The Goddess Within

by Soaking Wet

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Assistance

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Chapter 3: Assistance

As the sun grew hotter, more and more Ponyvillians decided to stay indoors.  Only a few shopkeepers stood sentinel under umbrellas, hoping somepony would pass them in the deserted town square on their way home.  

Even for the younger members of the community, enjoying the weekend outside had become unpleasant.  A group of teen-aged fillies ran out of sun screen and abandoned their bathing in the stream, the water evaporating almost instantly from their pastel-colored fur as they galloped to Sugar Cube Corner.  

Above them all, the last cloud for miles sublimated into nothingness, leaving the bluest sky the town had seen in weeks.  But Spike had long abandoned his plans to go cloud-watching with his friends, for now they were his captive audience under the soothing shade of a large tree.

“—and then after it came out, I was me again, and Twilight was normal, too.” finished Spike.  “Can you believe it?”

Snips and Snails, as always, were awestruck.  They’d never heard of magic like this before, not even when The Great and Powerful Trixie came to town.  Though the two young unicorns never showed it, they learned their lesson that day, and had at first been suspicious of what their dragon friend was describing.  But the mystery of it all was too curious, too fantastical to dismiss.  And after all, they thought, Spike had never led them astray before.

“Sweeeet,” the two ponies said in unison.  Spike smiled smugly, crossing his arms behind his head as he leaned against the tree.  He enjoyed having friends that were easy to impress.

“So, can you turn into this big guy whenever you want?” asked Snips.

“Well, uh, I guess so,” said Spike.  “Twilight never really explained it to me.  It just kinda happened.  But, boy, like I said, did it feel good!”

Snips and Snails looked at each other, then back at him.

“Do you think you can teach us how to do it?” asked Snails.  Spike rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact.  This was a question he hadn’t anticipated.  He hadn’t tried changing on his own yet, and never thought until that moment that this was a skill that could be learned.  Spike didn’t even know if the power to transform was an ability he himself possessed, or one merely lent to him by his care giver.  He had to find out.

“Well—yeah!  You know what, yeah, of course, I can show you.  Here, it’s like this.”  Scooting back, he leaned against the tree took a deep breath, and spread apart his legs.  His friends followed suit.  “Okay, the trick is working with this thing,” said Spike, taking his lizard dick in his claws, “Twilight called it a penis, but sometimes she called it a cock, so I dunno.”

Snips and Snails looked at their own modest members, their yet-undiscovered cocks still hidden beneath their furry sheaths.  Snails’ was much longer than Snips’.  They looked up and nodded at Spike eagerly, ready for the next step.

“Okay, well, then you just start touching it, you know, like this—” said Spike.  He started to tickle the bottom of his flaccid cock, trying to get it to move.  Nothing happened.  Next, he tried pulling on it.  A sharp pain greeted him as it snapped back onto his lap.  Spike’s face flushed red, worried that he’d made a terrible mistake.  But his friends weren’t calling him on it yet, as he saw they were having greater difficulty rubbing their sheaths with their hooves.  Then Spike remembered.  

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “she used her mouth.  That’s when I got big.”

“Ohhhh,” said Snips and Snails together, both nodding in agreement, but feigning understanding.

“So, let’s see, Snails, come over here and put my penis in your mouth.”  Without batting an eye, Snails walked over and sat down in front of Spike.  He moved his head down and slipped his genitals into his mouth, balls and all.

“Hwlike dis?” he asked.  Spike jumped when his teeth tapped the delicate shaft.

“No teeth, no teeth!” said Spike, “but yeah, like—” his cock began to grow inside Snails’s mouth, making him scoot down lower in front of the tree, as if his whole body was a deflating balloon,  “—yeah, like that.”  His breathing got deeper as Snails slipped Spike’s expanding cock down his throat, its building girth visibly stretching Snails’ narrow throat several times its original diameter.  “Fff—yeah—like that—,” Spike whispered, his claws tousling Snails’ short mane.  At last, Spike’s his legs ripened into sinewy forms on either side of the small pony, and the dragon’s heart beat faster.  

“Now, move your h-h-head back and forth,” Spike trembled.  Snails again complied, shuddering up and down, his neck expanding and contracting as the cock moved within him.  As Snails continued to lick and slobber all over his pounding rod, Spike’s torso bulked up, the spikes on his back tearing a vertical groove into the hapless tree.  Snips, still sitting on his stubby hind legs nearby, sat in wide-eyed amazement as his friend made the dragon grow.  Spike and he met eyes, and Spike summoned him over with his large claw.  “Come here, Snips, you—you do Snails while I—just—just get over here and s-s-suck his cock, okay?”

By now, Spike’s body was almost fully grown, his powerful body hunched forward over his suddenly much-smaller friends.  Blocked by Spike’s much longer and larger legs, and somewhat intimidated by the dragon’s size, the diminutive Snips scampered this way and that, trying to find a way in, but seeing none.  At that point, a panting Spike reached forward and took Snips in his powerful claws.  Gasping, he carefully rolled Snips onto his back, and slid him directly underneath his friend’s long, lanky orange legs.  There, Snips pushed his body upward, cradling Snails’ dormant orange sheath in his hands.  

Snips tried to follow Snails’ lead, but his buck teeth and small mouth made it impossible for him to put the entire organ in his mouth.  Instead, he stuck out his tongue and pressed his face into the musky hole on the tip of his sheath, repulsed at first by the strange stench within.  He gulped, then slipped his tongue inside, lapping up a patina of goo from inside.  Snails’ body shuddered as Snips tasted him for the first time, the strange material much sweeter and more pleasing than it smelled.  Intrigued, Snips turned his head and closed his eyes, letting his tongue trace the entire inside of Snails’ sheath.

The more he licked, the more Snails’ body quivered, and Snips could feel something begin to press against his tongue.  It pressed slowly, but at a constant rate, pushing Snips back in a way that compromised his balance.  Snails’ sheath distorted and grew larger, the hole widening larger and larger until something hard and sticky kissed Snips on the lips.  Another twitch and Snips fell onto his back, looking up to see a narrow black cylinder slip out of his friend.  As the sun glistened off the juices, it continued to stretch toward Snips like a finger, its ribbed edges throbbing with grotesque veins.  Snips was frightened, but somehow excited by the change, particularly as the tip slid over his chest, smearing slime all over his grey fur.  The cock slid up to Snips’ face, and he wrapped his front hooves around it.  Snails moaned, Spike shivering as the vibration of his vocal chords buzzed his own cock, and Snips licked the tip of the cylinder, coaxing a bubble of white goo to drip into his mouth.  

It was then that Snails’ legs buckled, and another indecipherable sound came from his cock-choked mouth.  In a flash, Snails’ body lengthened dramatically, yanking his cock from Snips’ grasp.  As a sharp pain stabbed his arched back, Snails could suddenly feel hands where his hooves had been, long spidery digits that rooted themselves in the grass.  His legs also grew in proportion to his torso, rising several inches higher so that it looked like he was about to stand up.  In reality, the distended orange pony almost toppled over, and his new hands clamped onto Spike’s thighs for balance.  Snips, meanwhile, was on his own, draped by the scrawny four-legged tent that was his friend.  He sat up and made a move for Snails’ cock when Spike spoke up.

“Alright, let’s change this up,” said Spike, easing Snails’ dumbfounded face off his cock.  The leathery green form flopped out and pulsed once, bucking upward.  “Snails, you are really good at this, so I’ll have you put Snips’ cock in your mouth to get him big.”  Stepping back, Snails turned to Spike and nodded, a drip of spit falling from his lip.  

“Your cock tastes like pudding,” said Snails, who licked his sticky tongue across Spike’s lips.  “See?”  Spike grimaced.  It tasted nothing like pudding.  

Snails then turned his back to Spike and assumed the position once more, bending over as he grabbed up Snips’ hind quarters, his friend’s buttocks squeezed in his hands.  Snips cringed, his head rolling in the grass as Snails slipped the entirety of his stubby grey sheath and balls into his practiced mouth.

Snails could feel Snips’ heartbeat pulse against his tongue, the sheath stretching to release its own hidden cock.  At first, the sheath reached only to the middle of Snails’ tongue, but suddenly his jaw began to ache as its full girth revealed itself.  Snails’ eyes watered as Snips’ giant dick expanded.  Snails cringed, his fingers digging deeper into Snips’ ass as he thrust his head downward, letting its length ram down his throat, straining his esophagus just shy of the breaking point.  Snips yelped at the embrace of Snails’ throat, feeling his round stomach begin to inflate like a balloon.  As he became heavier, Snails eased his friend to the grass and his hands let go.

Behind them both, Spike watched as Snails’ flank, now closer to eye level, parted to reveal his tight asshole.  Getting to his knees, Spike had another idea.  He inched forward, his slimy cock in hand, and guided the spit-soaked tip to Snails’ ass.

“I’ve never done it in this hole, I don’t think.” said Spike under his breath, “Is this like with Twilight?”  

The tip of his cock eased in easy enough, but an incredible tightness followed as Snails’ body cringed, his asshole trying to push him back out.  The strain only increased Spike’s resolve as he grabbed Snails’ ass as hard as he could, forcing the rest of it in.  This wasn’t like Twilight at all, he thought, this is better!  

Slowly, Spike’s cock fell out of Snails, then he eased it back in much quicker, starting the same rhythm he set with Twilight earlier that morning.  With every stroke, Snails’ exposed cock throbbed in thick beats of anticipation, inching closer to its inaugural climax.  And all the while below them, Snips’ body grew larger and rounder, his whole body fattening as his folds of flesh fell flat against his sides, making him resemble a dull grey sumo wrestler writhing on the grass.  His new hands caressed each fold of his stomach, thousands of nerve endings triggered simultaneously as he kneaded his belly like dough.

Suddenly, Snips let out a loud squeal, his glutted body trembling violently as he came straight down Snails’ throat.  The noise startled Snails, whose ass tightened around Spike’s dragon cock.   Both friends came simultaneously, Spike filling Snails’ ass with his seed as Snails’ splattered all over Snips’ belly.  Snails’ thick cock twitched uncontrollably as it released, and one spray of cum went straight up poor Snips’ nose, causing him to snort and cough as his body began to shrink back to normal size.  

Spike’s cock fell out of Snails next, with a pool of waste and semen flopping with a splat onto the once-pristine grass.  Finally, out came Snips’ cock from Snails’ mouth, revealing itself to be almost as big as Snails’ before it, too, reverted.  Snails gasped, his strained throat still ached as it contracted, letting several cups of Snips’ cum slip down into his stomach.  He then collapsed on top of Snips with Spike not far behind him.

At last, the three friends were cuddled next to each other in the grass, each tasting the others on their breath as they did.  As Snails lay on top of Snips’ belly, Spike leaned against Snails’ ass, which was now swollen and leaking trails of his dragon cum.

Snips and Snails met eyes and, in a moment of impulse, kissed deeply, their tongues tangled together as they tasted the brew their friendship had made.  As the two separated, a string of spit broke between them, and they breathed the same word into each other’s mouths.


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