A Method to Your Madness

by Brony19
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There's a method to your madness, and your madness is the method!
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Twilight Sparkle has every inch of the vast Royal Archives memorized down to the last inch, every book title committed to memory, every squeaky floorboard like the back of her hoof.

Except for one room.

A room that Celestia barred from everypony alive, aside from royalty. Because Twilight is a Princess now, that shouldn't be a problem. The thirst for knowledge is one that this room and this room alone can quench. Especially the book with no title, leather-bound and old as time itself, surely this book can provide knowledge long lost to ponykind.

Or madness that should never be allowed to see the light of day again...

[Time for credit where credit is due: BIG thanks to Ambrosia_Firehoof13 and squalllockheart for their help. Also, to my girlfriend, for believing in me and catching my many spelling mistakes. Without them, this may have stayed locked up in my mind.]


1,948 words: Estimated 8 Minutes to read: [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. 1st of Frostfall, 1567 [Cache] May 1st, 2013
Published May 1st, 2013


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