The Goddess Within

by Soaking Wet

Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Afterglow

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Chapter 11: Afterglow

The slurp of thick cocks slipping into stretching marehoods gushing with hot juice.  The robust stench of sex filling the moist air of the windowless dimly-lit room.  The sight of bodies twisting and changing, hooves compressing into hands that slid over the distorted limbs of altered ponies.  The moaning din of reckless lovemaking.  It was all too much for an impressionable grade-school-aged pony to see, much less experience.  But young Applejack was no ordinary filly.

Bucking her brother Big Macintosh for the first time had left an indelible mark, prompting this fateful journey of discovery to Manehattan and, though her family didn’t know it, to the metropolis’ infamous Stable 54.  At Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack knew she was just an ordinary workhorse doing thankless chores.  But here on the floor of the club, when some nameless pony stuck their tongue in her tight, sticky-sweet snatch to eat her gooey apple pie, she became something more, something powerful, something desired.

She became a goddess.

In the few weeks she lived with Aunt and Uncle Orange, Applejack would sneak out of the house every night and smuggle herself into the nightclub to partake in more forbidden delights.  As she discovered, her tiny size hid within it a fully-developed sexual creature, one that, when revealed, was so potent that she was soon fought over by the many stallions and mares who frequented the establishment.  She found herself literally thrust into an exhilarating double-life, keeping a diary of her sexual conquests by masturbating with one hand and writing with a quill in the other.  Then, after a steamy bath, the next day she’d exchange knowing glances with familiar faces from the club who had shown up, visibly embarrassed, to the Orange’s fancy dinner parties.

It was only when she filled all the pages in her diary that she took it with her and followed a rainbow back to Ponyville, eager to show her brother all that she had learned.  It was their deepest, darkest secret, one which only the two of them had ever known.  

But another fateful decision, Applejack’s choice to entrust that secret to Mrs. Cake, had likely doomed her to an eternal banishment to parts unknown.  She should have known that nothing got past Princess Celestia, especially with regard to the mail.

It was of little comfort to Applejack that Mrs. Cake was already there when she arrived in Canterlot Castle’s main hall, her pudgy four-legged body quivering against a column.  But she did refuse to help her get to her feet.  Instead, she watched the clumsy creature struggle to her legs, seeing a strange translucent goo dribble from between her thighs.  Then they both winced when a voice echoed through the cavernous hall.

“You may leave now, Mrs. Cake,” said Princess Celestia from somewhere behind her.  “But let me remind you, you are not to tell anypony what transpired here, is that understood?”  Mrs. Cake nodded, shaking the tears from her eyes.  Applejack, taken aback by how furious the Princess’ voice sounded, jumped down into a squat and took off her hat.  She stared at the carpet, not daring to meet eyes with her matriarch.

“Yes, Your Highness, I promise I won’t tell a soul,” said Mrs. Cake as she shuffled out of the room.  

The irregular clopping noise of Mrs. Cake’s stumbling hooves was followed a few moments later by the loud slam of a large wooden door.  Silence then filled the hall, and with the Royal Guards called away, Applejack now sat alone.  

Applejack next heard the slow clopping sounds of slippered hooves on the surrounding tile.  As the clops neared her, closer and closer, her body tightened in fear.  All of a sudden, something smacked down on the carpet in front of Applejack’s snout.  It was “The Goddess Within.”  She heard just a few more clops in the distance before they ceased completely.

“Before I say anything more,” said the Princess, “nothing that you see leaves this room, either, understood?”  Applejack, still staring at the floor, nodded.

“Y-yes, yer Highness,” she answered.

“Say it to me, Applejack.”  The orange pony lifted her head and was stunned by what she saw.  The Princess was standing on two legs, her back turned toward her so that her smooth white ass sparkled from beneath her flowing four-colored tail, the light from the surrounding stained-glass windows illuminating the sweeping curves of her backside.  She could see two white hands rubbing up and down her upper arms, their fingers gently squeezing her soft fur, then grazing over it once more.  Applejack blushed.

“Yes, yer Highness!”

Slowly, the shimmering mane began to move, revealing the left side of the Princess’ face.  The mystery deepened.  She looked more sad than angry, her eye twinkling from tears that welled up along the bottom.  She seemed so—vulnerable.

“Am I a goddess?” the Princess asked quietly.  Applejack looked around her, still trying to make sense of what she was seeing.  Then, just as quickly, she remembered she was still very much in danger, perhaps even more so because of the question.

“Well—yessir, Princess.  Ya look beautiful like that.  I mean, why’d ya have to ask me?”

The Princess bowed her head and turned around, standing naked before the orange pony.  Her slender white arms pressed against her breasts, hiding much of the bright gold necklace that still embraced her neck.  Her right hand was pressed against her left cheek, which blushed a bright red between her fingertips as tears dribbled down on each digit.  But Applejack only noticed these details after she saw the tremendous fully-erect white cock that bucked up from between her snaky thighs.

“What about now?” asked the Princess.

The Princess’ cock took Applejack’s breath away.  It was a sense of horror and intrigue that she had felt just once before, that day she was bathing with Big Macintosh all those years ago.  Their loins had met by chance that day, just as they had many times before as their homemade apple soap lubricated the slick edges of the inside of the tub.  But that day something sparked between them.  Suddenly, her brother’s cock grew in that most incredibly fascinating way, slipping out of him larger and wider until its black length rose out of the suds and he could no longer hide it with his hooves.  He tried to climb out, but she held him in place, slipping his hooves away from his lap as she felt them become hands under her touch.  

And it was then, as she watched his cock throb toward her face, that she first smelled that wonderful smell, a scent her mouth couldn’t keep itself from tasting in one unforgettable lick.  The memory made her mouth water, causing a small trail of spit fall from her mouth when she answered.

“You look right gorgeous, yer Highness,” said Applejack.

The Princess blushed, then walked slowly up to Applejack, kneeling beside her so that her white hand could slide through the back of her smooth blonde mane.  Applejack’s orange ears twitched to her touch, her eyes struggling to look away from the Princess’ cock, which up close looked just like one of the strange Elements that she and her friends sat on the night before.  This one, however, was leaking at the tip, a pool of white goo dribbling out the edge of the hole on top and down the bottom of the aching shaft.  Applejack gasped, then felt the Princess rub her mane again, moving from top to bottom, her long fingers sliding deeper into her hair.

“The Element of Honesty,” said the Princess, “and the Element of Incest.  You are a wonderful pony, dear Applejack.”

The Princess leaned in and gave Applejack a small kiss on her forehead.  The edge of her tremendous mane tickled the left side of her neck, standing her fur up on end.  The Princess sighed, then started to brush her mane even slower.  It felt good - really good.  Before Applejack knew it, she was cuddling against the Princess, letting her white arm lay against her as it continued to brush.  The Princess cuddled her back and smiled, letting Applejack get a better view of her cock.

“It has not been easy being this way,” said the Princess, “but it has been both my curse and my responsibility.  Whenever a mare in Equestria wants to have foals of her own, their husbands send them to me.  And here, in the privacy of my palace, I use my gift to grant them their wish.”

Applejack’s body was now sweating profusely.  She couldn’t make any sense of what the Princess was saying.  It sounded like nonsense, and wanting only to look at her cock, she quickly dismissed it as such.  By now, the fat white shaft twitched well within her reach, just begging for somepony - no, for her - to do something with it.  The Princess reached across her lap to pick up the book, her right breast pressing against Applejack’s face.  As the Princess leaned back, she then let her soft white forearm graze Applejack’s forelegs as she sat back up.

“But this book,” the Princess continued, “your book is my salvation.  Your book showed me that there are other beings like me, others who possess a—” she paused, gesturing at her cock, “—a gift similar to my own.”

Princess Celestia’s hand drifted over Applejack’s right cheek, and the orange pony felt flushed, her marehood oozing fresh juice onto the expensive red carpet beneath her.  Applejack moaned under her breath, desperately trying to save face.  But she could no longer hide her arousal.  Her hooves were already hands, their fingers digging deep into the carpet.  Her chest felt heavy with her growing breasts.  Surely, the Princess had noticed, even encouraged this to happen, but she did not show it.  It was up to Applejack to choose her first move.

“So perhaps I can let others do the changing for me, and they can start their own families,” said the Princess, leaning her face closer and closer to Applejack’s left ear.  “Then I can buck whoever I want,” she whispered into her twitching ear, letting her tongue slip out to flick the inside.

Applejack could hold herself back no longer.  In an instant, she grabbed the Princess’ cock with both hands and jammed her mouth over the flared tip, letting it wedge deep down inside her throat.  The Princess moaned loudly at the arched ceiling above, her fingers grabbing tighter against Applejack’s head to shove it further down.  The orange pony flopped down to her knees and scooted over as she slid her head up, letting the Princess’ tip pop out of her throat to be cradled with her tongue.  Her taste buds registered the familiar saltiness of a man’s cock, but with it an intoxicating cream with a hint of frosting to it.  She then thrust her head back down, still only able to swallow a third of its length, feeling the Princess’ hands run up and down her back.

As Applejack continued to suck the Princess’ royal cock, the Princess stood to her feet, and Applejack sat up to continue her work.  She let one orange hand slide down the front of her and into her soaking pussy, slipping three fingers deep inside her.  She couldn’t get as much of the shaft down her throat in this position, so she used her other hand to rub over the base, feeling the Princess’ life force throb beneath her fingertips.  As the Princess’ ravenous hands began to shake apart Applejack’s mane, severing the little ribbon that held her ponytail together, Applejack slipped her fingers back out of her pussy and smacked the gooey palm against the sun-shaped cutie mark on the Princess’ right flank.  With a slap, the buttock quivered to her touch, and the Princess moaned louder, feeling as though every drop of blood inside her was rushing toward her loins.

By this point, the Princess was thrusting her hips with every stroke, gripping the back of the orange pony’s head even harder as she fucked her face, trying to get a couple more inches down her throat.  But it was too much for her.  Applejack let go of the Princess’ shaft and reached down between her white legs, discovering a small scrotum with two egg-sized balls inside.  She cupped the sack in her hand and the Princess stopped thrusting, her body locking into a quiver as Applejack kneaded the sensitive shapes in her sweaty palm.  The Princess moaned, then hissed, lifting a hand to her nose to drink in the scent of apples and exertions that collected there from her scalp.  Applejack then began to shove her face back and forth once more, and a white finger slipped between the Princess’ lips, her teeth biting down harder and harder on the tip.

All of a sudden, the Princess’ cock bucked upward in Applejack’s mouth, almost triggering her gag reflex before a gob of royal cum pumped deep down her throat.  Determined, Applejack’s practiced throat gulped down the first load without tasting it, then felt the next burst slather over her tongue, the squishy goo filling her mouth and almost overwhelming the earth pony’s senses as it, too, slid down to become a part of her.  The Princess’ grip on Applejack’s head began to relax, her fingers now just shivering inside her blonde mane as she emptied inside of her.

But Applejack wasn’t finished yet.

She pulled her head back, letting one final spurt of cum slap across her snout, then quickly turned her back and got on all fours, lifting her ass as high as she could.  Her face pressed into the carpet, the orange pony then reached back to shove three fingers back inside her pussy, letting the Princess see how wet she had made her.  She then pulled them out and slathered her digits all over her tight little asshole, squishing her middle finger inside to get it nice and wet.  As she did, she could see the Princess’ eyes widen, a mischievous toothy grin forming across her white face as she, too, got to her knees.  

Applejack’s finger popped out of her ass and she began to pull it back when the Princess grabbed her wrist, pulling her orange arm taut behind her.  Instantly, the Princess let her tongue lick the waste from Applejack’s finger, traveling from the bottom to the top before her mouth sucked down on it, licking it clean in circular strokes.  Applejack trembled under the strain of her arm, feeling a low “mmmm” sound vibrate against her fingers as she slipped the fingers in and out.  She could tell the Princess liked what she was tasting.

Finally, the Princess released her, and Applejack’s hands smacked onto the carpet, her damp fingers trembling as her body anticipated being entered.  But she winced when she felt lips kiss her asshole, pressing hard against its puffy rim as a tongue wedged its way inside.  Applejack moaned loudly, feeling the hole stretch and contract as the Princess licked up the mixture of waste and juice inside her, replacing it with her thick, weeping spit.  

The foreplay was unbearably intimate, but still short of what Applejack truly desired.  As her pussy oozed with greater intensity, Applejack couldn’t stop herself from yelling her body’s single demand.

“Buck my ass, Yer Majesty!” said Applejack, “I need you insahde me!”

Applejack trembled at the words, aroused further by her determination to break the only rule she had ever given Big Macintosh.  She didn’t care what happened to her now; she wanted the Princess to destroy her and leave nothing left, if only for the momentary sensation of being filled completely.  

The Princess pulled back her face, licking her lips as she teased Applejack’s pussy with the tip of her member.  She pressed just the tip inside, just enough to feel the embrace of Applejack’s juice as it slipped and slid around its circumference.  Applejack’s legs splayed apart on contact and bucked backward, but the Princess moved her cock away in time, sliding a snail trail up her taint.  Then, at last, the tip was pressing against her asshole, pressure building at the spot as it started to pull it open.

“Yes—oh, buck yeeeees—” cried Applejack, trying to relax her quaking body to let the hole continue to grow.

Wider and wider her asshole stretched, larger than it ever had before.  She could feel her tiny brown star begin to mold itself into the shape of the tip, juice soaking the distended flesh as it fought its way inside.  Finally, with a spike of pain, the tip of Princess’ cock ground inside her ass, pulling apart her delicate insides as it ripped into her.  

Both ponies moaned as more and more of it slowly followed, Applejack’s body twisting inexplicably to the right until it felt like her spine was about to rip out of her backside.  Further and further the mighty cock slid, Applejack’s tight rear legs quivering into mush, her whole body wanting all of it inside her.  Applejack’s mouth opened, but her stomach was now hurting so much that no sound escaped other than an occasional squeak.  It was too much for her body to handle, but she clinched her fingers tighter, grinding her teeth together until finally the Princess’ balls bumped against her puffy slit.  Applejack was almost in the fetal position by now, holding herself on all fours through sheer willpower.  

It was then that the shaft bucked inside her, almost lifting her off the ground, and it slid halfway back out of her before ramming back inside.  At this second pump, a burst of juice splattered out of Applejack’s pussy, and her tongue fell out of a gasping mouth.  The Princess winced, then got down on all fours, letting her breasts rub Applejack’s back s she shoved it back in once more.

It was a slow and excruciating process, a relentless fucking where the strokes were easy to count, but the sensations were impossible to quantify.  Applejack’s ass tightened abnormally quick the moment the Princess withdrew, and every time she re-entered, she had to pry her back open, filling her to the brim with her impossible cock.  By the fifteenth cycle, Applejack could feel the Princess’ body shivering hard against her, her arms locking at her sides when, at last, her cock bucked even harder, filling what little space remained inside her with cum.  Applejack felt a momentary relief in the release, but the cock continued to twist inside her, bucking faster and faster as the seed rebounded back over the mammoth rod, then erupted out of her stuffed ass.  The twitching caused Applejack to cum once more, spurting a sizeable dollop of juice on the edge of the carpet that leaked over onto the tile.  

Seconds later, the Princess lost her balance and her cock flicked out of her gaping asshole, its waste-covered length spurting two more gobs of cum onto her back as the overflowing mixture dribbled out of Applejack’s ass.  

Shuffling across the floor, a weakened Applejack was so numb that she hardly noticed her body reverting until she met eyes with the Princess, lying on her side.  The two of them cuddled in that position, their bodies facing each other, breathing deeply into each other’s mouths.  Both of them watched as the Princess’ cock disappeared back into her body, leaving only an innocuous white marehood in its wake.  When it had finally gone, the Princess nudged Applejack’s head under her chin and held her tightly.

“Thank you, my dear Applejack,” she breathed, patting her back.  “Thank you.”

* * *

Some time later, Applejack limped out of the castle to meet with Twilight and the rest of the gang, who insisted on waiting outside for the verdict.  The ponies talked over each other in a flurry of questions, prompting Applejack to lift a hoof to quiet them down.

“Now, now, ah can’t tell you what happened in there,” said Applejack with a smile, rubbing the Princess’ cum from the side of her snout, “but ah think things are gonna be okay.”

At those words, the five other ponies hugged her tightly, though Twilight gave a curious sniff to the sticky stuff that remained on the orange pony’s face.  It was then that Spike, still riding on Rarity’s back, let out a tremendous burp, causing a scroll to materialize in front of him.  Twilight caught it with her magic and unfurled it.

“Dear Applejack and Friends,” read Twilight, her face scrunched in faint disapproval.

“I have a new assignment for you.  You have all discovered the Magic of Friendship, and you have all learned about it to my satisfaction.  Now, my little ponies, begins the time for you to teach others.  Everypony in Equestria has a god or goddess within them, but not everypony has experienced what the six of you have.  It is now your duty to change this.  Report to Princess Luna on your findings, and best of luck to you all."

"Love, Princess Celestia.”

Far above the crowd in the castle itself, Princess Celestia smiled to herself as the six friends and their baby dragon looked at each other and nodded, then trotted back to the train station.

“I do not approve of this, dear sister,” rang Luna’s voice, the mare hiding in the shadow of a thick cerulean curtain.  “They are too young, and you know they do not understand what this power means.”

“Perhaps it is better that way,” said Celestia, turning back toward her sister.  “Are you really saying we handled this any better all these years?”  Luna’s dark cheeks blushed brightly.

“There should not have been anything for us to handle!” answered Luna, “Now, I—”

“Yes,” answered Celestia, “now it is your turn to protect something of value.  The Elements of Debauchery are not your playthings.  They are your responsibility.”

“But—” started Luna.

“I will not hear anything more on the subject,” said Celestia.  “You say you wanted to prove yourself, so now here is your chance.”  Luna grumbled to herself, avoiding eye contact.

“Yes, sister.” said Luna.

“Now,” said Celestia, using her magic to raise “The Goddess Within” to eye level so that it opened to Chapter 69.  “If you’ll excuse me, I am expecting an overdue cake.”

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