The Goddess Within

by Soaking Wet

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Awakening

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Chapter 9: Awakening

Sweet Apple Acres looked its most beautiful in the late afternoon.  As the sun set, the shadows stretched between trees whose leaves glowed gold as the rays hit them.  Beneath the multi-hued canopy, Applejack and Big Macintosh closed in on completing their harvest, an effort that both the weather and the day’s strange absence of their friends had made more strenuous than usual.  But still, through it all, they were now just five trees away from finishing their work.

Applejack’s legs felt rubbery from all the day’s exertions, but she tried her best not to show it, having challenged her brother to a race.

“You gettin’ tired there, Big Brother?” she teased as she positioned herself in front of the next tree.  Big Macintosh, with some difficulty, shook his head and got to the tree across from her.

“Nope,” he answered.

Applejack leaned forward, the sun glistening off the moisture that dripped from her back and rolled through her fur.  She tightened her stomach as her powerful hind quarters lifted up, the soft muscles inside her thighs coiling tighter and tighter until they bulged from between her folded legs.  She grimaced and kicked her legs back as hard as she could, the shock of the contact reverberating through her body.  With a loud thud of hoof to tree trunk, a burst of sweat shook from her body, the drops spraying in all directions, then twinkling in the fading light as they disappeared from view.  

As dozens of red apples shook down from above and thundered perfectly into two baskets, Big Macintosh pounded his tree, though at a spot much lower than he typically did.  The result was only a fraction of his sister’s take.  As his thirsty tongue slipped from his mouth, Applejack giggled playfully, then trotted toward the next tree.  He bucked again much harder, hard enough to leave his hoof prints on the trunk, and the remaining fruit tumbled down.

“I’m—gonna beat’cha—better keep up!” Applejack panted.  But this time her brother didn’t answer.  He sprint to the next tree and bucked it at the precise moment his sister did hers.  As the apples fell between them, Applejack scooted toward the final tree, letting her hat fly off the top of her head and land in the dirt.  Big Macintosh was alongside her, but only for a couple steps before he tripped on a root and fell, his chin digging a small trench into the fertile soil.

“Yee-haw!” cried Applejack as she bucked the final tree, unleashing the final torrent of apples.  “I win.  Good race there, brother.”  Big Macintosh blushed as he got to his feet.

“Eeyup,” he said.  He stooped down and picked up his sister’s hat with his mouth, feeling his thick wooden horse collar slide a few inches up his thick neck, then fall back in place.  He slowly walked up to her, discovering in the process how much his hind legs ached from the day’s efforts.  He lifted his head and let the hat fall on her.

“Thank you kindly,” she said, tipping the hat back on her head.

That final tree sat on the rise of a large hill which offered the two ponies a panoramic view of Ponyville, its small wooden structures bathed in the shine of the setting sun.  There was a peculiar stillness to the town that evening, no pegasi darting through the cloudless sky, and nopony trotting through the surrounding countryside, making the sight resemble a large painting.

As they stood, Big Macintosh’s eyes wandered to her sister, to the gentle motions of her sweaty body as she breathed, and to the clumps of mud stuck to her dusty hooves.  He then watched her breathe deeply, raising her head and closing her eyes, letting the sun warm her freckled face.  She exhaled with an air of contentment, and with glistening eyes she looked back up at him, her Big Brother, her best friend.

Her lover.

Applejack blushed as she let her eyes follow down the ripples of his powerful legs before they turned back toward the town.

“I let Mrs. Cake borrow my book,” said Applejack.  “I hope all them stories can help her out with her problem.”

“Eeyup,” said Big Macintosh, feeling his heart rate begin to increase.  Applejack sighed, laughing a little to herself.

“It’s strange,” she said, “I don’t know how she found out about it.  I ain’t never told nopony I wrote a derned book.  Not like anypony would believe me anyways.  But I reckon I’ve learned not to ask questions anymore.”

Big Macintosh nodded.

“I wonder what it’ll be like when she changes for the first time,” she said, looking back into her brother’s eyes.  “I hope it’ll be like the first time it happened to us.”  Both of them knew what was going to happen.  Their loins were already tingling.

“I hope so, too,” answered her brother.  

Applejack took a step and, with one hoof raised, eased her face toward his, closing in enough to let him feel her quaking breath against his lips.  Her eyes closed as she giggled, then drew a breath as her face sucked into his.  As the two kissed, Applejack let her right-front hoof slide down her belly until it squished into her marehood.  Beneath Big Macintosh, he could feel his sheath begin to yaw open, reshaping itself into the first few inches of his impressive black cock.

Between Applejack’s loins, she could feel her hooves begin to flatten, her fingers elongating and flicking the caked mud off each digit before they flexed inside her squishy slit.  Her hoof against her brother’s face changed simultaneously, liberated fingers stroking gently down her brother’s red fur, then reaching down under his horse collar to twirl in a thick mat of moist fur that puffed from just above his chest.  She pulled her face back from his, then slid her face past, making use of her distending legs and torso as it twisted into curves to her touch.  As she ground against him, her breasts fattened and she felt the friction of her hardened nipples, her brother’s heartbeat throbbing faster and faster against her stretching body.  At last, she was finished, her quivering breath tickling Big Macintosh’s ear, causing it to twitch.

“Buck me,” her voice whispered, her left arm reaching further and further down his stomach.  “Buck me hard, Big Brother.”

At these words, more and more of Big Macintosh’s cock revealed itself, squishing out of him and into her sister’s waiting hand.  He quivered to her touch, his body buckling as she began to stroke its length, her hand cupped under the bulky shaft, but not able to reach completely around.  It was his most sensitive spot, as she’d discovered that first time years before.  With the growth came a familiar pain at his loins as the torque of the shaft tugged it downward. Applejack flopped it up and down with her hand as it became more glutted with pounding blood.  His chest broadened at the behest of new muscles, causing his hooves to drag apart in the clay below until big red fingers clinched down to pull his arm muscles taut.  His legs pulsed into longer and larger shapes, causing him to change his stance so that he was sitting on his knees.

Applejack slid off of her brother’s back and let him sit up.  He grabbed his horse collar and lifted it off of him, revealing his chiseled red chest, his pulsating black cock, and, lying on the ground, his mighty red balls now boiling with seed.  As Big Macintosh let his collar thump onto the dirt, Applejack let go of herself and leaned in to his chest.  She kissed him between his pecs, biting him gently, then let her tongue slide up against the grain of his fur.  She moved down on her own knees and lifted her head up higher until it once again met his in another kiss.  His sinewy arms wrapped around her tightly, yanking her body into him so that her breasts and his cock were pressed between their bodies.

Applejack’s arms were just barely long enough to embrace him, and as her hands rubbed over his shoulders, he eased her onto the ground, bringing a hand out to the side to keep his weight from crushing her.  His kisses moved down to her neck and he let his hungry tongue slobber over her nipples, sucking them each as his hands groped them both mercilessly.  He then sat up and her hands fell from him, her finger slipping into her mouth to taste his salty musk.    

She watched as he shifted his knees to the sides of her hips, then eased his cock down the front of her.  Applejack licked her lips, staring into the oozing tip of his member, feeling its searing warmth against her soft stomach.  She then grabbed her large breasts in her hands, squeezing them together, feeling the tip of her brother’s cock start to push between them from below.  Big Macintosh could feel her chest rise and fall beneath him as he eased its length forward, her strong arms keeping her grip as tight as she could as it smeared goo all over the inside of her cleavage.  

As her brother cringed under the pressure, Applejack watched with excitement as the tip popped out from between her tits, dribbling a little precum onto her chest.  With the base of the long shaft still lying a few inches below Applejack’s chest, her brother then slipped it back out and began to grind his hips against her.    

Big Macintosh groaned, his balls dragging over her body as he continued to fuck her tits.  He planted his hands on the ground next to her and continued thrusting, feeling the tip move closer and closer to her mouth.  On the ground, Applejack watched as the tip of his cock began to swell and buck upward, more and more precum dribbling down onto her.  Her mouth watered in anticipation.  She could tell he was close.

“Do it,” she said. “Get it all over me. Make me a mess, Big Brother.”

With those words, Big Macintosh thrust one more hard stroke and groaned louder, his teeth locked together.  As Applejack felt his thighs pinch against her sides, she felt his cock buck upward and a huge burst of cum spit out of him like a cannon, splattering all over her face.  She licked his goo from her lips and another burst quickly followed, more and more of his seed splashing over her, creeping into her nose, dribbling off her chin, and sticking in her mane.  Big Macintosh sat up as Applejack let go of her breasts, rubbing his salty-sweet cum from her face to lick it from the backs of her hands.

Big Macintosh began to hunch forward as his body started to revert, but Applejack grabbed his cock once more and, leaning her head under the shaft, began to trace her tongue up along the bottom.  From the numbness resulting from his ejaculation, her brother suddenly felt her lips kiss a spot beneath the tip, and he stood up straight once more, still in his bipedal form.  He looked down and watched his sister continue to play with him, both her hands rubbing up and down his cock as she kissed the tip, letting her tongue slip inside the hole.  She loved it when he watched her, and she smiled every time she made eye contact with him just to make him blush a little more.

Applejack climbed to her feet, reluctantly letting go of Big Macintosh’s cock, then slowly walked back toward the final tree.  She turned and let her ass kiss the rough wooden trunk, her tail swishing backward against the wood before it stopped behind her back.  She watched as her brother got to his feet for the first time, revealing his towering form to her, and the return of his fully-erect manhood.  Applejack reached behind her head and pulled free the ribbon that held her mane in a ponytail and let the blonde strands flow free.  She released the ribbon with outstretched hands, letting it float down the hill as Big Macintosh walked up to her.

Her brother was more than a head taller than her, as big and strong as he ever was.  And she loved to let him take her this way.  She felt his hands reach under her orange buttocks and hoist her upward, her back sliding up against the tree until her face was level with his.  As he pressed closer to her, she let her arms reach around the back of his neck so that she could pull him into another kiss, her feet dangling more than a foot off the ground.

“Put it in,” she whispered under her breath, “I want you inside me, Big Brother.  Please.”

Big Macintosh reached down and took his cock in his right hand, moving his hips backward to guide the fat tip into her soaking marehood.  As her lips parted to let it in, the two kissed harder as he squeezed his hips forward, slowly coaxing inch after inch inside her, straining and distorting the delicate organs within.  More and more of him began to fill her, and Applejack’s legs swung outward as her hips met his, allowing her legs to cross behind him and tap his back just above his square red ass.  

The more he filled her, the higher he lifted her, and the tops of her breasts pushed into his chin.  Applejack gasped to the treetops, then felt her brother withdraw just as slowly, easing her back into his face.  A thick odor of apples and nutmeg rose from their loins as her delicious juice now coated his exposed rod.  The two trembled in each other’s arms as Big Macintosh grunted, rocking his hips gently back and forth, her pussy sucking him back in with every stroke.  

“Harder,” said Applejack, “Buck me harder!

He obeyed her command, but he slipped his cock into her just a shade faster than before.  His sister meant the world to him, and from the first time they made love, he always worried about hurting her when he did it.  His bipedal form frightened him - in truth, he feared its power - and he couldn’t quite figure out why his sister always wanted him to get rougher every time.  But he also couldn’t deny how incredible it felt inside her, how wonderful her juices felt as they dribbled over his balls, and he knew he couldn’t deny her.  So he sped up a little more.

“Ahh-ahhh—” moaned Applejack, “Just keep ‘er right there—yeah----ffffff-yeah—”

As Big Macintosh kept his rhythm, Applejack started hopping up and down on him, biting her lower lip as her grip around his neck tightened.  His balls were now soaked in her juices, tingling so much that he could feel each individual droplet fall from the sack and onto the ground.  Her fingers rushed through his mane as she kissed him once more, shunting her hips to twist his cock inside her.  Her hands pushed his head downward, letting her big breasts bounce against his face, smacking against his chin.  He could feel her pussy wriggle around his cock, pulling taut around its length, and he knew that her orgasm was fast approaching.  

“Unf! Unf! UNNNF!” cried Applejack.

Applejack came first, a sticky burst of her rich juice smothering his loins, squirting inside his dick, and sizzling against his furry crotch.  Her head pressed against the side of his as her ass continued to tremble against the tree, squirting volley after volley of the goo all over her brother’s rod.  Her fourth pulse triggered Big Macintosh’s glutted cock, and a huge burst of his seed blasted deep inside her, burying itself inside her womb.  Another two blasts followed in rapid succession, immediately filling her distended pussy until more than a cup of the goo fell out of her, tacking into large dark spots on the dirt below.  And, all the while, the two kissed, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues, her nipples stimulated by her brother’s sweaty fur.

The two lovers held this position for several minutes, even as their bodies finally returned to their normal forms, his cock slipping back out of her stuffed pussy as it retreated into his sheath.  Eventually, Big Macintosh’s flank thumped the soil below, his sister still straddling him, still enjoying the kiss.  She then eased back from him and gave him a soft peck on the cheek.  She trotted toward her apple baskets, deliberately giving him one more look at her marehood as she stooped down to lift two of them with her back.

“You’re the best, Big Brother,” said Applejack, rubbing the last of the cum from her face so nopony else would notice.  “Ain’t nobody bucks these apples quite like you.”

* * *

Meanwhile, as the sun set behind the distant hills, Mr. Cake trotted up to the front door of Sugar Cube Corner.  His apron reeking of sweat, his face tired from a long day away from his home, he bit down on the small patch of daisies he held in his teeth and clopped gently on the front door.  His heart skipped a beat as he heard hoofsteps clop toward the door.  Memories of the argument he had with Mrs. Cake that morning rushed into his mind, making him think for a moment of retreating.  But, all at once, the door opened, revealing the silhouette of familiar curves that now stood on two legs.

“Cup Cake?” asked a shocked Mr. Cake.

Without saying a word, Mrs. Cake's fingers grabbed the straps of her husband's apron and yanked him up into her arms, pulling his face into hers.  As the daisies fell from his kissing mouth and onto the entryway, Mrs. Cake smirked, turning hard enough to smack the door shut behind them with her round blue ass.

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