Bitter Sombra

by RainbowBob

Chapter 1: Antisocial


Huh? Where did you come from? And how did you get in here? What do you mean you don't know? Moron, I just asked you that question!

Ugh, forget it. Great, now I'm stuck in here with just a simple minded fool for company. Oh, how the mighty crumble. Hey, what did you say? How am I mighty? Moron, do you even know who I am?

Why am I not surprised you don't. Okay then, I'll try to explain this slowly so your little pea-sized brain can understand. I am King Sombra, rightful heir to the Crystal Throne, Dark Lord of Arcane Magic, Bringer of Doom and Despair, the Most powerful unicorn in existence, and the undisputed ruler of all of Equestria! What do you mean that's a mouth full? You don't know anything anyway!

Well, get comfortable, I guess. You and me are stuck here for the next thousand years or so. Hopefully you brought a deck of cards to pass the time. Wait, you want to know why I'm here? I could ask you the same question, but I'm pretty sure you're too stupid to answer.

Well then, I have nothing better to do, so I guess I'll share my story. Let's start at the beginning, and no, you can't have any bathroom breaks.

Our story starts in the magical kingdom of Equestria, ruled by the sisters Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. And before you ask, I don't know why they call it a kingdom when only princesses rule it. Made no sense to me then, definitely doesn't make any sense to me now.

At the time the princesses were enjoying a time of somewhat peace, much appreciated after the brutal battle with the Chaos God Discord. They nearly lost their lives to the draconequus, and the entire kingdom was on the edge of falling into never-ending anarchy. Fortunately for them, the Elements of Harmony managed to trap the troublesome God in a prison of stone. Pretty Deus Ex Machina if you ask me, but whatever.

In this new time of harmony Equestria was making great strives in technology, engineering, and most important of all, magic. Significant endeavors in the arcane field have produced great wonders such as time travel, control over the elements, disruption of physics itself, and for some reason, mustaches. Why the odd fixation of the studies of facial hair or there, I have no idea.

Another key part of this new Magical Revolution was the introduction of destructive magics. Fire, lightning, lasers, all critical skills used to tame the now free Equestria. After Discord's defeat, his "experiments" were a constant bane on the Equestrian citizens. Manticores, hydras, cockatrice, timber wolves, and the much feared parasprites, were all monsters that constantly attacked villages and towns wholeheartedly. However, due to the new magics discovered and a vigilant guard command, the monsters were eventually driven off to parts unknown.

Destructive magics were also useful in the ensuring wars Equestria was involved in. Invasions were increasing in number a couple of years after the reign of Discord, with many other nations eager to take over the weakened country right after he was out of the picture. While Equestria was able to hold off these attacks, they still suffered greatly from the nonstop warfare. Stallions just entering adulthood were enlisted right away, many having their young lives cut short. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers lost their lives in bloody battles between other power hungry nations.

This resulted in two factors that considerably affected Equestrian history. First off, mares gained population superiority over stallions. The males would be the ones who lead Equestria's military and more dangerous magical studies while females controlled the politics and new strives in engineering.

The other factor is distrust for other races. Zebras, griffons, minotaurs, diamond dogs, and even dragons were considered enemies or outsiders. Bigotry was common in the populace, and no matter how much the princesses tried to quell this feeling, other races were never really accepted in the pony population.

How strange that a species that proclaims the goodness of friendship and kindness can alienate someone who is different. Not so long ago they even hated each other over simple differences such as wings or horns.

... Hypocrites.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" I squealed, bouncing up and down in my seat. I had a dark gray coat and black mane, each groomed to perfection, along with stylish red bow tie which matched my scarlet eyes nicely. I was a damn handsome little colt, if I do say so myself.

It was my first day at Magic Kindergarden. Ah, I remember that day well. The feeling of over enthusiastic excitement coursing through my youthful heart; bright futures racing through my head at the thought of all I would learn; and the ecstatic prospect of making new friends. What an imbecile I was back then.

Anyway, I was all set for my first day. Had my school supplies freshly stocked, with extras just in case. A carefully placed apple on the teacher's desk for good measures. And the piece de resistance, an eager smile for the anticipated lesson I was going to learn that day.

Being the first one in the classroom by a large amount of time, I was left to squirm around in my chair while the teacher prepared for the day and the small tide of students slowly flowed in. The students gave me an odd glance at first, no doubt entranced by my awesome bow tie, but quickly get to their seats and got ready for the bright prospect of returning in bitter hatred to the very same place for the next number of years.

Finally the teacher closed the open door, an announcement the school day had begun. Her tightly held hair bun and rather large glassed were a clear indication she was of the intellectual type, and she further reinforced this stereotype by walking up to her small classroom and saying, "Welcome students, to your first day of Magic Kindergarden. I know we'll have a wonderful time exploring the fundamentals of magic and other scholarly studies such as math and reading. Now then, why don't we begin by you all standing up and introducing yourself to the class."

One by the one the students stood up and gave brief statements of their name and other unimportant subjects. It was usually with these first introductions that you can grasp a pony's personality right away. The shy will mumble while hiding behind their mane, the brash would noisily proclaim who they were and why they were the best, the smart would look up from their books and quickly say who they were before returning to their novel, and the stuck up would give their title before sitting back down and continue to act like the pompous little asshole they are.

Soon it was my turn for my first introduction to my fellow classmates, and I fervently got onto my hooves like an obedient dog and say, "Hello everypony! My name is Obsidian Sombra, and I hope to be friends with each and every one of you!"

The brief shock that ran rampant down the student body caught me off guard for a moment. All of their eyes narrowing in my direction, the small sneers hidden behind turned heads, and the feeling of disdain for my presence could be felt in the very air of the room. It was like I was trapped in an enclosed space with water pooling at my hooves until it threatened to drown me.

My teacher was the first to speak, asking hesitantly, "Sombra. Isn't that Crystillian for shadow or shade?"

Anxiety entering my mind, I managed to mutter, "Um, yes, I suppose."

She cocked her head. "Does that mean you hail from the Crystal Empire Obsidian?"

I gulped nervously and attempted to smile, muttering. "N-no, I'm Equestrian, ma'am."

Giving me a questioning look, she said, "Thank you, Obsidian. You may take your seat." The monotone in her voice betrayed no emotion, completely different from the cheerful tone she would use to address her students. The next students made their introductions and eventually the real lesson began, but I paid no attention to it. I could feel all their eyes upon me, shifty glances hidden behind books and furrowed brows in my direction. I tried to hide from their gaze, but their stares penetrated my very being. My entire body felt cold while hot shame entered my mind and sent me to the edge of crying.

Finally, like a godsend from the heavens, the teacher announced the school day was over. I silently praised whatever deity was looking over me a made quick headway to escape the confines of that oppressive room and return once more to home. Unfortunately for me, my day got an unexpected rescheduling from a certain group of young colts that blocked my path homeward on the small dirt road.

The leader of the group, a purple maned and blue coated colt by the name of Bright Streak, left his followers and entered my personal space. "Well, if it ain't the little Crystal pony we got here. Why ain't your coat sparkling?" I would like to go for the record saying that Bright Streak may be a dumbass and have horrible dental hygiene (seriously, this guy's breath reeked), he was also big, tall, and had the muscle to back his stupidity up.

"U-Uh, my c-coat doesn't sparkle because I'm not a Crystal pony," I whimpered, backing away slowly. I knew all too well that I was about to have my ass handed to me, and I'm pretty sure that's what the rest of them were expecting too.

"Now that's a problem then. You clearly have a Crystalian name, but no glitter in your mane to be one. What are you then?" he asked forcibly, trotting ever so closer to me, with his cronies close behind.

"I-I don't know! I'm an orphan and that's the name they found in my basket! !t's not my fault!" I shouted furiously, fear clouding my better judgement at not raising my voice at a threatening crowd. You'd think they'd take it easy since I just blurted out I have no parents, but these heartless scoundrels had not a merciful bone in their bodies, or a brain for that matter.

Bright Streak shoved me off my hooves and on my rump, which landed quite painfully on the dirt road. "Hey crystal scum, don't talk back to me! Looks like you're going to need to learn a lesson about respect!" When I tried to return on solid footing he pushed me again to the ground, and his cronies gathered around in a menacing circle of deviously grinning faces. This is the part where I experience my first beat down. It was not one my more pleasant experiences.

Hooves connected with my face, ribs, back, stomach, legs, and arms as I tried in vain to protect myself by curling into a ball. It was only years later that I learned that this protection technique didn't do a damn job at defending your vital organs. They continued with their blows, often times quipping in about how I was a worthless loser and a no good crystal pony.

"Hey diamond sucker, here's a special delivery from my hoof to our face!"

"Let's see if your crystal coat can protect you from a kick to the nuts!"

"Time for some pain, glitter mane!"

All these insults and more were yelled at me while I was dealt an appropriate wallop for said insult. At some point I was miraculously rescued by a child's extremely short attention span and the fact that lunchtime was just around the corner. I'm pretty sure my internal bleeding at the time prevented me from thinking of food.

I laid bloody and beaten on the path, the blood flowing down my aching lips mixing with the dirt beneath me. My once impressively groomed mane and coat were now dirtied by the dirt and blood, along with my greatly cherished bow tie. It was stomped into oblivion, in pieces and spit on by everyone in the group. Pain coursed through my veins, but a greater pain still hurt harder than their fists or kicks ever could. It was the simple knowledge that my name, my identity, could make someone hate me, for no other reason at all.

Hot fire burned in my heart, and my chest started to swell with a new found feeling that quickly overtook my body. This was the first time I experienced hate.

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