Scootaloo's Painful Secret

by unicorn92243

Chapter 5: Epilogue

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   Upon finding out that her aunt and uncle knew about the abuse and had the gall to blame Scootaloo for it and then do nothing, they were required to be at the trial.

  Her mother lied and claimed she had done nothing beyond what Rainbow had seen, but her father broke down on the stand, crying and apologizing. He confessed everything that both he and his wife had done, including how his wife was also cruel to him.

  "I'm so, so, sorry Scootaloo, I just snapped that day from all the pressure and I took it out on you! Please, please, forgive me!"

  Scootaloo nodded at him. He'd always been kind to her before that last night.

  Her mother was sentenced to a minimum of ten years for child abuse. Her aunt and uncle were sentenced to a year for conspiracy to commit child abuse. For cooperating, her father was given six months probation, as long as he attended therapy, but he lost custody of Scootaloo as well. He would be allowed supervised visits to her only.

    Rainbow Dash was awarded permanent custody of Scootaloo. A fact which overjoyed them both.

    Cold Heart glared at her daughter the entire time, and so did her aunt and uncle. It made Scootaloo nervous.

    "Don't worry Scoots, they're all getting what they deserve," Rainbow assured her.

    That night, having a quiet dinner with Rainbow at home, Scootaloo accidently knocked over her juice, and automatically froze and started to shake, remembering what her mother would have done.

  Rainbow was already mopping up the spill with a paper towel, but she looked up when she heard a whimper, and saw the way Scootaloo was staring at her. She immediately pulled Scootaloo to the floor with her gently, wrapping her wing around her.

  "Shh... it's okay, I know it was just an accident."

  Snapping out of it, Scootaloo fully realized for the first time that she really was safe. She smiled timidly up at Rainbow, and at her soft smile in response, it soon turned into a delighted grin.

  "I'll help clean it up!" She said cheerfully.

  "Here you go my little helper," Rainbow chuckled, handing her a paper towel.

   Scootaloo felt her heart soar as she helped Rainbow clean up her spill.

   At long last... she was truly home.


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