The Epic Quest of Ford Mustang

by RoyalRainbow

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 – Plans for the Future

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Chapter 1 – Plans for the Future

So… you thought I was finished, didn’t you?

Did you really think that anyone can get rid of me that easily?

You especially should know me better than that.

I will never disappear from this accursed world!

Soon, I will rise from the darkness you have once casted me into!

I will achieve powers far greater than anyone’s imagination!

I will come back stronger than ever before!

And the very first being who shall suffer the full extent of my wrath…

will… be… you…



“GASP!” Hindel awakes abruptly from his latest nap inside his cavern home. The blind, golden dragon breathes rapidly at his latest dream as beads of sweat seep between the shiny scales of his brow. As he recovers from his nightmare, he reflects back to what he just saw. It was nothing but darkness in there, not a real surprise for someone who is blind. But this was different because in many of his dreams and visions, he can see them as clear as day. No, in this dreamy darkness, Hindel heard a familiar, frightening voice in the void of his dreams. But as the voice got louder, Hindel saw something else. Something more terrifying than the darkness itself. Two orbs made of blue fire glowing intensely within that dark void. The same fiery eyes that have haunted Hindel for over 500 years.

“Hindel? Hindel!” Someone else is calling out to the restless dragon from the entrance of his cave. Another familiar voice this time, but this one is a complete contrast compared to the one in Hindel’s nightmare; one that is kind and gentle. Hindel’s eyes may not be able to see, but in his mind’s eye, he can see who it is: a tall Pegasus with turquoise eyes, a mane and tail sharing a cerulean blue color with a golden yellow streak on each side, and a light bluish coat. And most distinguishably, he doesn’t have a Cutie Mark on his vacant flank. Surely, it could be none other than Ford Mustang, the once-human outsider now a full-fledged pony, coming in for Hindel’s weekly visits.

“Sorry about that, Hindel.” Ford apologizes humbly. “I hope I didn’t disturb you again.”

“No need to apologize, Ford.” Hindel responds after stretching his long, aching neck. “I was wide awake before you even got here. So, what did you bring for me this time?”

“Just a wide variety of jewels that were leftovers from some of Rarity’s previous projects.” The Pegasus answers as he unloads his twin saddlebags of various, tiny jewel shards. “Hope you don’t mind them.” Grabbing the bags, Hindel drops the shards into his other claw, and he scarfs them down with glee.

“Mmm… My compliments to the seamstress.” says Hindel after he finishes his snack. “Her taste in jewelry is just as exquisite as mine own. By the way, have you been practicing those breathing exercises I’ve taught you?”

“Of course I have!” Ford responds. “I’m not sure why exactly, but these workouts have done wonders for me! I feel stronger and faster than ever before! Although, it does take awhile of getting used to it.”

“Oh, really? How so?” asks Hindel while he licks the remaining shards on his claw.

“Well…” Ford replies hesitantly with a light blush. “…there was that one time I applebucked a tree so hard, that I clearly knocked it right out of its roots! It was an accident, but…”


One week ago in the orchards of Sweet Apple Acres…

“WHO THE BUCK KNOCKED DOWN ONE OF OUR APPLE TREES LIKE THAT?!” Applejack hollered in outrage after seeing her once-mighty tree pulled out of the earth and laying down on the ground.

“Sorry!” Ford called out apologetically from his hiding cloud dozens of feet in the air.

“Ford Mustang!” the angry farmpony called back to him. “You better get down here right now and explain yerself!”

“If I do, will you promise not to hurt me?” he asks in whimpering fear.

“If you don’t come down from that cloud this instant, Ah’ll just have to grab my lasso and pull ya down here myself! And that’ll just be the start for what’s to come for you!”

“Alright, alright! I’m coming down!”


“That day, I thought for sure that Applejack was going to tan my hide for that!” Ford trembles over that memory after finishing his tale.

Hindel smirks upon hearing this and asks, “Then I take it you’ve been learning on how to maintain self-control over your own newfound strength?”

“Ehhhh… more or less.” Ford answers bashfully with a shrug. “By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you about that.” he says to Hindel with a curious look. “Why did you teach me all that stuff anyway?”

Hindel pauses for a bit before responding with a hesitant answer, “Well… I thought it would be my way of saying ‘thanks’ for all the visitations and jewels you’ve brought over for me. Plus, I figure it might help you out with your duties on the farm and as a weather pony, right?” The old dragon bears a toothy smile to his younger friend, but Ford isn’t entirely convinced as he raises a suspicious eyebrow.

Wanting to avoid the awkwardness he created for himself, Hindel clears his throat and speaks up again, “Anyway, how’s this… uhh… marefriend of yours? 'Rainbow Dash', was it?”

Ford perks up with a wide smile at the mention of her name as he happily answers, “She’s doing great! She’s nearly done on her latest tour with the Wonderbolts at Cloudsdale! Unfortunately, the last show before her big break is also on her birthday.”

“Well, why not fly over there and see her yourself?” Hindel inquires.

“I would if I could…” Ford reponds depressingly. “…but getting tickets to see the Wonderbolts, let alone to see her, are so expensive. Plus, she couldn’t get any more free guest passes this time since it’s one of their biggest tours this season. Besides, my salary as a weather pony isn’t enough to cover for something like that.”

After a moment of silence, Hindel ponders to himself before showing off an all-knowing grin. “Well… if money is the issue, then look no further, pony!”

“What do you mean, Hindel?” Ford puzzles at the grinning expression the dragon was making.

Hindel continues to smirk all-knowingly as all he needs to do is pat his enormous bed of hoarded treasure to serve as his answer. It takes a while for Ford Mustang to get the hint, but once he puts two-and-two together, his jaw nearly drops to the floor at what Hindel is offering to him.

“Hindel, you can’t be serious--!” Ford says in complete shock.

“I am.”

“B-but… isn’t this against your dragon code or something like that to give away your treasure to someone?!”

“It’s my treasure, and I’ll do whatever I want with it. Even for a friend.”

“I… I don’t know what to say.” Ford hesitates with a grateful smile. “Thank you, Hindel.”

Hindel nods his head before gesturing to Ford with a wave of his claw. “Now go on. Grab as much as you like.”

While a bit hesitant at first, the happy-go-lucky Pegasus jumps at this opportunity like a kid winning a shopping sweepstake at a toy store. Recalling how much tickets would cost to see the show and to meet the Wonderbolts afterwards, Ford carefully counts out the right amount of bits he needs for his surprise visit. After all, he didn’t want to take advantage over anyone’s generosity; especially from a dragon’s.

As he stuffs the last, few, remaining coins into his saddlebags, something glittery catches his attention. Distracted by the sparkling light within the pile of treasure, he approaches it and reaches for it with a fore hoof. Once he grasped it, he examines the glittering gemstone more closely as he is completely mesmerized by how vibrant it is. He has never seen a jewel illuminating so many colors at once before.

“You’re pretty quiet all of sudden, Ford.” Hindel unintentionally breaks the pony’s self-induced trance. “Is there something on your mind?”

“Oh! It’s nothing, Hindel!” Ford responds after recovering from his dazed distraction. “I just found this pretty, little gem, and… I’ve been thinking about something.” He continues to gaze at the unique gem as a warm smile emerges on his face.

“Tell me.” Hindel insists curiously.

“Well… it’s been almost a year since that night at the Gala where Rainbow Dash accepted me as her coltfriend. And despite how busy she is as a Wonderbolt, it’s been the happiest year of my life. I just can’t imagine my life without her. And… well… since our one-year anniversary is coming up soon, I was wondering if maybe… I should ask her to marry me.”

As Ford Mustang continues to admire the little gem, Hindel’s curiosity grows immensely before he finally says to Ford, “Bring that gem over here, so I can verify it for you.”

Once Ford brings the colorful gem close enough to Hindel’s snout, the dragon unleashes his forked tongue to take a couple of quick licks on the mysterious sparkler before confirming its identity. “Ahhhh… I didn’t even realize that I still have one of those around here. That is a Prismatic Diamond you have in your hoof, Ford Mustang.” the dragon declares. “It’s one of the rarest jewels in the known world. It is said that under any source of light, it will shine a multitude of prismatic colors as vivid as any rainbow or aurora in the sky. The tastes of these things are just as enriching as the colors themselves.” he finishes his statement as he licks his chops over the rare and tasty jewel.

Ford looks back at the rare gemstone with a tender smile as he says to the dragon, “It’s very beautiful, Hindel. Well anyway, here. You should have it.” he offers the priceless gem back to the surprised dragon. “You must be hungry to eat one of these things for so long.”

After giving it a moment of thought, Hindel says with conviction, “You know what? It’s yours now. Take it.”

Shocked by another generous offer by his dragon friend, Ford looks back at the Prismatic Diamond with wide eyes and a gaping face. Then he looks up at the dragon before stammering, “Hindel… a-are you sure?”

“Of course!” Hindel replies with a resolving grin. “Besides, it’s so tiny, it will not be enough to satisfy my own cravings. You keep it. Consider it as my wedding gift for you and Rainbow Dash.”

Unable to contain his joy over this unexpected act of kindness, Ford Mustang flies up to Hindel as he tries to give the biggest hug he can offer to the noble, ancient dragon. “Thank you! Thank you so much, Hindel! Oh, this would be perfect!” After breaking the hug, Ford then asks, “You’ll come to the wedding if that happens, wouldn’t you?”

“I would, but I don’t think your buildings would accommodate my own size.” Hindel answers with a chuckling smile.

“Eh, I’m sure we’ll work something out eventually.” Ford responds casually, but then he gets overly excited once again as he plans his next move. “Right now, I’m getting ahead of myself! I’ve got a proposal to work! I’ve gotta get this little beauty ready! Maybe Rarity knows a craftspony who can turn this into an engagement bracelet! Oh wait, I first need to plan out my surprise visit for Rainbow Dash’s birthday this week! There’s so much to do and so little time!” Not wanting to waste anymore time, Ford gallops towards the exit of the dragon’s cave as he says goodbye to his friend. “See you later, Hindel! And thanks again for everything! I’ll make it up to you! I swear!”

As Ford Mustang leaves the cave, Hindel chuckles lightly to himself before he goes back to his usual napping spot. However, sleep won’t come so easily for him this time around as he is still haunted by the last vision he just had moments ago.

“He’s coming.” Hindel mutters to himself grimly. “I know it!”

Author's Notes:

One notable change I have made to this sequel is that the narration for this story will be 3rd-Person Perspective from now on. One main reason behind that is that there will be certain moments in this story where it will not always involve my OC character, Ford Mustang.

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