Equestria Girls Remake

by JusSonic

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: The Truth

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Chapter 5: The Truth

Chapter 5: The Truth

Boxco and Dum-Dum was looking all over for Boris when they find him, appearing to be in a limp or something. Boxco begins to ask, "Hey, boss...what's with the lipstick on your face?" It's true, there's lipstick all over the bully's face.

Dum-Dum ask curiously, "Did you score a big one with Twilight, boss?"

Boris grabs his minions by the throat and glared at them. He snarls, "Unless you two both want to end up in coffins before graduation, you will not tell anyone about what's happened to me today."

"What happened, Boris?"

Boris, groaning in embarrassment, said, "Let's find someplace quiet so that no one can hear what I'm about to say; All right? "

"You got it, Boris." Boxco nods as the boys follow their boss to a part of the school where the trio can speak in private. Boris then explains how he was locked in the boiler room as well as his run in with Trixie. "Wait, wait, wait, so that Lulamoon girl kissed you all over?"

Dum-Dum made a wolf whistle as he remarks, "Sounds like someone also had a nice...time...with her; Ha ha ha ha ha-."

"Why...you little!" Boris snarls as he grabs Dum-Dum by the throat, trying to choke him like mad.

"Yeah, strangle him, Boris!" Boxco cheers on eagerly. He loves to see a fellow colleague get taken down like this.

"Uncle; Uncle; Uncle," Dum-Dum gasps for air. Boris, satisfied, let go a bit, calming own so to speak. That's what happens when you anger this guy.

"All right...I'm calm now. But...if word of this goes out, I'll be the laughing stock of the whole school." Boris said to Boxco and Dum-Dum, still upset. "And my chances of being with Twilight Sparkle will be gone...forever, along with my reputation. Promise me that you will not let slip what happened between me and that stalker, Trixie. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Boris."

"Yes, Boris," Boxco said with a quick nod. The last thing he wants is for Boris to choke him next!


A while later at school, the bell rings. The students are wearing the headbands given out at lunch. Twilight and her friends pass through the hallways with smiles. The kids of this place are definitely showing their support for Twilight Sparkle. It looks like Sunset Shimmer's evil reign will soon come to an end.

"Doesn't everyone look just fabulous?" Rarity asks with a smile.

"Yeah, everyone is in a good mood!" Nyx cheers on wildly. Her friends smile in agreement. From the looks of things, the school will finally get back what was taken from them, their hope and happiness.

"It was a great idea, Rarity!" Twilight exclaims in agreement. Of course, the group then saw Sunset passing by. For some reason, the bully appears to be smiling as if what happened at lunch didn't matter to her.

"Don't know what she's smilin' about." Applejack remarks with a frown. "Twilight's 'de one 'dat's gonna be princess o' 'de Fall Formal."

"Right, but I think she's up to something." Ben said with a frown on his face as the group leaves. Sunset Shimmer got a nasty trick up her sleeve, he knows that she does.

Sunset soon decide to put her next plan into action. The girl goes up to the office door that belongs to Vice-Principal Luna and knocks on it. Celestia's sister comes out, looking confused. Sunset pretends to be upset with fake tears as she exclaims, "Vice-Principal Luna! Something terrible has happened!"

Sunset Shimmer takes Luna to the gym where the vice-principal saw a shocking sight: the whole place is a wreck; the decorations were destroyed along with the refreshments and such! It's as if a tornado went through here!

"Isn't this just awful? And after Pinkie Pie worked so hard to make things so perfect," Sunset Shimmer exclaims with Luna looking shock. "Why would Twilight Sparkle do something like this?"

"Why would you think Twilight was responsible for something like this?" Luna asks Sunset puzzled. The woman is wondering as to why the girl is blaming a new student for something like this.

"Because I have proof."

Sunset Shimmer took out a folder of evidence which Luna takes and opens. The woman looks shocked as there are photos in the folder...which are of Twilight Sparkle destroying the decorations and such in the gym!

While the scene of Sunset Shimmer showing Vice-Principal Luna her folder form of 'evidence' is coming to a close, behind the door entrance to the gym was someone listening in. It was Flash Sentry, still wearing the pony ears & tail look, but he leans a bit to spy on what's happening. The guy's eyes narrow a bit in suspicion in seeing what was going on and knew that he had to do something. Course as he was slipping away from the door, Hoboken Joe was seen coming out of the gym from collecting a few messes, but got pulled away from there by Flash Sentry.

"What the...Flash Sentry?" Hoboken Joe yelped before recognizing the student of the school he's seen plenty of, "Tarnations! Why does every student that wants to have a chat with me gotta be all secret-like?" The hobo rolled his eyes in seeing that this was the weirdest way to have a little conversation.

"Hoboken Joe, have you heard about the dance?" Flash Sentry issued off to wanting the guy that was on the scene to tell him of what he knows, thus far.

"Heard about? Boy, I'm gonna be busy trying to gather up all the mess that some jerks had gone to ruin the whole dance for the poor kids!" Hobo Joe looked skeptical at Flash Sentry, he knows that the dance for the Fall Formal is ruined and he's gonna have to clean it up.

"I know, but it looks like Sunset Shimmer is already saying she found out who did it. Twilight Sparkle," Flash Sentry issued to tell the guy about what his 'Ex' did and is putting the blame on the new girl they know.

"Wha; Just a darn minute; that sweet, nice, little girl done this; Now dat's just nothin' but Hog-Wash," Hoboken Joe yelped off to drop his stuff to protest to hearing such a rubbish manner of Twilight ruining the dance for everyone, especially after trying to help be voted as princess.

"That's what I think, but listen, if we don't prove that Twilight didn't cause this then she'll have zero chances at winning the Princess of the Fall Formal Crown." Flash Sentry nods in knowing this while thinking how the two can fix the situation while there is still a chance.

"Well shoot already, wha's the plan?" Hoboken Joe responded off in liking to know what they can do to fix things, quickly thou...

"Did you happen to see any member of Sunset's gang doing some suspicious activity?" Flash Sentry asked with a serious thought if someone by Sunset or Boris sent their goons to mess things up while they pulled to frame Twilight and have her removed from being a princess in the contest.

"Well now dat ye mention it, I saw some of them stooge bunch throw something in the library's trash." Hoboken Joe thought for a moment in recalling seeing some of Sunset Shimmer's little gang doing some suspicious work by the library when he was last there.

"Then we need to get it before it's too late, come on!" Flash Sentry issued with a serious face before rushing off to leave the hobo janitor behind.

"Wait up! I just locked the place when blocking out the noises from vacuuming, you'll need my keys to unlock it!" Hoboken Joe called out before he was rushing on after the youthful boy to say that he can't get in since he locked the library doors.

Now time was really ticking as the evidence to help save Twilight from losing her chance to become princess is almost gonna be close.


Twilight looks shocked as Luna summons her to her office, which is dark and moody, kind of like the pony Luna's tower home back in Equestria. The girl is alarmed when the vice-principal told her that she is being suspected of destroying the decorations for the school dance.

"But... I don't understand!" Twilight exclaims in shock and disbelief.

"This is clearly you in the photographs, is it not?" Luna asks sternly as she shows the photos to Twilight which is of her destroying the gym. But that can't be possible. The purple girl was with her friends earlier and…

"Yes, but..."

"I think it should be fairly obvious that the school cannot let someone who would do something like this compete for the Fall Formal crown."

Things looked bad was Twilight about to lose the case of being setup, framed, taking the blame, there was nothing that's gonna come to her aid.

"Now just a darn toothin' minute Vice-Principal," Suddenly without warning, the door was opened to reveal light that made Luna & Twilight turn to see...Hoboken Joe entering, "You ain't sending that young lady off to the BIG House for fitting her with a crime she ain't done!" Hobo Joe declared off to state the manner of the defense on the girl in this office.

"Hoboken Joe, I would like to point out that she would not be sent to jail, nearly disqualify from the contest and possible detention time, nothing as harsh as that." Vice-Principal Luna issued off the manner with a strict, gentle, but firm choice in what to give to troublemakers.

"Whoops! Hehe; got myself carried away there for a second. Anyway, we aim to object the manner!" Hoboken Joe yelped a bit sheepishly in seeing he made a fool of himself, but shook it off to change the subject to the main reason of being.

"We," Luna asked off a bit stump in hearing the janitor say that when he was the only one or was he...

"Vice-Principal Luna." Flash Sentry's voice was heard when Hobo Joe moved away to surprise the others in the office of his entry, "Me and Hobo Joe found these in the trash cans in the library." Twilight watched astounded to see these two alternative versions of those she knows here as Flash walked up with some papers in his hands. "We thought you should see them." Flash handed Luna some photos for her to take a look at.

Soon Luna carefully viewed what Flash & Hobo Joe found with focus eyes in studying what she's looking at. One has a cut out and the other had nothing

"Someone obviously combined these photos to make it look like Twilight was the one who trashed the gym." Flash Sentry explained the manner of what's happened, since from the photos showed Twilight kicking a wooden table to knock a chair down, but the other photo showed a hole of the girl kicking a soccer-ball. From clear matching, it look like the girl wrecking the dance was only a picture from the other photo to be pasted on another to be printed & edited to make something of a forgery.

"And you're 'certain', of this?" Luna asked in wondering if this was the true evidence or something to get a friend out of being in trouble.

"Certain nothin', why I bet my JOB that Twilight Sparkle ain't the culprit! And if I'm wrong, you can throw me out!" Hoboken Joe declared off to sternly state his claim, much to Twilight hearing him risk his own job for her was he even sure the vice-principal let him off so easily, but then again...

"Such measures won't be taken Mr. Joe. By my eye, the one wrecking the party is out of place from the soccer ball; I would not have seen it if not for this partial clue." Luna issued off to the hobo janitor to not say such means

"That's good, cause we hate to lose the guy that helped me unlock the library to find these in time." Flash Sentry sighed in relief from worrying if the two were not in time to prove otherwise, then not only Twilight be out of the princess contest, but Hobo Joe will be without a job.

"I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, Flash Sentry. Both you, and Mr. Hoboken Joe's here," Luna responded to how both these gentlemen have helped to wanting to resolve a matter of doing an unjustly punishment on an innocent bystander before walking away to take her seat.

"Worth doing, Vice-Principal," Hoboken nods off with a smile to seeing Luna was being fair here.

"In light of this new evidence, Miss Sparkle, you may of course continue your bid to be crowned the princess of the Fall Formal.

Golden Heart comes in with Pinkamena as the former says, "So someone tried to frame Twilight with photoshop."

Pinkamena goes and hugs Twilight and gang as she says, "Yeah but now you can still be in the Fall Formal and do not worry, I will be on your side."

Pinkamena hugs tighter, crushing them a little as Golden Heart says, "Ok little sister, I think you might crush them."

Pinkamena lets go, blushing a little in embarrassment and says, "Sorry."

As Luna opens the blinds to let in some light into the room, Twilight smiles excitedly as she hugs Flash, exclaiming, "Thank you! You have no idea how important this is to me!"

Flash Sentry chuckles as he ask, "What was I gonna do? Not prove your innocence? Wouldn't be much of a Canterlot Wondercolt, would I?"

"Nope, you would've been a Canterlot Wonderdope!" Pinkamena giggles a bit, making a joke.

"I am afraid enough damage has been done to the gym that we will have to postpone the dance until tomorrow night." Luna said in concern. With the damages that happened to the gym, the dance will have to be postponed until tomorrow night for repairs.

"Darn! I guess I better get started then!" Hoboken Joe cursed in hearing the dance is posted to tomorrow night instead of today. "See you kids later!" With that, Hoboken Joe leaves the vice-principal's office to quickly rush off to get to work.

"If you will excuse me, I need to let my sister know about this latest development."

Luna leaves to inform Celestia with Golden Heart and Pinkamena following close behind. Twilight hugs Flash Sentry as a show of gratitude. But then, disaster soon struck.

Ben came into the office. He has found out that Twilight is being suspected of trashing the gym and came to try to defend her. Luckily, a passing Golden Heart assures him that his girlfriend has been clear so he came in to help her. Unfortunately, that is when he saw a shocking sight.

Ben saw Twilight hugging Flash Sentry. Flash spotted Ben. He became shocked and worried as the boy exclaims, "Ben?!"

"Ben?" Twilight ask in worry. She turns and saw Ben. "Ben, this isn't what you're -"

Ben sighs, "It’s okay, Twilight Sparkle. I had the feeling this might happen." The boy feared that Twilight may end up falling for Flash Sentry. Despite the others assuring him otherwise, this may be the proof that Ben feared. He then looks at Flash while speaking, "Promise me that you'll look after her? Please, make sure that Boris doesn't get her. Thanks for everything, Flash."

"Ben! Wait! This isn't what you're thinking!” Flash protest in alarm.

Ben immediately left. Both Flash and Twilight were shocked and disbelief of seeing him left. Ben runs as fast as he can; tears come out from his eyes. This is official; the poor prince has lost his princess to a human guard. All those years of pining and to be reunited with Twilight...gone just like that.

Flash shocked and disbelief ask, "What have I done...... I didn't mean to hurt Ben so much. I just want to help Twilight prove she's innocent. Not because of being Canterlot Wondercolt, but being a good friend to him."

Twilight sighs in sadness, "It's not your fault, Flash. It's mine. I promise to Ben that I won't go date with any boys but him. He told me that he would never replace me. And look what I've done. I betray his love and trust." The girl felt her heart breaking into various pieces as if the crown no longer matters...not if she can't share it with the stallion of her dreams.

"Listen, Twilight. I'm not going to do what Ben had ask me to. But I'm going to make everything up for the Fall Formal Dance tomorrow night. I promise you that I won't be involved and neither does Boris. It will be a good surprise."

Twilight smiles as she said, "That would be..." The girl's eyes widen in shock and alarm, "Tomorrow night!? No, no no no no no, no no no no no; Nonononono! I can't! The portal! That'll be too late!" Twilight runs off, leaving an alarmed Flash just standing. By tomorrow night, the portal home would be shut and she, Ben, Nyx, Spike and Phobos would be stranded here forever!

"One 'no' would have been fine!" Flash calls out. He sighs as soon as Twilight left. "Flash, you really ruin everything. You are a bad friend." Flash slaps himself before becoming serious and firm. "No! I'm not giving up yet. I have to get everything right as soon as possible. But first, I need to find Ben."


Sunset Shimmer is satisfied. Not only did she guarantee a delay in Twilight's attempt to run for the Fall Formal but she also got her and Ben to break up. True, Luna found out that the photos were fakes but at least the vice-principal didn't realize how she, with Snips and Snails's help, did the forgery so the girl practically got away with it.

Sunset found Boris and his goons whom she hasn't seen since before lunch, the girl demands, "Boris, where were you after lunch? I thought that--." Sunset stops as she saw some lipstick that Boris wasn't able to clean off yet for some reason, "What the--? Is that lipstick on your face?"

"Yes, Sunset. But it's not Twilight's lipstick. I was lured into a trap and I just fell for it." Boris explains to Sunset sheepishly.

"Who set you up, Boris?"

"Oh, some new girl...uh...Tracy or Trixie Lulamoon. At least I think her name was Lulamoon."

Sunset's eyes widen in shock as she yells out, "Trixie?!?!" The girl apparently didn't realize until now of a existence of a human version of an unicorn that she used to bully back in Equestria...until now anyway. Sunset never care much to learn the names of all the students in this school anyway.

"What was that, Sunset?" Boris asks Sunset, confused by what she just said.

"Never mind, Boris; I don't know what you and Trixie did together, but you better not let it slip."

"That's what he told us, ma'am." Boxco said to Sunset with a shrug.

Dum-Dum nods, adding, "Yeah, Sunset; that's what he told us."

"You better not screw up again, Boris." Sunset said darkly to Boris, making him gulp a bit. The girl can be nasty when provoked.

"Don't worry, Sunset. I'm your man." Boris said with a sheepish grin.

"You'd better be...or you can kiss your chances with Twilight Sparkle...GOOD-BYE!"

Sunset, calming down, soon explains what she did with Snips and Snails's help then adds the true reason for the disaster at the gym. Boris, Boxco and Dum-Dum were amazed and/or confused by the explanation.

"So let me get this straight, Sunset. You set everything just for Ben and Flash to stop and break up from being friends?" Boris ask Sunset in surprise.

Sunset smirks as she answers, "That's right. I ordered both Snips and Snails to wreck the party up and get the pictures of the wreckage combined with the ones that of Twilight playing sports with Rainbow Crash. I purposely left the cutting parts out and threw the originals in dumpster for Flash to take. Not only will I able to delay Twilight's so-called 'coronation' but to crush Benjamin's heart by believing that Flash betrayed him when Twilight accepts him than Benny."

"In other word, Twilight is mine to take."

"Indeed. But first, I want you bring Benjamin to me ASAP. So, that both Twilight and Ben will never get together, even when Flash may try to repair the damage he had done."

Boris smirks as he said darkly, "It will be done, your highness. I'll take care of him at once."

"Oh, and Boris. Boxco; Dum-Dum," Sunset said in pretend sweetness to the three goons.

All three all asked at once, "Yeah?" They yelp in fear as Sunset gave them a sinister like look.

"This is your last...chance."


Ben wasn't expecting it, the boy was busy feeling terrible for his breakup with Twilight, feeling that he has lost her forever and to a human version of his good friend Flash Sentry. But as Ben continues being distracted, the next disaster happened.

The boy saw the creeps going after him forcing the prince to make a run for it. Boris caught Ben by pinning him to the locker. The bully was about to give Ben a knockout, until a soccer ball hit his head. Boris, Ben, Boxco and Dum-Dum turned and saw Flash who is pushing the bullies aside, protecting Ben with his hand wide open.

"Leave my friend alone, Boris the Animal!" Flash snaps angrily to Boris, defying him once more.

Ben was shocked to see Flash coming and saving him. Boris on the other hand snarl, "Stay out of this, Sentry. I'm here for Ben for our discussion."

Flash huffed, "More like bullying him than talking, Boris the Animal! I'm not going to let you bully him! He's my best friend!"

Ben and Boris ask in surprise and/or shock, "Best Friend?" Flash is friends to a new coming boy?

"Heck to that, Sentry!" Boris snaps angrily to Flash. "You're the one who ruined his relationship with Twilight Sparkle."

"Yup, and I'm here to fix it by stopping you from hurting Twilight's boyfriend, Boris the Animal!" Flash exclaims in determination.

Both Boris and Flash starts fighting, then they are joined by Boxco and Dum-Dum. The two grabbed Flash as Boris glares at him. This former football player has it coming, according to the bully anyway.

"I've been wanting to do this, you runt!" Boris remarks. He starts hitting Flash very hard. Ben became very angry, not because of what Flash did to his relationship, but for Boris hurting his best friend's Human form.

"Leave my friend alone! Pick somebody on your own size, Boris the Animal!" Ben exclaims angrily.

Ben pushes Boris aside. Flash moved his arms which were grabbed by Boxco and Dum-Dum, and let their heads be hit. Flash hit both goons very hard to get a knockout. Ben punches Boris for a few times until the villain grabbed his throat.

Boris was about to strangle Ben to death as he doesn't care of Sunset Shimmer's reason but to get Twilight Sparkle. Flash hits Boris's head. The creep let go of his grasps of Ben's throat. The prince now hit his face hard.

The students heard the fighting and gathered around them. They saw Ben and Flash who fought hardly and ferociously at Boris. They continued to fight until a whistle was blown.

"By the god's name, what is going on?" Nexus demands sternly as he came on the scene, upset by fighting in a school.

Ben, Flash and Boris stops the fighting. The bully points at Ben and Flash as he insists, "Mr. Nexus! Those runts attack me!"

Flash shook his head as she said, "Mr. Nexus. I assure you that Boris is the one who started attacking Ben! I'm just defending him!"

Ben nods as he said, "Flash's right. I'm helping my friend too."

"He's lying!" Boxco exclaims in alarm, trying to deny Ben's claim.

"They're both lying!" Dum-Dum exclaims in agreement.

Spell Nexus narrows his eyes as he said, "I know." For a moment, it looks like Ben and Flash are in trouble but the teacher then adds, "That is why we had finally caught the one who is responsible of blackmailing and hurting the students and staffs; Boris the Animal, to the principal's office."

"What!" Boris exclaims in shock and alarm.

"Don't believe me? Hoboken Joe, would you bring the evidence here?" Nexus spoke up. Hoboken Joe brought thousands of photos while Boris was shocked and shivered in fear. "I believe these are yours."

Spell Nexus threw the photos down. Boris recognizes the photos: they belong to students when they had privacy and secrets, he was using them to blackmail everyone to vote for Sunset Shimmer. The students saw everything and glared at Boris.

"How," Boris ask in bewilderment; these photos were in his locker! How was it that the janitor got his hands on these?!

"The usual cleaning day until I saw your locker wasn't locked. I was about to lock it until I notice the familiar photo. So, I suspect that you are the one who has been blackmailing everybody, even me. It looks like I had finally interfered in the matters." Hoboken Joe said with a sly smirk on his face.

Boris glared at his stooges as he snaps, "I thought you're supposed to make sure that my locker is completely locked!"

Boxco bewildered turns to Dum-Dum as he exclaims, "You're the one who supposed to lock it, Dum-Dum!"

"Me? I thought it's your turn!" Dum-Dum protests to Boxco in confusion. Looks like from the look of things, Boris's goons were the reason why he was finally caught.

Boris groaned, "Thanks to that, we're all busted!"

"That is correct. To the principal's office, you three," Nexus snaps as he motions the three to go to Celestia's office to finally face major punishment for what they did. Turning to Ben and Flash, he adds, "As for you Flash and Ben, in this school, we do not tolerate such violence and fighting. But if it weren't for you, well, we would never caught the rats. Principal Celestia will be appreciated with your assistance. Thank you."

Nexus took his leave as the students scattered off. Ben looks surprised and speechless. Despite what happened earlier, Flash has defended him from Boris and his goons once more. The boy felt more guilt-ridden for not trusting him...but still believes in the worst.

"I'd never led them to find the evidence." Ben said, pondering as to how Boris's evidence was found by Hobo Joe in the first place.

"Me neither." Flash said in bewilderment.

Hoboken chuckled as he explains to Ben, "I believe it was your running away from Boris that help me find the evidence."


In the flashback, Hoboken narrates, "I saw you've been chased by Boris and his no good stooges. You hit Boris's locker corner very hard while trying to run off and followed by nasty bullies. The locker's lock broke. And I'm telling you: you open a chance for me to peek on Boris's stuff. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't able to save you and Flash in time."

Hoboken Joe approach Boris's locker and saw some photos. He then found something familiar. The janitor glared at the photos as he knew what to do. Hoboken Joe showed the photos to Spell Nexus who is also very angry. Both of them saw some students run towards to the scene of something happening. They both followed the students before what happened is well known.


Hoboken smiles as he adds, "I'd say that your accident saves not only yours and his life, but everybody's and mine from being blackmailed."

Ben and Flash smile and look at each other. The latter, deciding that it's time to clear the misunderstanding up, explains, "Listen Ben, the hugging me by Twilight isn't what you think. That's appreciation. I'm helping Twilight to prove her innocence. I'm sorry for making you upset seeing me with Twilight."

Ben sighs, "To be honest, I wasn't in the right mind. I was worried because of going to new places like this and meeting friends like you. I was worried that Twilight will like the new boy than me." It's true; the boy fears his relationship with Twilight and more.

"Hey, it's cool, Ben. I've seen a lot of guys think that way. But let me tell you something, I'd never take my friends' girls as mine. All I want is to befriend with everybody in the school. Friendship is important."

"You sure?"

Flash smiles as he asks Ben, "Now why would I lie to you when we're good friends?"

Ben was shocked of what Flash had said as a memory of his past came into mind...


As a young colt, Flash gave Ben a Royal Guard helmet. The Pegasus grins as he said, "Here Ben, this is your birthday gift. You'll be a great hero one day."

"You sure," Ben ask a bit shyly. The colt was a shy one, not sure if he himself will make a good hero at all.

"Now why would I lie to you when we're good friends?"


It was close to Hearts and Hooves day. Ben holds the Equestrian Angel tightly while Flash patted on his shoulder. The colt is nervous, wondering if Twilight would love what he made her.

"Everything will be fine, Ben. Twilight will love it. One day, you and her will be together. You guys are destined to be in love." Flash assures his friend with a smile.

"You sure," Ben ask his friend hopefully.

"Now why would I lie to you when we're good friends?"


Ben and Flash laughs as they hug each other, reunited after Demon Pony event. The Pegasus pony knew that his friend is still around and the recent events had proven that his hope is proven!

"Ben! I knew that you're alive! I knew it! I knew that you're not dead. I'd never lose faith in you." Flash laughs excitedly that his friend is alive after all these years.

Flash and Ben hugged, the latter ask, "You sure?"

Flash smile as he repeats the same words that the Pegasus told Ben a few times before, "Now why would I lied to you when we're good friends?"


Ben was shocked and sobbed of what Flash had said. He thinks, 'He really is my best friend Flash's Human form. And I'd doubt him so much. I'd better fix this now.' Ben sniffs while rubbing his tears off.

"You okay?" Flash ask Ben in concern. The boy nods. "Listen; if you want to feel better, I'd be honored to get everything make up for tomorrow night between you and Twilight only. That's my way to say sorry."

Ben smiles as he comments, "That would be..." The boy's widen in shock and horror. The portal back home would be close by then, "Tomorrow night!? No, no no no no no, no no no no no; Nonononono! I can't! The portal! That'll be too late!"

Ben runs off to the boy's restroom. A bewildered Flash calls out, "One 'no' would have been fine. Again; Wow. No wonder Ben and Twilight were made a perfect couple. That's crazy and awesome."

Hoboken chuckled, "I wouldn't counting on that yet, Flash. I believe he's hiding something. I think he's going to tell us sooner or later."


Ben washes his face while looking into a mirror. The boy has made up with Flash Sentry, but what to do with Twilight? She must be angry for his reaction to her and Flash earlier in Luna's office!

"What am I gonna do? I can't go back without my family and her crown. But if I go back to Twilight, she would never be happy to see me because of me being insensitive and selfish." Ben said, looking down in sadness. "What am I gonna do? I fail everypony. I fail you, Twilight. I'm sorry."

Ben (Pony) appeared in Ben's reflection. He spoke, "Tell Flash and Hoboken Joe the truth. That's what you should do."

"Are you crazy? They will think I'm crazy. If I told them the truth, they won't help me. I won't able to help Twilight."

"Telling the truth will make them help you. They'll understand not because of your appearance, but your heart. Coz if you don't, Twilight will not only can't go home, but she will be losing her life to Sunset and the Superior. You've gotta do it; Not only for home, friendship and family, but for Twilight!"

Ben was shocked, then he nods knowing he must do it before it is too late.

"You're right. I didn't come here for nothing. I'm doing this for Twilight. There is no other way." Ben said in determination. He must tell Flash and Hobo Joe the truth and fix things with Twilight once and for all before it's too late.

Ben (Imagination) spoke up, "Besides, if you ever see Twilight, just admit the mistake that you've made, and apologize to her. And I'm sure that she will forgive you."

"I hope so; Time to face reality."

Ben (Imagination) smiles as Ben the human left the restroom and faces both Flash and Hoboken. It's now or never.

"Listen, Flash and Hobo Joe, I know I've known you for two days. But what I'm gonna say that is going to be hard to believe and crazy." Ben said as he breaths in and out. "The truth is......"

Suddenly, Hoboken Joe interrupts, saying, "Let me guess. You're a pony prince came from your alternate world to help your pony Twilight and family to get her crown back before Sunset Shimmer used it to destroy both yours and our world and the portal's gate will be closed tonight."

Ben was shocked upon hearing this. Flash was in an awkward state as he ask, "Hoboken Joe, you sure you didn't get your head struck badly? Coz I don't think that's the reason."

Ben gulped as he admits, "Actually that's everything." Flash was shocked while Hoboken smirked. "How did you know?"

Hoboken smirked as he answers, "Call it a hunch." Somehow this guy knows or unless someone told him somehow!

"You're the prince while Twilight is your pony princess and so as her sister Nyx, Spike and Phobos?" Flash ask Ben in surprise and amazement.

Ben nods as he corrects Flash, "Actually, Nyx is my adopted daughter while Spike and Phobos are Dragons."

Flash gulped and quickly bowed to the ground and so did Hoboken Joe. Ben was shocked of seeing the repeated event when he first came to Ponyville.

"I'm so sorry. Sorry for making you angry! I'll do anything, your majesty. Punish me anything you want, I'll accept it. I'm very sorry, your majesty." Flash said frantically and worried that Ben would be upset for what happened despite the saving him from Boris part.

Ben quickly helps both Flash and Hoboken Joe up and smiles to them. He said to Flash, "Listening to your familiar words reminded me and tells me that you're forgiven. Coz I have a friend who use the same sentence."

"And what's that?"

"'Now why would I lie to you when we're good friends?' These words are the only ones that I believe and forgive you, Flash because pony Flash Sentry is my very first and best friend before Twilight and Hoboken Joe."

Flash is shocked but smile as he said, "Thank you, your majesty."

"Stop calling me that. Call me Ben." Ben insists. Flash smile and nods, "Now about the making up for everything?"

Flash smiles as he pats Ben on the back, "I need you. You'll be a good surprise for Twilight. But not now until tomorrow night, otherwise it wouldn't be a good surprise."

Ben smile but sighs, "Sorry. But it has to be tonight and...I think I will talk to Twilight. I must make up with her before I lose her forever."

"I see. Well, good luck with getting back with Twilight. If I remember right, she should be at a clothes shop picking out clothes with her new friends. They mentioned earlier about going there today."

"I know. Thanks."

Flash adds with a smile, "You know, I could still surprise you at the dance if it makes me even better if or when you get back with Twilight."

"That would be nice, Flash; thanks again." Ben said, Flash grins as he left. The stallion hopes that he likes the surprise that his human Pegasus friend will be giving him.

"It looks like you finally let go of your doubt on Flash." Hoboken Joe remarks with a slight to Ben.

"Yes. You knew it, didn't you? But who cares? I can finally trust him because he and pony Flash are true, true friends. I hope that Twilight forgives me for running off and leaving her behind." Ben said with a sigh, hoping that Twilight would forgive him for his actions.

Hoboken smiles as he said, "Everything will be fine, Ben. Trust me."

"I know. I believe in you; Always."

Ben heads off quickly to get to the clothes shop in hopes that Twilight is still there by the time that he does. Just then, the boy yelps as he runs into Vice-Principal Luna who yelps back in surprise.

"Oh, sorry, Vice-Principal Luna...just in a hurry." Ben said to a human version of his aunt sheepishly.

"It's no problem, Mr. Mare; you may feel free to continue." Luna assures Ben. The boy prepares to leave when the woman stops him, "Excuse me if this sounds strange but my sister Principal Celestia has this odd feeling that she knows you before..."

"Uh, from where?"

"Well, Celestia believes that you reminded her of her son Ben whom she hasn't seen much since the separation."

"Separation," Ben asks Luna in surprise and concern. So his parents in this world are separated though the boy hasn’t seen or know his father yet.

"Correct. Celestia and her husband got separated, her son Ben is living with his father. She hasn't seen much of her boy and misses him dearly." Luna explains to Ben who looks concerned. "My sister was hoping to have Ben transferred here but even though Boris and his goons were finally caught, there's still the matter of Sunset Shimmer."

"I see...well, I am sure that me and her son looking alike is just a coincidence, Vice-Principal Luna."

"I see. Well, off you go then."

Ben nods quickly as he runs out to get going. Luna pauses as she watches him go. Come to think about it, the boy does remind her so much of the woman's nephew. Luna ponders how this could be...


As was mentioned before, the girls are indeed at the clothes shop, looking for clothes for tonight's dance...which won't happen unless a solution is found. Twilight is in a dressing room with Spike, Phobos and Nyx after a worrying at the school.

Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity along with Golden Heart and Pinkamena, the last two are looking for some ribbons, wait for Twilight to come out. Golden Heart says to his sister, "The truth is coming."

"Well, yeah, but I have a feeling Pinkie's fourth wall skills will kick in the moment Twilight is going to speak." Pinkamena said to her brother in amusement.

"Okay." Golden Heart said with a nod.

"Everyone okay in there," Rarity calls out to Twilight as the CMC join in the waiting. The girls look concerned when their friend rushed in there, looking worried big time. Nyx and the dogs went in there in hopes to talk with her.

"Yes!" Twilight calls out to Rarity. But that isn't true. The purple girl is in a small corner, looking scared as Nyx, Spike and Phobos watch on. "It's not okay at all! First, the crown, then the coronation and now I've lost Ben!"

"Mommy, what happened?" Nyx ask her adopted mother in worry. What happened to Ben since she hasn't seen her father with Twilight yet?

"Twilight accidentally make Ben heartbroken when hugging Flash." Spike explains sadly to Nyx.

"What," Phobos ask Spike, spitting out a snack that he was eating.

"What happened, mommy?" Nyx ask Twilight in worry.

Twilight explained from the earlier event, how Sunset Shimmer framed her for trashing the gym, her innocence being proven and the hug that broke Ben's heart. She sadly continues from there, "How could everything I work so hard on turn into a disaster? Now Ben will never see me again. I don't think he would forgive me. He may have gone home. But if I don't get my crown tonight, I won't be able to go back to Equestria for another thirty moons! Oh, what are we gonna do?"

"Hmm; we have to tell them the truth." Spike suggest, referring to the human versions of the Mane Five and the CMC. "Let them know what's really at stake if you don't get the crown tonight. They'll help us figure something out."

"What if they won't? What if when they find out how different I really am...?" Twilight ask in sadness as she looks into a mirror nearby. The girl can imagine her pony self in there looking right back at her, both are fearing rejection.

"Twilight, these girls rallied around you 'cause they saw what was in your heart! They aren't going to feel any differently about you when they find out you're a pony princess in Equestria." Spike insists to Twilight in concern. "As for Ben, I'm not very sure how you're gonna deal with that."

"He would never forgive me. I'm sure that he will never see my face again because he thinks I betray him, replace him and would never love him." Twilight said in sadness. Oh, what a fool she was!

"Twi- Mommy. If you tell him properly about what Flash did for you, daddy will understand. Flash is just trying to help, not replace daddy. I mean daddy didn't survive all the hardships for nothing." Nyx encourages her mother who looks at her in sadness. "He's doing this for you. I'm sure he'll forgive you because you're his special somepony while he's yours."

Twilight pauses before smiling as she hugs Spike and Nyx, "I'm glad all of you followed me here, Spike and Nyx. Thank you." It was a good idea for these two to come along as well, like Ben.

"Me too; unless, of course, we get stuck here for another thirty moons," Spike remarked with an ironic chuckle.

Nyx sighs, "Yeah, I only hope that daddy didn't leave the Human world too soon."

"Me too," Twilight said in concern. She can only pray that her love hasn't gone back home, heartbroken yet.

"Yeah, hate to ruin your emotional conversation, but we've got a problem to deal with." Phobos said, reminding his friends of the fact that their human version friends are waiting for them to come out of the dressing room right now.

"Right," Twilight said, breathing in and out; Time to get this over with and hope for the best.

Then, the group went out of the dressing room as Twilight moved the curtain aside. The Mane Five girls and the CMC looked at them in concern as Applejack asked, "Yew okay?"

Twilight was about to explain when something surprising happened: a voice is heard yelling, "TWILIGHT!" The gang saw Ben, worried and concerned, coming into the shop.

Just then, Pinkie did a combination of hiccups and coughing, before saying, "Ben! Look out for..." Too late, Ben trips over some stuff left on the floor, causing him to slip and collide with Twilight, knocking both down to the floor. "...that stuff left on the floor."

The lovers got up still on the floor, groaning. Twilight asks, "Ben, wha..."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was a dope, a fool, a moron, a nincompoop!" Ben exclaims, hugging Twilight in sadness. "Please forgive me, I was a dope, a..."

"Slow down, slow down!" Rainbow exclaims, causing Ben to stop. "Take a breath out and tell us what you're a dope and anything for anyway."

"I thought Twilight was in love with someone else like Flash Sentry when I saw them hugging." Ben explained, "But Flash came up to me and told me it was a misunderstanding and it was only an appreciation for making sure she was innocent."

The girls pause a bit. Apple Bloom remarks, "If Ah done don't know any better...which Ah often don't...Ah say Sunset Shimmer dressed 'de gym just 'ta make 'dat happen an' tried 'ta plumb break Twilight an' Ben up."

"Yeah, what she said." Sweetie said with a slow nod with Scootaloo agreeing.

"Twilight, please forgive me. I was..." Ben was interrupted when Twilight grabs him and kisses her love on the forehead.

"As long as you're still here with me, I have already forgiven you." Twilight said with tears of joys in her eyes.

Ben smiles as he hugs Twilight, the couple are reunited after a misunderstanding. Their love is bigger than ever.

As the two got back up, Rarity said, "Well, now that silly misunderstanding is settled...what is it you were going to tell us, Twilight?"

Twilight sighs, it's now or never. The girl said, "The Fall Formal isn't happening tonight."

"WHAT," Pinkie yelled in shock. The Fall Formal isn't gonna happen?!

"She said..." Scootaloo begins to say.

"I know that she said that!" Pinkie complains to Scootaloo.

"It had to be postponed because Sunset Shimmer had Snips and Snails ruin all of Pinkie Pie's decorations."

"WHAT," Pinkie screams out in shock. Her decorations have been ruined?!

"Wait, how did you know that it was Snips and Snails?" Golden Heart asks Twilight in pretend curiosity. The man obviously already knew.

"Simple. Sunset doesn't want to get her hands dirty and who better to do the dirty work than those two dimwits...besides Boxco and Dum-Dum, of course?" Twilight ask, pointing out that fact.

"Yeah, good point." Pinkamena remarks with a nod.

"The Fall Formal has to happen tonight." Nyx said in concern.

"Wha--" Pinkie was cut off from saying else by Applejack, who covers her mouth with an annoyed look on her face. The other girls got the idea.

Ben sighs, not knowing how to explain this to the human friends. He begins to speak, "You see..."

Suddenly, Pinkie started explaining a bit quickly, "You three are from an alternate world, and Twilight is a pony princess there with you being a prince and Nyx is an adopted pony daughter and the crown actually has a magical element embedded in it that helps power up other magical elements and without it they don't work anymore, and you three need them all to help protect your magical world, and if you don't get the crown tonight, you'll all be stuck in this world and you won't be able to get back for like a really, really long time!" Then, she gave a big squeaky grin while the CMC, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy all glance at her awkwardly and Rainbow looked at Pinky dryly.

If there was a mule in the room, it was heard possibly in the background, cause Twilight, Ben and Nyx had gaping mouths with wide eyes in hearing the pink human girl version of Pinkie Pie... just told the gang here who they are. Why there was even a mule mix with a dog noise from Spike and Phobos having their mouths, or muzzles, gaping open with wide eyes in being shocked to see that happen. How is it that Pinkie Pie, whether human or pony, can sometimes do something that seems so...so....it's hard to know if she was psychic, a mind reader, or just had a lucky guess.

Course, as that was still taking effect, Rainbow Dash scratched her back head in trying to handle what just happened from Pinkie Pie's weird explanation of what Twilight was gonna say. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that isn't the reason." She looked away to roll her eyes while making a dry quote about there being no way that was all true.


"Nope, she's pretty much spot on." Spike spoke off with a blank expression to wave off a paw that Pinkie Pie nails the old hammer on that subject.

"IT CAN TALK!?" Rarity grasped her hair in wide eyes in actually seeing, Spike just talked like them, but how?

"He can talk. I can talk. We can walk. We can sing and dance, but that's for later!" Phobos step up to issue the fact that he too can speak and about other things the dogs can do.

"THEY CAN BOTH TALK?!" Rarity rephrases her statement in seeing both Spike and Phobos, two dogs talking like the people versions of ponies.

Now the Mane Six human versions along with the CMC ones were in a surprise, stump, or shocked state while the dogs continued to speak.

"Oh yeah; In fact, where me and Phobos come from, we're not even dogs." Spike walked up to begin to chat with the girls in stating who he & Phobos are. "I'm a Furious Firing Breathing Dragon!" Spike stood up on two legs to have his front paws point to exclaim in introducing himself as an 'incredible' Dragon, despite being a baby Dragon in the pony universe.

"And I'm a Legendary Moon Dragon! Please, hold the applause, wait, second thought, you can applaud." Phobos stood proudly in declaring himself as something to be recognized, despite not being as tall as an actual Moon Dragon when he served in Tadaka's Army long ago before being sealed in the Void, that's another story already told before.

"Modest, aren't they?" Ben whispered this out to Nyx in seeing the Dragons trying to have a major impression on the human versions of their friends.

The dogs awaits for the reaction of their 'stunning' feat from the gang, while Pinkie Pie study & Rarity was still getting over this surprise, but the friend in the middle, Fluttershy, pushed the other two away with an astounded expression.

"This is so amazing!" Fluttershy exclaimed excitedly before she knelt down to them as she asked them eagerly, "Tell me, what are you two thinking right now?"

Spike and Phobos look at Fluttershy in confusion, before the girl leaned a bit closer towards them with a big smile.

"Sure would love a scratch behind the old ears!" Spike exclaims, but mostly looking towards Rarity when saying that.

"Gah..." Rarity said, still taking what she learnt in.

"Uh, maybe later," Spike said sheepishly; perhaps not is not the time.

"Uh..." Phobos said, trying to think up what to say. Then he begins to sing a familiar song, "Beans, beans, they're good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you..."

"Okay, Phobos!" Nyx exclaims, covering his mouth in concern. "That's enough."

"Sorry." Phobos said sheepishly to Nyx.

"How did you know all that?" Twilight ask Pinkie in bewilderment. The pink pony's weird abilities amaze her sometimes.

"Just a hunch," Pinkie said happily.

"Yeah, a hunch," Ben said while rolling his eyes a bit.

"And while we're on the subject, we kinda knew who you two are the whole time." Pinkamena exclaims happily, much to the surprise of everyone else but Golden Heart.

"Yeah, long story, but we got a deeper connection with our pony selves than you realize." Golden Heart adds with a pleased look on his face.

"Thought there was something weird going on." Spike comments.

"Wait a minute! Let me git 'dis straight." Applejack said, trying to ponder this new information. "Yer're, Ben an' Nyx are ponies?"

"You're a princess and a prince?" Rarity gasps to Twilight and Ben in surprise.

"You're from another world?" Fluttershy ask her new friends in surprise.

Twilight gulps a bit, "Mm-hmm." Now it's time for the next part: the reaction. How will her human version friends react to what they were just told?

"That... is..." Rainbow started dryly, to the concern of Twilight's group, who was worried that she might find it ridiculous, "...AWESOME!!!" She gave out a big grin as she finished her sentence in an excited tone.

The other girls cheer on excitedly. Twilight looks surprised but is smiling. Her friends believe her and are still her friends regardless!

"See? Told you," Spike said to Twilight making her smile to her Dragon/dog.

Apple Bloom pauses as she asks her new friend, "So you're really a pony?"

"Your big sister and her boyfriend are royalties, and so are you?" Sweetie asks Nyx in amazement.

"You know all of us because all of our pony versions are your best friends." Scootaloo said, realizing that her friends that Nyx spoke of must be the CMC's pony selves.

"I'm actually Twilight's adopted daughter, and I wasn't born naturally, but created." Nyx said to her friends. CMC is in shock, "Sorry, girls, for lying."

"That is weird and crazy, but awesome!" Scootaloo exclaimed excitedly. The CMC cheer on wildly, making Nyx smile with her eyes widened.

"Really," Nyx asked the humans hopefully.

"Yeah; if yew guys haven't show up, Applejack an' her friends will never git together again." Apple Bloom points out with a grin. Thanks to Twilight, Nyx and Ben, they were able to reunite the Main Five!

"You gave everybody a hope to vote for your mother!" Sweetie said eagerly.

"The best thing of all: we can finally beat that no good Sunset Shimmer and her stooges for good! We have restored our school!" Scootaloo remarks making Nyx laugh a bit.

Nyx smiles as she said, "Thanks."

"Well, kids; the gym is still trashed...but we can fix that, right?" Golden Heart ask the girls and boys with a smirk on his face.

"That's right!" Nyx said with a confident smirk, "Together, we can fix everything for the Fall Formal and make sure Mommy wins the crown!"

The girls cheer on wildly in agreement. It's time to undo what Sunset Shimmer's stooges had done!


Celestia pauses a bit in her office as she learned about what happened to the gym. The Fall Formal is going to be delayed until tomorrow because someone has trashed the place. Twilight was blamed for it until she was cleared...apparently sounds like Sunset Shimmer but besides the forged photos, there aren't much proof to go after her on.

But there's still one thing that puzzles the principal as she glances at the phone. The woman sighs as she said, "Luna, I'm going to call my son."

"Are you certain? Is it because of the boy Ben Mare?" Luna ask Celestia, arching an eyebrow at this suggestion.

Celestia nods as she explains, "Yes. Though I'm truly appreciate for him and Flash for proving Twilight's innocence and capturing Boris for blackmailing and bullying, I can't help but to think and confirm of how much he looks alike as my son. I need some confirmation."

"I understand, but I can't be sure if your husband will be pleased to hear you."

"I have to try." Celestia then dials in a number, calling her husband through her phone while on loudspeaker. The woman soon got an answer, "Hello, dear. I know that we're not supposed to talk since our divorce, but I really want to talk with my son. He's our son."

Celestia's husband is heard, speaking sincerely, "Celestia, the truth is....... He and I had a talk about you. He said he wants to see you, and so do I."

"Really? But why?"

"Celly, I know we haven't talked much because of the fight, but the truth is that I miss you so much and so as our boy. I felt I'm so selfish and irresponsible for making him unhappy and upset. Listen, I'm planning to move to your place and so are his girlfriend's family. I'm having him transferred to your school, along with his girlfriend and her twin siblings. And trust me, they all really want to see and meet you. So is it okay?"

Celestia sobbed a bit, happy to hear this information. The woman gets to see her baby boy again! She calms down to ask, "When?"

"Next year. This time, I'm not lying especially not to you, Celly; so, you're okay with it?" The husband’s voice spoke gently.

Celestia sobbed once more as she manages to respond, "Yes. But can I hear my son's voice?" Luna smiles as she gave her sister a tissue to dry out her tears.

"Way ahead of you," Celestia's husband said. The woman hears him giving the phone to someone. Soon, she heard a voice that she herself hadn't heard in some time now...

"Mom; is that you?" The voice of Celestia's son is heard. The principal sobbed of hearing her son's voice and at the same time is shocked to hear that both Ben (the Pony from Equestria) and her son sounded the same. Luna is also in shock of it. Her nephew sounds just like the Ben Mare student!

"Ben, is that you?" Celestia ask her son hopefully.

"Yeah, it's me. I miss you so much."

"Me too, Benjamin; so, you're really coming to my school next year?"

"Yeah. Dad and I are planning to visit you this weekend. I'm bringing my girlfriend too. I'm sure you're gonna love her." Ben's voice said, a hint of hope is heard in his voice, along with some shyness. Apparently, the boy is still shy but manages to get a girlfriend after all.

Celestia gulped as she's worried, "Is your girlfriend's name Twilight Sparkle?" She is taking on a guess but ponders if this is indeed the case.

"Huh? How did you know?"

Celestia and Luna were shocked of this. Ben's girlfriend is Twilight Sparkle...the same name as one of the new students who came here with the other Ben! This cannot be a coincidence!

"Lucky guess; that's not important but more important is that I'm happy to hear you and your father are coming to visit." Celestia said with a happy sigh. Two of her most important people in her life are returning...and maybe this time, the parents can work things out and she will see her son all the time again. "That's good enough."

"Okay, mom. Thanks. I love you." Ben's voice said gently.

"I know. You will always be my dearest son."

As soon as the phone shuts off, Celestia and Luna turned to each other. The vice principal in concern spoke up, "Not only does your son looks so much like Ben Mare but his voice too. What could this mean, sister?"

"I'm not sure. It's hard to believe that my son has his girlfriend with the same name as Ben has: Twilight Sparkle." Celestia said with ponder; something is going on here and somehow, Sunset Shimmer is also involved in this mystery.

"Something suspicious about them."

Celestia realized something, making her say, "There is no such thing called a 'Grand Galloping Gala'. That sounded like ponies' fall dance."

"You don't think that this 'Twilight and her gang' came from another space or dimension?" Luna asks Celestia in amazement. Of course, with what's happening lately, this may be the case! "If so, why are they here for? What are they looking for?"

Celestia glanced at the crown that is in a box nearby and remember about her first meeting with Twilight and Ben. The woman said, "I suspect that Sunset Shimmer has stolen something that doesn't belong here."

"The crown; I was wondering why our crown is so crystal and beautiful, instead of dull. Shimmer used our fake crown to replace their crown. I had a bad feeling that Twilight and her pony friends will not be pleased of it."

"If so, they would have force us to hand it over when we first met them. But instead, they're like 'Humans'. Perhaps, they are more peaceful ponies. They know that hurting us won't bring peace between them and us, as well as getting their crown back. We should play along as their friends while observing what they do here."

"I hope you know what you're doing." Luna said in concern, fearing what Sunset Shimmer could do to get the crown.

"I only hope that Twilight and her friends won't bring any harm to our world. I hope that they are good and friendly, otherwise I would never get my chance to see my son one last time." Celestia said, looking at the picture of herself and Ben. The principal can only hope for the best.


Meanwhile, Hoboken Joe was busy trying to deal with a few messes around the gym; whoever wrecked the joint did a bang up job. It'll take him almost a lot of work hours before he can fix this mess while the Party Staff plans to setup different decorations to replace the destroyed bunch. Course while he was working under a table in reaching for something....

"Hay Hoboken Joe," Applejack's voice cut in to call the hobo under the table, but...

"Gaugh; Dang Gum; Applejack; Dat you; ye startled my mind!" Hobo Joe yelped to bump his head under the table, but rubbed his noggin to stood up and see...the group of friends that form the Main Six with Twilight, along with Ben & Nyx as well as the CMC. "Well this is a surprise; you're with your old gang of friends & with Twilight's group!" Hoboken Joe smiled off in seeing something he hadn't seen since five girls had something ruin their friendship, looks like it's been repaired and he has a feeling 'who' done it.

"How's things looking?" Ben asked with concerns in how much was done fixing the place up before they arrived.

"Well, all the sharp pieces of broken glass and other dangerous objects I collected, so it's much safer to move around. Just watch that disco ball, kay?" Hoboken Joe explained off to point at where the gang stood from the double doors, it's safe to walk in, but there is a busted disco ball that was smashed still around. "Are you all here to help with the clean up?" He asked off in what brings this group to the gym where the dance was gonna be held.

"Yeah, we are." Nyx smiled to say they came to help get the dance back on track.

"Gee dat's nice. But dis here work might've taken me all night & the day after by myself, course with a group of eight or nine, well..." Hoboken Joe was thinking over about how long this job take him to clean up, but also add in if others helped out, but he shook his head in having a hard time processing the math. "Shoot, I can't think right! I've work up a sweat, an’ wouldn't yah know, I'm outta Apple Cider!" The hobo exclaimed from working so long to fix some of the ruined gym, he's sweated up, and he's out of something to wet his thirst. "Tells you's wha, you kids see if you can help a bit while I go rustle up some cider for us to drink while we work in fixing this joint up a bit. Be back in a moment." Hoboken Joe smiled in seeing that since the kids are present, he'll leave them to help out around the gym while he gets some Apple Cider to keep their strength up.

With that, Hoboken Joe smiles to walk out the other doors to quickly get something for the gang that wants to help out something to drink. Course, Twilight's group looked at the dance in the gym once more, seeing how much was still in ruins & still a wreck. Busted tables, thrown chairs across the floor, knocked off streamers, paper plates & paper cups, and much of the other decorations were out of place. The damaged disco ball that was broken in half was another major issue, but most of the glass pieces scattered were cleaned up by the hobo janitor. But still, even from Hobo Joe's long work fixing this stuff after helping Flash Sentry prove Twilight's innocence, the poor hobo hasn't managed to make much progress before the gang showed up. It was going to take more than one janitor to clean & fix this place up to get the dance back on track.

"I simply cannot believe they did all this." Rarity said with a sigh, looking at the damages done to the place.

"If I only had some kind of party cannon that could decorate everything superfast," Pinkie groans a bit.

"You do have a party cannon in the pony world." Ben said quietly to himself. How ironic.

"So what shall we do?" Scootaloo ask while looking around at the place. "It could take forever to get this cleaned up!"

"Yeah, and by that time, it would be too late for you and your group to go home, Twilight." Sweetie sighs to Twilight in concern.

"I know it seems impossible, but, maybe if we all work together?" Twilight suggests to her friends with a smile.

"She's right! If we work together and get more help...we could save the dance!" Nyx insists with a smile.

"Now 'dat's 'de kind of can-do spirit Ah'm lookin' fer in a Fall Formal princess! Let's do it, y'all!" Applejack exclaims as she and her Friends form a circle before the cowgirl put her hand in."

"Absolutely," Rarity exclaims as she put her hand onto Applejack's.

"Rock on!" Rainbow exclaims eagerly as she put her hand onto Rarity's.

"Yes, indeedily," Pinkie giggles as she put her hands with the other girls.

"Yay," Fluttershy said quietly with a smile as she put her hand into the middle..

"Cutie Mark Crusader helpers, yay," The CMC cheers on while putting their hands with their sisters, idol and their friends'. Nyx grins as she joins in in putting her hand with the others.

"Well, count me and Twilight in." Ben said with a grin as he put his hand into the middle. Twilight pauses and smiles at the others as she put her hand into the middle. They all cheer while raising their hands up. Time to begin!

As a new song begins, Twilight and Ben open a door to a nearby closet. With Nyx, Spike and Phobos's help, the five takes out some brooms and cleaning stuff, tossing them to their human friends, though Rarity held her broom like it was something disgusting and Fluttershy turns in fright causing her own broom to bounce off her.

Twilight: It's time for us to come together

It's the only way that things will get better

It's time for us to take a stand

So come on and lend a helping hand

Everyone got to work, sweeping with Pinkie having a good time, Rarity looking away from the filth with Spike chasing her, and soon the gang push their piles of dirt away. The gang toss some trash bags to one another with Rainbow throwing one into a trash can held by Pinkie like a basketball.

All: Fix it up

Yeah, it's all right

We'll get it ready by tonight

Mix it up

Yeah, help a friend

We'll come together in the end

As Twilight, Ben and the CMC picks up a damaged table, two boys pass by the gym and notice what's happening. Ben, seeing them, grins as he motions/inviting them to help out. The two humans shrug and came in, picking up the table.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash: It's time to show that we've got school spirit

Raise your voice and let everyone hear it

The boys however look surprised to see Applejack holding a better table with one hand as if the heavy thing not a big deal with her. Apple Bloom laughs a bit. Pinkie and Nyx meanwhile sweeps up some dirt...with their hairs. Once they stopped, the two girls laugh a bit in glee.

Rarity and Applejack: It's time to show that we're strong

So come on, everybody, sing along

As Rarity and Fluttershy throws some decorations into the rafters, three girls who are Fashionistas pass by and saw the repairs happening. With smiles on their faces, they came in to help out as well by throwing decorations into the rafters.

All: (Look...) Look how we've all come together

(Things...) Things are only just starting to get better

One of the decorations was caught by a Eco Kid who grins a bit. The Fashionista girls smile as they came over; one of them wore a ribbon as a headband and laughs a bit with her friends and the Eco Kid. More students, especially Pinkamena and Golden Heart, came in to help. A female Techie and an Athlete carry over a speaker then notice a male Techie having trouble keeping his balance on a ladder while putting up a light.

(Look...) Look how we've all come together

(Things...) Things are only gonna get better, better, better, better!

Luckily, one of the Athletes caught the ladder in time. The Techie grins while the Athlete gave him a Thumbs up. Looks like the school is really coming together, helping one another instead of being separated. Twilight and Ben watch on and crossing their arms with proud smiles on their faces.

(We... will...) Fix it up, yeah, it's all right

(Come... tonight, tonight...) We'll get it ready by tonight

On stage, Flash Sentry and his Rocker pals are performing their instruments, looking to a Techie student who is checking the switchboard and signals the band to go ahead.

(We... will...) Mix it up, yeah, help a friend

(Come... together, together...) We'll come together in the end

Twilight and Ben were sweeping up the stage when purple girl ends up bumping into Flash by mistake. Twilight blushes in embarrassment while the Rocker grins at this; Ben smiles, knowing that he can trust the human version of his pal this time.

(We... will...) Fix it up, yeah, it's all right

(Come... tonight, tonight...) We'll get it ready by tonight

Later, some of the students are fixing up some scenes with Hobo Joe helping out Photo Finish setting up her camera. The janitor came back a while ago and is amazed of everyone helping out. Soon the gym is almost done being fixed up as the song comes to an end.

(We... will...) Mix it up, yeah, help a friend

(Come... together, together...) We'll come together, together now!

Once the song is over, the Main Six gather on stage and hug each other. The gym is finally repaired big time! Pinkie exclaims, "This... looks... sooooo... GOOD!"

"Yeah, Ah done agree!" Apple Bloom laughs as she high five her pals especially Nyx. The gym is all ready for Fall Formal tonight after all! Not even the brat's sabotages can stop it!

Celestia grins as she applaud as she exclaims, "All right, everyone! Fall Formal is back on for this evening." The students cheer on excitedly. Their dance has been saved by working together! Soon what fear of Sunset Shimmer and Boris are apparently gone!

"I got to say, we are proud of how you got together to fix this place up." Golden Heart said with a slight chuckle. "I barely didn't recognize the place."

"So you'd better get out of here and start getting ready."

"Right, I think I will get the refreshments ready!" Hobo Joe laughs eagerly. The students chat excitedly. Celestia stood by the door with a box for the votes to see who will be the Fall Formal princess.

"Don't forget to cast your ballots for the Fall Formal Princess on your way out!" Celestia calls out to the students who put in their votes into the box as they leave to get ready for the Fall Formal tonight.

"You got my vote, Twilight." A brown haired boy said to Twilight with a grin as he put in his vote.

"Mine, too!" A girl squeals as she put in her own vote into the box as well.

"Mine too!" The second girl exclaims happily and excitedly while putting in her ballot into the bot.

The third put her ballet into the box while adding, "Mine too!" Twilight and her friends smile. It's safe to say that most of the students are voting for Twilight to be Princess of the Fall Formal. Sunset Shimmer's evil rule over the school will soon come to an end and no one will have to fear her anymore.

Ben spots Trixie who put in her own ballet. Remembering the idea to keep Boris busy yesterday, the prince asks her in amusement, "Trixie, how did it go with Boris?"

Trixie smirks as she said slyly, "You know that Trixie doesn't discuss such things, Ben. I was told never to just kiss and tell."

"So I trust it went well?" Twilight ask the human version of one of her former enemies in amusement.

"Yep, but Boris is very stubborn. Soon he'll appeal to Trixie and forget all about you, Twilight."

"So...did the plan work, Trixie?" Ben asks Trixie eagerly.

Trixie chuckles as she explains, "Yep. It sure did, Ben. That Boris is such a hunk!"

"Maybe that'll teach Boris to stop stalking me." Twilight said with a smirk on her face. Of course, she doubts it but maybe Boris will have even more better thoughts after what happened.

"Yeah, but I also bet it'll ruin his reputation as well as his standing with Sunset Shimmer." Spike laughs quietly to Phobos. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"I'll bet you anything that Sunset's already really, really angry when she found out that Boris and Trixie were...having fun in the boiler room." Phobos remarks slyly and quietly as well.

"What does that mean, 'having fun', Phobos?" Nyx ask Phobos a bit puzzled.

"Uh...well...uh...we'll tell ya when you're older Nyxie."

"I understand."

Unknown to everyone else in the gym still, someone is watching what happened especially the conversions from inside the broom closet. Sunset Shimmer is getting more frustrated and ticked off. Her plans to delay the coronation and break up Twilight and Ben have both failed! And worst yet, the girl is losing her hold on this school as well as her chance to regain the crown which is shrinking by the moment! The Superior will not be pleased.

Sunset gathers Snips, Snails, Boris, Boxco and Dum-Dum in the closet; the first two goons are covered in streamer stuff. She snaps angrily, "You're lucky she was able to pull this off. Next time I ask you to make a mess of things, try to show a little restraint like Boxco and Dum-Dum did!"

Snips and Snails nod nervously to their boss. Sunset glared at Boris as she snaps, "As for you, what on earth have you done?! If you had kept the photos locked properly in your stupid locker, I might have advantage to gain popularity, and now we're losing. Not to mention something important, you had lost track of Benjamin Mare! This is completely unacceptable!"

Boris said in concern, "Somehow this will be the end of your reign, Sunset. I still don't know why you need him. He's just a filth. I mean you want to separate Twilight and him for good so I can take Twilight as mine."

Sunset smirked as she adds, "Perhaps. That Ben is more than just filth, Boris. But for now, I need this Formal to go on tonight just as much as she does. This will be my final phase to get that crown, even if I had to take an extreme measure."

Sunset knew that she must inform the Superior about this bad turn of events...which he won't be happy about indeed... Next Chapter: Chapter 6: Sunset Shimmer the Demon Estimated time remaining: 4 Hours

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