Convergence Series: Journeys

by TheGreatEater

Chapter 1: Prologue

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All Destinations begin with a Journey.
All Journeys begin with a Decision.
All Decisions begin with a Choice.
- Excerpt from Almareda the Strange's Journal

It had been six months since Twilight had become an Alicorn and she couldn’t have be more miserable. She thought that when she first become a Princess that her dreams had become true, that she had all she could have wished for. But like all wishes it turned out completely different than what she had imagined. Her friends and her had grown apart as they were busy with their own lives.

While she was burdened with mountains of paperwork that had kept her away from the Celestia and Luna more and more. Worst of all is that she had learned things that broke her image of not only the Alicorn race, but Equestria as a whole. Dark secrets as well as truths that in her naivety she had blinded herself to. As the setting sun shone through her window, illuminating the slowly diminishing mountain of paper work on her rooms, mahogany desk her mind drifted to thoughts that had been hounding her lately.

How did it all come down to this? I mean it’s not like I never dreamed of becoming an Alicorn, but it’s not genetically possible. Most people think that Alicorns are just winged Unicorns, but studying their genetic material, they are a separate race altogether. I have no idea how that spell was able to completely alter my genetic code and neither have the Princesses. How did it all come to this? I miss my friends, and I wish that I could just go back to what it was before. I need to find my roots again, I’m not going to chicken out this time, I’m going to talk to Celestia and talk to her. Man it feels so weird to call her that, even after all these months.

“Be prepared young one, a war is coming.” A voice whispered next to her ear. Cutting off her train of thought.

“Whose there?!” She yelled into the empty room scanning it for magic, and life forms. Sensing a slight magical pressure only last for a slight instance before it dissipated. This had been happening a lot lately. At first she had thought that she was going insane if it wasn’t for the presence of magic in the room she would’ve cracked, but that presence let her know that it wasn’t in her head. That was another thing that she needed to talk to the Princesses about.

Getting up she walked out of her room, and walked through the pristine white halls to where she knew where Celestia was going to be at this time. Her royal garden to have her tea after a busy day with the Royal Court. As she left the Castle to the garden’s entrance. As she looked at Celestia her breath caught in her throat. She was slightly annoyed at herself that she still couldn’t shake her infatuation with her, even though she was an Alicorn now, she still saw herself as the faithful student to a beautiful mentor. She knew that nothing could come from it, but that didn’t stop her from feeling what she felt.

Taking a steadying breath she walked to Celestia, and sat beside her. “ Princess I have something that I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while. Well a couple of somethings really.”

“Twilight, I’ve told you to call me Celestia. After all we aren’t Mentor and Student any longer, well not in the traditional sense anyways. Go a head and tell me what’s bothering you. You know you can tell me anything.” Celestia said with a serene smile. She knew that Twilight had something bothering her for a while now, and she had been waiting until Twilight was ready to talk to her, since that time was now she was ready to help her if it was possible.

“Well you see. I’ve been feeling lost lately. This life is completely different than what I dreamed it would be and I want to go to find myself. Like a journey of self discovery. I know that I can’t just drop all my duties as a Princess, but this is something that I feel I need to do. Also I’ve been hearing someone talk to me when there’s no one there. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s not in my head and I sense magic when I do a scan of the room. The thing is I don’t recognize the spell, it’s not a voice projection spell, or a telepathy spell. It’s composition feels ancient, but none of the books in the royal archive fit the bill of what I’m sensing. It’s always the same three messages. The thing is they make no sense since two of them I was only thinking about doing. The third since it talks about a war, but I don’t know what war it could be talking about. Lastly I feel like everyone I care about is growing apart and I don’t know how to fix it, I sometimes feel like I would like to being plain old Twilight Sparkle, but learning what I’ve learned about everything since being a Princess. I feel like that’s wrong, I don’t want you and Luna to be alone again.” Twilight finished looking despondently.

Celestia look at Twilight in a concerned manner, collecting her thoughts before answering. “ Well I must say that I wish that you’d have come to me earlier with your concerns. I’m still glad that you’ve opened up to me. I totally understand how you feel in concerns as a Princess. I felt much the same way when my little ponies thrust rulership upon my and my sisters shoulders. Then when it was just me, but I’ll tell you what. The kingdom survived when it was just me and Luna now that she’s with us. I don’t see why you can’t take a little you time to collect yourself. You can even write me a Friendship Report like the old days,” She said with a fond smile remembering the reports she used to get when Twilight was in Ponyville.

“ As for your other concerns. I’ll place a spell on you and the next time this thing says anything to you I’ll know and it will allow me to do a more in depth scan. Hopefully this will help and the only thing behind this is a rather, poorly thought out prank. As for your last concern, I know how hard it is to get adjusted to a new life. Hopefully we can fix your schedule to give you more time with Luna and I, as for your friends. Well why don’t you take them with you, write them a letter and try to spend some time with them. I wish you the best, and I’ll be seeing you at diner.”

Taking a quick bow Twilight thanked the princess assuring her that she would see her at dinner and went off to get spike. As she entered the castle she walked to the Royal Archives where she had spent Spike earlier that day, looking up spells that could be used for long range communication. With Celestia’s spell cast on her she no longer needed that.

As she walked into the archives, she was again swept in a feeling of awe like every other time as she saw a near endless sea of books, scrolls, and other media. A catalog of Equestrian History and learning, preserved for all time with everything that a scholar could ever wish to learn. A Library so large that even in a normal lifetime she could never hope to read everything. Spotting Spike at a table sorting out books according to Twilights specifications.

Walking up to him she said, “Spike put those books away, Celestia cast a spell over me to see what’s happening. I still can’t get used to calling her that. Anyways, I need you to write a letter to each of our friends, and I need you to pack up our stuff. We’re going to Ponyville tomorrow.”

Author's Notes:

First fanfic. or story ever. Any criticism, or errors will be appreciated. It won't really get dark until a few chapters, the first chapters are to set up the story. Oh and the face behind the voice will make itself know soon enough I don't want to give anything away. As for Almareda the Strange, her and her backstory will be made clearer soon. She's an OC Contemporary of Starswirl the Bearded I made.

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