Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing)-The story of Benny Goodmane

by Bandy

Chapter 3: Meeting the natives

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3) Meeting the natives

sunnypuppy23-I will include character exposition in the upcoming chapters. Give me time; I'm not the greatest writer ever.
Also, I didn't proofread this. Just got back from a new year's party. Happy 2012!

"So this is Ponyville. I sort if expected something... Grander." Benny mumbled. He tramped along the worn dirt roads that winded through faded wooden buildings. He lifted a tattered piece of paper to his eyes. On it was the address of the hotel he would stay in while he was in Ponyville. As he wandered around looking for the hotel, he bumped into a bright pink mare that was carrying a box of some sort of pastries.

"Oh! Pardon me. I'm very, very sorry about that."

The mare whirled around, revealing the most energetic smile he had ever seen. She studied him for a moment, her deep blue eyes staring holes in his head.

"Uh... Hello?" stammered Benny, clearly put off by this mare's peculiar manner. Suddenly, she took a deep intake of breath, tucked the box under her leg, and ran off without saying a word.

"Well... That was... interesting." mumbled Benny to himself.

"Oh don't mind her. She does that to all the new ponies in town." said a voice coming from somewhere behind him. Benny turned around, silently hoping there wasn't another crazy pony talking to him.

"Over here, silly!" said the voice. Benny looked around. He spotted a lavender pony in a large, pink hat sitting across the street from him. She was sipping a yellow liquid Benny assumed to be lemonade. He walked over to her.

"You... You know her?" he asked quizzically.

The mare nodded. "Yeah. That was Pinkie Pie. She's always a little... Unusual."

"A little?" Benny raised his eyebrow.

The pony giggled. "That's just her way, I guess. She's probably off to start planning a party for you.”

Benny's face flushed. "A party? For me? I don't mean to be bashful, but why would she throw a party for ME?"

"Oh, she loves throwing parties. Does it all the time. Sometimes I think she just looks for an excuse to throw one."

"For some reason, I don't find it that hard to believe." They shared a laugh, but as it faded, it was replaced by an awkward silence.

"Well... Uh, I better be going," Benny waved the paper with the address he was looking for. "Gotta find this hotel."

"Oh! I can help with that!" The mare took Benny's paper. "This is a good place to stay. It's just around this corner to the left.

"Cool. Thank you..."

"Twilight Sparkle. I run the town's library. You should stop by sometime."

Benny nodded, a small grin spreading across his face. "I certainly will, Ms. Sparkle. Until then, have a good day." he nodded, and began to follow Twilight's directions toward the hotel. He passed a flower shop, the sweet smell of petunias and daisies wafting into the air. He surveyed his surroundings: the town was alive with color, and it practically radiated with life. Sure, it wasn't perfect; he promised himself to keep an eye out for that Pinkie Pie. But other than that, he easily found it better than Canterlot. He sighed contentedly. It was a truly beautiful day. A bird flew overhead, chirping out a beautiful little melody that was sure to get stuck in Benny's head. He stood still in thought a moment. Perhaps he could go explore the town once his bags were unpacked. He headed to a large wooden building with a slightly fading "hotel" sign swinging in the breeze. He paid for a room, and set his bags in his room, not stopping to look at the room at all: he now desperately wanted to explore the town. He made his way out and onto the beaten dirt roads, looking around him for a direction to travel in. He saw a wooded area over a low-lying house, and decided to head there. He walked with vigor in his step that he hadn't felt since before his presentation at the concert hall. "Don't think about that," he mumbled to himself. "This is gonna be more fun than any stinking concert hall could ever be."

As he neared the edge of the forest, he spied a rabbit hopping along the lush tree line.

"Hey little guy," Benny mused. "How are you today?" The rabbit stopped, them hopped over to Benny. He gently patted the bunny's head with his hoof. The rabbit's head was as soft as any silk he had ever felt.

As he did this, the trees to the rear of the tree line began to shake and stir, their branches rustling together loudly. Benny and the rabbit looked up in unison, just in time to catch a yellow blur fly out of the forest, parting the shrubbery around it with force. It screamed into Benny, knocking him in his back. The rabbit ran off into the forest the thing had just come out of, its little legs pounding like tiny pistons to get away from whatever just hit him. A thought flashed through his mind: "Should I be running as well?"

Benny rolled over, shook his head to rid his mane of any stray pieces of grass, and looked about. The thing that had knocked him over spun to face him. It was a Pegasus, with bright yellow fur that mirrored a midday sun. Her mane shone with a sun-dried, natural purple tone. Her eyes were a strong cyan, sparkling in the light.

"Uh, are you ok? I'm ever so sorry, I just didn't-I didn't mean to-I'm-I'm sorry." whispered the pony in a timid voice, hiding her face with her mane.

"That's ok," replied Benny. "Can't say it's the weirdest thing that's happened today," remembering Pinkie Pie.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but have you seen a little bunny rabbit? I was trying to find him; it looked like he ran over here." He could barely hear her, her voice was so small.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. Can you repeat yourself?" asked Benny.

The pony cowered. "Oh, I'm sorry, I just, I-"

"No no, it's fine. I just couldn't hear you." said Benny, tapping a hoof against his ear.

"Oh! I was wondering if you saw a little bunny run by here recently."

A blue hoof was extended toward the tree line. "I saw him run in there, if it helps."

The mare broke a smile on her face. "Oh, thank you very much! And I'm sorry about crashing into you."

"Accidents happen. It's all good." Seeing that he was not mad, the Pegasus beamed. She had an infectious smile, and a beautiful one at that.

"Thank you!" she said, her timid voice seeming to grow slightly. "I've got to find that rabbit. I'm sorry again. Bye-bye!" with that, she flew off into the forest, creating a small path into the vegetation.

Benny sighed. "Are all the ponies in this town crazy?" he laughed at his own joke, and then set off at a lazy pace for the hotel. That was enough sight-seeing for one day.

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