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Chapter 1: Prologue: Wounds of the Past

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Prologue: Wounds of the Past

Celestia knocked on her son's door. She was worried that her son wouldn't even come out on his birthday, and one as important as his 18th. But she was concerned of something even more terrible: him leaving the castle to live on his own. "Midnight, please, at least open the door. I just want to talk." Celestia said, unable to suppress the worry in her soft voice.

"Now you want to talk, after 14 years." Came the dark, saddened reply from the other side of the thick oak door.

Celestia sighed, “Midnight, please, I love you and I only-" The door opened to reveal the midnight blue hair of her son. His eyes held a stare that could freeze water.

"If you love me, than what's dad's name?" Midnight asked in a tone hard as stone. Celestia began stammering, grasping at whatever straw she could grab, eventually hanging her head in despare and defeat. Midnight glared at her with the same icy stare. "That's what I thought. You don't even know it." And with that, Midnight closed the door, leaving Celestia to fall to her knees and weep.


Celestia was the perfect ruler of Equestria, loved and respected by all her loyal subjects. They thought she was perfect, wise, everything anybody could want to be in life. At least, that was the side she showed her people. She had made her fair share of mistakes and fuck-ups in her life. Only a handful of people knew her devious secrets, and even then, they spent their days in chains in the dungeon. But that didn't make the mistakes or pain go away.

18 years ago, war had been narrowly avoided in secret, no-one being the wiser throughout the kingdoms. In order to celebrate, Celestia had turned to everybodies favorite party companion: alcohol. She had quite a bit in fact, enough to cloud her judgment well past thinking about what she would do while drunk. She had met a nice enough guy, and he was really quiet cute. One thing lead to another and Celestia had him rut her ragged to celebrate peace with the ultimate opposite of war.

9 months after that drink-fueled night, Celestia gave birth to Midnight Sun, her bastard child, and manifestation of her shame. In a desperate attempt to hide her mistake, she left a note on his body and basket and left him at the doorstep of a Manehatten orphanage. From then on, Midnight grew up roaming from one false home to the other, never knowing the true meaning of family or friendship... until he meet Vinyl Scratch.

She had been placed in a situation close to his: abandoned as a child and left at the orphanage. The two quickly formed a bond, basically being the siblings that they never had. Every home that one had been sent to, the other was quick to follow. The orphanage owner grew to accept that the two were inseparable, and informed the foster parents whenever one was to be adopted. They found comfort in one another, able to survive whatever the mean streets of the big cities could throw at them. Until they were 14 and in a foster home in Canterlot.

Both were in shock and awe at the glorious princess that had stood at their 'homes' door, astounded that someone as royal and powerful as her had not only visited this house, but was looking for Midnight Sun. After a long a tear-filled conversation of Midnight's true past, Celestia filled out the necessary paperwork to legally own her son once again. But Celestia was the only one to enjoy this exchange of parenthood. Midnight was denied the ability to let Vinyl stay with him at the castle because she was not of the royal bloodline. Celestia tried to justify her choice as saying that it would be cruel to other orphans if she allowed just this one life in the lap of luxury.

Eventually, Midnight and Celestia returned to the castle. Celestia announced the return of her rightful son to the kingdom, but under happier circumstances. The people loved him as they did Celestia, but Midnight had no interest in his royal title and perks; only missing his one and only friend more and more as time dragged by in this massive stone prison. Celestia tried her best and hardest to make amends with her son, only to be met with a cold wall of refusal. Midnight had opened up to his aunt Luna quiet quickly, however. He found they had a lot to talk about when it came to Celestia.

Luna had managed to get Midnight to at least accept her as his mother and respond to her when she spoke to him, with time. However, he didn't allow her into his heart; he felt she had done too much damage for him to ever let her in to there. But by and by, Celestia began to grow on him. He never showed it, but he found it easier to call her 'mom' as she showed him kindness and love. But his distance from Vinyl and the scars Celestia left in him took their toll, and he never truly accepted her. Some days were harder spent here than others as memories and pain flowed back into his mind.

And today was one of the worst to date.

He would be able to finally, FINALY leave this stone castle he had been forced to call home. He looked forward to leaving; it would be done first thing tomorrow. However, in his excitement to leave, his memories of growing up on the streets with Vinyl came back, and opened the scar on his heart once more. He missed his friend with a terrible agony, and spent many sleepless nights wondering how she was doing, where she was, if she missed him too. The more he thought about her, the bigger the hole became. And Celestia saying that she loved him even though she didn't know the whereabouts of his father... it hit a nerve he didn't know existed.

While he felt a twinge of guilt for making her feel like this, it wasn't felt because of the tidalwaves of anger, resentment, and pain she caused to him for 14 long, lonesome years. That afternoon when she tried to get him out of his room to celebrate his birthday, he made his final decision. He would move to Ponyville and try to live a normal life, not one of royalty and responsibility. Why Ponyville? Because he knew Twilight Sparkle would be more than happy to try to help him adjust to life as a citizen and to undoubtedly try to help him climb the wall he placed between his mom and himself. So, the day had come, his day to move out of Canterlot Castle and off to the 'normal' world.

Celestia waited him in the dining room for breakfast. She gave him a sad smile, one that he returned as he sat down a few chairs down from her. "So... you’re going to move to Ponyville today." Celestia said after a while, beginning to eat the omelet that had been placed before her. Midnight wasn't surprised she knew; Luna often entered his dreams to see how she could help him repair his relationship with his mom. She must have told Celestia this morning what he planned to do.

"Yeah. I'm going to stay with Twilight and get a place of my own." Midnight responded, eating his own omelet.

"All you would have to do is ask, I'll be more than happy to provide a place for you to stay. And money to provide for yourself." Celestia said.

Midnight sighed, “Mom, you don't have to do that. I want to live by myself, do it on my own."

Celestia sighed herself. "Fine." She stopped eating and looked at her son with water-laced eyes. "I love you." Celestia said, rising from her seat and giving her son a mighty hug, one that Midnight returned in full.

"I know you do." He said, breaking the embrace and walking for the exit to begin packing. "I'll tell Twi you said hello." Midnight said. Celestia let tears fall slowly and quietly as she watched her son walk away, for the last time for a long time.


"Hey Twi. It's been a while." Midnight said with a smile as Twilight opened the door.

"Hey Midnight! How are you?" Twilight asked, hugging the alicorn.

"I'm good as I've ever been. Can I come in?" Midnight asked.

"Sure thing! Guest room is all set for you. Do you need help with your things?" Twilight asked, beginning to levitate one of his bags. Midnight grabbed the handle as it floated by him.

"Its fine, Twi. It's only three bags." Midnight said with a smile.

Twilight giggled. "Alright. Make yourself at home." Twilight said, turning to attend to one of the libraries many needs.

Midnight gathered up his bags and began heading up the stairs when he heard a deep voice behind him. "Hey Midnight! How's it going?"

Midnight turned around to see a pre-teen Spike walking out of the kitchen with a plate full of rubies and other gems. "I'm good Spike. Damn, you’re getting big." Midnight said, looking over the dragon that was close to his six-foot frame.

Spike grinned and sat down with his lunch. "Yeah, Twilight keeps saying the same thing. So you're going to stay here for a while?" Spike asked, throwing some gems in his mouth.

"Yeah, just until I find a place of my own. That cool with you?" Midnight asked, setting a bag down to give himself a rest from standing with his luggage.

"Yeah, of course. Stay as long as you need." Spike said through a mouthful of gems.

"Spike! Don't talk with food in your mouth! You're not a baby anymore!" Twilight called from a distant room. Spike rolled his eyes and Midnight let out a small laugh as he resumed his track to the guest room.

Midnight had just placed a picture of him and Vinyl from when they were kids on his nightstand when Twilight walked in, knocking on the doorframe. "Hey there, all settled?" Twilight asked, looking about. It was a square room with one curved wall that was the edge of the tree with a window opposite the bed. A few pictures of different envornments on the walls. Midnight smiled at the picture before turning his attention to Twilight.

"Yeah, I didn't bring too much with me." He said with a small huff at the end.

"Hey... she looks kinda familiar..." Twilight said, examining the picture more closely.

"Yeah, that's DJ-PON3. You know her?" Twilight asked, turning to face Midnight.

"Uh, yeah. Her name's Vinyl Scratch, we grew up together." Midnight responded, confused at the name DJ-PON3.

"Cool! You know she lives and works here in Ponyville, right?"

"She WHAT???"

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