Yet,” Scootaloo added, pointing towards the hang glider. Button’s face turned from a face of joy to one of pure terror. He swung his hooves around wildly, bringing the nose of the glider to face the ground. As the glider got closer, Button’s screams got louder.

“I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” He screamed before slamming face first into the ground. A small puff of dirt appeared where the once screaming colt hit the earth.

“Button!” Sweetie Belle screamed. She pushed off the ground and started to run towards the crash site. “Button, are you alright?”

The impact that Button had made on the ground left two fillies with open mouths and another jumping in the crater. “EVERYTHING HURTS!” Button cried, tears flowing out his eyes like a waterfall onto the dirt below. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo shared looks of disbelief as Sweetie Belle wrapped her arms around Button, picking his head up off the ground.

“Shh, there there Button. You’re going to be fine,” She whispered.


Scootaloo puckered up her lips and kissed the air before receiving a swift hoof to the side from Apple Bloom. “Alright, alright. I was just trying to make a joke,” Scootaloo complained.

“Well this ain't a laughin’ matter, Button could be really hurt,” Apple Bloom told her immature friend.

“He’ll be fine, he’s even got nurse Sweetie Belle looking after him.”

“Come on Scoots, let’s go get Button’s mom.” Apple Bloom suggested, dragging Scootaloo away from the pair of foals sitting in the crater.

“Please Button,” Sweetie Belle said, wiping away his tears. “You have to stop crying.”

“I can’t, it hurts” he said, tears continuing to flow off his face.

“Well, what does your mother do when you get hurt?”

“I don’t know, sometimes she sings to me or kisses whatever hurts,”

“Oh boy,”

“YOU DID WHAT?” Button’s mom screamed. The two ponies that had just barged in on her preparing dinner were still catching their breath.

“Hang gliding… Button… Crashed… Sweetie Belle…” Scootaloo spoke with a breath between each word.

“YOU LET HIM TRY HANG GLIDING, DO YOU KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS?” she asked. Before the two fillies could say anything, Button’s mom was already out the door.

“We’re dead, aren't we?” Scootaloo asked.


The two fillies quickly followed the speeding mare, her tan body clouded by the dirt she kicked up. “Ah thought ya said almost no pony could beat ya when ya’ll was on your scooter,” Apple Bloom screamed to Scootaloo while simultaneously coughing up all the dirt currently in her lungs.

“I did, but this mare is no pony,” Scootaloo grunted.

“That jus’ don't make no sense. Whataya mean she ain't a pony?”

“She’s a worried mother-” Scootaloo turned to face her yellow-clad companion “-nothing runs faster than a worried mother.”

“Not even Rainbow Dash?”

“Not even Rainbow D-”


Scootaloo swung her head around, only to be met with a tan flank to the face. Apple Bloom landed on top of her, creating a pile of wood and ponies. “Can you see why she stopped?” Scootaloo asked, trying to pull herself out of the carnage. “More importantly, why we just wasted a perfectly good set of wheels.”

“Aw. Not that is pos-i-tively the cutest site in all of Equestria.”

Beyond the pile of broken wood and the three ponies laid a young colt, strewn about on top of a young unicorn. She looked down onto him, slowly stroking his mane and humming a tune to herself. Her cheeks were quietly blushing. A small smile grew across her face. She was oblivious to anything besides the young colt, her hoof going through his soft mane.

She held her face close to his, close enough to feel each other’s breathe on their skin. She edged her face closer to his, their lips almost touching.

“Sweetie Belle?” Scootaloo asked, approaching her zoned out friend.

“SCOOTALOO?” Sweetie Belle screamed, dropping Buttons head onto the dirt below. “I was just… watching over him, until his mother came.”

Button’s mom approached her semi-conscious son. “Hey sweetie, are you alright?” She asked, placing a hoof on his head.

“Huh?” Button mumbled, rubbing his eyes. “Hey mom, I just had an awesome dream.”

“Come on, let’s get you home and then you can tell me all about it over a stack of hay fries,” She spoke in a soothing tone, picking up Button and placing him on top of herself.

“Oh Button,” She sighed, “you’re growing up too fast.”

The three fillies watched as Button’s mom carried him out of view. “So Sweetie Belle,” Scootaloo said.

“Not a single word about it,” She moaned.

“So, what was your dream about?” Button’s mom asked, placing down a stack of hay fries on the table.

“Well, at first I was a knight and I was exploring a cave-” he shoved several fries into his mouth “-Then out a of nowhere, a dragon appears. It released a roar and the whole cavern shook. I tried to swing my sword, but it just deflected off the scales and hit the ground. It snapped against the rocks.” he paused as he shoved more fries down his gullet.

“So what did you do?” Button’s mom asked, placing a single fry onto her tongue.

“Well as I stared up at the dragon with a broken sword, another pony dropped down on top of the dragon and shoved her sword right into the dragon’s eye. It swung it heads around with the knight holding on really tight to her sword.” Button let out a squeal of pain, imitating the dragon.


“Yea, when the pony that saved me walked off the dead dragons body and over to me she lifted her helmet and said ‘hey, you’re pretty cute’.”

“Then what?”

“Then she kissed my head and trotted off. That was when you woke me up.” he said, filling his mouth with fries and spurted ketchup all over his face.

“Did the female knight remind you of anypony?”

“She had a purple-pink mane and green eyes and she was a unicorn. She was really smart and pretty as well.”

A small giggle came from his mother. “That means?”

“Does that mean Sweetie Belle was the knight? That doesn't make any sense, I doubt she even knows how to properly slay a dragon. Not everypony knows that to kill a dragon through the eye, you have to stab right into the center of the pupil or otherwise it’ll just bounce off. Either that or find the one scale that slightly hangs off, which every dragon has, and plunge a weapon deep into that.”

“Button” his mom began, only to get interrupted by a door swinging open. The wind ran past Button, sending a shiver down his spine. “Now which one of my stallions is that?” Button’s mom asked.

“It’s just me mom. But I gotta jet, i have a date in a little bit.” A voice called from the other room.

“Hey Button, why don’t you go say hello to ‘me’ before he leaves again.” Button’s mom said, pulling away his hay fries.

“Okay mom,” he returned. Button turned the corner, hoping to see the brother that he always knew. When he saw the stallion standing in the door frame, a small ‘yeesh’ escaped his mouth.

“Hey Button, like my mane?” his brother asked.

“Bro, who ate it?”

His brother’s once brown mane now looked as if a dragon had grabbed it and swung him around. What ever strands remained of it had turned a light blue and were slicked straight back against his neck. He started to snort and chuckle. “Your face,” his brother laughed, “Oh wow, the look on your face is just priceless.”

“So, how’s my oldest doing?” Button’s mom asked. As she turned the corner, her body stopped. The face that she shared with Button was one of pure terror.

Button’s brother collapsed onto the ground. “This is too good. I mean, I knew you would be surprised. But this, this is amazing,” he barely got out inside his fit of laughter. “I gotta… I gotta go get ready, excuse me.”

“Button,” his mother spoke, staring into the space where her first born stallion just stood.

“Yea mom?”

“Promise me you’ll never style your hair like that?”

“I promise.”

The First Date

“So bro, who’s your date?” Button asked, leaning against the Bathroom door.

“Huh? Oh, that isn’t important,” His brother's voice returned

“What do you mean that isn’t important? Isn’t that the whole point of the date?” Button stressed.

The door swung open, revealing his brother’s face. His mouth was full of foam. “I mean, it isn’t important to you.” He said, staring into Button’s eyes. They quickly scanned over Button. “Where’s your JoyBoy? When I left you couldn’t put that thing down. Don’t tell me you broke it.”

“No my Joyboy is fine, it’s just that…”

“Don’t tell me,” his brother gasped. “You have a crush, don’t you.”

“WHAT? No, no way I would have a crush. I mean, having a crush is so girly.”

“Oh you so have a crush. Button has a crush. Button has a crush. Button has a crush,” his brother began to chant.

“No I don’t.”

“Button has a crush. Button has a crush. Button has a crush.”

“Do not.”

“Do to.”

“Do not.”

“Do to.”

“Do not.”

“Do not”

“Do to.”

“So you’re admitting it, who is it?”

“What? I… ugh, just never mind.”

“Come on Button. Tell me, tell me, tell meeeeee.”

“I don’t have a crush.”

“But it’s sooooooo obvious you do. Tell me who you like.”


“Great idea Button, if we work together we’ll manage to worm it out of you.”

“Yes sweetie?” A voice called from down the stairs.

“Who does Button have a crush on?” His brother interrupted.

“A filly named Sweetie Belle,” His mother responded.

“Mom,” Button groaned. “Why did you tell him?”

“Oh come on Button, it’s extremely obvious you like her.”

“But MoOoM, you didn’t have to tell him.”

“Button and Sweetie Belle sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” His brother began to sing. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes-”

“Alright, I get it,” Button pouted.

“Aw, come on Button. Why so glum?” His brother asked.

“I was going to ask you a serious question and you just start to make fun of me, like always.”

“Button, that’s my job. I’m your older brother. We’re supposed to tease our younger brothers about stuff like this, but in the end we help you guys. Now, what’s your question?”

“Well, I don’t know whether I really like Sweetie Belle and I wanted to know if there was a way I could find out whether I really do or not.”

“Okay, a couple questions. Do you think she looks cute?”


“How cute, from not at all to heart-tormentingly adorable.”

“Pretty darn cute.”

“Is she a Pegasus?”

“She’s a unicorn.”

“A unicorn? Nice. How far have you gotten with her?”

“What does that mean?”

“You know, have you two kissed?”


“Seriously? Then what have you two done?”

“Well we kinda…” Button’s voice trailed off into the air.

“You kind of what?” His brother asked, inching closer to Button.

“She may have fallen asleep on my lap,” Button whispered.

Button’s brother gave him a puzzling look, “So you haven’t kissed, but you slept together?”

“Well, not purposefully.”

“What do you mean by that, how do you sleep together on accident?”

“She kinda just fell unconscious on top me.”

“Wait, Button. You don’t mean…”

“No, she was just really tired.”

“So, let me get this straight. There’s this really cute filly, which you have slept with, and you’re not sure if you like her or not?”

“Yep, that about sums it all up.”

“Alright Button, let me tell you something-” He gestured for Button to lean in close “-Whatever mom or dad say, don’t do it. They may be the married ones, but they have no idea how to win over a mare today. If you want my advice, take her on a date. Not a big, fancy date to a restaurant though. Maybe do something small, like take her on a walk in the park or invite her over for some gaming time. Just spend some time with her, that’s how you’ll find out.”

“Are you sure that’ll work?”

“Come on, who has been on more dates here?”


“Exactly, I know it’ll work. Just trust me.”

“Alright, I’ll think about it. Good luck on your date.”

“Thanks Button, oh and one more thing. Take a bath, no mare wants to go on a date with a dirt covered stallion.”

“Right, I’ll go do that now.” Button said, bolting into the room beside the two and slamming the door shut.

“You know mom,” Button’s brother began to speak already halfway out the door. “You better cherish your moments with Button, he’s growing up.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well, for one, he no longer thinks fillies will contaminate him with an imaginary disease. But really, this is the first time he wished me luck at anything. I know, you prob-”

Before he was able to finish his words. His mother fell on top of him in a pool of her own tears. “My little baby Button is growing up too fast,” She cried.

“Uh mom,” Button’s brother whispered. “I have a date in about five minutes.”

“Alright Button,” he whispered to himself. “You can do this. Just go up to her and ask ‘Hey, want to hang out later?’, that isn’t so hard.”

Button took in a deep breath and turned the corner. Before him sat the three fillies, each scratching their heads. “Hey fellow cutie mark crusaders,” Button called out.

“B-Button?” Sweetie Belle said before dashing up the stairs and slamming the tree house door behind her.

“Hey Button, how’s it hanging?” Scootaloo greeted. She remained focused on the notepad in front of her, gnawing on the end of her pencil.

“What are you guys up to?” Button asked looking over Sweetie Belle abandoned notepad. It was filled with an unorganized clutter of ideas, most of which had been crossed out.

“We were just trying to figure out what we should try to do next. We haven’t come up with anything yet though. You have any ideas?”  

“How about...Plumbers?”

“No offense Button,” Apple Bloom pitched in. “But I don’t think our special talent will be fixin’ broken water pipes.”

“No, not that kind of plumber. The kind of plumber that fights turtles in order to save a princess,” Button Corrected.

“I think I have a better idea. Apple Bloom, huddle up.” Scootaloo spoke dragging Apple Bloom next to her. They whispered furiously at each other, constantly looking back at Button.

“Alright, Ah’ll get the door and you get Button,” Apple Bloom commanded.

“Come on Button, we got to get into the tree house. There’s a club meeting,” Scootaloo said. She yanked Button by the propeller of his hat up the stairs. “Now Apple Bloom, open it,” She screamed. Button landed face first onto the wooden floor of the club house, the door slammed shut behind him.

“CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS MATCHMAKERS, YAY!” A collective scream roared from outside the walls.

Button looked up, his eyes met with Sweetie Belle’s and her cheeks turned red. “Hey Sweetie Belle,” Button said.

“H-Hey Button,” Sweetie Belle spoke through her hoof. “Sorry for running off. I guess I’m just embarrassed about the whole hang gliding thing.”

“Why would you be embarrassed?”

“Don’t you remember, after you crashed I… never mind.”

“So anyway… would you like to come over to my house sometime and just hang out?”

An excited squeal escaped from Sweetie Belle. “Really? I would love to. When should I come over?”

“I didn’t think I would make it this far,” Button gulped. “How about five o’clock?”

“I’ll be there!” She screamed, dashing out the door and leaving it swinging on its hinges.

Two fillies stuck their heads in the doorway, devilish grins covered their faces. “How much did you hear?” Button asked.

“All of it,” They replied together, devilish grins growing on their faces. “Button and Sweetie belle sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…”

“You know Apple Bloom, I don’t think that I have ever heard that chant in its entirety. What comes after marriage?” Scootaloo asked.

“It’s…” Apple Bloom Stuttered. “Ah don’t know either. Ah think it’s something to do with a foal and a carriage.”

“My little Button is becoming such a handsome stallion,” His mother howled with joy, ruffling his mane. “You’re growing up too fast for me, Button-” a small sigh escaped her “-Can you promise me something?”

“Yea mom?” Button asked.

“Promise me that you’ll always be my little Button Mash, even when you have foals of your own.”

“I promise mom.”

“Great,” She said, holding back a small tear. “Now let’s get you ready for your first date.”

“Don't I just need to take a bath?”

“Is that what your brother told you?”


“Are you going to listen to him, or are you going to listen to an actual mare?”

“Umm… a mare, I guess.”

“Right. Now we’ll need to get you cleaned up, fix your mane, brush your teeth and get you looking nice and handsome when Sweetie Belle shows up. What time did you invite her over?”

“Five o’clock, I think.”

“Five? That only gives us an hour. Come on Button, we have to get you ready.”

“But mom.”

“No ‘buts’. No son of mine is going to look like a slob on his first date. Now bow tie, or no tie?”

“No tie… please.”

No sooner than the hand on the clock struck five, a knocking came from the door. “I’ll get it!” Button cried. The door swung open to reveal a mare, standing much taller than button, looking down upon him. Her purple mane drooping down, slightly covering one of her blue eyes.

“Hello again Button,” She spoke. “Is your mother home?”

“Hey mom, it’s Rarity and she wants to talk with you,” He called out.

“Be right there sweetie,” A voice spoke back.

“Oh no, I’m not alone. Sweetie Belle stop hiding,” Rarity turned to look behind.

“I look ridiculous,” A voice said from behind the mare.

“Now don’t be silly, you look fine. I should know, I did it myself,” Rarity bragged.

“Fine, we’ll let Button judge,” Sweetie Belle said appearing from behind her sister. “Well Button, how do I look?”

Sweetie Belle stepped into the sunlight to reveal her radiating beauty. Light makeup was scattered across her face, from her horn to her mouth. Enough to enhance what beauty was already there without making her look like a clown. Her mane was brushed and glistened under the rays from the sun. “Well?” She tapped her hoof.

“You… uh,” Button began “you look-”

“Sweetie Belle!” Button’s mother interrupted. “You look absolutely adorable, did you do that makeup yourself?”

Button let out a sigh of relief. “No, Rarity actually did it for me,” Sweetie Belle squeaked. “I did my mane though.”

“And it looks amazing,” Button’s mom smiled. “Now why don’t you two go in to the other room while I talk with Rarity.”

“Alright Mrs. Mash,” Sweetie Belle smiled back. “Come on Button.”

Sweetie Belle hopped out of the room with Button in tow, seemingly in a trance. “Young love,” Button’s mother sighed. “But Rarity, you must teach me how to do makeup like that.”

“All in due time darling, now there is something that I must ask of you.” Rarity rushed.

“So, Button,” Sweetie Belle spoke. “What do you want to do?”

“Well, we could stay inside and play some video games or go for a walk in the park. You’re the guest, so you should decide.” Button said.

“Wait so this isn’t a date?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“WHAT? NO! Who said anything about a date?”

“Well, that’s what I thought you meant when you said ‘hang out’.”

“Oh, sorry about tricking you.”

“Oh no, there’s no need to apologize. If anything, I would have preferred to not be on a date.” Sweetie Belle lied. “Now about those games, do you have any easy ones. You know, something that I could play.”

“Really, you want to play video games? I always though fillies just liked dolls and girly things like that. But yea, I have a couple that fit that description.”

“Well, what are they?”

“Let’s see,” Button said. He looked at each of the small, plastic things the took over a shelf individually. “I've got ‘Pony Kombat’, ‘MineCraft’, and ‘Super Pony Brothers’. Any of those sound good?”

“A string of random words just came out of your mouth, I have no idea what you just said.”

“MineCraft it is!”

The grey cartridge slid into the slot of the device on the table smoothly and Button pressed on the large button on the front of the gaming device. “Here catch,” He said, throwing a controller over to Sweetie Belle. “Alright so MineCraft is probably the easiest game to start with.”

“What is it about?”

“Mining and crafting.”

“That’s it?”


“What’s so fun about it?”

“Well, the whole point is that you build whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want? So I can build a giant ruby?”


“Are there diamonds?”


“Let’s do this.”

The screen fizzled for a few moments before revealing the blocky world of the game. “Is it… supposed to look like that?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Like what?”

“A bunch of cubes.”

“Yea, the whole point is that nothing is round.”

“Okay, I guess that makes some sense. Now how do I move the pony around?”

“You press the keypad in the direction you want to go and move the joystick in the direction you want to look.”

“The what and the what?”

“The keypad are those four buttons there, up, down, left and right. The joystick is this thing” -He pointed to a black lever looking thing- “it can move in all directions.”

“Alright, I got the movement down. Now how do I get the diamonds?”

“Well, it takes a while to get them.”

“How long?”

“A couple hours at least.”

“I have time.”

Several hours had passed since Button had given the tutorial to Sweetie Belle, who was now controller the character on the screen with great skill. “Careful Sweetie Belle, that red stuff is lava and it’ll kill you with a single touch.”

“Where are the diamonds?”

“Near the lava.”

“Of course they are.”

“Hold down the joystick, that way you won’t accidentally fall in and die.”

“Right, thanks.”

“Right there, those light blue things are diamonds.”

“Yes! Yes almost there. Almost… one more hit…”

The speakers produced a large hissing sound before releasing an explosion in the air around them. “NO NO NO NO NO NO” Sweetie Belle screamed. “SOMETHING PUSHED ME INTO THE LAVA! WHAT WAS THAT?”

“A creeper,” Button whispered.


The Finale

“DIE WEIRD GREEN PICKLE THINGS, DIE!” Sweetie Belle screamed, furiously slamming the controller in her hooves in every direction.

“Sweetie Belle,” Button whispered. “Please calm down, you’re going to break the controller.”


“But Sweetie Belle, they were only diamonds.”


“That’s actually impossible. You see, all the mobs are constantly spawning. That means that for every creeper that you kill, several more will spawn.”


“Sweetie Belle, it’s almost night.”


“You don’t mine at night, that’s when all the monsters come out. You’ll never survive more than a second down there.”


“It probably will.”


Several explosion followed the filly’s excited scream. “See, you’re dead,” Butted pointed towards the screen.

“I’m not dead yet,” Sweetie Belle said, squinting at the television. “I still have half a heart.”

“Look out for that spider jockey!” Button warned Sweetie Belle. The warning came too late, a skeleton appeared riding on top of a spider. An arrow flew into Sweetie Belles face and the screen went red. Sweetie Belle’s eye twitched violently, while her body remained motionless. “Sweetie Belle?” Button asked. “Are you alright?”

“Am I okay?” Sweetie Belle whispered. Her mane sprung out in every direction, to the point at which it resembled that of a certain pink pony. Her body violently shook as it turned to face the terrified brown colt beside her. “I’m so furious i could just… just… SCREAM!”

Sweetie Belle sat furiously looking onto the screen, mumbling to herself. She pressed her nose against the words 'respawn' as they appeared in front of her.

“C-could I do something real quick with the controller?” Button asked, extending his hoof. Sweetie Belle furiously tossed the controller onto Button’s hoof. She crossed her arms and began to mumble to herself again. “If I just… then I just move the… and… volia!”

Button set down the controller by the angered filly and gestured for her to play again. Sweetie Belle looked up at the screen again, this time with a face of confusion. “Where did the health bar go?” She asked.

“Well, you were just playing survival and this is creative. It’s a game mode where you essentially are using cheat codes.”

“But I don’t want to cheat.”

“It isn’t cheating, this mode is just mainly used to for building anything and everything.”

“What’s so different about it?”

“When you press down this button you see all the blocks in the game, instead of your inventory.”

“What’s so fun about that?”

“You can have all the diamonds you want and you can kill every creeper.”


“Yea just pick up the controller and start to play.”

“Okay, you’ve convinced me,” Sweetie belle admitted, picking the controller back up with her hooves. “Wait a minute, didn’t you say we could play his together?”

“Well, we could...” Button trailed off.


“But you’re playing on a console and the only other version I have is on another gaming device and MineCraft isn’t cross-console compatible. That means that you can play together on different gaming devices.”

“This other device being that JoyBoy.”

“No, a different gaming device.”

“Another one, how many do you have?”

“Just those three.”

“So if you weren’t playing with me that entire time, what were you doing that when I was mining for diamonds?”

“Well I was… deep within my own thoughts. Yea, that’s it.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“Oh, you know, video games and stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Just stuff, unimportant stuff.”

“What kind of unimportant stuff?”

“Umm… Dinner! That’s it, I was hungry.”

Sweetie Belle’s stomach released a growl. “I could go for some dinner myself,” She said.

“Alright, what were you thinking?”

“Oh, you know what kind of food I want,” Sweetie Belle licked her lips. She moved her face ever closer to Button’s, only leaving enough room for a single breath.

“Hayburgers?” Button asked

“Yea,” Sweetie Belle laughed nervously, pulling her body away from Button. “That’s exactly what I was thinking, hayburgers. That’s always a good meal after committing some genocide.”

“I’ll go put a order in with the ‘chef’, be right back,” Button said, trotting off into the kitchen.

“Stupid colt, wouldn’t even see the perfect filly if she landed on top of him,” Sweetie Belle mumbled under her breath. “Hey, that gives me an idea.”

“Hey Sweetie Belle, anything else you want besides a hayburger?” Button asked from the kitchen. An awkward silence hung in the air. “Sweetie Belle?” Button repeated. He stuck his head out of the doorway and observed the room before him. A playerless controller sat where there was once a young Sweetie Belle, the television continuing to pour out music into the empty room.

“Sweetie Belle, where did you go?” Button asked, walking in to the room. A sudden wave of cold rushed over Button, making him shiver. “And why is it so cold in here all of a sudden?”

“Here I come!” She cried, releasing her grip on the rafters above the colt. A large crashing sound rang throughout the Mash household.

“Ow,” Button wheezed. “I think you broke everything… again.”

“Calm down Button,” Sweetie Belle springed upright. “It was only a joke.”

“A joke that may have caused me a couple broken bones.” Button gasped, laying on his side. “Why did you do that anyway?”

“Oh, I was just thinking that the best way to knock some sense into you was to literally knock some sense into you.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, why would I need to have sense knocked into me?” Button asked, struggling to get back up on all four hooves.

“Because… you’re blind!” Sweetie Belle screamed, knocking Button back onto the floor. “You can’t even see what’s right in front of you!”

“What do you mean, the only thing in front of me is you and the television is slightly off to my side.”

“Button,” Sweetie Belle sighed. “Just nevermind, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Sweetie Belle walked towards the door, facing the ground. She stepped a hoof onto the dirt outside before looking back to Button. He had his head tilted in confusion. His cute, little amber eyes seemed to stare into her as she quickly turned away from him and ran off. “Bye… I guess,” Button spoke in a depressed tone. He collapsed onto the ground next to the television, letting the calming music flow into his ears.

“Hey Button?” a voice spoke from the kitchen. “What was that crashing sound, did you two break something in there?”

“Sweetie Belle just left,” Button said.

“What do you mean sweetheart?”

“I mean she ran out of the house.”

“What?” His mother screamed. “Button, would you be a dear and please go and fetch her?”

“Why should I?”

“Because I asked you so nicely.”

“I don’t think she’s in the mood to talk right now.”

“Go and get Sweetie Belle, or no video games for a month.”

“But… alright.”

The wind blew through Button’s mane, standing it up on end and spinning the propeller on his hat. It pushed hard against him as he tried to walk in the direction Sweetie Belle had taken off. It only seemed to grow stronger as Button got closer to the lake. The lake itself sat almost outside of Ponyville. The oval shaped body of water was almost isolated from the rest of the civilized world, only a dirt path leading back into the town. It seemed like the perfect place for a small party or the perfect place to go when you want to just be by yourself.

Sweetie Belle sat on the edge, looking down into the water below. She let the water roll up underneath her hooves and roll back down again. She breathed in the cold air around the pond, letting it run back out of her lungs. “Hey Sweetie Belle,” Button approached from behind her.

“Oh… hey Button,” she sighed, dipping her hoof into the water. She swirled it around, sending ripples into their reflections and making them fade into the deep blue of the water.

“Is something wrong?” Button asked, placing a hoof onto her foreleg. She shook his hoof off of her almost as quickly as it had been put on and turned to face away from Button.

“No Button, nothing is wrong,” She spoke quietly.

“Well then, why do you seem so upset?”

“I’m not upset, I just want to be left alone right now. I need some time to think.”

“Do you really mean right now, or are you done with me?”

“What does that mean?” Sweetie Belle asked turning herself to face Button. He stared down, his hooves pressed hard against the ground. His amber eyes were starting to gain water.

“It means I understand if you don’t want to be my friend anymore.”

“Why would I not want to be your friend anymore?”

“Because I’m just a dumb, worthless colt who spends too much time playing video games. That’s why you ran off, wasn’t it?”

Sweetie Belle placed her hoof onto Button’s chin, raising it up. His eyes locked onto to green ones in front of him. “No, that not why at all. You may be a dumb colt who spends too long on video games, but I called you blind because you couldn’t see that I wanted you to be my dumb colt who spends too much time on video games,” Sweetie Belle squeaked.

“What does that mean?”

“It means I think your cute, really cute.”

Button’s eyes opened wide and his cheeks began to blush at the comment directed towards him. He froze solid on the spot, the water splashing against him. Out of all the things Button had been called in his life, ‘cute’ was not one of them. His mind began to play images and old memories of the teasing Button suffered through at his old schools. He remembered the names that other ponies use to call him. He remembered that the only time he was happy was when he left. But not in Ponyville, not with Sweetie Belle. Any self-loathing seemed to fade when Button looked into Sweetie Belle’s eyes.

The vortexes of green that were held within her head seemed to draw Button into them. The calming nature of her eyes sent Button into a place of peace and relaxation. The whole world seemed to melt away when he looked into her. The initial shock from the comment was faded by the squeaks of the filly who had given it. “Hey Button?” Sweetie Belle spoke. “Are you alright, you seemed to kind of stare off into space for a second there.”

“Yea, I’m fine,” Button whispered. “But I have a question.”


“Why?” he said. “Why do you think I’m cute?”

“...I don’t think anypony really has a reason for calling another pony cute. I guess it’s just a feeling you get.”

“A feeling, like when you have a crush?”

“Well… just because somepony thinks you’re cute doesn’t mean they have a crush on you. At least not always. Like would be saying that your mother has a-”

“Sweetie Belle, do you have a crush?”

“Well...umm,” Sweetie Belle blushed. “How about we start heading back to town?”

“Actually, could we stay here a bit longer?” Button said, placing a hoof onto the retreating filly.


“I don’t know, it just seems so peaceful and relaxing.”

“It’s alright with me,” Sweetie Belle said, leaning up against Button. The warmth emanating from Sweetie Belle made Button feel cozy, despite the wind blowing hard against the pair of foals. They sat staring into the deep blue pond below. Their reflections faded as the waves began to flow again. Button tilted his head and let it rest on top of Sweetie Belle’s. A small sigh of pleasure escaped him. The waves of the water beneath them settled, as did the wind. The foals sat leaning against each other in perfect silence, only the sound of their breathing breaking it.

Sweetie Belle’s mane felt soft along the side of Button’s head, almost like a blanket was being pushed against him. “Hey, you know Sweetie Belle,” Button broke the silence.

“Yea?” She whispered back.

“I think you’re pretty cute as well.”

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