Avatar: The Last Alicorn. Book 1: Pegasus

by Jeweled Pen

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Spark

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A hundred years ago the four nations lived in harmony under the guidance of the benders, ponies with control over the elements far exceeding even the most magical of unicorns. The Water Nation was ruled by the water unicorns, the Fire Tribes ruled by the fire unicorns, the Air Nomads ruled by the air pegasi, and the Earth Kingdom ruled by the earth ponies. Everything changed when the Water Nation attacked. Using powerful and forbidden magics they captured all the fire unicorns, removed their horns and blocked the sun from ever rising again. In this time the Avatar, a powerful alicorn who could use all four elements, vanished without a trace. This left many to believe that the cycle had been broken and our greatest hope lost. But many still fight and some still believe.

In the hundred years that have passed since the initial attack the Water Nation has grown ever stronger and the rest of the countries have been forced to band together. They now fight a war that seems almost unwinnable and struggle to survive in this harsh cold world. But I still believe, one day, the avatar will come and save us all.

- Excerpt from a young pegasus's diary.

A tall mountain range coated in thick clouds stood out like a tower in the cold, icy night. The moon stood high above, an unmoving symbol of the world around them. Ice coated the land and froze all who dared to leave the safety of their mildly warm homes.

On one of the larger mountains two small lights danced. On closer inspection they could be seen as small glowing stones attached to necklaces. One of them was worn by a light blue pegasus mare with a rainbow colored mane and tail. The pony was flying around and performing small twirls and spins as she waited for her companion. “Fluttershy, come on! Pinkie's probably already at the top and if we don't hurry who knows what we'll find up there?” the mare yelled down.

“S-sorry Rainbow Dash...” a small yellow pegasus mare with a pink mane and tail responded. Her wings were completely flat against her side so she was forced to, timidly, climb up the rock wall by hoof. A rope was tied around her waist that led to a nearby safety cloud, but even with that she moved with all the speed and urgency of a tortoise.

The blue pegasus let out another groan as she flew around the frightened mare, though she did occasionally give semi-helpful tips. “Careful, that rock on the left looks shakey. Make sure you get a good hoof hold. You know what would make this a lot easier? IF YOU WOULD JUST FLY!” Her sudden outburst echoed through the cold and empty land and caused a few small stones to tumble down from above. One tapped against the yellow pegasus's back as it fell.

“Eep!” Fluttershy squeaked as she molded her body to the wall and shook in fear.

“Ugh, whatever,” Rainbow said as she shook her head. “I'll be right back, I'm gonna check for an easier path,” the pegasus grumbled as she took off.

Before the frightened pony could object the flier was gone, leaving nothing but a puff of air. She slowly looked down before letting out another frightened whimper. Far below, hidden by the clouds, was where her and the rest of her people made their homes. As Air nomads they lived far above the ground, but despite living like that her entire life she was still terrified of heights. Even worse, the air was so thin that it made her panicked short breaths all but useless.

If it wasn't for the fact the others had begged her to come with them, and set up the safety cloud, she would have been content to lay in one of their huts by a nice toasty fire. She really wished she had it in herself to say no. She took one more deep breath before reaching up to grab another stone.

Rainbow, meanwhile, had already made it to the top of the cliff and was gazing around with a look of awe. The very top broke out of the thick layer of clouds formed around the cliffs and allowed her to see for miles in every direction. The skies were clear above and despite the cold air she loved it. There was nowhere within sight that went this far up. Heck she doubted there were more than a few places in the entire world that could go this high.

She finally gazed up. The moon stood far over head, a single white orb dangling in the night sky. It was almost as if it mi- her thoughts were cut off as a pair of hooves suddenly covered her eyes. “Gueeeeeeess who!” a happy voice said as the blue pegasus sighed.

“Pinkie, how long have you been here?” Rainbow asked with a hint of annoyance.

“A few minutes! I got bored waiting for you two, so I decided to make a puppet!” The hooves were removed as a pink earth pony mare, with an even pinkier mane and tail, pulled away. Around her neck she had a similar glow rock as the others. In her hooves she was now holding a normal rock. “I didn't finish it though.”

“Of course you did. Did you have any trouble getting up here?” Rainbow asked as she glanced at the excitable pony. She was a tad miffed that an earth pony had beaten her up here, but then again she did have two sizable handicaps. Namely Pinkie was Pinkie and she had to foal sit Fluttershy.

“Nope! I just took the secret cave straight up here!” the mare said as she hopped around in excitement.

“Oh ofcourse you d- wait, what? There aren't any caves around here. What are you talking about?”

“If you knew about it, then it would hardly be a secret, now would it? But since we're the bestest of friends I'll show you. Come on!” she skipped off behind some large rocks while beckoning the pegasus to follow her.

“Wait wait! I need to go get Fluttershy.” Rainbow said as she started to turn towards the cliff edge again. Suddenly the cliff began to shake and rumble under their hooves. Then the rocks began to fall out from under them. “Pinkie!” the pegasus shrieked as she instantly turned and dashed towards where the earth pony had been. Within moments her arms wrapped around her and yanked her up into the air.

Below them they could see the rocks caving in on themselves. Dirt and dust filled the air as Rainbow watched with a growing sense of dread. The top portion of the cliff had completely caved in on itself, leaving nothing left but a large hole in the cloud cover and rubble. “No no no,” the pegasus said as she frantically looked around. She couldn't see her yellow friend or the safety cloud.

She dove down and circled the cliff side, looking for any sign of her friend. “Fluttershy! Fluttershy, can you hear me?” She called out as she flew in tight circles around the rocks, hoping for even the light of her glow rock. Letting a frustrated growl out she began to flap her wings rapidly as the wind picked up and then shot out, clearing the dust clouds so she could see. “Fluttershy!”

“Dash!” Pinkie yelled as she held out a hoof. “There, look!” Near the edge of the collapse, one of the piles of dirt and rubble was slowly shaking and a small glow could be seen.

Rainbow glided to the rubble and, after testing the stability, dropped Pinkie near the pile. She then dove into the rocks, digging with all her might. She was soon gifted with the sight of a dirty feathery wing. “Fluttershy!” she said happily as she tore the rocks away, not even caring that some of the rocks tore at her hooves and she got covered in thick dirt. Within moments the little yellow mare was revealed. She was dirty, coughing and bleeding from a few places but for the most part she seemed fine.

“S-sorry...” she squeaked out as she looked up at Dash. “I-I didn't mean to scare you...”

“What happened? Are you okay?” Rainbow asked as she wrapped her arms tightly around her friend. “How come you didn't fall off? I couldn't see you or the cloud! Please don't ever scare me like that again!” After a short bit she realized she was holding the hug for quite a long time and nervously pulled back with a slight cough.

“I-I was just climbing and I... I found a small cavern... and I fell in it and I'm sorry...” the gentle mare said with another soft squeak, her voice practically a whisper when she finished.

“What? Say that a bit louder?” Rainbow asked as she leaned in closer. All she got for her troubles was an even softer response. “Fluttershy! Come on, sp-”

“Dashie, look!” Pinkie interrupted as she pointed behind them.

With all the dirt blown away a large purple stone had been partially uncovered. It was perfectly smooth and seemed to almost glitter in the moon light. “It's a... rock. What about it?” Dash asked as she gave pinkie a confused look.

“Maybe it caused the avalance!” the pony said as she hopped over to it and knocked on its side.

“Pinkie, don't be silly. Stop messing with that. We need to get Fluttershy back h-” Cracks suddenly formed across the purple rock as brilliant light shot out into the sky like a beacon, startling the blue pegasus into silence. The clouds around the cliff top were scattered and dissipated as the light shone brilliantly for miles.


“Auntie, look!” a perfectly white unicorn mare, with a curled purple mane and tail, yelled as she pointed out towards the great pillar of light in the distance. She was standing on the deck of a large flying ship, pulled by a number of pegasi wearing black armor. She wore black armor as well, except hers was shaped much like a dress. The only blemish on her body was her horn, which was covered in dark purple marks.

The mare turned to a white, much larger, unicorn who wore a rainbow colored cloak with little white wings sewn into it. Her mane was tied back and almost clear, allowing the colors of the cloak to be seen through it. “Aunt Celestia, do you know what this means?” the smaller unicorn asked as excitement filled her voice.

The elder unicorn didn't even look up as she sipped her juice. “That I'm not going to be able to finish my book?” She didn't move for a few moments before finally glancing to the light. “So there are some pretty lights in the sky, Princess Rarity?”

“It's the avatar! It has to be!” The princess ran to the helm of the air ship to bark orders at the four pegasi pulling it. “Pull faster! Head towards the light!”

“Niece, calm down,” Celestia said as she moved by the young mare. “Lights like that happen on occasion. Don't get your hopes up to high.”

“Auntie, this has to be the Avatar. Whatever made that light had to be incredibly powerful. It is my destiny to find it!” she yelled as she pointed towards the light once again. The ship slowly changed its angle as the mare felt excitement building in her.


“What the hay was that?” Rainbow groaned as she rubbed her eyes slowly. “All I can see are white lights...”

“You should have worn sunglasses, like me, Dashie,” Pinkie said from behind pink rimmed dark shades. Fluttershy just made a similar, squeaky groan in response to the duo's talking. The curious pink mare slowly moved towards the stone, which was now missing it's top half, and began to wonder.

Maybe it was an egg? Wow, whatever laid it must have been really big! Maybe it was a dragon egg, or maybe, ohhh! A pony! It must be a pony egg! Unicorn? A purple unicorn egg, of course, it all made sense. She'd never seen a unicorn have a foal before so that must be how they do it, they lay eggs! She'd never seen a baby unicorn either, that must mean... “Every pony listen up!” she quickly darted in front of her two pegasi friends. “Unicorns... don't have younglings! They lay eggs! Like giant chickens! They then hatch fully grown!”

“... What the hay are you talking about? Did a rock fall on your head?” Rainbow asked as her vision began to return.

“Look!” Pinkie said before grabbing the pegasus's head and pushing it into the rock, or what remained of it. Inside was a sleeping purple unicorn mare, with purple streaked mane and tail.

“Pinkie, let go!” Rainbow snapped. She let out an eek as her head was released and she tumbled into the rock. She righted herself quickly, an embarrassed blush on her cheeks as she tried to brush off her clumsy fall. She nudged the unicorn with her hoof. “Was she trapped in the rock? Maybe we should get her back to the village.”

“Okie dokey lokey!” Pinkie said as she grabbed the unicorn and quickly galloped over the edge of the cliff.

“What? PINKIE!” the blue pegasus screamed as she dashed to the edge of the cliff and looked down. She face hoofed when she finally saw the pink earth pony standing on an outcropping, the unicorn on her back.

“What?” she asked incredulously.

“Just... don't... do that...” Rainbow muttered as they began their descent down the cliff side.

Before long the small group made their way down to their village, which was about half way up the rocky mountains. The houses were made of stone or dug out from the mountain side or remodeled from caves. Clouds were packed tightly around the village to help keep the limited warmth and in the center of the village a large bonfire was kept eternally going. Rather than burning wood, special black rocks that could burn for ages were used to keep the fire going. A number of smaller fires were placed around the village to help keep them warm. Unfortunately, the rocks set out an acrid gray smoke that could not escape through the clouds and burnt the ponies throats, but it was still infinitely better than freezing outside the village. Close to the fires a small plot of dirt had been made to grow plants and sustenance, though very little could grow with the smokey air and lack of sunlight.

Rainbow, having been forced to help Fluttershy down, headed straight towards a small stone hut that was covered in thick blankets. Inside Pinkie was hopping around a small bed that was holding the unconscious purple mare. One of the village elders, a tan earth pony with a gray mane and tail they called Mayor mare, was looking the pony over.

“Who is she?” the pegasus asked as she entered the hut with Fluttershy close behind. The yellow mare bumped into her friend as the rainbow-mained pony froze in place. The unicorn was shifting from side to side and rolling on the bed, before her eyes suddenly opened and she stared at them.

“AHHHHHH!” the unicorn screamed into the mayor's face, who backed up and screamed as well. She then looked to the others and screamed again. Fluttershy ran from the hut with tears in her eyes and screaming just above a soft whisper. Pinkie Pie quickly reacted and shoved a cupcake straight into the screaming mares mouth, silencing the screams and replacing them with choked coughs.

Not even skipping a beat the earth pony shot into over drive. “Hi I'm Pinkie Pie, I've never seen you before so that must mean you're not from around here and I guess that makes sense since you were just born from a rock but don't worry I'm gonna be your best friend in the whole wide world and we're going to have lots of fun! Are all unicorns born from rocks? What's it like living in a rock? Do you like jazz?”

“I... what? I don't... what? I'm Twilight Sparkle. I'm... who are you? Where am I? Why is it so cold?” the unicorn said softly as she backed away from the hyperactive pony.

“You, waking up, Pinkie, Ponyville and because it's always cold silly!”

“I don't... live in a rock. Why would any pony live in a rock? I've never heard of Ponyville... is it because you live in rocks?” the unicorn asked in confusion.

“Then why were you in a giant rock, silly? We kinda live in rocks! Well, homes made of rocks. Cause we rock!”

“I don't know, I don't remember being in a giant rock.” She shivered before looking around. “Why is it so cold in here? Never mind, I'll take care of it.” She held her front hooves up as flame burst from the end. “Ah, that's better. You have a torch or something I can light?” she asked before looking up at the others and gulping at their shocked expressions. “W-what's wrong? Why are you all staring at me?”

“How... how did you do that?” Rainbow asked as she stared at the unicorn's hooves as if they had suddenly burst into insect pinchers.

“Ummm... fire bending. S-sorry, is there a problem with that? I just wanted to make it warmer,” she said nervously as she let the fire die out. “I won't do it if it freaks you out so much, but how long until sunrise? It really is cold.”

“What? Sunrise?” Rainbow stared at her as if she had gone mad. “The sun hasn't risen in over a hundred years. How long wer-” she was cut off as screams split the air. She darted to the hut's entrance to see the clouds surrounding the village being torn asunder and the moisture forming into a large ball of water above them. A large air ship was sitting on the outer rim of their village with four unicorns in dark metal armor, their horns aglow with the magic that held the water bubble in the air, standing on the aft.

Two more white unicorns stood on the edge of the ship. The smaller one yelled something out as a ramp slowly descended down. The two ponies, surrounded by four more ponies in black armor, slowly descended down the ramp as the younger called out again. “My name is Rarity, princess of the Water Nation. Bring out all your benders now or we will drown your flames and turn this small hovel into an icicle.”

Rarity let out an eek as a sudden rainbow blur slammed into one of her guards, knocking him to the ground. Rainbow stomped on the ponies chest and glared at the rest of them. “You can't just come here and threaten us.” She quickly turned and bucked a charging guard, sending him sprawling. “We're not going to-” Her movements stopped as she was suddenly doused in water and frozen in place, her eyes wide.

“So then,” Rarity said menacingly as she turned to Dash,” you must be the Avatar. Funny, I didn't imagine you'd be a pegasus, nor that you'd have such a... mane. Bring her on board. We'll... what do you think you're doing?” the princess asked in confusion as she watched Pinkie proceed to put party hats on all the guards and was in the midst of handing out kazoos.

“Well, I keep meeting all these new ponies today so I can't throw a party of all of you. Well I could, but then you'd have to be here for a really long time and you look like you all want to go so I decided I'd throw one really really big party so every pony could have fun and play games and then I'd have a party for all the new parties and-” She was finally silenced as the white unicorn put a hoof into the mares mouth.

“We are the Water Nation. We do not have time for parties and we do no-” TOOT! Rarity's head whipped around to glare at the one who dared to play a kazoo and interrupt her! “Aunt Celestia, please! We don't have time for such things! Throw that away!”

“But a party might be nice. We've been out for so long...” Celestia objected.

“We do not have time for such foolishness! Spit that out! Spit it out... there!” she said as she turned back to glare at Dash, not noticing as her aunt hid the discarded kazoo in her cloak. “Let it be known, that on this day, Princess Rarity captured the Avatar. That all-”

“That's not the avatar,” a soft voice spoke out, drawing the unicorn's eyes back to look over the crowd.

“Who said that? Show yourself!” she yelled as she searched. After a few moments a purple unicorn slowly stepped forward. “And why do you say she's not the avatar?”

“Because I am!” Suddenly Twilight lifted her hoofs as flames shot forward to encircle the frozen Rainbow Dash, melting the ice around her, before the flames shot out at Rarity.

“Hi-yah!” Rarity yelled as she lifted her front hoof. Water shot down from the orb above and formed a small shield of ice between them, extinguishing the flame and filling the air with steam. “A fire bender? Of course. The fire benders have been contained for a hundred years. This proves that you are the avatar! Now!” she yelled before holding out her hoof. “You're coming with me! You'll be my prisoner or-EEK!” She ducked as fire flew over her head, singeing the ramp behind her and leaving a black mark.

“I'm not going anywhere with you! Leave this village and go! I may not really know what's going on or even who you are, but I'm definitely not going with you and I'll kick your flank if you try anything!” Twilight growled as she stomped her hoofs. “You hurt these ponies who have shown me nothing but kindness since I met them, even if it has only been for a short while. I'm not going to let you keep trying to hurt any pony!” she yelled as she lifted her head high and flames shot towards the unicorn in rapid bursts.

Rarity backed away as she struggled to knock the powerful flames aside with the water she drew from the large bubble above. “Drench it!” she ordered.

“But your highness, if we do that the torches will-” one of the guards objected but was silenced by a motion of her hoof.

“I SAID DO IT!” she shrieked as the water above came crashing down, flooding the village and extinguishing all the torches. With the lights gone all that remained was the glow from the air ships torches and the moon above. The clouds which once kept their village warm were now torn apart and the cold chill of the night wrapped around the wet ponies like the breath of the reaper. Slowly their wails began to fill the air as despair clutched them.

“Light them!” several ponies screamed as they struggled in vain to light the wet torches.

“They're to wet!”

“We're going to freeze!”

“We can't survive without them!” Sobs and shrieks of fear filled the night as the ponies stared at their executioner's, the Water Nation ponies, in terror.

Twilight looked around at the frightened ponies before glaring at Rarity. “How could you?”

“You brought this on them, Avatar. If you had just-”

“HOW COULD YOU?!” the Avatar screamed as her horn and eyes began to glow with a brilliant white. Wings of light formed on her sides as she began to rise from the ground below.

“W-what are you doing? Guards!” Rarity yelled as she lifted her left hoof up and pushed it forward. Shards of ice formed in front of her before sailing forward at the glowing unicorn. As they came within inches of the Avatar they stopped in mid air. A few moments later they were sent hurtling back, lodging into the ship. A massive wind began to spin around the princess, her soldiers and their ship as they were all picked up.

Twilight lifted her hoofs up and then brought them slamming down as the balloon of the air ship was punctured and crushed by the fierce winds. The ship and its unfortunate crew were then sent spiraling down over the cliff, held tightly in the fierce winds, as their screams soon vanished from hearing range. The glowing unicorn's head slowly turned to face the soaked villagers as she raised her right hoof again. The water that once doused the village was slowly brought up into the air to reform the massive orb of liquid, before being sent off the cliff opposite where she had sent the balloon.

The powerful bender's gaze changed one last time as she turned to face the east. She slowly lifted both hooves towards the horizon. Sweat formed across her body as slowly, centimeter by centimeter, she lifted her hooves up. A small yellow beam of light fell on the village as gasps of shock and amazement filled the air as a new sight greeted them. The sun, lost for a hundred years, filled the sky with it's warm embrace as the moon's cold clutch over the land was lost behind the west's horizon. Twilight's glow slowly faded as the panting mare lowered to the ground before finally collapsing onto her side, unconscious.


Far away, across the ocean and deep in Water Nation lands, a massive castle stood over looking the capital. Frantic hooves ran through the cold halls, past tapestries of previous rulers and around icy doorways that had long since frozen shut. “Nightmare Moon!” a guard yelled as he ran into the royal throne room. It was a large open hall with a throne on the opposite end of the massive doorway. Eight intimidating black pillars, with designs of black and white unicorns carved on them, supported the roof. Four pillars sat on each side of the room and between each pair a massive golden bowl filled with fire cast flickering shadows across the room. “The sun, it-”

“Do you think me stupid?! Perhaps blind?” an angry voice called from behind one of the pillars as she stepped in front of the terrified guard. She was a black unicorn, far taller than an average one. She wore midnight blue and black armor with dark metal ritual wings built into the sides. Her mane was dark and flowing, almost like a thick liquid, making it see through but darkening all behind it. “Do you think I cannot see that the accursed orb has risen and brightens the sky?” She stepped towards the shaking guard, who was unable to speak aside from stutters, and yelled into his face. “Fetch me Admiral Trixie, you buffoon.” She glared at the soldier as he retreated.


“How many casualties?” Rarity called out as she slowly got to her hooves. She looked around at her battered ship and crew and noted the torches had all gone out. Ironic. That would need to be fixed before they froze to death.

“A few minor injuries, but no casualties. But the ships not going to be moving on its own, we need... we need...” the answering guard trailed off as he looked at the sky.

“We need what? Speak up, what are you sa-” and the words caught in her throat as she finally realized what she was missing. It was light out and she could see without the torches, how could this be? She gazed up at the sky as her mouth fell open in awe. She'd heard stories of it, but never imagined it would be so... She was forced to look away as the light burned her eyes.

“Gather your men. I want every pony ready to move out,” Rarity ordered as she turned back to the mountain. “We're climbing back up and we're getting the Avatar!” From the bottom and with the new found light she could see just how far they had fallen. It was a miracle any of them, let alone all of them, had survived. But she didn't care. She would never give up. She would reclaim her honor even if she had to climb this mountain a thousand times.

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