Impossibly Possible

by Brony19

Chapter 1: New Beginings

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New Beginings

'Sometimes, life sucks.' David thought to himself after another tiring day of high school. He walked upstairs to his room to escape into the bliss of sleep when his thoughts were interrupted by a concerned voice.

"Is everything alright honey?" his mom asked.

'Of course.' He sighed and put on his most nonchalant voice,"Yeah mom, just a long day." He hurried upstairs before she could reply. He let his backpack slide to the floor and was about to fall on his bed and forget today when he saw his laptop was open. 'I could have sworn I closed it this morning...' He thought suspiciously. He sat down and pressed the spacebar to lite the black screen. "What the..." he muttered as his email screen popped up. After scanning the screen a few seconds, he noticed he had a new email. Perplexed, he opened the letter. No sender, no subject, nothing. What the hell is going on?' He thought. A flashing neon green text appeared on the screen saying 'Click Here!’ Hoping for some answers as to the odd email, he did just that.

'See you soon :)' is all that came up. 'That was anti-climactic' He thought disappointed. Now completely defeated, David slumped on his bed and drifted off to sleep to escape this wretched day. The dream that followed, he would not soon forget. It started at the beginning of today, at homeroom. Sitting in the back of the classroom with his best friend Rob they are able to look like their paying attention while not doing anything. The bell rang and they put their backpacks on and went for the door.

"Dude, I need to ask ya something." Rob said with his slightly southern accent.

"It's still weird hearing you say 'dude'. What do you need?" David liked helping people with their problems. If he liked them.

"My sister is still mad at me for the whole 'I hid a frog in your bed' joke I did last week. What can I do to settle her down a bit and stop avoiding me?"

David looked at his friend and the smallest hint of a smile on his face. "You know she hates frogs, snakes, and anything slimy, right?"

Rob grinned ear to ear. "I do. Why else would she have screamed like a startled horse?"

"That’s why she is so pissed at you. Just tell her you’re sorry."

Rob was going to reply when a yell cut through the crowd,"Hey faggots!"

"Great. Just what I need." David muttered under his breath. The jock walked towards them followed by three of the basketball team.

"How much Brokeback mountain have you retards been doin' huh?" The others chuckled in agreement.

"Leave us asshole. We're not gay." David and Rob had earned the continued abuse of Brokeback Mountain jokes because being friends with a southerner in north California is not extremely common. Or excepted where they lived.

"Yeah, get back to us when you have girlfriends, homos." A wave of 'Ooooooo's followed and abruptly stopped when Rob pushed him. David put a hand or his friend's shoulder to stop him when he ducked and then David caught a mean right hook to the face and was startled awake.


"C'mon, get yer ass up! NOW!"

David groaned and waved his hand at him. "Five more minutes." David was not what you would call a morning person. And the throb in his cheek didn't help either. David slowly opened his eyes and stared at his friend's face, or should we say, snout. "What the hell!?" David struggled back and stared at the tan pony with his friends’ voice.

"Yer damn right 'What the hell'! What’s happened to us!?" David was at a loss for words. He merely gawked at Rob, not believing it was truly him. But the ache in his mouth reminded him this was very much real. His friend was now an earth pony, with a tan body and mane brown as his eyes. Aside from the fact he is now a pony, it looked just like him.

"Wait, if you’re a pony then..." David looked down at where his new body rest on his back. He had a pale semi-white body and a black mane that looked bedraggled. Also looking just like his human self.

"Are you going to get up, or do I need to hit you in the face again?"

David struggled to stand up and after a few falls was able to walk. "How long was I out?" David asked, rubbing the lump on his cheek.

"Long enough fer me to learn how to walk. Now why in the Sam hell are we here?"

David’s mind was reeling from the shock of being in Equestria, but he remembered the dream he had. "Well, I don't know how we got here, but we are in Equestria, just outside Ponyville by the looks of-"

"How do ya know all that??" Rob stared at his friend, confusion plain on his face. 'Oh God. I totally forgot. He doesn’t know that I'm a closet brony.' David was mortified that he just revealed this to his friend Rob, who didn't care for t.v. in general, let alone My Little Pony.

"Uh, well... you see..." David struggled to find the right words.

"Oh Lord. You're... you're a brony." His friend backed away a few steps.

"Yes. I'm a brony. What doesn’t make sense is how you know that term."

Now Rob looked slightly sheepish. "I have a computer like everyone else." Rob looked away at the ground.

"But that doesn’t explain how you know that term." David looked at Rob, waiting for an answer.

"I... may have looked through yer history. Once er twice." Rob explained slowly.

"That's just weird Rob. How much did you see?" David asked, afraid to find out.

"I clicked on a 'fan fiction' site of yers and read a tinsy, tiny bit before I closed the window."

David was again, mortified. What he read was a story he had been working on for a long time. No one was supposed to read that before he published it. "Well, I guess that's going to come in handy know, isn't it? What we should do is head to town and find out what time it is in the show. From there, we will talk to Princess Celestia and see if she can send us home somehow." David looked at his friend, who gave him a blank look. "Ugh, let me give you some pointers, and let me do all the talking." The duo headed of in the direction of Ponyville, David explaining how everyone needs to be changed to everypony, the coins called bits, and so on. Rob walked in silence listening to everything his friend said. As David was explaining Cutie Marks, Rob glanced at his rear.

"Uh, what if we don't have one?" Rob asked.

"What do you mean we don't have-" David checked his flank and saw nothing but hide. "That's..."

"That's what?" Rob asked, growing concerned.

"...Explainable." David finished. "Ponies get Cutie Marks when they discover their special talent. All we need to do is find out what we're good at."

Rob still stared at his hind leg. "Well... I'm good at farm work..." Rob said not sounding too sure of himself.

"Don't worry; it'll come naturally to you. While we are on this subject, let’s get our story straight. We are traveling Equestria from Neighvada and we ran out of money here. So we need to find a place to stay. Also, we need new names."

Rob seemed confused at the mention of new names. "Why in tarnation do we need new names? I like mine just fine." Rob winced at the rhyme he unintentionally said.

"Because ponies don't have names like humans. They have names like Rainbow Dash and Applejack and Scootaloo. Names that fit their personalities and looks." David saw the gears turning in his friends head as he processed the new information.

"So what do you think are good names fer us?" Rob asked.

"Well... I could be called Paladin and you...hmm. What could you be?" David thought aloud.

"I don't have the darndest clue." Rob responded.

"Well, glad you could be of help." David said.

"Sure thing Sargent Sarcasm." Rob replied.

"How about Dusk?" David knew Rob enjoyed the morning, so he was always up a solid hour before school began. Why, David would never know.

"Huh. I kinda like that. 'Dusk'. Has a nice ring ta it." Rob was enjoying his new name when he bumped into a pony. "Oh, pardon me miss." The pony looked at the two of them with large blue eyes and gasped. Then she sprinted away towards Ponyville. David stared after her with his jaw open and Rob looked the direction she ran. "Uh, who was that?" Rob asked.

"Hope you like parties Rob. That..." David gulped. "...was Pinkie Pie."

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