Team Jenkins: The Heatathon

by Paddle Steamer
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It's just a usual day in Canterlot for some friends... that is until they realise Jenkins signed them up for a competition without reading the rules...
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Readers... have mercy on me! I got dragged into this without realising what I was getting into thanks to some friends of mine. Damn... I really need new friends.

A mentally unstable, trigger happy Brit, an insane American with a death wish, and a pony Timelord get themselves into a mountain of trouble on the mountainside city of Canterlot. What happens when three friends get signed up for the most horrifically thought out races in Equestria? Well I really don't know... mares in heat can be a force to reckon with; but then again: so can guns.

So will our men/stallions survive two weeks in Canterlot during the "heat" or will they succumb to the passion of the mares? Or will James (The Brit) cause the biggest bloodbath in Equestrian history? Hopefully he won't... but for some reason he always manages to have a gun on him... although his American friend Leeroy just might be able to screw them over. After all; he's infamous for it.

I do not own anything My Little Pony related in this story, other than the story itself.


3,818 words: Estimated 16 Minutes to read: [Cache]

2 Chapters:

  1. Prologue [Cache] Apr 19th, 2014
  2. Jenkins; you ruin everything [Cache] Apr 19th, 2014
Published Jul 8th, 2013


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