The monk

by Sir Hat

Chapter 2: Investigations

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4 months later

"Hmm...I feel like I'm being watched." I stopped walking and turned to her, "Amazing how well blue stands out against the snow is it not?"

She quickly shot down next to me, "No way you could see me!"

"No way I could see a pale blue, multicolored maned, magical creature...truly there was never a greater spy." I turned back to my path, "Well I have returned as requested, why in the winter I know not."

"Well I don't know what that meant, but come on! I have someone you should meet!" The rainbow girl darted off the opposite direction down the path. With some hesitation I followed slowly.

"They're staring at me." I said as the locals watched from their windows, "I fear I have made a poor decision...."

"Oh just ignore em," The girl said with a dismissive throw of her hoof, "They run from anyone who's different. Like Zecora...mostly her. But then again you both had hoods so that might be it."

"...Sounds like veiled racism...." I deadpanned, removing my hood we continued down the path into town.

A raspy whisper broke the silence, "Rainbow Dash!" I looked around the the source, "Raaaiiinnnbow Daaaash!"

"Do you hear that?" I asked continuing my search, "I believe someone is calling you...."

"Whaddya mean?" The Rainbow haired girl stopped and faced me, "Wait...Pinkie?" She cocked her head and stared past me. I quickly turned my head only to find a bright pink blob of hair.

The blob peeled around the corner of a building and walked over, "Hi there scary monster can I borrow this?" She hooked her hoof around the Rainbow girl and pulled her away, "Thank you!" She quickly darted off, screaming the whole way.

"Strange people." I dug into my satchel and pulled out a bag of cashews, "Oh well," I looked around and found a crate to sit on. I slowly dug into the bag and munched on a few cashews, "Hm...I should get more of these."

"Oh and the french maid did bend ore' the- Oh...back again are we?" I stood as the Rainbow haired girl walked over, "Ready to continue?" She didn't answer, instead walking past and letting her tails swish wildly.

I stood and followed her. After a few steps she turned around and stuck a hoof out, jabbing me in the gut, "Don't talk...just follow me."

I shrugged and followed quietly.

"Finally-" Rainbow girl gave a loud groan as she let her head fall.

I looked over the scene, "It's a tree."

"It's not just a tree!' She slowly walked behind me and started pushing me towards a small door in the tree, "I told you that I had someone you could talk to!"

I took a quick sidestep, sending the girl head first into the door. I shook my head as I picked her up and slung her over my shoulder, "Truly the definition of grace." I rapped my knuckle on the door a few times, "Good morning, is anyone in?"

"Oh! One second! Hold on! Wait!" There were several loud thuds before a clatter sounded towards the door. A few moments later the door swung open, "Hi how- oh!" She straightened out and took a step back, her eyes darted around me before she got into a defensive pose, "What did you do to Rainbow Dash!?"

I was about to defend myself when a tail bopped me across the face, "Don't ask." sounded my disgruntled passenger, "Twilight this is...uh...beard."

I shook my head a few times, "May I come in? This one,"- I gave the Rainbow girl a quick bounce -"Informed me that you may wish to speak with me."

The purple one gave me a worried look before folding her wings and taking a step back, "Fine."

"My thanks." I ducked inside and set the Rainbow girl down, "Now...as for names-"

Once again the Rainbow girl cut me off, "Twilight this is redhead, redhead, Twilight."

"I have a name. But I'm not sure if you deserve to hear it now." I turned to the purple one, "Madame," I gave a short bow. I quickly looked around the building, books littering the walls and floor, "A women of learning perhaps? Hmm...a collector, a student, a nun, dare I say, a writer?"

The purple one lightened up, "Well I wouldn't call myself a-"

"Twilight's a-" Rainbow girl tried to interrupt.

"Eh! Quiet you..." I pulled my bag of cashews out of my bag and held it to her, "Take these and let us speak."

She looked at the bag, "But I-"


"That only works on-"


She gave a few final grumbles before taking the bag and skulking off, "Better be worth it...."

"Such fire in that one...if only she could put it to a constructive use." I shrugged, turning to the purple mare, "Oh well, she'll find her stride eventually. Hmm," I walked over to a stack of books, "This...what language is this?"

The purple mare walked over, "Equestria," She chirped, "So...you like books?"

I perused her collection, "Well I am a bit of a fan of knowledge..." I stopped and dug around in my bag, "I propose..." I pulled an old leather bound journal from my bag and handed it to her. She looked it over before levitating it and sniffing it.

"Hmm...how old is this?" She asked looking the book over.

"Well I've been writing it for a few years, a few chapters every few month or so. It's all information on fauna, flora, alchemy, anatomy, husbandry, sciences: both natural and arcane. And a few..." I gave a rough cough, "A few more...perverse...stories from my younger years."

She gave me a knowing smirk, "Thank you." She set it down on a clean space and trotted back over, "Now-" A quill and notepad flew over, "Mind if I ask you some question?"

I gave a soft smile, "Not at all, you may ask your friend I have no objections to discussion. But..." I soured my tone, "I will not abide ignorance nor assumptions."

She gave a single nod, "Well, I don't know much about humans so I'll let you explain."

I returned her nod with a smile, "Indeed a more respectful and level headed sort than the fiery spectrum." I shouted slightly, "At any rate, what do you wish to know?"

"....Needless to say the French nobility are rather annoying." Twilight nodded, "But I think my time in this land draws to a close." A glace outside saw slowly encroaching darkness, "I shall inform a friend of you, no doubt he will be ecstatic at the chance to share his knowledge of the cognitive and metaphysical." I stood and pulled at my beard, "A final request, may I have a book to show him?"

Twilight finished with her notes, "Huh? Oh, sure!" She set her notes down and levitated a hard cover textbook to me, "History of old Equestria, third edition." She smirked at the book, "I've already got it memorized."

I took the book from her and tucked it away, "Many thanks. Ms. Dash!?" I yelled, "I am about to depart."

A moment later she walked out from behind a fort of books and held my bag out for me, "Okay so it was kinda worth it." I took the now empty bag from her. While I laughed at her fervent devouring of my food she flew up and pressed her forehead against my own, "But next time, remember who ask to hang out." She wrapped her hooves around me and nuzzled the side of my head, "Remember too come back soon."

I reached up and scratched her flank, the sudden contact causing her wings to falter and her body to take a quick dip, "Never my bright eye'd friend, never. And to you Ms. Sparkle, a good night to you, and may your life be well lived." She gave a quick flustered laugh. I gave Dash a final back rub and took my leave. I had kept this land secret for so long...but my friend was the trust worthy type, and no doubt he would love to investigate a land of arcane wonders more than anyone else.

Mulling it over as I walked, my brain drifted, "A rainbow colored equine eating cashews...." I quickly devolved into a series of snorts and chuckles, "The adventures of a flamboyant creature discovering her love for nuts...truly absurd."

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