Loving Lovers of Love

by TheTwientist

Chapter 1: As Close As We Can Get (Lunashy)

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Luna took a deep breath as she gazed at her surroundings. She was standing in a quiet meadow, the setting sun only barely visible on the horizon. The fragrant smell of wildflowers drifted through the sultry air. In the distance, she could hear the scurry of squirrels and countless other animals in the trees.

"Thank you so much for coming to help," came a quiet voice from behind her.

Luna turned around and gave an involuntary sigh as she stared at her companion. The royal sisters (well, Celestia more than Luna, but that was only in the last millenia) had oft been described as the most beautiful beings in the world, but Luna knew that neither she nor her sister could come anywhere close to the vision of loveliness that was her beloved.

The grace of her step, the gentle flutter of her wings, her beautiful, luxurious mane . . . Fluttershy was beyond compare.

"It's nothing," said Luna, smiling.

Fluttershy was bearing some baskets on her back, held steady by her wings. When she reached Luna, she shrugged them off and grinned shyly at her her helper.

"It's just . . . the Summer Sun Celebration's so close, and I can't gather up all these flowers in time . . ." she said, her voice barely louder than a whisper.

"Don't worry about it," Luna repeated, more firmly. "I'm happy to help." Anything to be with you, she nearly added, but stopped herself.

"So . . . um . . . should we start?" asked Fluttershy. Luna nodded, and the two bent down to work. It seemed to take no time at all. Whenever a basket grew full, Luna levitated another one over, and continued picking. The temptation to bite down on the flowers was strong (they were really tasty!) but Luna held off, for Fluttershy's sake.

They worked in broad circles, moving whenever one area was picked clean. Luna never strayed far from Fluttershy's side. Once or twice, when they got to close, their heads or shoulders would rub against one another's, sending shivers down Luna's side. Fluttershy turned a very vibrant red, but she seemed to enjoy the encounters just as much as Luna did.

At last, no less than thirty baskets stood full to the brim. The sun had set a while ago, and a full moon was rising, the stars sparkling behind it. The only noise was the gentle hoot of owls in the forest.

Fluttershy sat down, Luna at her side, and gazed up at the night sky. "It's . . . beautiful," she whispered.

"So are you," said Luna, before she could stop herself.

Fluttershy blushed and looked away. "You shouldn't say things like that."

"Why not?" asked Luna, scooting closer to her.

"Because they're not true," said Fluttershy, hanging her head.

"Yes they are!" insisted Luna. She reached out her hoof and tenderly brushed aside Fluttershy's mane, staring directly into her eyes. "When I say things like that, I mean them! You are the most beautiful, kind, and wonderful pony I have ever met."

They stayed that way for awhile, neither of them hardly daring to breathe. A poet could have written an epic on just Fluttershy's eyes alone; they were so beautiful, so perfect, just like the rest of her . . .

"Thank you for helping me," Fluttershy murmured.

"Anything for you," Luna replied earnestly.

Then, in a flash, their lips met. Lightning coursed through Luna's veins; she knew nothing but pure bliss and the soft, lovely pony before her. This, this one moment, made it all worth it.

The kiss seemed like it would never end, but it had to eventually. Fluttershy, cheeks pink, a little smile on her face, leaned on Luna's shoulder.

"I really like you, Rarity," she sighed into Luna's mane.

Luna's smile only flickered for an instant. Fluttershy didn't notice.

Shutting her eyes, Luna put her hoof around Fluttershy's shoulder. It was still worth it.

Fluttershy began to stir beside her, moving still closer. Luna waited, heart pounding, for what would come next, hoping, regretting . . .

The sky shook. Fluttershy sat bolt upright as the land around them jumped up and down. Luna sighed and stood up, slipping into the shadow of the tree as funny sniffling noises and the smell of carrots filled the air.

Luna shed her form within the forest, making sure that Fluttershy did not see as white fur turned purple and wings grew from the expanding pony.

With one last look at her beloved, Luna took flight and was swallowed by the darkness.

Fluttershy awoke to see Angel bouncing up and down on her.

"Angel Bunny, what have I told you about waking Mommy up?"

Angel, paying no attention, pointed to his food bowl.

Fluttershy, still blinking sleep from her eyes, stood up and headed for the kitchen. "And I was having such a nice dream . . ." she muttered to no one in particular.

Rising from her bed, Luna gazed out the window at the tiny town of Ponyville, far on the horizon. She couldn't keep doing that, she knew, but it was too wonderful to stop. One conversation, one meeting, that's all she'd ever seen of the pegasus in the waking world, but it was enough to ensnare her permanantly.

It wasn't fair to Fluttershy, to manipulate her so, but it was the only way Luna could ever manifest her feelings. No one way it could happen in reality. Especially because her beloved had a love of her own . . .

Luna wished, selfishly, that Fluttershy would never speak her mind to the white unicorn. What need would she have for dreams of Rarity, if she had the real thing? But then she berated herself. Better for Fluttershy to be happy.

Luna shook her head. Dawn was coming. She closed the curtains and trotted away.

Author's Notes:

See? I AM still alive! Here's a story to prove it!

The original plan was to have Twilight instead of Rarity, but it seemed that Rarity would fit better.

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