Do You Have The Time...

by chief maximus

Chapter 1: To Listen To Me Whine?

Darn that Rainbow Dash! The biggest order I've received all year and she has the gall to come in here and tell me she needs a dress by tomorrow?

The nerve!

First she barges in through my window with her hooves simply caked in mud, and tracks it onto my persian throw rug, muttering an 'oops' only after I nearly had a heart attack! Now my rug is waiting for me at the dry cleaners while the tile floor in my bedroom makes my hooves cold everywhere I go. I don't care what you and Applejack had been doing, she should have known better than to... I needed a drink.

As I levitated an opened vintage and poured myself a glass, my sketch pad terrorized me with its emptiness. It had been three hours since she'd been by, and I was still no closer to the finished product besides a basic outline of Rainbow's form. She was perfect for dressmaking, I must admit. Like Fluttershy, her body was toned, slender, yet curvaceous enough to accent my works in all the right places. Luckily for her, I kept all of my friend's measurements on file, so I hadn't needed her to stand for hours while I molded the dress around her. Not that she would have done that anyway. It was a wonder I was able to get her measurements at all.

In fact, if she hadn't owed me a favor, I doubted I would have them. Come to think of it, it is rather odd that she would request a dress. She's the last pony I would expect to willingly wear one. If the Gala wasn't black tie only, I'd have thought Rainbow would have shown up clothes-less. However, it is not the artisans place to question the customer.

Curse this dreadful tyranny, what right does Rainbow Dash have to do this to me? At least I had the buttery taste of my favorite white to calm me. I may have been enjoying my wine a bit lately, but a stressful job demands a stress reliever, does it not?

Come now Rarity, your friend is counting on you. I'm sure the special somepony she'll be wearing this for will be delighted with whatever you create. Perhaps I just needed to visualize what would look best on her. After all, I designed that stunning gala dress the first year we had been invited, and every year since! Surely I could throw something marvelous together. I grabbed my stylus and began making lines. A flourish there, and embellishment here... oh, she just has the cutest flank, I should really work to accent that... Ah! Her eyes! Something must be done to draw attention to such a wonderful hue of rose. I'd hate to say this, but a bit of wine really does get the creative juices flowing.

After I'd added a few more details, I sat back. It wasn't as though she was specific about the design. To paraphrase, something along the lines of: 'Whatever you think will look good, Rare.'

Rare. I don't call her Rain, the least she could do is pronounce the name I was born with! A few more hours at the design table, and I was content to call it complete. Glancing at the clock, it was nearly ten thirty. It appeared this would be a late night for me. Rainbow Dash had better marry whomever this dress was meant to impress. More than likely it was simply for a pony she aimed to sleep with. Not that I had a problem with that, but it just seemed a bit... uncouth for a lady to chase those she desired. A true lady allowed her suitors to come to her.

A few more sips of wine and I took the needed fabrics to the sewing machine. I know what you're thinking. 'Rarity, why on earth are you dropping a paying order to work on something for free?' The answer is simple; I don't know.

Perhaps not as simple as I thought. Rainbow had saved my life after I'd let my ego get the better of me. I was horribly embarrassed. I felt as though I should have gone straight home, donned my weeping cloak and hidden from the sunlight while I nursed my pride and wallowed in my shame. However, even though I had attempted to upstage my dear friend at the one thing she values most in this world, she wasn't angry with me. She wasn't even a bit upset. She was simply relieved that I was safe. She's a better mare than I. If she had been able to produce an award winning dress that had beaten mine, I'm ashamed to admit that I would have given her the cold shoulder for weeks!

I gave a slight chuckle. Rainbow Dash, design a dress? The very idea was insane. Why not expect Fluttershy to perform a sonic rainboom?

As I pressed my hind hoof to the pedal, the machine began to hum. The repetitive motion was quite comforting, and afforded me a bit of time to dwell on why exactly Rainbow would need such an item in such short order. She certainly didn't seem like the kind to date, and she had no formal events coming up, although if she had, who knows whether she would tell me or not.

Still, I found it odd she would make such a demand, especially after making such a ruckus during the scant hour I asked her to model her own gala dress.

Sometimes I simply cannot understand that mare. However, my idle thoughts not withstanding, something drove me to make her happy. Not that I wouldn't do the same for any of my other friends, or even any customer for that matter. Even though her reckless and irresponsible attitude infuriated me half the time, the other half of the time I found it... blast, what's the word? Endearing.

I poured myself another glass of wine and continued stitching. Luckily, Sweetie Belle was fast asleep in her room. School was a major blessing for me, and my clients. If I had to make sure Sweetie Belle wasn't destroying something in an effort to get her cutie mark all day, I daresay I'd never get anything done.

The basic shape of the dress was beginning to come together. There certainly was something to be said for seeing a usually brash and uncouth pony transform into a proper mare once one of my creations had been applied. Applejack gave me the same satisfaction. Sure, Twilight, Pinkie and Fluttershy all looked wonderful in my designs, but there was just something... rewarding about transforming an unkempt mare into a dazzling display of feminine charm, whether they liked it or not.

I recall questioning her about her need for a dress on such short notice. She was evasive, to say the least. All I managed to get from her was an 'I'd owe you one' and a 'I'll tell you what it's for when it's done'.

Ordinarily, if anypony but her had walked into my shop with a demand like that, they'd be told to take a number, or a hike. Darn that Rainbow Dash!

I glanced back to the clock. Eleven fifteen. This will be done tonight!

Let's see, which of these forms best resembles Rainbow Dash? Ah yes, I marked this one RD for a reason! I placed the bottom half of the dress against it. This was not your typical formal gown, oh no. This was very form fitting; a tight, blue dress certain to accent the natural beauty in that mane of hers. Oh, how jealous I was of that mane!

She had the ability to wear almost any color and have it match, and yet she hardly wore clothes! The injustice was infuriating! If my fainting couch weren't being re-upholstered I'd have had thrown myself on it. Such luxuries were not available, especially not with my deadline looming.

At least it made picking colors for her that much easier. I began sewing the top half of the dress. It was mid autumn, so full length sleeves were in order. They added another touch of elegance to an already stunning design.

After I had finished the basic outline, I placed the top half on the form and began sewing the seams. Thank Celestia for magic. After I was done, I took a step back to take it in. It was good, yet plain. The accents and embellishments had not yet been added, but soon they would be. It was nearly midnight, and most of the dress had been completed! I was making better time than I thought! Perhaps some personal time was in order?

I refilled my wine glass for the final time, finishing the bottle.


It was already half empty when I poured it!

Don't you judge me.

Besides, what is a new issue of Bridal Gossip without a glass of wine? Boring, that's what. I laid on my bed, sipping my drink while reading the latest Canterlot scandal. Yes, I'm well aware it is trash, but nopony ever said trash couldn't be amusing.

I finished my wine and set my glass on the nightstand. As I flipped through the pages, my eyelids began to sag. I figured a brief nap would propel me to finish the dress, so I allowed myself to sleep. The next part of my story should be somewhat obvious.

"Rarity, I'm home!" I heard a filly shout from downstairs. Home? Where on earth could she have snuck off to at midnight? That young mare was about to get quite the talking to once I—Sweet Celestia in Canterlot it's four thirty in the afternoon!

How did I sleep for that long?! Curse your siren song, Galloping vineyards! You've been my undoing once again!

I unstuck the magazine from my face and opened the curtains. Sure enough, the afternoon sun was shining through my window. Rainbow would be here any minute expecting a dress, and all I had was the basic shape! Sure, that may have worked on Twilight, but who knows how Rainbow would react!

I scrambled, trying to recall what exactly I had in mind from the night before. I couldn't believe I'd spent the night dreaming about how beautiful Rainbow would look in my dress without even having the dress finished! I worked through my headache and managed to finally get the darn thing close to what I had in mind.

Afterwards, I sat on my bed, admiring my work before a knock at my window drew my attention.

"Hey! Is my dress done yet or what?" It was Rainbow Dash, and not a moment too early, thankfully.

I opened my window and she fluttered in, without the mud this time.

"Yes, here it is," I said, pointing towards the form adorned with her order.

"Awesome! So do you like it?" She asked. What kind of question was that?

"Of course I do!" I replied happily.

"Cool, mind if I put it on now?"

"Be my guest."

I helped her into the dress and zipped up the back with my magic, careful to line her wings up with the holes in the back. When crafting for pegasi, one must be mindful of these sensitive appendages.

"Well, how do I look?" she asked, casting a sultry glance at me I'm sure she would use on whomever this dress was meant to impress. Although, I wasn't sure why my opinion mattered. Of course I thought it looked wonderful, I made it. It wasn't as though she was wearing it to impress me. And why would she? She's an athletic, toned, gorgeous mare with enough spunk for ten ponies, and I'm just... well, besides my inherent fabulosity (yes, that is a word), me.

"Beautiful, of course."

She blushed. Oh, those adorable cheeks of hers!

"Good." She smiled. "So, I know I was gonna tell you why I wanted this dress, but I'd figure I'd just show you instead, is that okay?"

Oh my, inviting me to whatever formal event she had planned on attending? My mane was a mess! I had nothing to wear! Oh Rainbow Dash, first the dress on such short notice, now this?

"I suppose, but I simply have nothing to wear! It'll take at least an hour for me to—"

"Don't worry about clothes, I'm the only one that needs them."

Just what kind of event was this?

"How are you the only one that needs clothes?" I asked incredulously.

"Don't worry about it, you'll see why when we get there. Now are you coming or not?" She was getting impatient. I suppose I could oblige her if she thought this would be some form of repayment.

"I suppose," I said as I followed her outside my boutique. "Will we be taking a cab?"

"Nah, hop on," she said, lowering her flank towards me.

"I most certainly will not! I didn't spend all night designing that dress to have another pony wrinkle it by laying on it!"

"Rarity," she deadpanned, giving me that no-nonsense stare I swear she had stolen from Applejack. "It's my dress now, and I can do what I want with it, now will you please get on?"

Hm... this wasn't the normal Rainbow Dash. Usually, she'd have let out an exasperated sigh and given up by now. Her insistence was a bit puzzling, but I suppose she did have a point.

"Fine..." I said begrudgingly, climbing aboard, careful to leave space for her wings. "Do take it slow for meee!" With reckless abandon, she leapt into the sky. I could have sworn I was choking the life out of her by how tightly I wrapped my forelegs around her neck, but she seemed fine. When I finally had the courage to open my eyes, we were approaching her house. The sun had begun to set in the distance.

She landed on her porch and retrieved an amulet from her mailbox. "Put this on." It was a horridly tacky affair and I resisted at first, before she told me it would keep me from falling through her house.

I donned the amulet and stepped inside. The last time I had seen Rainbow's house, it was littered with clutter and discarded takeout boxes. Hardly the most impressive of abodes, but it appeared she had done quite the job of cleaning it.

"Your house looks great, Rainbow," I said sincerely.

"Thanks, I spent all yesterday cleaning it."

Something seemed off about her. She was... nervous. Rainbow Dash was never nervous, and if she was, she'd dare not let any of her friends know it. "So now will you tell me why you needed this dress so urgently?"

She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Yeah."

I followed her up a set of stairs and onto her balcony, where the sun painted the skies and glorious orange and purple as it set behind the mountains. I gasped as I took in the million bit view. She was truly lucky to live in such a wonderful location!

That's when I noticed a small table and two chairs, with all manner of my favorite cuisine (Italian) set for two, a bottle of Menage a Trois (yes, it's a real wine) set between the plates.

"Oh my! Rainbow, I don't know who this lucky pony is, but I'm sure you'll wow them with this!"

"I think you know the pony better than you think," she admitted as I turned to face her.

"What do you mean?" I asked genuinely.

"C'mon Rarity, you don't think it's weird that your favorite food and favorite wine is sitting out here, at a table set for two?"

I was dumbstruck. This... this was all for me?

"This... and... you... for me?" I didn't have a mirror available, but I would bet my face was as red as the sun itself.

"Well, yeah! Do you know how long it took me to convince myself you wouldn't laugh in my face if I tried something like this?"

I was shocked! I would never laugh at a friend's expense! "Why would you think I'd laugh?"

She scratched her mane and looked away, beginning to mumble some contrite reason, but honestly, I didn't care. She had cared enough to actually listen to me when I'd told her about myself! She knew my favorite food and wine! That's more than most ponies care to!

"Oh, and I didn't actually cook any of this, it's just from the that Italian place you said you liked on Stirrup street. I just put it on plates," she admitted sheepishly, not that it mattered. I wouldn't have cared if Celestia's personal chef prepared this!

"It's lovely. Shall we? We mustn't let it get cold," I said, taking my seat.

"Def, I'm starving!" she agreed, sitting across from me.

"Wait, before we begin, why did you need the dress?" I had to know.

"Duh, because I know how much you like to make me look good, even though I know I give you a hard time about it sometimes..."

I smiled. Perhaps I was wrong about her disinterest in me. "Oh," I remarked, pouring us some wine, although if I recalled correctly, Rainbow wasn't exactly a fan. "I thought you hated wine?"

"It's not my favorite, but when you like somepony, you manage." Where had this Rainbow Dash been hiding all these years?

"So, why wasn't I allowed to pick an ensemble for this date?"

Rainbow smiled and sat back in her chair. "Because I like you the way you are."

I don't care how uncouth this sounds. She is SO getting laid tonight.

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