Equestria Girls Remake

by JusSonic

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Helping Twilight Win the Crown

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Chapter 4: Helping Twilight Win the Crown

Chapter 4: Helping Twilight Win the Crown

During the night, Pinkamena was rested by the statue but then wakes up, sensing something and says, "Something bad is going to happen. I must aid Twilight and her friends. The statue will be ok while I help Twilight.Bby sunrise I will meet her and her friends and the other 4 at my class. Soon, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie will be friends again and Sunset's reign will end."

She goes back to sleep being ready for the day.


The members of Apocalypse Ponies sat down as the Superior explains, "Benjamin Mare is indeed with the princess right now. I have sent Sunset Shimmer the assignment of capturing him and bringing the stallion home once she has disposed of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

"Indeed." Deadly Rager said while scratching a chin with one hoof. "The Triforce power he possessed will be of use to us as the fake one is to Grimmore."

"Nah; there ain't a Triforce, 'dat's just gas!" Liarjack said, lying as usual.

"Hee hee hee; How about we slaughter poor Benny once we're done getting his Triforce?" Psycho Pie asks madly while holding out a knife in her mouth. "I would love to make Triforce Cupcakes!"

Trix shudders a bit. She said, "Superior, there is still the manner of getting rid of Twilight Sparkle. How can Sunset Shimmer simply slay her without causing too much attention?"

The Superior pause the grins under his hood. He said, "Perhaps, I should be assistance to Sunset."

"What makes you said that? I mean Sunset can handle everything well."

"Do not underestimate her, imbecile! Sunset may not overcome that brat. Her power is quite useful to my plan. I'll convince her to join my side."

"How the heck are you going to do that?" Warring ask the Superior skeptically. "Anyone could wake her from her dream by the time you talk with her. Got it memorized?"

The Superior chuckled, "Not if I trap Twilight Sparkle in her dream first before I could have a chat with her. I'll take care of this at once. This would be interesting."


Twilight and her group sleeps on in the library. The girl struggles in her sleep, appearing to be having some sort of dream. Unknown to her, the Superior has used his dark magic to go through the pathways between worlds to reach into her dreams.

Twilight finds herself in a dark place, still in her human form. She has no idea what's going on but the princess doesn't like it one bit. Twilight yelps as a mysterious figure in a cloak and hood appears, not like wearing the same one worn by Lorcan and his former Brotherhood.

"Who are you?" Twilight demands to the Superior more than she asked.

The Superior smiles under his hood as he said, "My name is no of importance, but you will call me: Superior, Twilight Sparkle."

"How did you know my name?"

Superior smiles evilly as he continues, "I know everything, Twilight, your strength, weakness, nightmares and even loved ones. Your intelligent, powers and courage amazes me. I am impressed. However, Sunset is truly impressive in taunting you down when she mention King Sombra."

"So that's how Sunset knows about my nightmare. You are the one who told her!" Twilight exclaims angrily. Whoever this figure is, he told Sunset Shimmer about her nightmare but who is he? "If you touch my family or friends, then I'll make you pay more than just using my magic power."

"Now, now, let's not get any hasty, Twilight. Let's talk about you. Aren't you concerned about being a princess, Twilight? I mean you no offense, but mere concern of you. Will you be benevolent or a tyrant?"

"You're not tricking me in helping you, aren't you? Just because I had nightmares, it doesn't mean that I need some help from the likes of you. Well read my lips, Superior, I'm not interested."

Superior smiles and chuckled evilly. This girl can be so amusing when she tries to defy him. The villain spoke, "Impressive display of observation, hypothesis and responding, Sparkle, but no, that is not the reason of why I am here. What if I show you the future?"

"Impossible; No pony could do such a thing." Twilight protests skeptically. Well, there's Pinkie but her Pinkie Sense only allow her to sense the 'immediate' future, not the far one.

"Hear me, Sparkle. Once you look upon it, you may have a chance to change it. I promise you. It is no tricks and manipulations, but the truth. Behold, your future, Twilight."

Superior's eyes glowed in black and zap at Twilight's eyes. Blinking for few times aftermath, Twilight became terrified, scared and worried of what she saw.

"No! No! No! Please stop! Stop," Twilight exclaims in terror. The girl saw what's happening, she is hurting her fellow friends, family, everyone, that Twilight is knew is dying because of what her future self. No!

"Know yourself, know what you will become." The Superior said darkly.

Twilight saw her future that may happen. She saw all the images of her fellow ponies, family, friends and loved ones. She dare not look at the scenes but the ponies' screaming, crying and evil laughing is heard in her ears.

Twilight can hear King Sombra taunting her, "Congratulation, Twilight Sparkle; your intelligent and power amaze me. With me, you can improve your powers and magic, even using Dark Magic. You have fulfilled your destiny."

Apple Bloom is crying in pain, "Twilight! Don't! We're sorry. We didn't mean 'ta make yew upset."

Sweetie Belle cries out in terror, "Please, don't hurt me or Rarity! It's not for me! It's for Nyx."

Scootaloo is heard saying in fear, "C'mon, can't we make up to you or something? We just want to help."

Twilight can hear Rainbow saying, "I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't mean to. You know that I would never betray you."

Fluttershy is heard sobbing, "Please, don't hurt the animals! They're not a threat! Please; don't!"

"Please! Twilight! The ponies need smiles!" Pinkie screams in fright. "I'm the only one to do it. Please! I don't want to see sad faces; anything but that!"

"Please! Spare my beloved family, jewels and fashions! They're my life! I beg you, darling! Don't do it! I'll do anything! Anything! Just spare them!" Rarity cries in Twilight's ear in pain.

"Please, Twilight; don't leave me an' mah family 'ta die. Ah'm not lying." Applejack pleads to Twilight in sadness.

"Mommy, don't listen to him! Don't do it!" Nyx cries out. But Twilight can hear her being strangled at once.

Spike, holding the dead Lorcan, said in grief and disbelief, "You were my mother, Twilight! How could you!"

Twilight gets more frightened as she heard Shining asking, "Why? Twilight! I'm sorry for everything. Please! I don't want to hurt you. You're my only sister. Please, don't do it."

"Please, Twilight! Don't hurt your family! Don't hurt me or Shining Armor!" Cadance said in protest as she dies.

Night Light and Twilight Velvet hugged and shivered in fear. The father cries out to their daughter who is now being forced to watch the scenes, "Twilight! Don't do it! We love you!"

"Please, we beg you, my angel! Remember who you are and who we are." Twilight Velvet pleads to Twilight who looks more frightened. This cannot be happening, not in her future!

"I'm truly sorry for everything, my most faithful student." Celestia said. Twilight looks painful as she sobbed. "I'd never wanted this. I never wanted..."

"Twilight; Don't! I love you." Ben pleads in terror. Twilight is about to kill him with his own sword...except this appears to be her future self, evil and dark, beyond reason.

"You'd never love me! You used me, just like everyone! All those you use and betray me will be punished! I am the Queen of Equestria!" Evil Twilight exclaims in hatred as she stabs Ben right with his own sword.

"Noooooooooooo!" Twilight screams in terror. The girl sobbed as she struggled to get up. The Superior approach her, it appears that everything is going well according to his dark wishes.

"Tell me, Sparkle. Is this the path you willing to take and walk? I can help you, but only you will return me a favor." The Superior said to Twilight gently and darkly. All the girl has to do is give in to his wishes and the Apocalypse Ponies has indeed won.

Twilight sobbed, "I'll do anything; anything to save my friends, my family and my loved ones."

The Superior smirked as he said, "Very good. First surrender to me and Sunset two worlds, and you shall be my apprentice. I can teach you everything to save you from that horrible future. It's the promise I made. You have nothing to fear."

Twilight's eyeballs have turned dark greenish and her eye-pupils turned reddish. Before the girl could say the word, a powerful light pierces through darkness. Both the Superior and Twilight were shocked. Her eyes returned to normal purple eye pupil from hearing a familiar voice.

"Twilight; Wake up! Don't let your nightmare win! Don't let it control you! You are the benevolent and kindest filly I ever have and loved for. Don't leave your people, friends, and your family. Don't leave Spike. Don't leave Nyx. Don't leave me. Remember what is important! Please, Twilight, WAKE UP!" Ben's voice yells out, breaking through what the Superior is doing.

The light breaks through the darkness. The Superior became worried and scared of it, "No! How is this possible? This isn't happening! His voice should not have reached her! Nothing can breach my sleeping spell! It was the perfect plan to lure her to my side."

Twilight realize the Superior's intention. She glared at him while exclaiming, "You tricked me, Superior! I don't need your help because I have something that you, Sunset or King Sombra doesn't have: friendship and family! Ben! BEN!!!!"

Twilight's eyes sparkled into white light. She blasts at the Superior. Everything faded into white.

The Superior screams as he disappears, "No; No; Noooooooooo!"


The Superior yelp as he stood up in his chair in a white room. The leader of the Apocalypse Ponies wasn't killed, just knocked out of Twilight's dream. The villain pants a bit then saw T. Moon in front of him, obviously waiting for him to finish.

"I take it that the mission was a failure." T. Moon said in concern underneath her moon.

"It appears that Twilight Sparkle is more powerful than I give her credit for. Even somehow Celestia's son has brought her back. That alicorn is too powerful and too dangerous to be in our group." The Superior said sternly. "We will have to wait and see if Sunset Shimmer will get rid of her herself. The least that I can grateful for is that I only need you and that's it."

"Yes, and I am all you ever need, Superior."


Twilight got up, sitting up and sweating a bit from having that nightmare. Ben stood over her, looking worried as he ask, "Are you okay?"

Twilight nods a bit as she said, "I'm fine." That was terrible. Not only was that nightmare back, some mysterious being known as...the Superior, somehow she knew his name, tried to possessed her. He would've succeeded if Ben hadn't awaken her up in time.

"Twilight, is it that nightmare again?"

Twilight nods as she asks in worry, "Do you think I can overcome it? I'm scared, Ben. What should I do? I'm afraid of that nightmare may become a reality and my future. I don't want to go through that. I don't think I can."

Ben hugs Twilight, comforting the girl as he said, "You won't. I promise you won't. I made that promise. And I'm going to keep it. Beside, tell me everything. Let me help you."

Twilight explains Ben about her nightmare. Then, Ben explains Twilight about Sunset's plan.

"So, it wasn't Sunset, it was the Superior, whoever he is. But why; Why go all the trouble in sending the crown here, all just for the conquest of Equestria and to overthrow your mother?" Twilight ask in concern. The Superior went through some trouble to send the crown to this world and could be behind Sunset Shimmer's attempts. "He could've just used it at once."

"I don't know. But whatever the Superior wants is not good. I've got the bad feeling that sending the crown through mirror portal to here is no accident, but more like wanted it be there for Sunset to complete the mission." Ben said seriously. "But first, we need to get crown before Sunset Shimmer."

"You're right, Ben. But something bothers me. How did you manage to wake me up? Superior said that your voice shouldn't reach me."

"Maybe; I don't know. The only Triforce power active is the Elements of Wisdom and Courage. My Element of Power is in stasis, I don't think it helped me wake you up. But let's focus on today's event: get everyone to vote for you. We'll talk about that later."

"Right," Twilight said with a nod. It is almost morning so it's time to get things prepared for the task of getting students to vote for her for the Fall Formal. Hopefully they will succeed.

Not one of them knows it but it was Ben's heroic, love and determination for Twilight that wakes up his Element of Power that save Twilight from her nightmare.


"Good morning, students, and happy Thursday; Just a reminder to pick up your ballots for the Princess of the Fall Formal today; They are due at the time the dance starts tomorrow night, so don't forget to turn them in and make your voice heard." Celestia's voice is over on the P.A. system.

After waking up Nyx, Spike and Phobos, the family quickly put the books back into their places. They waited until the school started for students officially for the day so that Twilight's group can leave the library without any questions of why they are at school earlier. Twilight is on a mission: to win over the different groups.

"Fluttershy said I'd need to win over all those different groups if I want to become Princess of the Fall Formal. So I've compiled a list of talking points." Twilight said as she held up a list.

Spike laughs in amusement as he ask, "You made a list? That's so unlike you!" Of course, the princess girl gave him an annoyed glare, making Spike laugh nervously. "Please; Continue."

"Still, what's the point of using a list, Twilight?" Nyx ask Twilight in concern.

"I'll start introducing myself. Sprinkle in some things I learned about their world into the conversation, show them how I fit in here!" Twilight explains proudly. Of course, Ben and the others look a bit doubtful. It will take more than that just to win those certain students over. The princess sighs, "Okay, everyone; Time to make a good first impression on my fellow students. The whole world sort of depends on it."

"As well as you," Ben said with a nod. Twilight takes a breath as she goes through the doors of the library and into the school.

Of course, the group notices something's wrong when a boy saw Twilight, pointing to her while saying, "Hey, look." Of course, it didn't take long for Twilight, Ben, Nyx and the 'dogs' to notice that they are laughing, quietly and impolitely at Twilight herself.

"Something's wrong here." Ben said with a frown. He doesn't like the laughing and stares, especially towards Twilight.

"Hey, what's so funny?" Nyx demands to some students. One of them snorts and points at Twilight. "Stop it."

"Why is everybody looking at me funny?" Twilight ask, not liking this as well. The others shrug, not sure. Suddenly, someone grabs Twilight, pulling her right into an empty classroom. Ben and Nyx quickly follows her (and Spike since he is still in her backpack) and whoever grabbed the princess. "Whoa!"

"What're you...? Why did you...?" Ben begins to demands. But the group stops as they saw a familiar girl measuring Twilight as if sizing her up in clothes, "Rarity?"

Spike pops his head out of Twilight's backpack, smiling eagerly as he looks at Rarity. This is her, the unicorn's human self...and she is beautiful in person! Rarity nods as she took out some clothes and quickly put them on Twilight, along with a blonde wig.

"Oh, yes. This is good! No one will recognize you!" Rarity exclaims with a smile. Twilight and Ben frowns a bit. Why is she putting a disguise on the purple girl all of the sudden?

"Why wouldn't I want to be...?" Twilight begins to ask but Rarity interrupts her.

"And we'll need a disguise for your dog, which is too bad. He really is so adorable! You know, with a little work, I think I could make it look like a rabbit, instead."

"Huh; A rabbit?"

"Hey, excuse me, Rarity?" Ben spoke up, getting Rarity's attention. "Mind telling us what is this all about? Why are those students out there laughing at Twilight?"

"And why a rabbit," Nyx ask Rarity in confusion. The girl stares at the black one, making her gasp and a bit ashamed. "Oh, I'm sorry. That was rude of me. I shouldn't talk like that. Can you kindly tell us why you wanted Spike as a rabbit?"

"Well, I accept your apology for the rudeness." Rarity said to Nyx with a smile. "To answer your question..."

"Nyx, there yew are," Apple Bloom exclaims as she, Scootaloo and Sweetie came into the room.

"Right, we have been looking for you since we saw what happened." Sweetie said in concern and worry.

"Saw what happened?" Nyx ask her friends in concern. "Do you know what this is all about?"

But before any of the human CMC could explain, Applejack came into the room, spotting and recognizing Twilight instantly, saying, "There yew are, Twilight."

"So much for the disguise," Rarity groans a bit, the disguise didn't seem to work.

"I don't know, Rarity. I think the blonde wig makes her look like a hippie." Sweetie said to her sister, making Rarity gasps in alarm.

"Dear goodness! You're right! What was I thinking? Purple hair is the way to go!"

Ignoring Rarity's ranting as usual, Applejack spoke up to Twilight, "Ah've been lookin' all over fer ya!"

"Me too," Fluttershy said as she came into the room, looking worried.

"Me three," Pinkie giggles as she bounces into the room. "I like your new look!"

"Okay, mind telling us what this is all about?" Ben spoke up. "Why the disguise?"

"I do have an eye for these sorts of things." Rarity commented. She then gave an annoyed glare to Pinkie. "Not that you seem to care."

"WHAT," Pinkie demands in shock and anger.

"Why do you think she doesn't care?" Twilight begins to ask in confusion, but shakes it off as she saw Applejack gives a signal meaning 'don't push it'; Best not to get into any details involving Pinkie right now. "No, never mind. Why were you all looking for me? What's going on?"

"Girls, why are those students laughing and looking at Twilight funny?" Nyx ask her friends in concern.

"You mean, you don't know?" Scootaloo ask Nyx in surprise.

"Oh, she hasn't seen it yet." Fluttershy said in worry upon realizing something.

"Seen what?" Twilight ask with a blink on her face.

"Ah think y'all should see it 'ta believe it...or not." Apple Bloom said in concern as Pinkie brought in a laptop.

"Oh, it's really not that bad." Pinkie said, trying to show the bright side of things. A video is brought up to show what the girls are talking about.

Twilight, Ben and Nyx looks shocked as the video shows images of Twilight trying to use the computer while pounding the keyboard, picking up a book with her mouth and get flashed away by a copy machine. The images show some negative effect as Sunset Shimmer spoke as if doing an anti-campaign.

"Twilight Sparkle wants to be your Fall Formal Princess. What does it say about our school if we give someone like this... such an important honor?" Sunset Shimmer's voice asks sinisterly, much to Twilight, Ben, Nyx, and the Dragon dogs' shock.

"Wha..." Twilight begins to shudder before closing the laptop, "I?"

"I take that back. It's pretty bad!" Pinkie said sheepishly to Twilight.

"But this all happened yesterday; at the library!"

"Ugh! Snips, Snails, Boxco and Dum-Dum must've sent that footage for this!" Ben groans while slapping his forehead in anger. "I knew I should've broken those phones of theirs...along with their legs!"

"It wouldn't matter. They probably would've sent it to their boss via e-mail somehow and you would've gotten into trouble, Ben if you have broken their legs." Nyx sighs a bit in concern.

"Has everyone in the school seen this? Is that why they were all looking at me that way?" Twilight begins to ask as she looks like she herself wants to hide and never be seen again.

"Mmm..." Pinkie and Applejack said while she and the others feel a bit awkward. This doesn't look good at all!

"What am I gonna do? No one is gonna vote for me after seeing this!"

"Well, we will still try 'ta git everyone else 'ta vote fer ya, not let 'dat brat Sunset Shimmer's negative campaign stop ya." Apple Bloom said to Twilight, trying to calm her down and assure her otherwise.

"Not that it'll make any difference, but I'll still vote for you." Fluttershy said to Twilight gently. " You were so nice to stand up for me when Sunset Shimmer was picking on me yesterday."

"If you still wanna run, maybe there's something I can do to help!" Pinkie said, smiling eagerly and anxiously. Of course, Fluttershy just glares, frowning at Pinkie.

"Word of advice: Don't accept her help. She doesn't take anything seriously!"

"Ugh! Why do you have to be so awful to me?"

"Oh, here we go again!" Ben groans a bit. Sunset Shimmer's trickery and manipulation is making the fighting happen all over again!

"Oh! Pff. Kch. Tsk; don't play innocent, Pinkie Pie!" Rarity scoffs a bit, passing Pinkie and pointing an accusing finger at Fluttershy, shocking her. "You are no better than she is!"

"And WHAT is that supposed to mean?" Pinkie demands angrily to Rarity while grabbing her, a bit hurt and insulted at the same time. The fashion girl manages to get out of her hold.

"I am happy to offer up my assistance as well." Rarity said gently to Twilight. Then she turns to Pinkie, snapping angrily to her, "To someone who would APPRECIATE what I have to offer!"

Needless to say, Twilight's group looks worried as the human versions of their friends (minus the absent Rainbow), except for Applejack, begins arguing. Spike yelps as he got into Twilight's backpack, zipping himself in to hide. Nyx said in worry, "At this rate, we can never get anything done!"

Applejack interrupts the arguing while dropping the apple core of an apple that she was eating into a trash can, "Listen to y'all carryin' on! Get over it an' move on!"

Rarity glares at her while asking, "You mean like how you've gotten over what happened with Rainbow Dash?" Needless to say, the mention of it made Applejack angry.

"She said she'd get 'de softball team 'ta make an appearance at mah bake sale. Ah tell everybody they're comin', an' then not one o' them shows up! She made a liar outta me! 'Dat's different!"

"Is not," Pinkie and Rarity yells angrily to Applejack.

"Is too," Applejack yells right back at her former friends.

"How dare her!" Scootaloo exclaims angrily, getting into the argument by talking to Apple Bloom, "Your stupid cow-sister blamed Rainbow Dash? She dares to call her a liar! Rainbow Dash did not say that because I was with her and the softball team when we move to the place that your sister had told us. Then, the next thing we know: she canceled it! The only liar I know is your big bad sister!"

"Hey! How dare yew call mah sister 'dat," Apple Bloom scowls angrily to Scootaloo. Nyx looks worried, not the CMC too! "Applejack maybe 'de big worried sister-like, but she is not 'de liar! She is 'de most hardworking, kindest, most honest, dependable an' lovable sister Ah ever had! Rainbow Dash is good at lying, and probably lying at yew too. Unlike Sweetie Bell's sister, she always be a spoiled brat!"

Sweetie got angry by that comment as she snaps, "Did you call my sister a spoiled brat?! For your information, cowgirl, Rarity is the most generous sister and lady in this school, she's willing to help and sacrifice her time and money for the orphanage. All my sister wants is some appreciation, and so far none of you or anyone said it. I can't believe I even made friends with you, lousy cowgirl and chicken girl!"

"What did yew say, spoiled princess?"

"Say that to my face, un-couth brat!" Scootaloo scowls angrily to Sweetie.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo joined the argument with four of the Mane Six Human Forms. Twilight, Ben and Nyx are becoming sick of this. This pointless arguing must stop and do so right now!

"STOP; All of you," Twilight exclaims angrily, causing the girls and the CMC to stop their fighting.

"What's with you girls; you are grown up and should know better than this!" Ben exclaims to the four Mane Six humans in disbelief.

"Girls, I am ashamed of you! You are friends, you shouldn't let your sisters' and idol's argument be your own. You were able to overcome obstacles before! What happen to sticking together to the end," Nyx demands to the human CMC angrily.

The CMC looks down, feeling a bit ashamed of themselves; Apple Bloom spoke up, "She's right, y'all. Ah am sorry, girls."

"Yeah, me too," Sweetie said, feeling saddened and guilt-ridden.

"Right; me too; don't let the other girls see me acting like this." Scootaloo remarks in concern. Apple Bloom and Sweetie hug her and each other, "Awww."

"Instead of arguing, you need to talk this out." Ben said to the arguing girls sternly.

"He's right. I wanna show you something." Twilight said as she took out a familiar yearbook. The purple girl opens it to a familiar page showing the Mane Six humans hanging out. "You were friends once."

"Hmm; 'De Freshman Fair. Y'all remember?" Applejack asks the others with a smile on her face; Boy, that sure brought back memories.

Pinkie Pie happily hums, "Hmm."

"Yes." Rarity said with a smile on her face. That was before the fighting and the incidents that drove them apart. The fashion girl enjoy that time.

"But something happened." Twilight said as she closes the yearbook, looking thoughtfully. "I think that something was Sunset Shimmer."

"Twilight's right. I mean, if you think of it, someone may have been responsible for you girls turning against one another." Nyx said in agreement.

"You know, Nyx got a point." Scootaloo remarks with a frown. "That's Sunset Shimmer all right."

Rarity scoffs at this, saying, "Well, it's a nice theory, Twilight darling, but Sunset Shimmer had nothing to do with it."

"She's right. Sunset Shimmer isn't the one who ruined my silent auction for the animal shelter by bringing fireworks and noisemakers!" Fluttershy scoffs, glaring at Pinkie while crossing her arms. "It was supposed to be a serious event, but Pinkie Pie ruined it!"

"I'm sure Pinkie didn't mean..." Ben was about to say. But then Pinkie looks confused, interrupting Ben.

"What are you talking about?" Pinkie asks in confusion as she took out her phone, showing some sort of text message. "I got a text from you saying that you didn't want a silent auction, you wanted a big party!"

"Uh! I never sent you a text!" Fluttershy exclaims in shock, much to Pinkie's confusion.

"You didn't?"

"You don't think she's the one who's been sending me those e-mails, do you?" Rarity spoke up, having a thought of realization upon seeing this. "Every time I volunteer to help with the decorations at a school function, I get an e-mail from Pinkie Pie saying she has plenty of volunteers! And then I find out she's done everything herself."

"I never sent you any e-mails!" Pinkie exclaims in surprise. Soon the girls are slowly realizing something, something that all points to Sunset Shimmer.

Applejack looks thoughtfully as she spoke, "Maybe she's 'de reason Rainbow Dash didn't show up fer mah bake sale!"

"Didn't you ever ask Rainbow Dash why she didn't show up?" Twilight ask Applejack in concern. The cowgirl was silent then got a look of guilt on her face.

"Heh, Ah guess ah kinda stopped talking 'ta her at all after 'dat."

"Well, well, this is interesting: Pinkie claims that Fluttershy needed a big party at her silent auction after getting a text message that ends up ruining it. But Fluttershy didn't send her one. Rarity claims that Pinkie got enough volunteers after an e-mail that causes her to do everything herself...but there wasn't an e-mail, was there?" Ben asks in amusement. "And I betcha there's a reason why Rainbow didn't show up for the bake sale and after that, she stops talking to Applejack, thus causing the whole group to soon fall apart soon after. Now, put those together and what does that spell?"

"Spell what? We didn't get any letters yet." Sweetie said in confusion, not sure what Ben truly meant.

"I believe what he meant is that we're all being played as fools and Sunset Shimmer was the circus master!" Rarity exclaims, feeling guilty. All this time, it was Sunset Shimmer who lied to her to make the fashion girl stop talking to Pinkie. "Pinkie Pie, darling, I am so sorry. Can you forgive me?"

"Forgiveness granted!" Pinkie exclaims with a smile.

"Pinkie Pie, I am sorry that I was angry at you for ruining my silent auction. I should've shown kindness instead I didn't." Fluttershy said in guilt to Pinkie. "Please forgive me."

"Same again, only if you forgive me for being a grouchy meanie pants right back."

"Well, looks like some of the group are back together." Twilight said with a gentle smile. "That leaves only one apology left."

"Heh heh, Ah supposed Ah should apologize 'ta Rainbow fer not asking why she didn't show up, huh? As well as not talking 'ta her?" Applejack asks sheepishly and in concern.

"Maybe now would be a good time to start. Now where is she?"

"Out on the soccer field, practicing." Pinkie said with a smile. So the group should head out there right now.

"You're going to see Rainbow Dash?!" Scootaloo ask eagerly and anxiously. "Can I come? Huh, huh, huh," The other girls laugh; Very typical of Scootaloo to be doing that.

As the girls get ready to go meet Rainbow Dash, Pinkamena is at the door and Golden Heart was as well.

Golden Heart smiles as he said, "I thought that this day would never come."

'Yep the 5 will be back together again and I will be aiding Twilight in any way I can and to finally bring the downfall of Sunset's reign of the school will be good." Pinkamena remarks eagerly. Sunset Shimmer is going down!


The scene opens to where it was a secluded area with a few bits of magical ingredients. This area was under control of one villain who's might almost reached the Superior & the Four Horsemen; Merluck, the first son of Smaug the Great. And right now, he was having a little chat with a sibling behind his back, Trixie, AKA, Trix Lulamoon.

"Merluck, are you listening to what I'm saying?" Trix spoke off in wanting her brother to hear her complaints.

"I hear you, sis, but this task is out of my own hooves." Merluck shrug off his hooves while using magic to levitate some boxes full of magical stuff he'll need.

"You don't understand, our father should have at least trusted me to go after it." Trix snapped off from knowing that her brother knows that their father sent somepony else to get the Element of Magic.

"And the same could be said for me, you know that I want that crown to harness it's power." Merluck shrug off in sounding assuring that to him, he wants that crown to get it's magical powers that it holds. "While I may not be a member of the Organization, yet...I'm still on par with our father." He issued about the little fact of being between almost being a member of the Apocalypse Ponies, but till then, he's just as powerful as any of the others, at least that's what's going on for now.

"Hugh, with Sunset Shimmer on the case, her mission will most likely fail." Trix sighed in annoyance while badmouthing the pony in particular to what they are discussing. "You know as well as I do that the crown won't work so well if it's not the right being when used with the elements. I learn that lesson from when I tried to help Twilight's friends stop the Cult of Nightmare Moon." Trix remembers, that when she was still 'THE GREAT & POWERFUL' Trixie, the Unicorn finally tried to use the Element of Magic to stop Nyx when the evil Cult tried to announce their true queen to rise for Eternal Night, but the girl couldn't help the other Element Wielders & caused harm instead of victory. This has been a spiritual scar on Trixie's old self for a long time even if forgiveness was presented from when she used the Alicorn Amulet on Twilight and Nyx apologized for being so mean long ago.

"Well there is a 'Yes', and 'No', to that sister." Merluck responded off mentioning this fact so suddenly. "Yes, the Element of Magic didn't work and made you weak & exhausted, but there are ways to make the crown work right?" Trix stared at her brother while he was organizing some stocks from boxes, books, etc. by magic. "And one of them is changing the set of rules when an Element of Harmony is in another world's alternative side." He issued from flipping through a book while pointing out, that as of now, the Element of Magic that would only work for Twilight Sparkle can now be used by another when the rules bounded in Equestria don't matter in a human-vision of their own world as an alternate dimension.

"Wait so then...Sunset Shimmer might be able to use the crown!" Trix yelped in surprise shock, if that's true, then Sunset will use the crown better & won't feel the side-effects like she suffered.

"Yes, a shame, I wish I could help, but...I got my own assignments to do just to help your boyfriend & his powerhouse flunkies get better in wielding magic & combat train." Merluck issued from magically getting a few ingredients & weapons hovering about before stacking them together in what the brother of Trix plans to do by 'enforcing' some training to make Boris & his Enforcers better.

"Well, could you answer me this, whose is the pony our father speaks to in the Room of Sleep?" Trix spoke off in deciding to change the subject to something else that she has heard.

"Can't help you there either; I've been close to father, but even he keeps secrets from me." Merluck shrug off his shoulders in not having any clue in how to help answer that question. "The only other person many of us heard our father, the Superior, speak about is the guy trapped in Tartarus, you even know 'who' he is?" He made a sly wicked smirk in asking if his sister knows of the one being that the Superior speaks the most from being creatures of power.

"Don't remind me; even I'm not that blind to not know his name. Grimmore," Trix rolled her eyes from her brother saying she wouldn't know the greatest threat sealed away, but sometimes, others wonder if Grimmore or his own forces are 'truly' trapped, or just waiting to launch an attack when everyone's guards are down. "But back to the room at hand here. The other members said about not knowing, but it sounded like there was a mare in the room. What sort of pony would be so important to secretly talk to like he was in...oh..." The pony stopped in suddenly having a second thought in what her father...is actually doing and talking to. "You don't suppose that the mare in question is...our mother?" Tension was starting to rise here, but...

"Now stop, just...stop right there, Trixie," Merluck suddenly stop all his magic casting to turn to his sister, with his one good eye to make a serious face. "As much as it's painful, you know what happened to our mother." The guy maybe evil, but when it comes to someone that 'loved' him, that's an emotion of weakness he doesn't wanna show, especially about what happened to his own mother.

"Yes, I suppose so..." Trix looked away with an equally sad expression in recalling what happened to the siblings' mother and the wife of Smaug.

"Look, I'll need to finish some work; you try to handle things alright. If Sunset wins, we'll be a step closer to our goal. If not, well...I can work at getting the Element of Magic, and you...won't need to worry about Sunset by then." Merluck came to pat his sister's shoulder to gently lead her out of his work area while requesting they think about what they'll get out of today, either good or bad; it'll be a near win/win for them.

Trix smiled while leaving her brother's room and used magic of her own to seal the door. Merluck soon turn away from the closed door to continue to work on his assignment to train the alicorns under Trix's division; Boris, Dumbledore (AKA Dum Dum) & Bocolix (AKA Boxco) with some new tricks to power up to be just as powerful than they are now.

Once Trix entered the hallway to walk down, someone else came around the corner of the hall.

"Why is it you hate Sunset Shimmer?" Ms. Moon appeared while her hood cover her face, wanting a question answered from Trix, who she seems to have suspicion about her actions.

"Oh, plenty of reasons," Trix groaned off in replying to that answer.

"Then please, won't you tell?" Ms. Moon asked in liking to know more, as it...intrigued her, for some strange reason.

"Let's say, long before Twilight Sparkle show up to be Celestia's student, I...was a student under the princess herself...and so was Sunset Shimmer. But when that brat became selfish, wanting more, she took out frustration and even bullied me!" Trix exclaims in frustration, still recalling the bullying and torture she went through by Sunset Shimmer. "Celestia has to interfere a few times before things got worst. But I never forgotten or forgave those bullyings. That's wh I like it much better if Sunset Shimmer has failed."

"I see; then if that is all, then I shall leave you." Ms. Moon nods her head in fully understanding everything about Trix & Sunset Shimmer and prepares to leave.

"Tell me something." Trix stops Ms. Moon with a serious look on her face while the member kept her back turned. "Does Sunset Shimmer even come close to being a pony you once dealt with....long before or after....what you are?" On that question itself, there was a moment where the turquoise eyes, the ones that remind anypony of Nightmare Moon, were mostly seen from under the hood of Ms. Moon while not turning around at all.

"That's hard to say, considering what I went through, is far from normal." Ms. Moon replied while slowly disappearing in a corridor of darkness that opened up before her.

Trix saw this while she had her own suspicions about the Ms. Moon, for she was one member of the organization that has a scary meaning to anypony outside their order to learn about this member's origin, especially her appearance. After sighing, Trix Lulamoon made her own portal appear before going through it and vanished along with it...things are really getting strange in the world of Equestria.


Minutes later, Twilight's group, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and the CMC are all at the soccer field. A girl with rainbow-colored hair and light blue skin, the human version of Rainbow Dash, was kicking some soccer balls into a goal, when she saw Applejack behind her, and the two girls began to talk.

"They're actually talking! That's a good sign!" Rarity exclaims with a proud smile. So far, Rainbow and Applejack are talking and not arguing.

"So far, they aren't choking each other." Apple Bloom said in observation.

A while later, Rainbow grins as she and Applejack hugs one another. Pinkie exclaims eagerly, "Hugs! Ooh, hugs are always good!"

"Girls, I think it's safe to say that you got Rainbow Dash back in your group." Twilight said with a smile. "Say, what is the name of your group?"

"We call it the 'Main Five', though we're thinking of getting another addition." Fluttershy explains thoughtfully. "Would you like to join?"

"Well, I would, but Ben, Nyx, the dogs and I may not be in this school for long." Twilight said regretfully. She didn't want her and the humans to know that she and her group won't stay in this world once the crown is recovered. "I may think about it though."

As Applejack and Rainbow Dash walked up to the group, the former said, "Somebody, and I think we can all guess who, told Rainbow Dash that my bake sale had been moved to a different day. Dash showed up with all the softball team and thought I'd cancelled on her!"

"Geez, Ah done wonder whose could've been responsible? It couldn't been Sunset Shimmer now, would it?" Apple Bloom asks sarcastically.

"Apple Bloom, what did Ah say about using sarcasm?" Applejack scolds her little sister for using sarcasm.

"Only if it on people we don't like an' Ah don't like Sunset Shimmer?" Apple Bloom guesses.

Applejack pauses then shrugs as she said, "All right, Ah will give yew points fer 'dat one."

"So you're looking to dethrone Sunset Shimmer and become Princess of the Fall Formal, huh?" Rainbow asked Twilight.

Twilight looked away for a moment before she shyly replied with a squeaky nod.

"She sure does, Rainbow Dash." Nyx said with a grin. "We decided that it's time that Sunset Shimmer's reign of terror comes to an end."

"Yeah, we're going to help her win this and stand up to that brat!" Scootaloo exclaims eagerly.

"Say, I remember you. You're the fan who always shows up at my games, cheering me up on like a fan girl." Rainbow said to Scootaloo, recognizing her.

"I thought you two were close." Nyx said to Scootaloo puzzled, under the expression that the girl is practically hanging with Rainbow Dash all the time.

"Well, not too close, but I still am a big fan and she's like a big sister to me." Scootaloo admits to Nyx sheepishly.

"Big sister, eh; Man, already I find you amusing and cool!" Rainbow laughs as she rubs Scootaloo's hair, much to the CMC member's delight. "You got to hang out with me. Just don't stalk me like a weirdo and we will be good pals or sisters."

"It's a deal!" Scootaloo said before she hugged Rainbow happily like a little sister to an older one.

"All right, back to what's her name here..." Rainbow said, getting back to Twilight.

"Twilight Sparkle," Ben said to Rainbow with a nod.

"Gotta say, about the dethroning and becoming Princess of the Fall Formal part, I'd really love to see that happen; I'll totally help you out," Rainbow exclaims, making the group smiles eagerly. "All you gotta do is beat me in a game of one-on-one."

"What?" Twilight asks with her eyes widened in shock; as in try to beat Rainbow in a game of soccer?!

"First to five goals wins." Rainbow said, and then, she kicked the soccer ball into the goal in a blaze, "One-zip!" Rainbow exclaims with a laugh.

"Word of advice: Rainbow is hard to beat; she is even the coach of her own golf team and the dean of her own college RDTAU." Sweetie said to Twilight, giving the girl a word of advice.

"Let me guess: Rainbow Dash's Totally Awesome University?" Twilight guesses dryly, though she knows it since that's the name of Rainbow's college back in Equestria...except it's a fake college and not even built.

"Well, it isn't a real college per say...but the students here, especially Rainbow Dash, likes to treat it like one." Fluttershy explains to Twilight meekly. "But I think you have a chance...I hope."

Ben, Nyx, Spike and Phobos looks worried. Twilight isn't good with much sports, she won't have a chance.

It was seconds later as the game begins. Rainbow dashes towards the net that Twilight was guarding; the purple girl looks scared then ducks as the ball went towards her; Pinkie flips the score which is now 2-0.

"All right, Rainbow Dash!" Scootaloo cheers her idol on eagerly.

The others look on in worry. Rainbow gave Twilight the soccer ball to give her a turn. The purple girl nods as she prepares to kick it, but Rainbow takes it from her via her feet and kicks it into the goal once more. The score is now 3-0.

The girls and the boys are now watching Twilight rushing towards the other goal with the ball. Maybe this time she can make it...

No dice! Rainbow scoops by, takes the ball from Twilight. The girl looks stunned as she watches the human version of her Pegasus friend takes the ball to the first goal and kicks it in.

As Pinkie changes the score to 4-0, Sweetie comments, "Wow; Twilight's getting creamed out there!"

"That's Rainbow Dash! She's awesome!" Scootaloo exclaims with an eager laugh.

"Yeah, too awesome," Nyx sighs a bit. "No offense, Scootaloo, but Rainbow would've at least give mo...Twilight a chance to score a goal."

"But then Rainbow Dash wouldn't be awesome." Scootaloo points out to Nyx, not seeing her friend's point. Nyx sighed in annoyance at Scootaloo's remark.

Rainbow kicks the ball around until she drops it near Twilight. The purple girl grins as she begins kicking it to the other field goal. The others, especially Ben and Nyx, grins eagerly. Twilight could finally score a goal!

Of course, Twilight yelps as she kicks the ball and trips, falling to the ground. It rolls slowly before landing near Rainbow...whose smirks arrogantly as she kicks the ball so hard, the girl send it right into the nut. Rainbow jumps into the air, waving her fists up in victory while Twilight prancing a bit while still on her back on the ground.

Twilight isn't much of a sports person/pony anyway.

"Yahoo! Rainbow Dash won!" Scootaloo cheers wildly.

"Cool it, Scoots, better check on Twilight." Apple Bloom said in concern as the gang heads to the field to check on the defeated Twilight.

"That's game!" Rainbow announced arrogantly.

"Twilight, you okay?" Ben asks Twilight in concern. The girl nods, tired.

"I...really thought you were gonna...pull it off there in the end!" Rarity laughs nervously. The others, especially AJ, glares at her.

"So what's the plan? How can I help you be princess instead of Sunset Shimmer?" Rainbow asks with a mischievous grin as she helps Twilight to her feet.

"But...but I...lost!" Twilight exclaims in exhaustion and shock. She couldn't believe it, the girl lost to Rainbow, and yet, the girl is still wanting to help.

"You want to help Twilight despite her losing to you?" Nyx asked Rainbow in surprise.

"Of course Twilight lost. I'm awesome!" Rainbow bragged, "But I'm not going to ask just anyone to try and beat Sunset Shimmer." As Rainbow explained the reason why she's helping, a hopeful smile came on Twilight's face along with Ben's and Nyx's. "The Fall Formal Princess should be someone with heart and determination. You've proved that you've got 'em both!"

The girls and Ben cheer on wildly as Twilight and Rainbow hug each other; Looks like the sports girl is onboard.

Unknown to everyone, Snips and Snails has taken photos of Twilight's playing and, while snickering, shows the shots to Sunset Shimmer. She smirks evilly, the girl can use those for later....


The gang heads over to the local ice cream shop to make some plans for helping Twilight win the crown. The purple newcomer is ordering an ice cream sundae from a human version of Mrs. Cake who is pouring the ice cream into a cup.

"And...could I get mine with extra oats?" Twilight ask Mrs. Cake as she pours sprinkles onto the ice cream.

"Oats," Mrs. Cake ask Twilight puzzled.

"Uh, scratch that." Twilight said sheepishly while rubbing her feet together. "However you normally make it is fine."

Mrs. Cake shrugs as she finishes the creation up, giving it to Twilight. The human version of Mr. Cake smiles while saying, "I got to say, Twilight, your sister is a big hit with the twins." Twilight saw Nyx with the baby human versions of Pound and Pumpkin Cake, giving them pony back rides.

"Giddyup!" The twins giggle while riding Nyx.

"Oh yes, they don't normally take to strangers. Your sister was a big hit with kids." Mrs. Cake remarks with a smile on her face.

"Well, not really. Nyx has trouble with two one time." Twilight said in concern. It's true. After the Cake Twins was born in Equestria, a while later Nyx tries to greet and play with them, but her eyes scare them, causing the foals to cry. Nyx didn't go back into Sugarcube Corner a while after that and it took a while for Pound and Pumpkin to finally trust the alicorn filly.

Twilight nods as she turns around...and bumps into a familiar boy, spilling her ice cream right onto his shirt and right on the floor. Ben, watching what happened, looks worried as Flash looks surprised.

"Oh!" Flash exclaims, not really angry over this. "We've got to stop bumping into each other like this."

Twilight leans down to pick up her cup...but as she prepares to pick it up, Flash, wanting to help, ends up putting his hand on her. The two, much to Ben's worry, look at each other and stood up, Twilight blush in embarrassment.

"You know me! Always trying to make a big splash around here; 'Cause my drink kinda splashed...on the ground," Twilight said while pulling on her hair while giving a nervous laugh. Flash smiles at her in amusement. Quickly, the girl points to a table with a couch where the others are sitting at. "I'm gonna go over there now."

Flash nods as he goes to the counter to order. Twilight goes over to the couch and pulls on her hair, blushing a bit. Ben is worried. He should trust that she is only blushing in embarrassment...but Ben looks scared that it may be...something else.

Pinkie, noticing Ben's worried face, asks, "What's with the face?"

"What face?" Ben asks in concern. Crud, he was asked that question by Flash Sentry back home while he was worried about Twilight being an alicorn princess.

As Nyx came over after she's done playing with the Cake Twins, the girl ask, " Are you worried about mo- I mean, Twilight being with Flash Sentry?"

"What? I mean why should I worry about Flash and Twilight?" Ben asks though the look on his face shows otherwise that he is indeed worried.

Applejack pats Ben on the shoulder, saying, "Yew shouldn't. Flash is 'de nicest, gentle, honest an' loyal guy. He would never take yer Twilight fer a date. 'De only person yew should be worry about Twilight being dated with is Boris 'de Animal."

Rainbow nods as she adds, "Yeah, Cowgirl's right. I heard some talking and rumors that Boris is in love with the new girl. That surprise and freak me out. It also gives me some goose bumps. It's kinda freaky."

"You said it, Rainbow; That animal and Twilight - Yuck - So not awesome and cool," Scootaloo remarks, almost gagging a bit.

"Yew said it, partner." Apple Bloom remarks with a frown. "Ah kinda disagree o' 'dat one. She is yer girlfriend, Ben. So, don't worry about Flash, he's an okay partner."

"You are her Prince Charming, Ben while Boris is the big bad dragon." Sweetie said, sighing happily over the idea. "Just like the fairy tale, a hero must defeat the monster in order to protect and save his love one from anything and at any cost, even his life."

Nyx nods as she said, "They're right, da- I mean Ben. You shouldn't be worry about Flash. He's a good friend."

Ben sighs, "I hope so." The transformed stallion, of course, thought in his mind, 'I only hope that he is the same pony as my old friend, Flash Sentry, or else this could be a lot of problems.'

Rarity, with Spike sitting on her lap and deciding to help the worried Ben, spoke to Twilight, "Don't even think about it! You're already trying to get a crown. Who knows what Sunset Shimmer would do if she thinks that you're trying to get her ex-boyfriend too?"

"I'm not trying to, I don't even know...we just accidentally..." Twilight said, trying to make an excuse but realize what Rarity just said, "Ex-boyfriend?"

As the others watch Flash ordering something, Fluttershy explains, "Flash Sentry broke up with her a few weeks ago. I can't believe she hasn't done something awful to him yet."

Flash, after getting his order, heads off; the others pretend not to see him. The boy turns, grinning at Twilight and Ben before leaving.

"Maybe she's just waiting until she has the power to do something really awful." Twilight said in concern. Once Sunset gets the crown, she may use its power to either get back at Flash for breaking up with her...or enslaving him!

Ben surprised ask the girls, "When did Sunset first date with Flash?" He is surprised that Sunset Shimmer is dating a Flash Sentry her like she did back home!

Applejack explains to Ben, "Three years ago, Ben. After she gather Boris 'de Animals an' his four stooges, she met Flash. But fer some strange reason, she's been nice an' good 'ta him only. They both dated together like a real couple."

"Applejack's right. That's the strangest moment that I ever seen." Rainbow said, finding Sunset being nice to Flash to be nice. "She would usually be rude, spoil and treat the students like garbage."

"You know what's the strangest thing about that? She said something about him being reminded her of another ex-boyfriend and hopes she and him can stay together when she was alone." Pinkie said thoughtfully. "That's weird, right? It's like there's another twin here too. I wonder what happen to her ex."

Ben surprised, thoughts, 'Sunset dated Flash Sentry's Human Form? Did Sunset miss Flash so much? If so, then why she's doing things so nasty and even bad to everyone in here; The Superior must have been playing with her mind and heart for Sunset to do his dirty work. And she fell for it."

"But what happen to them next?" Nyx ask, wondering what happened that caused the break up.

Apple Bloom frowns as she explains to Nyx, "Flash saw what Sunset did 'ta us, our classmates, especially Diamond Tiara an' Silver Spoon. She destroyed our best project fer Ms. Cheerilee."

Sweetie Belle complains, "Can you believe that? We didn't do anything so bad at her, and she ruined it."

"Flash wasn't aware of what Sunset did until she ruined our project." Scootaloo explains with a frown. "That's when the break up happen."

Spike taps Ben on the shoulder, whispering, "Ben, problem." Sure enough, the boy looks up to see Boris and his goons approaching...trouble.

"Hey, Twilight; Nice outfit," Boris taunts as he pulls on Twilight's clothes, making her scowl and push him away, "Although you look better with nothing on!"

"Boris, why don't you go to a cliff and keep on walking?" Twilight scowls angrily to Boris.

"Hey, listen, Twilight. The Fall Formal is coming up. I figure after what happened, I could help cut you a break and let you go with the most handsomest guy in the school...which is me." Boris said with a grin, making the Main Five scowl at this. Ben is getting ticked off at Boris's advances on his girl.

"Look, I am busy!" Twilight snaps to Boris angrily.

"What?" Boris asks Twilight as if this is a laugh to him.

"Combing my hair," Twilight remarks with a frown to Boris.

"Oh yeah, that's funny as a screen door on a battleship!" Boxco remarks with a stupid laugh.

"That's screen door on a submarine, you dork." Spike mumbles quietly to himself. Screen door on a submarine! Boxco and Dum-Dum are always getting those sayings wrong!

"Twilight means it, you big bullies! She's not going with Boris!" Nyx shouted angrily.

"Ooh, come on, she just didn't have the time to be with Boris the Gunman." Boris teases as he tries to get too friendly with Twilight.

"How many times do I have to tell you...." Twilight speaks to Boris very slowly, "I. Do. Not. Like; You."

Twilight then slaps him, making some of the Girls gasps in amazement or shock. Boris smirks as he grabs her, saying, "Oh, maybe you do, but you don't know it."

"Get your meathooks off me!" Twilight demands angrily to Boris.

Ben has had enough. He got up and roughly pushed Boris away from Twilight, snapping, "You heard her, Boris the Animal! Get your meathooks off her!"

"So what is it to you, you filthy dog?!" Boris snaps angrily as he pushed Ben to Boxco and Dum-Dum who grab him. "You know, you have been looking for a fight since you and your pals got here!"

Just before a fight would break out, a familiar voice interrupts things, "Hey! Stop pestering the new guy, Boris the Animal!" The group turns and saw who interfered: Flash Sentry.

"It's...just...Boris! And how dare you interfere, Flash?!" Boris demands angrily to Flash. "I thought that we were friends!"

"Yeah, what gives, Flash? Are you getting too...soft these days?" Dum-Dum ask in stupidity.

"Or have you decided that new students are your friends now? Answer that, Flash," Boxco demands to Flash more than he asked.

"I only put up with you guys for so long because you were my teammates on the football team." Flash said sternly. Twilight's group, the Mane Six and the CMC looks in amazement. He is standing up for Ben. "Now I've seen your true colors. You dare to call this poor new guy a filthy dog? Let me tell you something, Boris, Boxco and Dum-Dum....you're the filthy dogs...not him! "

Boris looks angry, bad enough that he is now being stood up to but Flash has turned against him. Boris said as he signals his boys to let Ben go, "Fine...fine! But consider yourself...kicked off the team for life. Come on, Boxco and Dum-Dum."

"Yes, boss." Boxco said as he and Dum-Dum begins to follow Boris as they leave the ice cream shop.

"Coming, boss," Dum-Dum remarked with a nod.

Boris stops for a moment as he turns to Flash, saying sinisterly, "Oh, and one more thing. You don't know it yet, Flash, but you're a dead man already for crossing me."

Boris and his goons leave the shop after the threat was made. Unknown to her, Sunset was watching the confrontation in amusement.

"Hmm; This I could use to my....advantage." Sunset said quietly to herself. "You are so...gonna rue the day you broke up with me, Flash Sentry."

Sunset took her leave. Inside, Ben nods as he said to Flash, "Thanks, Flash; I owe you one."

"Hey no prob, Benny-boy," Flash said, giving the thumbs up to Ben.

"Thanks for stepping in, Flash." Twilight said to Flash gratefully. "If you haven't, who knows what Boris the Animal would've done to Ben?"

"No problem, just try to be careful, Ben. Boris isn't the right guy to anger easily." Flash said to Ben in precaution. “Do better and maybe you will defend your princess a bit better.”

"I will make sure to do that." Ben said with a nod as Flash leaves. Once again, his old pal has come to give him advice.

Applejack decides to get to the main subject as she said, "All right, girls; Dance is tomorrow night an' we still don't know how we're gonna get Twilight 'de vote she needs 'ta be named princess. Right now, folks only know 'de Twilight from 'de videos Sunset Shimmer posted online."

"Ooh, I know!" Sweetie said eagerly. "Let's become reporters and make scandal stories about Sunset Shimmer!"

"Yeah, we done can embarrass her big time!" Apple Bloom exclaims eagerly. Scootaloo smiled, liking the idea.

"No, bad idea; Three friends of mine did scandal stories on folks one time! They got shunned for it and it took an apology to set things right! Trust me; you don't wanna try this idea!" Nyx exclaims to the human CMC in worry. They don't know it but she is referring to their pony versions from the Gabby Gums incident.

"Maybe you're right." Scootaloo said nervously, not wanting to do the scandal idea.

"Yeah; Skip it." Sweetie said sheepishly.

"Anyway, we need 'ta help them see Twilight differently." Applejack said in determination. The girls and Ben nods, speaking in agreement. The question is, how will they help Twilight get votes?

"I'VE GOT IT!" Rarity exclaims excitedly. Everyone stares at her confused, making her clear her throat nervously. "Ahem, I mean, um, perhaps I have a solution." The girl goes over to a box and opens it. "Now this may be an absolutely preposterous idea, but what if we all wore these as a sign of unity?"

Rarity pulls out what appears to be a tail with various colors and an ear band that resembles pony's ears. The girl explains, "Freshman year, they were very, very popular. A way for everybody to show their school spirit! You know? 'Go, Canterlot Wondercolts!'" Rarity put the ear band and fake tail on herself, shaking around like a pony.

"Cool!" The CMC and Nyx exclaims with smiles on their faces.

"How many have you sold, exactly?" Ben asks Rarity, arching an eyebrow at this.

"Ahem, I haven't sold any in ages. I mean, the five of us are obviously very different, but deep down, we're all Canterlot Wonderbolts!" Rarity explains to Ben clearly.

"Look, Twilight, Ben!" Nyx exclaims eagerly as she put the ear band and tail on herself. Her parents laugh as she shakes around like a pony. "I'm a pony, I'm a pony!"

"You sure are, Nyx!" Twilight giggles to her adopted daughter. "Rarity, any chance you got fake horns and wings in there, too?"

"Sure do, darling." Rarity said as she pulls out fake horns and wings. Nyx grabs a horn and a pair of wings, putting them on herself.

"I'm an alicorn, fear me! ROAR," Nyx exclaims, making out a fake roar. This act got a laugh from everyone in the room.

Sweetie put a fake horn on her head, saying, "Hey, look, I'm a unicorn!"

"And I'm a Pegasus!" Scootaloo laughs as she put on fake pair of wings, then jumps a bit. "Man, wish I can fly, though."

"Sunset Shimmer is the one who divided us; Twilight Sparkle is the one who united us!" Rarity said in determination as she puts an ear band on Twilight's head, making her smile. "What do you think?"

"I think you got a keeper, Rarity. I got an idea." Twilight said thoughtfully.

Upon seeing Trixie eating ice cream at a table, Ben paused, getting an idea himself. The boy calls out, "Trixie, can you come over for a few seconds?

Trixie, puzzled, comes over. Rainbow groans, "Aww, man! Trixie is less worse than Sunset Shimmer! At least she isn't a bully, just an arrogant bragger."

"Ben, what are you up to?" Twilight ask Ben curiously.

Ben grins as he explains, "I've got an idea as to how to get Boris off your back, Twilight...and as to how to get Trixie alone with Boris."

"You've got a plan, Ben?" Twilight ask in surprise and eagerness.

"Mm-hmm," Ben said with a nod. Trixie looks excited, this could be her chance!

"What's the plan, Ben?" Trixie ask Ben excitedly.

"Gather round, girls, and listen up." Ben said as he begins tellling his plans in addition to Twilight's own to getting votes.


It was the next day at school as the gang are making plans to help Twilight win support of the student groups...while at the same time deal with that creep Boris. Ben is discussing his plan with Twilight and Trixie.

"So you want me to write a letter to Boris, telling that I'd like to meet him in the boiler room at a certain time?" Twilight ask Boris curiously.

Ben nods as he answers, "That's right."

Trixie arch an eyebrow before asking, "And when he's inside that's when I come in and...work my magic on him?"

"Right again."

"Oh that is the most despicable and scandalous plan I've ever heard..." Then Trixie laughed heartily and mischievously. "I love it! It's perfect. So...when do we begin?"


Boris finds himself in a rather amusing yet confusing position. The boy has gotten a note in his locker from 'Twilight', wanting to talk to him alone in the boiler room. The creep knew it, Twilight has fallen for him at last! Of course, as Boris got there, the door of the room is locked...and Trixie of all girls was there, waiting for him, cornering the boy.

Boris knew that look, having seen it on many girls' faces before. He ask, "Uh look, Trixie was it?"

"Yep," Trixie said with a mischievous grin as she hugs Boris, making him blush a bit.

"Look, Trixie...I'm...I'm actually flattered that you like me, and you're...very beautiful without a doubt...but I cannot betray Twilight like this."

"Forget that nerd Twilight, Boris. What you need is a real girl...like me."

Boris yelps a bit, mumbling, "Hoo boy...this is gonna be a long day."

Lorcan peeks in through a window of the boiler room, laughing in amusement. It sure serves Boris the Animal right now. Now he hopes Twilight's plan will work without a hitch.


Celestia is in her office, looking over a picture of herself and a familiar small boy. As she ponders a bit, a voice spoke up, "Sister?" The principal looks up to see her sister Luna, a human version of Princess Luna from Equestria, coming in. "Is something on your mind?"

"Well, it's about that newcomer boy yesterday, this 'Ben Mare'...I don't know why but he looks like my own son Ben." Celestia sighs to Luna a bit. "The more I think about it, the more that I felt like I sense my own boy here at the school though he is still at his old one. I wanted it to be a coincidence but..."

"Celly, I know you miss him and haven't seen much of your son since your separation from your husband. You wanted so much to bring him over here but fear of doing so because of the problems happening with Sunset Shimmer. I'm sure that when the time comes, this problem maybe resolved and you will see Ben more."

"I hope you're right, Luna, I truly hope you do...still that stranger..."


At this time, we see much of the students were at lunch period during the hour, doing their thing; eating & chit-chatting. The Techies were working on their chat and math problems by their table. The Rockers with Flash Sentry playing his guitar were just hanging. Two Athletes were showing the muscle and spinning a glass on one finger to impress two girls by their table. The Fashionistas were just chatting and eating with fashion on their subject.

Course with knowing who join the Fashionistas table was probably another member of their separate society, Rarity, though the girl was wearing the Canterlot Wonderbolts t-shirt and still had the pony tail item on. But as Rarity sat at the table, she tilted her head to look another way...while putting on the pony-like ears.

Next come Rainbow Dash to sit by the Athletes' table and still wearing the same school team t-shirt and had her pony tail ornament attached. Then the girl soon put on her own pony ears to wear as well while looking towards someone.

At the moment, human pony versions of Photo Finish, Diamond Tiara & another were picking up their choice meals in the lunchroom. Course by then, Pinkie Pie was seen coming into the picture wearing the same team outfit, looking for her lunch, but then pulled out pony ears to wear too.

At this time, Pinkie Pie picked up her tray, and instead of picking up food, she started to tap it on the platform server. She started to make some sorta rhythm beat go off for a moment. The girl smiled to happily be doing this while looking around, expecting something.

As if on the calling, underneath another table, Rarity's boots stomped together, then separate at a time to follow another beat rhythm. Then if that wasn't enough, Rarity looked around to start clapping her hands into the same rhythm beat that were earning her table's attention.

Then from the Eco Kids table, Fluttershy was seen wearing her uniform shirt with the attached tail and ears as she bangs the glasses in her two hands on the table. This earns an Eco Kid that saw her do that as Fluttershy smiled to look towards another spot in question.

The action of what was going own made Big Mac stop eating his apple to notice this. And then Applejack was seen at a table in the same school shirt with her own tail and ears on while sitting with the CMC; Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Applejack clapped her hands, slap them to the table to do a rhythm work of clap and slap (that kinda rhymes too?).

And by Rainbow Dash's Athlete table, she smirked to tap her tray on the table to follow the same beat.

It wasn't long before the noise of a rhythm beat is heard in the lunchroom that some began to pay attention. As the camera zooms from what Rarity is doing with her table with the Fashionistas.

During the moment, a radio was hooked to the wall by the cord while some dog paws pressed the play button. And from the bag was Spike; next to him was Phobos as they watched with smiles that helped to bring a more musical beat to the rhythm being done here. And Phobos had a camera out to help him record this, this was gonna be worth to remember for later.

Now things were really gonna start, as suddenly the Mane Five stood up from their tables to join in what was playing out to be....sung by them. And it was gonna be called ‘Helping Twilight Win the Crown’, in honor of their friend.

Mane Five Girls: Hey Hey everybody!

The girls jumped to skip across the sides to meet the other while they clapped.

We've got something to say.

Rainbow Dash popped up to announce what they have to say that 'must' be heard.

We may seem as different! As the night is from days!

Pinkie Pie was seen clapping to look around before running on down. And we see Rainbow Dash joined by Fluttershy to her right and Applejack to her left to clap in happily announcing this fact about their differences.

Would you look a little deeper!

As Rarity clapped in the middle, Rainbow & Fluttershy run to her left and right side which Applejack & Pinkie Pie followed to join in sync performance to groove their arms around in saying what they wanna say.

And you will see,

Then the girls turn their hands to clap the other side to happily sing and held them hands out to the other below.

That I'm just like you and you're just like me

Now the girls, Pinkie Pie to Fluttershy and Rarity to Rainbow Dash in happily stating to point that the other is just like another of them, no matter the difference outside as they pointed to themselves.


On the 'yeah' part, the five got in a pose like a cheer squad now while a ray of light from a billboard made it extra effective.

Now a little screen scenery was being done. From a blue background, Applejack moved her proud head to the front of the camera while Rainbow Dash grooved to her appearance with her full body seen in the background. Then from a red background, Pinkie Pie popped her head down from above while Rainbow Dash popped her head under with the two looking and smiling at the other. Then from a color orange, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie saw the other, turn around to have their hips bump the other while smiling. Now the entire group was seen in an emerald background, making poses; Pinkie Pie jumping, Rarity being a diva, Fluttershy being cute, Applejack tipping up her cowboy hat, and Rainbow Dash looking awesome.

Then the song went back to playing again here with the girls singing.

Hey hey everybody!

Applejack & Pinkie Pie marched down the floor in pumping up their arms while holding hands to get everyone's attention.

We're here to shout,

As Rainbow & Fluttershy looked to the other, the screen zoom away to show Applejack by Rainbow & Pinkie Pie near Fluttershy to raise their arms up to make a shout out.

That the magic of friendship is what...it’s all about.

Rarity was seen grooving around one student with her happy smile in making the guy look around, and when the girl left from her playful game, he smiled from it being...fun; Soon a scene of Fluttershy winking, & Rarity holding up her arm proudly in a pose about the friendship theme being the center of attention.

Yeah, we thought they were different as the night is from the day.

Then the girls lead down like a straight line; Rainbow, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack, just before stopping to point at the students in different areas while being in complete sync rhythm. The girls were grooving on the latter parts and held up their arms to cheer off there.

Until Twilight Sparkle helped to see another way.

As the other students watched, a human pony version of DJ Pon-3 was nodding her head in getting into the beat here. Then Applejack surprised the girl, pulled up her sunglasses with a smile, DJ Pon-3 was at first surprised, but instead of being mad, the song, dance, performance was making her...happy. Like a message reached her.

So get up, get down.

Now from a pink background, the Main Five jumped up, then lifted their right leg to stretch off, stood up.

If you're gonna come around.

Then the girls spin around to stop afterwards while doing a great job on the performance.

We can work together helping Twilight win the crown.

The five jumped to march forward, held their knees to jiggle and then swing off their arms up and declaring what they can do to make Twilight become the next Fall Princess as their message.

So get up, get down cause it’s gonna make a sound.

Then Rainbow ran up, stood up on a chair to wave off her arms to tell the students what to do. She leans, and on the 'down' part, her chair lean far to hit the ground, but she was unhurt. Then Rainbow Dash turn to dance in front of herself being recorded on a camera to point and say her message out.

If we work together helping Twilight Sparkle win the crown.

As one of the Techies films this with a smile, Rainbow & Rarity came up to him to happily speak their message to which he smiled from such nice girls. And then the scene shows Fluttershy & Applejack jump up to reach the skies in announcing what they can do.

Then suddenly in a Fourth Wall Break moment, Pinkie Pie push the screen to show herself in a red background before...taking over to sing.

Pinkie Pie: Hey Hey!

Hands up now!

Pinkie showed her hands in wanting the gang to show the hands up for her.

We're sending a message to the crowd!

Then another scene showed her upside down, shouting out her message through a blow-horn that unleashed a wind burst to blow that girl's face by surprise.

Hands way up, then come down.

Then Pinkie Pie approached one student from the Athletes to hold his arms upwards which he found weird a bit before the cheery girl put them down.

Then we'll party together all around!

Then Pinkie Pie slid across the floor in front of Granny Apple's bar to see the girl stop and spin around happily like.

Then the scene began to mix with singers and scenes of the five girls.

Rarity: Generous. Honesty.

The scenes of Rarity being generous with her smile and Applejack being the honest type with a proud smile from her face.

Applejack: Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty.

A scene showed Pinkie Pie making a silly face while being of laughter, then a bashful Fluttershy of her kind nature, and a tough Rainbow Dash pointing to herself in being loyal.

Fluttershy: Twilight helped us each to see,

Fluttershy smiled to shrug her hands to hold her friends Applejack & Pinkie Pie close to her while commenting who helped them.

Rainbow Dash: All that we can be

Rainbow Dash appeared on the table to proudly declare this out in a boostful manner of what they can 'all' be.

And now the entire girls group sang together now.

Girls: So get up, get down.

The Main Five repeated their earlier act of marching across the floor.

If you're gonna come around.

Rarity jiggled a bit to point across to where Rainbow waved her 'V' fingers across her eyes view.

We can work together helping Twilight win the crown.

Then the girls gather together to hop a bit, cross their arms to wave downwards to their sides, and raise them right arms up in declaring who they can help get the crown.

So get up, get down cause it’s gonna make a sound.

Now Fluttershy & Pinkie rush down with open arms to announce what the gang should do. Applejack pulled up one student's chair that made them yelp to join. The girls were dancing around to put on a great performance with Rarity tapping her heels & Rainbow swinging it.

If we work together helping Twilight Sparkle win the crown.

The students watched the five girls march in a line to clap their hands in signaling this off. Then Pinkie Pie & Rarity came near the double doors to then open them up to reveal...Twilight. She wore the same team school shirt and wore the tail and ears to support what her friends are doing. As she smiled on her appearance, this time, she begins to sing to make a real good impression.

Twilight: I'm gonna be myself, no matter what I do and

Twilight tap her hands to her chest to state about who she'll be and wave an index finger to make it clear on what she'll be…herself before waving off.

If we're different, yeah, I'll probably just be true to you.

As Twilight walked passes her friends, she sang off about being true to another and Flash Sentry from his Rocker group saw this. And on the last part when Twilight looked up to him, did Flash get determine, and played his guitar to help boost this campaign act.

If you follow me, we'll put our differences aside.

Twilight stood in the center, as she swirl around to say sing of what she can do to make all differences from them all, be put aside for a better time.

We'll stick together and start working on that school pride.

Twilight leaped up to a table, and offered with her honest face to a student of what they'll do for another, she turn to wink at the camera screen, and held up her arms to sing out this message for all to hear while the other Main Five circle around to lean towards their main person to be voted for. It was around now that they all began to sing now.

Girls: Jump up, make a sound

Twilight lead her friends to jump up in the air and wiggle around the side afterwards.

Stomp your hooves, turn around.

Then they stomp their feet on the ground and then did a spin act of spinning around before stopping.

Start now, make a change.

Rainbow turns to point this out as the Eco Kids turn to another with smiles to nod at this, liking it.

Gonna come around.

Now Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity were on a table to clap in singing out this message.

[Jump up, make a sound

Then Pinkie Pie helped up the girl from the Dramas which both smile to join in. Then from the other table did Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Fluttershy pop up, making three other students smile to this.

Stomp your hooves, turn around.

Pinkie Pie looked down on the ground where someone stomp their feet and Rainbow spin a tray in front of another Athlete guy that smiled in feeling the message connect from the song.

Canterlot Wondercolts, help her win the crown.

Then Rarity & Applejack stood up high on a table with the CMC & Big Mac. The Rockers were shaking their heads left & right in loving this while Flash Sentry smiled at this before he saw his two band mates near Twilight about to jam into this gig.

Jump up, make a sound

Then Twilight appeared near Flash to wiggle to the groove while the rocker teen played a good beat to help out.

Stomp your hooves, turn around.

Then Pinkie Pie throws something in the air as students caught what were tails & pony ears to be apart of this.

Start now, make a change.

Gonna come around

And the scene even shows Nyx giving out the same stuff to those she knows that aren't bullies here. Silver Spoon puts on her pony ears happily and turns to see Diamond Tiara put hers on with a smile before putting a belt with a tail next before shaking it around to the beat. Nyx could only smile in seeing that, these two aren't bullies and are actually having a far better time than what Sunset did to them, it was enough to forget that they were snobbish bullies & just real kids.

Jump up, make a sound

Soon two students (Athlete & Techie) jumped up to happily clap their hands in the air.

Stomp your hooves, turn around.

Then a scene of more feet was stomping on the ground to reveal a Fashionista & Drama girls hugging another to celebrate. And soon the scene zooms away to show, the entire students are dress with pony ears and tail to dance to this beat.

Canterlot Wondercolts, help her win the crown.

All the students were joining in, jumping, tapping their hips, stomping their feet, etc. The Main Five dance off from their line form to issue this off to the students again. And soon Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow, & Fluttershy showed their heads to wave across for all to stare...right at Twilight waving happily to her fellow students.

Jump up, make a sound

Now the scene shows Flash Sentry rocking his guitar with his band adding more music effect here.

Stomp your hooves, turn around.

The scene slowly shows the other students happily dancing with the other, no matter which they are or should belong to, it doesn't matter anymore.

Start now, make a change.

Gonna come around.

Everyone was happily being with anyone they choose and were becoming friends, it was great. But while this went on, something was seen from behind a window door to the outside.

Jump up, make a sound

Stomp your hooves, turn around.

Turns out the one watching the scene outside were Sunset Shimmer, showing an unpleasant expression while the song was quietly being heard a bit for her to hear. Course, Sunset felt strange in hearing something behind her to turn around. And look to behold, Snips & Snails wore pony ears & tails to dance, goofy I may say, to the dance like they were enjoying it.

Canterlot Wondercolts, help her win the crown.

"Take those off!" Suddenly from Sunset Shimmer's loud snappy tone, that got Snips & Snails to stop dancing and sheepishly take off to hide the stuff that they got to support Twilight.

Well at least that lasted right as the song was coming to a close.

"I need you to do something for me." Sunset Shimmer crosses her arms while a sneaky smirk appeared on her face in having something for Snips & Snails to do for her. She looked behind her at where Twilight was gaining popularity and building friendship from all the students or all types to win the Fall Princess, but Sunset Shimmer has 'other' plans to ruin the new girl's chances of that happening. Next Chapter: Chapter 5: The Truth Estimated time remaining: 4 Hours, 56 Minutes

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