My Little Lobster

by Blueshift

Chapter 1

"A sonic… lobboom?" Twilob Sparkle stared at her friends in confusion, her antennae twitching. The magical watery land of Aquastria was home to many strange things, but she had never heard of a sonic lobboom.

The pink tentacles of Octo-Pie twitched in alarm. "She's gonna do it Twilob!"

"Pfft" Trix-Sea, the blue and silver lobster that lounged next to Twilob snapped her claws in contempt. "If she's going that fast she'll end up boiling the ocean!"

The three looked up in horror as they saw their pegasus lobster friend flying through the ocean. The water around Rainbow Lobster began to froth and broil, and as the thunderclap of a sonic lobboom filled the depths, they saw her plummet, red and sizzling hot.

Octo-Pie was first to the body. "Oh Rainbow Lobster!" she cried. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you, and now you are a delicious meal!" She sadly licked the tasty lobster's shell. "So succulently sad!"

Twilob sadly watched Octo-Pie drag Rainbow Lobster away, presumably to bury her. She turned to Trix-sea. "If only we'd listened" she wept.

"Hush now!" Trix-Sea pushed her gills against Twillob's in a passionate kiss. Twilob would have blinked in shock but lobsters don't have any eyelids.

"Trix-Sea?" gasped Twilob, her antennae entwining with Trix-Sea's. In the depths of her despair had she found true love?

Trix-Sea kissed Twilob gently on her armour plating. "Let's go back to my place" she smiled, waving a claw at a wicker hut. "We can have some 'alone time.'"

Twilob was scarcely able to restrain herself. Her heart pounding, she scuttled into the wicker house, impatiently waiting for her love to join her.

Trix-Sea just stood outside and gave a sharp tug on the rope that was attached to the hut. As it slowly rose, Twilob tried to struggle out, but realised that she was trapped! It wasn't a house, but a lobster pot!

"Oh!" Trix-Sea chuckled. "I'm so clawful!"

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