She's Having A Foal

by MaxBeezy

Chapter 1: Breaking The News

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Dear Twilight,

Or, should it be Princess Twilight, now? That was a weird day, wasn’t it? I was told later on that you did some spell, that switched your friends’ cutie marks. Watching Applejack attempt to make dresses was quite strange, but also enjoyable, even if she didn’t think so. I actually thought her designs weren’t half bad, bar some minor improvements. They’re in the attic of our house now; she doesn’t know I kept them.

Anyway, then you became a Princess! That was pretty cool…if a little abrupt. I always joked that you were going to be a Princess; I never thought it would actually be true!

Okay, this wasn’t meant to be part of the letter, but you know how I get when it comes to writing. I wrote a one hundred page letter to Celestia, detailing why I wanted to stay human, for goodness sake! Don’t worry, this won’t be as long. I promise. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.

Now, where was I? Oh, right.

That book you gave me and Applejack on our wedding day; The Unknown Mysteries of Equestria Revealed Volume 1? Well, the other day, Applejack told me that she was feeling ill in the mornings, so when she went to the Doctor, I decided that then was the right moment, as you told me it would be, and opened it up.

Sure enough, I surprised to find out that you knew that we were genetically compatible! I don’t know why you hid that information from me and AJ for so long, but it’s water under the bridge at this point. When she came back, my assumption was correct.

That’s right, Applejack is pregnant!

Isn’t that great?! We were so happy when we found out. I wanted to come and see you at the Castle, to let you be the first to know (like you wanted), but I was told that you were busy. Since Spike is with you in Canterlot, it will be awhile before you get this letter. Maybe I’ll give it to Big Macintosh, when he comes by to see you for your weekly *ahem* visits. I know he does; he only talks about it all the time, when we hang out. It’s quite disturbing, actually. I didn’t know you were into that.

We’re going to tell Applejack’s family, and everypony else soon after, so I hope this letter gets to you in a timely fashion.


Matthew Williams Apple

PS: Big Mac doesn’t really tell me what you two do, during his visits; I just wanted to yank your chain.

“You done with that letter, yet?” Applejack called out from the living room.

“Almost.” Matt says, sitting by the dining room table in the kitchen, “Just putting the finishing touches.”

PPS: But I bet you two totally do it.

“Okay, done.” Matt puts the period at the end of the last sentence. “Huh, it really does take a little more than a few minutes to write one.” he grins, thinking back to what Princess Celestia said that fateful day in Canterlot, as he folds the letter, and puts it in his back pocket.

Matt walks to the fridge, and takes out an apple pie that he baked last night, with very little assistance from Applejack. It’s meant for the Apple Family, as a small token and comfort for what they are planning to tell them that day. He walks into the living room, where Applejack is patiently sitting on the couch, watching cartoons as she waits.

With a quick clearing of his throat, Matt gets her attention. She turns, flashing him her signature gorgeous smile, turning off the TV almost instantaneously and walking up to him.

“Ya ready to go?” she asks.

“As ready as the human who is about to tell a family that I impregnated their equine granddaughter as I’ll ever be.” he chuckles.

It’s been a couple of days, since they got the news that Applejack had passed her first month of pregnancy. The happily married couple was nervous about telling everypony about what had happened. For all intents and purposes, up until the day before, they were under the impression that human and pony conception was impossible. It was because of that, they never felt the need to use protection during their nights of love and passion. Oh, how wrong they were.

To say that Matt was surprised about the news would have been putting it mildly. He fainted before Applejack even said a word, seemingly knowing what she was about to say by simply looking into her eyes. Still, once the initial shock died down, he was extremely happy, but also frightened at the same time. The concept of being a parent is new to him. On the one hand, he feels that he shouldn’t be too worried. He had a great Dad. Easily worrisome? Sure, but still learned a lot from him. Despite all that, though; deep down, he feels he has much more to learn.

As for his beautiful wife, Applejack was as equally nervous, perhaps even more so, as she is going to spend the next ten months with a foal growing inside of her. That morning at the hospital, she was certain the Doctor was making a mistake, and that he accidentally misplaced her check up sheet with another patient. Fully expecting him to look down at the sheet, see the wrong name, and correct his mistake, she initially chuckled in response to his diagnosis. When he shook his head, and told her that the pregnancy was no mistake, she still did not believe him.

It was then that he performed an ultrasound on her, and she saw it as clear as day. The beginnings of development; the foal growing within her body.

Ever since she decided to pursue an intimate relationship, she was long prepared for not being able to bear foals with her human husband, thinking that if she wanted a child, they would simply adopt. Discovering that she had become pregnant was both exciting and terrifying. After the truth finally set in, she spent a long time crying in the hospital, more out of joy than anything else. It was something that she would never tell Matt; he doesn’t do well with crying ponies. He finds them more emotionally distressing than anything else he’s seen in his life.

The two walked along the morning road to Sweet Apple Acres, letting the sun shine on their skin, or in Applejack’s case; coat, as they made their way to their destination.

Applejack glanced over at her husband, carrying the apple pie with both hands…those shaking hands. She looked up at him, seeing the stressed look on his face. She smiles, brushing a cheek against his arm, which startles him out of his nervous thoughts, but relaxes to the sensation, knowing that she is there to comfort him.

“So, what are ya gonna say?” Applejack asks.

“I was just about to ask you the same question.” he smirks.

“Ah asked you first, so there.” she sticks her tongue out playfully.

“Damn, I was hoping to delay the inevitable with you.” Matt thinks for a moment, before replying, “I’m lost. I have no idea what to say.”

“Well, you can always just tell them outright, rather than sugarcoat it.”

“No, that’s the wrong way of telling them. Just going all out and saying ‘Funny story, I just impregnated Applejack!’ isn't going to go well with them, I don’t think.”

“If you say it like THAT, it’s not going to get well with them.” she laughs.

“Besides, YOU’RE officially family, why don’t you tell them?”

“Hey, you’re officially family, too.”

“I mean, you’re bound by blood with them. Wouldn’t they be less…you know…shocked if you told them?”

“I dunno, I reckon Granny Smith is gonna have a heart attack either way.”

“True, but if I tell them, what comes next is her glaring at me, and going…” Matt proceeds to put on his best Granny Smith accent, “You put yer seed in mah granddaughter?! Big Mac! Get the shotgun!”

Applejack bursts out laughing at his impersonation.

“That’s a good one!” she cracks up, “She would totally sound like that!”

“That’s what I’m afraid of. I plan on seeing this foal grow up to college age, before I’m gunned down by your Grandmother.”

“Relax, she ain’t gonna shoot ya. Might wound you slightly.”

“Depends on what you mean by ‘slightly.’ Humans can’t heal as fast as you guys, remember?”

“Ah wouldn’t worry. You took on King Sombra.”

“I remember almost dying, when I did that.”

“But you didn’t, so handling Granny Smith should be a walk in the park.”

“If that’s the case, can we go to Canterlot first? I want to wear The Elements of Harmony before I speak with your family.”

“Too late, funny guy. We’re here.”

Matt looks up to see the Sweet Apple Acres sign looming above them. He grimaces, knowing that his very possible injury or demise is waiting for him beyond that sign.


After knocking on the door, Applebloom was the first to open it, greeting her older sister with open hooves, giving a nice big hug. It’s been awhile since they last saw her. In the intervening time, she has gotten taller, but the lack of a cutie mark is still there.

“Applejack!” she says with happiness, “It’s so nice ta see ya!” She then turns to Matt with a smile, “Taking good care of mah sis?”

“You know I am.” he smiles, kneeling down to give her a hug, which she gladly takes. He takes note of her growth. “You’re getting taller AB. Normally, it’s a challenge to get your hooves around me. At this rate, you’re getting awful close.”

“Yeah.” she laughs, “Still no cutie mark, though.” she glances over at her blank flank.

“Don’t worry, it’ll come to ya.” Applejack assures her, “Where’s Big Mac n’ Granny Smith?”

“They’re waitin’ in the dining room. Come on! They’ll be happy ta see you two!”

The three walk into the dining room, where sure enough, Big Macintosh and Granny Smith are waiting for them. Upon seeing the happy couple, they give Matt and Applejack wide smiles.

“Applejack! Matt! Yer here!” shouts Granny Smith.

Big Mac is first to get up and embrace them. He had no problem wrapping them both up in his powerful hooves for a tight hug, cutting off air and possibly circulation from them. Applejack knows how to break away from such a hug. Unfortunately, nopony ever taught Matt that trick.

“So good ta see ya!” Big Mac exclaims.

“You too…” Matt wheezes, “Please let me go.” He can hear his bones cracking under pressure. Any second and he’d be a Matt sandwich.

“Oops…sorry.” he lets Matt go, watching the human catch his breath, “Forgot how weak yer skeletal structure is.”

“Been taking lessons about human anatomy from Twilight?”

“Among other things.” he smirks.

“Sit down you two.” Granny Smith says, “It’s been too long since we last saw you.”

The two sit down across from them. Looking at their happy expressions made Matt even more nervous than ever. Applejack somehow keeps her composure like an expert.

“Granny Smith, it’s only been like a month.” Applejack says.

“That’s too long for my age! When I was a young mare, mah honeymoon was only one night, then it was back to work! You youngins get much longer than that!”

“Our honeymoon was three months ago. Matt and I just decided to take a trip to the places we wanted to go.”

“Did ya visit the Crystal Empire?” Applebloom asks, “How was it? How are Princess Cadance and Shinin’ Armor?”

“We did.” Matt answers, “And they’re good. The empire is a very beautiful place too. It’s nice to see it, without being distracted by a giant smoking monster.” he chuckles. “Oh, I almost forgot…” he places the apple pie on the table, “We made this for you guys.”

“More like YOU made it, and ah watched.” Applejack smirks, “Honestly, you can be so stubborn at times.”

“Hey, if I’m part of the Apple Family, I have to learn how to make damn delicious pies like the Apple Family.”

“He made two pies last night.” she tells the three, “Ah tried it; it’s very good.”

“Why, thank you AJ. I appreciate that.”

“It certainly smells yummy!” says Applebloom, “If ah didn’t have breakfast already, I would have gobbled it all up.”

Applejack looks at Matt. It’s THE look. The kind of look that says that he should tell them the news now. Matt gulps at the thought; he is less than ready…he is NOT ready to tell them. Applejack can see the hesitance in his eyes. It’s not like he doesn’t want to inform them of the situation, but he remembers the last time Big Mac came at him with murderous intentions; it didn’t end well. The reassuring hoof on his thigh from AJ isn’t helping either, as much as he wants it too.

Still, he had to do it. He swallows his pride, and stands from the table, surprising everypony except for Applejack. She knows what’s coming.

“Everypony, I have an announcement to make.”

“What about?” asks Big Mac.

“I would say ‘sit down’, but you guys are already doing it.” he chuckles, they don’t; they are confused about his behavior. “I’m not sure how to say this, so I’m just going to go out and say it…”

“Yer gettin a divorce, aren’t you?” Granny Smith interrupts, “Dag nabbit Applejack, what did ya do?!”

“No!” Matt shouts, “We’re not getting a divorce!”

“Did she cheat on ya?”

“No! Why do you assume it’s something SHE did?”

“Did YOU cheat on her?” Big Mac growls.

“No! I would never do something like that!”

“Then what is it?” demands Applebloom.

“I’m trying to say that Applejack is pregnant!”

Silence. That’s not how he wanted to say that. Too late now, it’s out in the open, and everypony in the room heard it. Both Big Mac and Applebloom stare in wide-eyed shock, while Granny Smith looks like she’s going to have a heart attack. She bats at her ears, hoping that something that was preventing her hearing falls out. Nothing comes.

“I’m sorry, Matt. But, what did ya say?” asks Granny Smith.

“Applejack….is….pregnant?” he responds, the statement coming out like a question.

Another long and drawn out silence ensues. Matt prepares himself to get thrown out the window, beaten mercilessly, or tackled into a wall. None of those happen, just lots of stares.

“But…” Applebloom breaks the silence, “Ah thought you two were in-com-patiable…”

“It’s incompatible, Applebloom.” Big Mac corrects her, “But she’s right. We thought…”

“So did we.” said Applejack, “But, according to Twilight’s research, we actually are genetically compatible.”

“Why didn’t she tell me?” Big Mac wonders.

“She doesn’t know that AJ is pregnant yet.” Matt answers, “We wanted to tell you the news first. Since we’re family and all.” He looks at the staring faces, “We’re still family, right? You’re not going to kill me?”

More silence. It’s almost like they are thinking about it. The three members of the Apple family look at each other, seemingly having a conversation with their thoughts. After what felt like the longest period of silence in history, they look back at the couple, specifically…back at Matt.

“Kill you?” Granny Smith says, “We’re not going to kill you, sonny! This…this is great news!” her voice becomes much chipper, and less grouchy, unlike what Matt is used to.

Everypony gets up from their seats, surrounding Applejack and Matt with a gentle group hug, wide smiles at the news.

“Oh boy, I get to be an Aunt!” Applebloom says with excitement.

“Uncle Macintosh. That has a nice ring to it.” Big Mac says.

“Ya see Matt?” Applejack smiles, “Ah told you everythin’ was going to be fine!”

“Yeah. Now, we’ll have to deal with everypony else.”

The rest of the day is spent with the couple hanging out with their family. Matt and Applejack tell them of their time seeing the world, and the places they went. Aside from the aforementioned Crystal Empire, where they spent the weekend having a blast with Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, they also went to the Galloping Gorge, which Matt found most similar to the Grand Canyon back in his dimension. They took a variety of pictures of the locations they went to. A museum in Trottingham, a rodeo in Appleloosa, a fantastic little deli they found in Baltimare, they’ve been practically everywhere.

Matt always wanted to see the world; it was just a different world than what he was expecting.

As the sun went down, it was time for Matt and Applejack to leave. Before they walk down the steps, Matt turns to Big Mac, handing him the letter to Twilight.

“Since you see Twilight during the week, I want you to give her this letter.” he says, “It has the news of AJ’s pregnancy.”

“Can do.” Big Mac says with a loyal determination, “I’ll guard this letter with mah life.”

“Thanks.” Matt grins, patting Big Mac on the back.

After saying their goodbyes, Matt and Applejack were on their way back home. They reminisce about the events they just witnessed. They reacted better than expected, and Matt’s fears of getting injured or killed didn’t come true. Overall, a very successful day.

Now, they have to deal with the others.

The next morning began with a series of furious knocking on the front door of their house. Matt and Applejack were throttled from their comfortable sleeping positions -which involved them holding each other tightly in a fantastic snugglefest- and rocket out of bed.

Matt, with an enormous case of bedhead, rushes to the door, which continues to be pounded on by what sounds like a stampede of hooves.

“Who is it?” Matt asks, voice cracking from his dry throat.

“OPEN UP!” shouts the unmistakable voice of Pinkie Pie.

Matt opens the door, and suddenly Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy come barreling in, trampling the poor human.

“Oops. Sorry Matt.” Fluttershy softly says.

“It’s okay. I’m used to it by now.”

Applejack walks down the stairs, her mane still unkempt, wearing a fashionable robe.

“Hey.” she yawns, “What are ya’ll doin here?”

“What are we doing here? We’re here for YOU, darling!” Rarity says.

“For me?”

“Yeah! Applebloom spilled the beans to Sweetie Belle, Sweetie Belle spilled the beans to Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle AND Scootaloo spilled the beans to me and Rarity!” Rainbow Dash huffs.

“Who spilled the beans to Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie?” Matt candidly asks, still lying on the floor in a daze.

“WE did!” she turns her head back to Applejack, “When were you going to tell us that you were pregnant?!”

“We were going to tell ya this mornin’ after we had breakfast!”

“No!” Pinkie Pie shouts, “We’re going to have a special pregnancy breakfast!”

“Pregnancy Breakfast?” Applejack cocked her head in confusion.

“I’m still working on the name. Now brush that mane, you! We’re going out for a special day!”

Applejack glanced down at the still lying there Matt, seemingly refusing to move from his spot. Reluctantly, she quickly forms her mane into her classic look, gesturing the others to wait for her outside. Applejack hovers over her husband, looking at him from an upside down angle.

“Ya goin’ to be alright?” she asks.

“Yeah. I’ll be fine. Go spend time with the others.”

“Did you want to come along?”

“No boys!” Rainbow Dash butts in, “We’ll deal with him, later!”

“I get the feeling that it’s a girl’s day out.” Matt jests.

“What will ya do, when I’m gone?”

“I guess I’ll tell my parents the news. Seems like a good a time as any. You go have fun. I’ll see you later tonight, okay?”

“Okay. Ah love you.”

“I love you more.”

Applejack leans down and gives him an upside down kiss. It’s an odd feeling, but he enjoys it. Definitely one of those things he saw in a movie once, and always wanted to try.

“That was awesome.” he smiles after she breaks away.

“Don’t keep me waitin’ too long, tonight.” she says.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Applejack kisses him again, before galloping out of the door, closing it. Matt finally begins to sit up, feeling the spots where his friends trampled him. Luckily, they didn’t hit anything…vital. A small comfort, to be sure.

After having a small breakfast, and getting cleaned up, he was ready to go tell the news to his parents. He slaps his transportation bracelet on, says the destination, and he is off.

It’s been a little over a month since Matt and Applejack visited his parents. It was the last stop they made on their honeymoon. They gave his parents a picture of their wedding, with Matt holding Applejack up, give her a romantic kiss. Though they framed it, and put it on the cabinet with all the other family pictures, they had to put it away when friends and other relatives showed up. Matt decided to give them another picture, this time of him and Applejack as a human, to put on the cabinet, while their wedding picture would be put in their bedroom. A fine compromise.

Today, no pictures are going to be handed out; only news.

“Matt! How are you?” Mom greets her son with a loving hug. “We weren’t expecting to see you for another month. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine.” Matt smiles.

Mom lets him into the house. Dad is in the living room, watching a golf program on the television. He turns his head to see Matt enter the house. Immediately, he gets up with a smile, walking over to his son, and giving his own hug.

“Hey, son!” Dad says with a pat on the shoulder, “What brings you to our dimension?”

“I have some news for the both of you.”

“Really? What is it?” Mom asks.

“I’d prefer if both of you sit down.”

The two pause for a little bit, wondering what the news is going to be. Cautiously, they sits down, never taking their curious eyes off of Matt.

“Mom…Dad…it’s…going to be a while before you two see AJ again.”

“Oh my god, two are getting a divorce.” Mom interrupts.

“How could you, son?! She was perfect for you!”

“Whatever you did, you better go back and say sorry, right now!”

“No! Why does everypo….I mean everyone think we’re getting a divorce? It’s not like that. We’re still happily married, and will continue to be like that forever!”

His Parents cease with the assumptions and accusations, and shuts their mouths, letting Matt talk.

“What I’m trying to say is…that AJ won’t be here for a while…because she’s pregnant.”


“With a foal….a baby.”

A pause. Matt was expecting this. He watched as his Parents slowly but surely took in the news, trying desperately to comprehend it.

“But…” Dad speaks, “I thought you two couldn’t have kids.”

“I thought so too, but it’s a mess of scientific mumbo jumbo. The point is that we are actually genetically compatible, and can have kids together.”

“But…” Mom continues, “How can you two be genetically compatible, when she’s a Pony and you’re a human?”

“Like I said…scientific mumbo jumbo.”

“Are you sure it’s yours?”

“It better be.” He sees his Parents continue to process the information. “Look, I know it’s a lot to take in. I don’t want to risk anything bad happening to the foal, which is why I won’t be bringing AJ along for these trips. I’ll document everything, and give you pictures and video of the development.”

His Parents continue to be silent. They should be happy, and internally, they really are, but they are still very confused. They both get up, and their looks of bewilderment turn to soft smiles.

“Well…congratulations, then.” Dad says, hugging his son. Mom joins in.

“Thanks guys.” Matt replies.

After minutes of embracing, they separate. Dad skillfully wipes a stray tear from his eye, but Matt notices, which makes him smile.

“Okay, enough of this mushy stuff.” Mom says, “We’re going out to eat. Want to come along? You can tell us all about what you’ve been doing since we last saw you.”

“Yeah, that sounds nice.”

Back in Ponyville, inside Sugar Cube Corner, Applejack is sitting at the biggest table in the place, as Pinkie Pie bounces all over the shop, singing about how excited she is at the news. Confetti falls down from the ceiling, and the others bob their heads to the song. Applejack can only have a smile and a reddened face from all the attention.

When Pinkie gets to the climax of her song, even MORE confetti shoots out from the randomly appearing Party Cannon, always around when Pinkie reaches around a corner to get something. The ponies, which also include Mr. and Mrs. Cake, along with the Cake Twins, who have gotten old enough to form sentences, applaud at Pinkie’s song.

“That was marvelous, Pinkie!” Mr. Cake says.

“Well done, darling.” says Rarity.

“I’m not done yet!” Pinkie shouts with her signature enthusiasm.

“Aw shucks, Pinkie. This is all nice enough. We don’t need another song.”

“Who said anything about another song? I have CAKE!”

Pulling a random rope that came down on cue, the ceiling above Applejack opens up, and a tall pink frosting adorned cake drops down in front of her. Perfect aim. If it were a few centimeters off, Applejack would have been wearing that cake like a hat.

The farm pony looks up at the mountainous cake, seeing at the very top, little figures of her, Matt and a baby stroller. It brings a small smile to her face, but also a hint of nervousness.

“It’s wonderful, Pinkie. But…how did ya make this cake in such a short amount of time?”

“A good baker never reveals her secrets.” She says happily.

“I want some!” Pound Cake shouts, as he dives for the cake. Pinkie Pie reaches out, catching him in mid air.

“Nope, the expecting mother has to take the first bite!”

All eyes fall on Applejack. Slowly, she brings her muzzle to the cake, and takes one bite off the side. The sweet flavor swirls in her mouth. Strawberry and vanilla combined into a perfect blend. Her eyes widen from all the sugar rushing through her veins, as she lets out a long and drawn out, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!”

The other ponies laugh and cheer at her reaction.

“Okay! Time to CUT THE CAKE!” Pinkie screams as she pulls out a frighteningly large knife. Everypony yelps out of fright. “What?”

Night falls, and everypony is celebrated-out. They help Applejack, who is full of delicious cake, to her front door.

“Ah had fun” she says, “Thanks girls.”

“It’s no problem.” Pinkie says, “You deserve it.”

“Yeah!” Rainbow Dash shouts, “You’re one lucky mare!”

“Whoo-hoo…” Fluttershy softly says.

“The light are off in the house. Where is Matt?” Rarity asks.

Applejack turns to see no light coming from the house. Matt still isn’t back from his trip. Or, he’s sleeping, and she’s late.

“He’s probably still with his parents.” she assumes.

“Well, he better be back quick. A girl in your condition needs care.”

“Fiddlesticks, Rare. I’m not THAT pregnant. Give it a few more months.”

“I’m just saying. When that foal starts to grow, you’re going to need all the help you can get.”

Applejack freezes at Rarity’s words. For most of her life, she hadn’t really needed the help of other, unless she had no other choice. But, Rarity might be right. When her stomach expands, she can’t do the things she likes to do, like work at the farm and applebuck. Then again, she’s always been a strong pony, maybe she could still be active and pregnant at the same time. Maybe she can buck convention, and continue to do what she does best.

“We’ll see about that.” Applejack says with playful defiance, “I’ll see ya’ll later.”

They say their goodnights to each other, and go their separate ways. Rarity back to Carousel Boutique, Pinkie Pie to Sugar Cube Corner, and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to her house.

Applejack treks up the stairs, and into the bedroom. Matt isn’t there. She sighs, before falling onto the mattress, moving over to her side of the bed. She buries her head in the pillow, relaxing as her eyes get heavy.

Then she hears it, the sound of someone teleporting into the house. She smiles, hearing footsteps getting closer and closer to the bedroom door.

It opens.

“AJ?” Matt says.

Applejack replies with a relaxed moan. He smirks, as he gets into bed with her. He removes the bracelet, placing it on the night stand. Once he gets lies down, and into a comfortable position, she moves up to him, so her back is pressed up against him. He wraps an arm underneath her, bringing around, so he has his hand on her chest, with the other moves to her stomach, feeling bulge where all that cake is.

“I didn’t think I was gone for that long.” he jokes.

“Relax, it’s just some cake and pie.”

“Oh no, you didn’t eat the Cake family and Pinkie Pie, did you?”

“Oh stop it.” she giggles, moving her hoof to the hand on her belly. “How did your parents take the news?”

“As well as they could, all things considered.”

“So, they’re fine with their human son conceiving a foal?”

“Well, I don’t know if their FINE with it, but they’re still happy for us.” he chuckles, “I told them that I would update them with pictures and video.” He hears Applejack sigh with disappointment. “What’s the matter, AJ?”

“Ah wish there was a way for me to see them, rather than send pictures and stuff. Do you think Celestia can help out?”

“That’s possible. She made these things for us, maybe she can make more. I can go talk to her tomorrow after work, if you like.”

“Ah can come with you, too. I’m not completely useless, yet.”

“Of course you can. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry.” he kisses her shoulder, “I wasn’t sure if you had other plans, that’s all.”

“None that I’m aware of.” She feels his hand feel her stomach, she giggles in response. “Why are you touchin’ mah belly so much?”

“Because, I’m imagining what it’s going to be like with that little baby bump there.”

“Don’t get too comfortable. That little baby bump, is gonna be a big baby bump.”

“I’ll still like it.”

“No you won’t. I’m gonna be big and fat.”

“No, you’re going to be beautiful, like you always have been.” he gives her a peck on the cheek.

“You’re just sayin’ that cause you’re mah husband.”

“I’m saying that because I love you, and because I’m going to be totally right.”

Applejack turns around to face him. They are close now, with his lips brushing against her muzzle. She chuckles at his words, as he delivers soft kisses to her cheeks and nose. She caresses his chest with her hooves, while he guides his hands along her back. Finally, she moves in, connecting with his lips for a passionate kiss. They’ve been waiting all day for that. Their kiss is like that of a couple, who haven’t seen each other for years. In their case…a few hours.

“Are you sure I wasn’t gone for that long?” Matt chuckles, as they separate from the kiss.

“A few hours is a long time for me.” Applejack grins, moving her hooves under his shirt to take it off. He helps her out, removing his shirt, and kissing her again. “Ya know, we can’t do this for much longer.”

“How come?” he asks, as he kisses her forehead.

“Just an old story I heard. If a mare is far in her pregnancy, intimate contact can lead to premature birth.”


“Ah don’t know. Like ah said, it’s just a story, but ah don’t want to risk it.”

Matt nods in agreement. Safety of the foal will always be top priority, even if it means stopping these little moments with his wife. He puts a note in his mind to investigate such a story, but it’s not at the top of the list of the most important things he has to do right now.

“Okay.” he says, before smiling, “Then that means I have to make all the time we have that much more memorable.” He moves his way up on top of her. She giggles at how fast he gets into the position, as he moves down, kissing her neck.

“Ya think we’re going to be okay?”

“I don’t think…I know. Everything is going to be fine, you’ll see.”

“Ah sure hope so. Now, come here you.” she brings him down for another passionate kiss, as they roll around in the bed.

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