The Epic Quest of Ford Mustang

by RoyalRainbow

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 – A Surprise Visit

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Chapter 2 – A Surprise Visit

A lot certainly has happened in nearly a year since Rainbow Dash has joined up with her dream team, the Wonderbolts. Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle have finally got their respectable Cutie Marks. Spitfire and Soarin decided to at last tie the knot, which Rainbow was lucky enough to attend their wedding as one of Spitfire’s bridesmaids. Ford Mustang, while maintaining the fort back at Rainbow’s home, is not only doing well as one of Ponyville’s weather ponies, but he’s also managed to work on several art commissions for some of the town’s residents. Rainbow was very happy to hear him achieving some aspects of his dream job.

But the one that really took the cake this year was when last month, Fluttershy and Big Mac got married and settled down at Sweet Apple Acres! Who would have thought the shiest couple around would be the one to take the initiative first! After that, it got Rainbow Dash thinking about something. When will it be the right time for Ford and herself to start settling down? They don’t get much of a chance to see each other everyday due to her schedule as a full-time Wonderbolt, but never the less, she always cherished each moment they’ve shared together.

However, that was not what was crossing her mind right now. In one of Cloudsdale Cloudeseum’s locker rooms, where the uniformed Wonderbolts are having their opening meeting on their last show for the tour, Rainbow is too distracted on another matter in mind. One that matters the most to her considering that today is also her birthday.

“Okay, team! Listen up!” Spitfire announces to her team. “This is our last day for our tour at Cloudsdale, so don’t even think about slacking off just yet! That goes double for you, Soarin!”

“Ah, come on, honey!” Her startled husband whines while receiving numerous snickers from his fellow teammates.

“So let’s get ready out there…” the captain concludes. “…and give them a show like never before!” After hollering out some enthusiastic cheers for their upcoming performance, the team begins to leave the locker room as they ready themselves for their tour's last show.

Once they have all left, Spitfire is surprised to see only one pony remaining on one of the benches: Rainbow Dash. And what’s even more surprising is that Rainbow is very down-trotted for some reason. Surely, something is very wrong here.

“Rainbow Dash, what’s the matter?” Spitfire approaches her fellow teammate concernedly. “You’re usually the first one ready before anypony else.”

“I… didn’t get any mail today.” Rainbow states very sadly.

“What are you talking about?” Spitfire puzzles for a bit. “You received more fanmail than any--! Oh! You mean from your coltfriend, huh?”

“Ever since I’ve joined the Wonderbolts, Ford has always sent a letter to me for each day I’m away.” Rainbow says in discontent. “He has never missed one day just like he promised. He Pinkie Promised. But now… today’s my birthday. It’s been a month since I last saw him, and this is the first time I haven’t received anything from him today. I’m worried, Spitfire. I really am.”

“Rainbow, I understand your concern on this matter.” Spitfire responds sweetly as she sits next to her distraught teammate. “But I think there’s nothing for you to worry about. In my opinion, you’re quite lucky to have such a devoted coltfriend like Ford Mustang. Do you know what I would give to have that kind of commitment for my husband? I love Soarin and everything, but Celestia bless him if he could just remember when it’s his turn to take care of the dishes for me!” Rainbow Dash starts to smile as she giggles upon hearing that from Spitfire.

“Tell you what?” Spitfire says with a grin as she wraps a friendly wing around Rainbow Dash. “After the show, we’re going to treat you to a night out on the town!”

“Please tell me there isn’t going to be an obnoxious birthday song!” Rainbow groans.

“Ooo, great idea!” Spitfire responds with a devious grin. “I’ll have to make sure to remember that request once we grab dinner later on! Thanks, Rainbow!”

“You’re truly evil sometimes.” Rainbow glares at her captain with an uncontrollable smile. “You know that, right?”

“Hey, at least you’ll get a free birthday cake once the song is over!”

“You’re already treating me to dinner! So what’s free cake going to matter?”

“Well, considering that I’m the one who’s going to pay for your meal, it will matter to me the most!” Then, the two mares share a hearty laugh together as Rainbow starts to brighten up.

“So, feeling better?” asks Spitfire.

“Definitely! Thanks, Spitfire!” Rainbow replies with a smile as she hugs her friend.

“No problem!” Spitfire says before they finish their hug. “So, ready to show those ponies a good time out there?”

With a heavy sigh of relief, Rainbow places her goggles over her eyes as she answers with her trademark grin, “Let’s do this!”


It is a magnificent show for the Wonderbolts’s final day on their tour in Cloudsdale. Through synchronizing aerodynamics, the acrobatic team easily wows its audience as they go through some of the Wonderbolts’ signature moves. Soarin captivates the crowd with his death-defying Bronco Tornado. Spitfire awes the spectators with her stunning Rising Phoenix. And last, but certainly not least, Rainbow Dash finishes off the tour with her ultimate crowd-pleaser, the Sonic Rainboom, with a multitude of fireworks accompanying her. Rainbow smiles to herself as she hears the uproarious cheers of her captivated fans. She only wishes for one other pony to see her spectacular performance as well. Unbeknownst to her, a disguised stallion without a Cutie Mark is watching her with glee from afar.

After the final show is over, the Wonderbolts take the time to meet up with their fans at their booths where they sign autographs and take pictures with them. And although Rainbow Dash certainly enjoys all the attention she’s getting, she especially enjoys meeting up with fillies and colts who want to be just like her. It truly warms her heart to know what an inspiration she can be towards kids these days; just like how she was when she was a filly.

“Okay, who’s next?” Rainbow calls out for the next pony.

In front of her stands a mysterious, tall Pegasus with a light bluish coat and a rich blue-colored tail. He is wearing a pair of sunglasses, a Wonderbolt cap, and an official jersey jacket featuring an insignia of Rainbow Dash’s Cutie Mark. Along with his clothes, he is also carrying a saddlebag laid across his back.

“Hello, Rainbow Dash!” he greets to her. “I’m a really big fan of your work by the way!”

“Who else isn’t?” Rainbow smirks to herself as she pulls out a photo of herself from a stack nearby. “So, who do I address this to?” she asked the fan without looking at him while getting her pen ready.

“How about: ‘To my big, strong Mustang from your beautiful, blue angel!’”

Rainbow pauses for a moment with wide eyes as she couldn’t believe her ears. There is only one pony to ever call her by that nickname. She quickly lifts her head up to confirm who this grinning pony is. She had to be sure that it was him! She looks at him closely to verify his features. The coat and tail looks like him. And then there was the jacket. She remembers giving that kind of jacket for her coltfriend’s birthday. Figuring that Rainbow knows who he is by now, the disguised stallion lowers his shades as he reveals his turquoise eyes to her. He winks with a grin before he continues to gaze at the lovely, magenta eyes of his awestruck marefriend.

Rainbow couldn’t believe this! Ford Mustang actually came all this way for her birthday! She is so happy right now, that she couldn’t widen her smile even further than it already has! She wants to leap right across from the table and smother Ford with nothing but hugs and kisses! Unfortunately for her, that will have to wait until later. She has to act professional in front of her fans, colleagues, and patrons.

“Sorry, pal!” she acts very laid-back to Ford as she writes something down on the photograph. “But I’m already seeing somepony else! How about: ‘To my biggest fan! Signed, Rainbow Dash!’”

Rainbow hands the autographed photo to the baffled Ford Mustang. Once he received it, he looks at the photo closely. It didn’t say what Rainbow just said earlier. Instead, it says: “CLOUDSDALE RESORT, ROOM 319 @ 5PM. DON’T BE LATE!”

Once he gets the message, Ford Mustang smiles to himself and says to Rainbow Dash, “Yeah... that will do nicely! Thanks again, Rainbow! Maybe we’ll see each other again!”

After Ford leaves the scene, Rainbow mutters to herself with an all-knowing grin, “Sooner than you think.”


Later that day, Ford Mustang arrives in front of Room 319 at the Cloudsdale Resort. Looking at a clock on a wall nearby, he sees the timepiece’s hands now saying 5 o’clock. Satisfied that he is on time, Ford takes a deep breath and exhales it out gently before knocking on Rainbow Dash’s door.

“Hey, Rainbow! It’s me, Ford Mustang--WOAH!”

In a very quick dash, Rainbow grabs Ford in a heartbeat as she slams the door behind him. In the midst of this aggressive action, his saddlebag falls onto the floor, and Rainbow dives in for a longing kiss from the surprised Ford Mustang. Then, she tosses his startled coltfriend on to the bed and pounces on him like a hungry predator attacking its helpless, cornered prey.

“W-w-wait! Don’t you want to open your present first?” Ford asks shockingly as Rainbow showers his cheek, neck, and chest with quick, passionate kisses.

“I’m doing exactly that, Mustang!” she answers with a hungry grin before removing his hat with her teeth. “Now less talking! More lovemaking!” she orders as she strips off Ford’s prized jacket.

“Yes, ma’am!” Ford responds immediately with arousing joy as he returns her desperate affection with a deeper kiss while his fore hooves caress her juicy flanks, which are still hugged tightly in her sleek, skintight uniform.

“Now where’s that accursed zipper on this thing?!”


Half-an-hour later, a satisfied Rainbow Dash lies on top of Ford Mustang’s chest after finally relieving those agonizing urges she held on to for so long. While she snuggles closely on his neck, Ford is pretty content himself as he gently brushes his marefriend’s colorful mane.

“I can’t believe that you’re actually here!” she says to him ecstatically. “How did you get here? I thought you couldn’t afford a ticket for yourself!”

“I had help from Hindel, my dragon friend!” Ford responds. “You remember him, right?”

“Oh yeah… how could I forget him?” she smirks to herself.


Months ago, inside Hindel’s Cave…

“Uhh… Mustang. Not wanting to complain here, but coming into this deep, dark cave isn’t exactly what I had mind for a romantic get-together.” Rainbow said to Ford with a cocked eyebrow as they walked inside a familiar cave.

“Aww… but I thought you like adding a little excitement to our romantic lifestyle!” he teased her for a bit. “Anyway, I only want to introduce you to my friend, Hindel, and then I’ll take you to safety from this big, spooky cave!” Then, he started making goofy, spooky noises which caused Rainbow to break into a giggling smile.

“Oh, my hero!” she grinned sarcastically. “Whatever will I do without you?”

Eventually, they reached the entrance to the main cavern where Rainbow stared at mountains of gold and jewels right before her awestricken eyes.

“Whoa!” she gasped in awe. “This friend of yours must be loaded! Why would your hermit friend lay out all of his riches in the open like that?”

“Hmm… you know, I’m not really sure why exactly.” Ford replied casually. “You better ask him yourself. Hindel! You awake yet?!”


The elder dragon rose from his bed of golden coins as he roared out a mighty yawn, which nearly shook the entire chamber he dwelled in. Ford Mustang wasn’t surprised by this, but Rainbow Dash, on the other hand, froze completely in terror as she unintentionally yelped out a fainting goat noise before she toppled onto the ground like the animal she was inadvertently mimicking. Ford puzzled over this as he looked at her paralyzed marefriend next to him.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were dating a goat, Ford.” the blind, perplexed dragon responded from the noise he was picking up earlier.


“That wasn’t funny, Ford!” Rainbow Dash frowns with an immature, pouting face as they continue to lie in bed together while Ford just chuckles to himself. “I thought I was gonna get eaten for a second there!”

To make up for that, Ford just simply gives Rainbow a nice, reassuring peck on her forehead. This helps turn her frown upside down in an instant as she hugs him closely in a very cute manner.

“Still, it was very nice of Hindel to give some of his money for you.” says Rainbow Dash.

“I hope this makes up for not sending you a letter this time.” Ford comments with a bit of worry.

“Ah, don’t sweat it, Ford! You technically didn’t break your promise since you’re now here with me!”

“I’m glad to hear that from you, Rainbow. Because you wouldn’t believe who I ran into before I left for Cloudsdale this morning.”

“Pinkie Pie?” she says with sly smile and a raised eyebrow.

“Pinkie Pie.” he confirms without hesitation.

“Ooh… and how did that go?” she inquires curiously.

“Well…” he thinks back to his encounter with the pinked-colored pony earlier.

YOU PINKIE PROMISED!! Pinkie Pie’s shriek echoes in Ford’s mind.

“It took awhile to convince her…” he speaks again after recovering from that haunting memory. “…but eventually, she forgave me rather quickly once she made my surprise visit as a special exception to my Pinkie Promise.”

“Well in any case, I’m so glad to have you here with me on my birthday!” Rainbow smiles warmly as she continues to cuddle with her coltfriend. “This truly is the best surprise I ever had in a long time!”

Happy to hear that, Ford lifts her chin up gently so he can gaze into Rainbow’s dreamy, magenta eyes and her affectionate smile. Then, he steadily pulls her in for an extended kiss. It starts out softly, but with each passing second, their kiss starts to get rougher than ever. As they continue their latest making-out session, Rainbow quickly glances at an alarm clock on a nightstand nearby. She nearly loses her concentration as she is shocked to see what time is it.

“Oh crap! It’s half past five right now!” she panics after abruptly ending their kiss much to Ford’s disappointment. “Spitfire and the Wonderbolts promised to treat me out to a birthday dinner tonight! We better clean up first!” She gets up from the bed and starts to hover towards the bathroom.

“Hey, I just thought of something!” she speaks up enthusiastically as she turns her attention to the stallion lying on the bed. “Since you’re already here, we can stay in Cloudsdale for a bit longer! Tomorrow, I want you to meet somepony important who is just as cool and awesome as I am!”

“And who would that be, Rainbow?” he asks with a curious smile.

“My dad, of course!” she replies excitedly before entering the bathroom and turning on the shower.

Ford freezes in place with a wide-eyed expression as a new fear grips him in place. He’s never met her dad before. He doesn’t even know what to expect from him since her dad only made a brief appearance in one episode back when he was a human, who used to enjoy the animated series based off of the world he lives in now.

“Ooh, Ford!” a wet-haired Rainbow Dash snaps him out of his fear-gripping trance in a very alluring voice as she looks at him with dreamy grin. “Are you going to sit there and stare into space all day, or would you rather hit the showers with me and find something worth staring at?”

Instantly, his fear is quickly diminished as it’s replaced with blissful arousal over Rainbow Dash’s open invitation.

“Coming!” Ford calls out to her merrily as he flutters swiftly to his awaiting, dripping-wet marefriend, so they can take a very nice, hot shower together.

Oh yeah! Her dad is SO going to kill me by the end of tomorrow!

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