The Goddess Within

by Soaking Wet

Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Empowerment

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Chapter 10: Empowerment

It was dark again in Ponyville when Applejack trotted alone into the sleeping town.  Her orange coat glistened under the occasional street lamp outside the town square, her body smelling of apple blossoms from a warm bath she enjoyed when she got back to the farm.  And even after a hearty meal with her family, she could still taste Big Macintosh’s seed on her tongue.

On any other day, the workhorse would have retired long ago, resting up for another full day of work.  But she couldn’t sleep; she had to know how the Cakes were doing.  She did love to watch couples buck - one of the many things she discovered about herself when she ran off to Manehattan all those years ago - and to know that her book was playing a role made the watching that much more erotic.  

But nopony had ever read her book before - nopony besides Big Macintosh anyway - and the fear that Mrs. Cake hadn’t followed her strict instructions was also not far from her mind.

As she neared Twilight Sparkle’s library, Applejack noticed all its lights were on inside.  Intrigued, she stopped and trotted slowly in that direction, hearing more and more of a muffled commotion as she neared the lowest window to the right of the entrance.  

Her hooves perched on the windowsill, she inched her head up to see a the profile of a strange purple creature sitting on the other side, her smooth backside pressing a star-shaped cutie mark against the foggy glass.  A slender purple arm reached up, shaking a can of whipped cream before spraying it on the her breasts in a loud “fssssh.”  Moments later, a stretch of rainbow-colored hair rose from her belly. Rainbow Dash’s face followed, her flat chest coming into view as she turned to suck her face onto Twilight’s left breast.  As Rainbow swallowed the cream, Twilight let out a sigh, brushing her fingers through her mane.  Rainbow’s cream-covered face then turned toward the window, and her ears perked up.

“Hey, Twilight,” Rainbow squeaked, “it’s Applejack!”

Stunned, Applejack fell back from the window and into the bushes.  Her mind raced with too many thoughts to count, each of them colliding and breaking apart, keeping her from turning them into actions before they were lost completely.  All she could do was lie on top of the bushes and watch the door fling open.  

There before her stood a bipedal Twilight, Rainbow standing behind her with her blue hand squished between Twilight’s soaking legs.

“Applejack!” said Twilight, Rainbow kissing her left shoulder as she slipped her fingers into Twilight’s snatch. “We’ve been wondering where you’ve been!  Come inside, we’re having a sleepover!”  Twilight’s right hand grazed up Rainbow’s arm, pressing it against her.  Twilight moaned, then bit her bottom lip.

“Twilight—Rainbow—” stuttered Applejack, “wh-what in tarnation is going on here?”

“It’s a sleepover, A.J.” sighed Rainbow, leaning herself against Twilight’s back and kissing her purple neck. “Twilight read this awesome book, so now we’re having some fun with our - what was it, Twi?”

“Our goddesses!” giggled Twilight, feeling her juices dribble tiny stars all over Rainbow’s fingers.  Twilight touched Rainbow’s chin and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

Applejack’s heart sank.  She sat motionless, the word “goddess” echoing in her head as the two changed ponies reached out and grabbed her, dragging her inside the library.  As they let go and the door slammed shut behind them, Applejack stood still, consumed by the moist air sinking around her as she watched her friends violate each other.  

To her right, Fluttershy lay against a pile of cum-stained pillows, trying to shoo away Owlicious as he lay between her sweating thighs, cuddling his small feathered body up against her leaking slit.  Applejack could see the shooing motion of Fluttershy’s hoof move from the owl down to her clit, and she whimpered as her breasts began to rise from her stretching chest.  

A transformed Pinkamena sat in a desk chair to Fluttershy’s right, rubbing a tremendous amount of whipped cream into her fur, letting it fall from her body in large gobs as she felt over her curves in slow, steady circles.  Through her flattened mane, just one eye was visible, staring down at the changing Fluttershy.  Pinkamena licked her lips and stood up, strutting over to her on long pink legs.  Then she stooped down and leaned in to kiss the yellow pegasus on the mouth.  With a tear rolling from her closed eye, Fluttershy let her mouth open and lifted her head to kiss back.

On the other side of the room sat Rarity.  Still in her four-legged form, she was also on her back, but now in the lap of a large transformed Spike.  Her hind legs were splayed apart over his crotch, the shaft of the dragon’s dripping cock throbbing right against her soaking slit.  Spike’s fearsome claws were holding her front hooves in place behind her, and she writhed from the unending torture of her lips trying to wrap around the tip of his rod.  All she could do was watch Pinkamena scoot Owlicious away and get to her knees to slide between Fluttershy’s legs, letting her pink asscheeks splay apart to reveal the bits of confetti glued to her inner thighs by dried cream.

It was then that Applejack felt a face press between her asscheeks, then a tongue slip from the bottom of her marehood up to the top.  

Applejack shuddered and cringed at the sudden realization that she was not only observing, but was a part of the scene, and as she felt hands run up the sides of her toned flank, she looked back to see that Twilight was on her knees behind her, her horn batting against her billowy blonde tail.  Twilight’s voice hummed into Applejack’s moist snatch and the orange pony moaned loudly, feeling the purple pony shake her head between her cheeks.  Applejack gasped and felt herself blush, her mouth tasting the thick scent of sex in the stagnant library air.  

Applejack then felt a blue hand cup her jaw and steer it into Rainbow Dash’s face, and the two kissed deeply.  Before she knew it, her own orange hands had returned, and as her stretching body eased forward into Rainbow, she reached her right hand up to slide through Rainbow’s mane, unable to stop herself from pulling her face into hers.  Rainbow then got to her knees and let Applejack’s free arm wrap around her, the orange pony letting her breasts dangle down over the sticky hardwood floor.

The more Applejack and Rainbow kissed, the more Rainbow leaned back to lay flat on the floor, letting her athletic rival climb on top of her.  As the two continued to kiss, Applejack stepped her extended legs apart and Twilight sat up, letting her tongue flick out of her pussy and slide over her puckered asshole.  At the same time, Applejack could feel Rainbow’s hands gliding up and down her back, her breasts slipping over the hardened nubs of Rainbow’s flat chest.  A throb reverberated through Applejack’s body and her pussy warmed so rapidly that it felt like it was going to melt off of her body.

But it was then that Twilight stood up from behind Applejack, smacking her smooth right asscheek as she walked by. Applejack sat up, bringing her ass down until her loins pressed against Rainbow’s belly, and saw Twilight walk over to Rarity, who was still in Spike’s jealous grasp.  As Twilight did, Applejack felt Rainbow grab her inner thighs and shimmy her body beneath her loins.  Applejack had just felt Rainbow’s breath tickle her soaking lips for a moment before Rainbow gave it a lick herself.  

As Rainbow’s tongue slipped inside, Applejack moaned at the ceiling and rocked back, letting her smooth ass sit on her blue face.  Applejack grasped her right breast and pushed it up to her chin, finding herself licking it with the tip of her tongue as Twilight leaned in to give Rarity a kiss.  Spike’s thick jaw grimaced, but Twilight only giggled and began to rub his throbbing shaft.  Spike let his head swing back as his low moaning rumbled through the room, shaking two books from a nearby shelf.

The sound attracted the attention of Pinkamena, whose pink legs were now threaded between Fluttershy’s more slender yellow ones.  Now sitting sideways with Pinkamena’s back toward Applejack, the pink pony let Fluttershy gently nudge her pink pussy with her own, the yellow pony unable to stop herself, even though she couldn’t stand to watch it happening.  Twilight and Rarity kissed, and Pinkamena grinned at them, clasping her gooey pink breast, tugging the dark nipple to summon a welcomed sting of pain.  

As Twilight got to her knees, still rubbing Spike’s cock, she slipped her other hand from Rarity’s jaw to the front of her white chest, welcoming her swelling breasts with a gentle squeeze.  Spike could feel Rarity’s hooves change inside his grip, smoothing out into hands from slender arms.  As Pinkamena felt Fluttershy’s stinky juice smear over her pussy, Pinkamena began to shudder back against her, letting her pink mane whisk across her face as she now stared down the pegasus.  All the while, Owlicious kept hovering above them, looking for way to get back to Fluttershy’s oozing marehood.

At last, Spike released Rarity’s hands.  But before Rarity could move off of him, Spike then grabbed the back of Twilight’s head and thrust it down over his cock, ramming its length clear down the first few inches of his caretaker’s throat, and in the process pinning Rarity’s right thigh in place.  As Twilight began to suck him off, her spit dribbled down to the base of Spike’s shaft where Rarity’s marehood still sat painfully exposed, the transformed white pony drooling from the mouth as her hands were finally free to rub her clit.  As she did, Rarity looked upward, letting her sticky left hand roam to the back of Spike’s neck. As Spike felt her soft touch fondle his muscles, Spike let his claws grind up Rarity’s hourglass figure before they clamped over her breasts.  Rarity moaned and Spike leaned his face down, the two kissing deeply as Spike’s cock pounded inside Twilight’s mouth.

Back at the entrance, Rainbow Dash continued to gobble up Applejack’s thick juice, her blue hands sliding up and down her muscular thighs with every lick.  By now, Applejack had completely lost the ability to hold still, her hands sliding all over her curves, squeezing her breasts and tugging hard at each nipple.  The touching sped her toward orgasm, and she leaned forward and slapped her hands against the sticky floor, banging the back of Rainbow Dash’s head against the ground.  But still the pegasus kept up her constant licking, reaching up to her hips and grabbing handfuls of Applejack’s ass as she felt her body begin to tighten on top of her.  

Applejack then yanked her head upward, her hat flying off and her mane flowing free as she came straight down Rainbow Dash’s throat.  As another burst of apple-scented juice splashed into the pegasus’ mouth, another strange smell filled the air as Rainbow let her legs splay apart, letting a strong stream of urine spray against the front door.  

Spike roared and Twilight twitched, leaning forward to let the dragon’s thick seed squeeze into her.  The throb of Spike’s cock bucked it against Rarity’s pounding slit, and she too released, squirting her gemstone-reeking juice between her fingertips and around the base of the shaft, letting it drip down and tack onto the wood floor below.  

A kazoo sound then pierced the air and Fluttershy felt confetti burst against her marehood, more and more of it issuing forth until her golden lips were completely coated with the tiny scraps.  A moment later, Fluttershy screamed, and a thick gob of stinky juice splattered all over Pinkamena, a confetti-mixed onslaught that reached as high as her belly button, followed by three much smaller spurts right after.  As the two ponies’ loins separated, Owlicious perked up and swooped into the resulting gap, fluttering his wings against the two mares’ numbed genitals as he gobbled up the irresistible confetti-laden goo.

As the ponies continued to twitch in all-consuming orgasms, they all started to fall to the floor.  Applejack fell first, leaving Rainbow Dash on her back to lick the sweet juice from her fingertips.  Fluttershy and Pinkamena fell over next, the pink creature’s mane fluffing back into its old shape as she now caught her breath as Pinkie Pie.  Twilight managed to lift her head from Spike’s lap, coughing once as a final spurt of cum sputtered from Spike’s cock and landed on Rarity’s stomach.  Twilight stayed on her knees then moved to all fours while Rarity slumped forward in Spike’s lap, her legs drawing back into her as they returned to their normal size, hands reforming into hooves.  

Gradually, the numbness of the white pony’s release subsided, and she began to notice that Spike had not reverted yet, his pounding cock still kissing her marehood.

“Um, Master?” whispered Rarity, her hooves tapping gently against his claws.

As the friends finished reverting, Twilight took a couple steps and kissed Pinkie Pie, then felt a lick from Rainbow Dash on her purple cheek.  Applejack then trotted over and tended to Fluttershy, who, with some difficulty, also got to her feet and moved toward the group.  The two embraced their friends, causing Fluttershy’s wings to twitch, and the orange pony laughed, forgetting the fear that brought her there in the first place.  

Rarity, meanwhile, began to struggle in Spike’s grip, unable to free herself.

“Girls—” whispered Rarity.  But nopony heard her.

“Well I’ll be,” said Applejack, “I ain’t never actually tried a Chapter 23 before.”  Twilight, licking a thin trail of Spike’s cum from her leg, lifted her head.

“Oh, you’ve read ‘The Goddess Within?’” asked Twilight, clopping her hooves together.  “How exciting!”

“Read it?  Heck, I wrote the durned thing,” said Applejack.  The other ponies sat up and blinked their eyes at her in disbelief.  Rarity, meanwhile, trembled in fear, feeling Spike’s grip on her begin to tighten.

Girls!” whispered Rarity.  

“You wrote that, Applejack?” asked Twilight.  “Wow!  Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Because, uh—” started Applejack before she shook her head.  “Aw, heck, it’s a long story.  But y’all surprised me.  I’ve gotta say, I ain’t never thought that a dragon could change like we ponyfolk could.”

Spike began to growl under his breath, his thick heartbeat racing until Rarity could feel it thump against her back.  Rarity’s eyes filled with tears, barely able to whimper any more words because of the pressure Spike applied to her chest.

“You mean this is something we can all do—?” began Twilight, but her voice was cut off by a fearsome roar that filled the room.  

The ponies sprang up and saw that Spike was growing larger, fearsome horns piercing through his scales and springing out of his shoulders as his body tore against the bookcase behind him.  The ponies watched in horror as Rarity struggled frantically to free herself, her horn igniting a bright blue, but to no avail.  

Rainbow Dash yelled something barely audible under the clamor, gesturing wildly at her friends and pointing toward the door.  Pinkie and Fluttershy ran past her and held open the door while Rainbow flew up to Rarity, who was now held in the grip of one large purple claw.  But the moment Rainbow reached her, the other claw swiped down at her from above, swatting her into a tailspin before Twilight caught her with her magic and guided her to the floor.  

Twilight then turned and gulped, focusing her own magic on Spike’s hand.  After several seconds, she managed to inch two of his fingers free, causing Rarity to tumble free before she fell into Rainbow Dash’s arms.  Spike roared once more, his body curling under the restrictive height of the library, and the six ponies rushed out the door, Rainbow flying out with the weakened Rarity lying limp in her hooves.

Outside, the ponies huddled together by a street lamp, clutched together in terror.  Spike’s roars grew louder, smashing out the library’s windows from the inside, scattering shards of broken glass all over the grass. Next came the sound of something tearing apart, the earth trembling as fearsome green tentacles shot out from every window, wriggling wildly.  The tentacles cinched backward around every part of the tree, pulling taut against it as branches snapped off and the tree began to whine from an interior strain.  At last, the front of the tree failed in a spectacular blast of splinters and smoke.  As the tree’s lights blinked out, something leapt out from inside, a shadow manifesting in the cloud before it cratered into the ground several feet in front of the six ponies, shaking debris everywhere.

“Wh-what is that, Twilight?” asked Applejack, coughing.

The smoke settled down, and the moonlight revealed a monstrous creature squatting down on its hind legs, massive arms hanging down to two huge fists that were mashed into the grass.  Frightful horns riddled the rigid edges of its squared body, and two fierce red eyes burned from its menacing face.  Behind the creature, eight tentacles wriggled and twisted around him, each tugging from spots of distended flesh on either side of his spiked spine.  As the creature sat there, breathing deeply, his grunts reverberated through the earth, waking the few Ponyville residents who somehow managed to sleep through everything else.

“Spike?” asked Twilight.

The creature grunted louder, then sat up.  As he revealed more of his height, his pounding cock stretched into view, the entirety of its shaft ribbed with stiff ridges wreathed with massive, pulsing veins.  The creature breathed deeply, then leaned his head back to roar a loud, ear-rending noise into the sky.  But the ponies could only hold each other tightly, their eyes closed as hard as they could as they anticipated the end.  

The creature was just about to pounce when a bolt of lightning shot down out of nowhere, flashing the ground directly between the monster and the ponies.  As the flash subsided, they opened their eyes and saw six glowing pastel-colored objects poking out of the ground, each nearly three feet high.  Spaced just far enough apart to see them individually, five of the shapes formed a ring, all of them curving inward toward the sixth almost like a miniature Stonehenge.  So absorbed were the ponies by all the strangeness that they jumped when the Royal Canterlot Voice thundered down from above.


The six of them looked up and saw Luna hovering in front of the monster, the underside of her dark alicorn body illuminated by the objects below, her beautiful mane twinkling in the shadow of the beast.  She met eyes with the ponies for only a moment before a mighty flap of her wings turned her toward the monster, bringing her soft dark blue posterior into view.  The ponies looked at each other in confusion, then heard Luna scream as the monster’s tentacles whipped around her body, four of them splaying her four legs apart and suspending her in the air at the monster’s chest.  

“QUICKLY!” yelled Luna, feeling another tentacle slip over her marehood, leaving a slimy trail over it. “WE CANNOT HOLD HIM OFF FOR LONG! THOU MUST INSERT THEM NOW!”

“Come on, girls!” yelled Twilight as she ran into the middle of the circle.  The other ponies galloped after her, each of them drawn to the object that matched the same color as their coats.  One by one, they turned their flanks toward them and backed up over their curved tips, groaning as their hard tips mushed into their tightened marehoods.  Rarity was particularly reluctant, feeling her legs tremble before her white object even touched her.  “Now!” yelled Twilight, her purple marehood already poked apart by her purple shaft.

All at once, the six ponies sat down together, ramming the objects all the way inside their trembling marehoods.  As they sat down on tem, feeling their insides warp to accommodate the objects in one painful twist, their bipedal forms quickly returned, the ponies’ stretched legs coiling into a crouch as their upper bodies arched upward, pressing breasts from their chests that aimed at the sky.  As they sat, the five ponies around Twilight felt their asses touch, and they shivered and trembled, feeling a strange energy fill them that kept their bodies locked in that position.

One by one, the glowing protrusions worked their magic, each of them disappearing inside the ponies and changing their bodies once more.  

A blushing Twilight felt her object vibrate inside her, disintegrating in her pulsating pussy as her purple fur stood on end.  Something sizzled against her hard nipples, then on her clit, and she felt narrow strings whip around her hips and up between the crack of her ass, then over her shoulders, around her back, and across her chest, squeezing her breasts together.  A revealing pink bikini formed from the resulting g-string and, above it, the revealing top whose cups were really just eyepatch-sized pieces of tingling fabric just large enough to cover her nipples.

The base of Rarity’s object, once rooted into the ground, split apart, and the ends fanned outward and darkened into thick black leather belts that fell out of her pussy and stretched out for several feet.  Without warning, the belts became cognizant, six of them whipping up in two groups of three against her back and her chest hard enough to leave stinging marks on her white body.  The soaking belts then slid over her sore body and cris-crossed each other, looping through metal buckles as they surrounded her breasts and cinched down over her curves.  Some of the straps narrowed as they extended higher, and they whipped across her snout and spread back around her head, forming a bridle that held fast to her face.

Fluttershy’s object seemed to grow larger and fatter inside her, but in reality, it was forcing raw energy upward and outward, causing her to cry out in pain as her entire body throbbed to the beat of bulking muscles.  As stinky juice gushed from her loins, Fluttershy’s soft yellow fur grew shaggy and tangled, her veins pressed to the surface of her skin below, her bones cracking and reforming into stronger, sturdier forms as claws jutted from her fingertips.  Her teeth bit down hard as tears rolled down her wrinkled snout, fangs growing from her clinched teeth as spit dribbled down from the edges of her lips.

Peering between the strands of Pinkamena’s mane, the pink pony felt her object seem to loosen from an unforgiving hardness into a gelatinous tube that wiggled inside her.  All at once, the object turned to a thick red goo that slipped into her bloodstream.  Her body buckled as long red streams burst from every pore on her body, then separated and whipped around her in sweeping crimson arcs.  Several of them blended together into a translucent sheet that sucked itself onto her body, squeezing her body and cupping her breasts.  As she twitched, the strange outfit jiggled with her, releasing the saccharine odor of red gummy bears.  Soon, she felt her lower legs embraced by the same tightness as thick rubbery boots engulfed her shins, extending to just below her knees.

Rainbow Dash’s object seemed to disappear entirely once she changed, but her insides had just enough time to shrink back to size before her bladder swelled larger than it ever had before, pressing against the bottom of her stomach.  Very quickly, it released, but the powerful stream adhered to her body, racing impossibly against gravity up over her pubic hair and leaving a golden trail straight upward before it forked underneath her breasts.  As her tongue dangled outward, the warm liquid coalesced, covering her breasts as it flowed behind her and slipped back down between her asscheeks, creating an outfit made of the resulting continuous flow.

Finally, Applejack’s object heated up quickly and sublimated inside her, causing sweat to creep over her entire orange body from head to toe.  The more the sweat covered her, the more the sweat began to thicken and drip into slower white strands all over her body.  As the material dripped down onto her tongue, Applejack could taste the familiar scent of Big Macintosh’s musk and the powerful odor of his cum.  The goo was covering her completely, becoming one with her, coating her orange fur with streaks of white as it hardened into a sticky protective coat from the heat inside her.  She licked her lips and got to her feet, following the lead of the other five changed ponies as they stood up and stared up at the monster, all of their bodies glowing bright as the released energy of the objects swelled inside them.

All six ponies shuddered as they got to their feet, their bodies burning with lust.

Luna, her body in the final stages of transforming into her bipedal form, now had a tentacle wedged between her large breasts with another stuck more than a foot into her soaking dark blue pussy.  The glass slippers on her front hooves had fallen from her reformed hands and shattered on the ground more than twenty feet below.  But as she moaned, she took a moment to glance back at the six changed ponies.  She smiled at what she saw.  

“Masturbation. Submission. Bestiality. Food Play. Watersports. Incest.” Luna thought to herself.  “The Elements of Debauchery.

From the middle of their circle, Twilight thrust out a glowing purple arm and pointed up at the monster.  “Hey, Spike!” she yelled, her stance compromised by the relentless vibrations between her legs.  The monster relaxed his grip on Luna, who still had his tentacle deep inside her marehood.  “You’d better save some of that for us!”

In a flash, Rainbow Dash again darted toward the monster, but this time with a burly Fluttershy following close behind in her draft of urine dribbling off her moist body.  A massive claw swept toward the blue pegasus, but Rainbow dodged it this time, and Fluttershy fanned out her sinewy arms and landed directly on one of the tentacles that was holding Luna in place.  Her claws sank into the soft green flesh and she bit down on its length, drawing out a modicum of blood.  The monster groaned as the tentacle released Luna’s right arm, right before Rainbow splayed her legs apart and smacked them around the monster’s mouth, pressing her stinky piss-covered pussy against his lips.

“Taste the rainbow, Spike!” yelled Rainbow Dash, smacking his face with an outstretched blue palm.  As her urine dribbled inside his mouth, the monster cringed, finally releasing Luna, who glided back to the ground.

Down below, Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkamena ran three-abreast between the monster’s thighs.  The closer they came, the more they could feel the building air pressure as the monster’s fist rushed down toward them.  Applejack ran out of the way before the fist could get her, while the other two quickly disappeared in a purple flash, then teleported onto the top of the monster’s enormous cock.  Twilight ended up straddling the tremendous shaft with her thighs, then ground her trembling hips against a vein that throbbed hard enough to lift her with every beat.  As she leaned forward to kiss one of the ribs, letting her tongue flick out, Pinkamena moved in behind her, tugging Twilight’s purple g-string out of the way so she could jam her face into her soaking marehood.  Twilight moaned, shuddering harder against the back of the cock.  Pinkamena could feel sweat pooling inside her gummy boots.

As the monster shook his face, unable to get Rainbow Dash off of his lips, his tentacles whipped around more erratically, all of them intent on controlling the raging Fluttershy, whose fangs were still buried in one of their lengths.  Eventually, he managed to shake her off, and all eight tentacles whipped out to catch her in mid-fall.  Four of them grasped onto her arms and legs, just as they had before with Luna, only now two more were wrapping around her torso, squishing her fuzzy body as tight as he could.  As the yellow pegasus growled in disapproval, two tentacles abruptly jammed themselves inside her marehood, stretching it beyond dimensions to the point that it felt like her legs were going to rip free of her body.  But the monster only got to stroke her a couple times before he felt something tingle against his balls.

There, back at ground level, Applejack was rubbing herself against the giant leathery spheres as the monster’s scrotum lay against the ground.  She licked the fowl musk from their shapes, then ground her cum-caked orange body against them.  She could feel him tremble to her touch, feel the gallons of boiling seed flowing through them, and she teased them gently with her orange hands, grabbing them, then sliding her hands over their curves.

“You like that, don’t ya, feller?” she asked, leaning in to lick them with her tongue.  She then turned around and got on all fours.  “Well, how ‘bout this?”  

Applejack’s legs scissored back, then kicked with all their might, smacking the testicle so hard that she could see a shockwave reverberate though it.  The monster roared in agony, which allowed Rainbow Dash to readjust her position and grab onto his upper lip, shunting her pussy against his fearsome nostrils as her hind legs pinched over the tip of his nose.  A primal scream then roared out from the monster’s chest and, in an explosion of blood and sinew, Fluttershy ripped herself free of the tentacles, letting the discarded green lengths thump onto the ground below.  The monster roared louder than before, his claws outstretched to the sky in paralyzing pain.  The yellow pony then raced up to the right side of the monster’s neck and bit down hard again, hard enough to pierce his scales and leave two tiny, stinging holes at the spot.

Luna watched from the ground as the ponies did their work.  Sitting in amazement, she was still in her bipedal form, her slender dark purple fingers rubbing over her oozing slit.  It was even better than when she discovered the Elements during the first night of her banishment on the moon, better than that forbidden moment of reckless abandon when she’d used all six of them to violate her every hole, kicking up lunar dust with her convulsions of pleasure.  

At the same time, Luna couldn’t help but notice that Rarity was still sitting to her left, trembling in place and still wrapped in her leather prison.

“Master—” she whimpered, gently nudging her leather-clad pussy.

Back on the monster’s cock, Twilight and Pinkamena had inched their way toward the tip, which because of its size still easily supported both their weights.  The purple pony then grabbed onto the base of the flared head and slid her face down the front of it.  With Pinkamena holding her legs in place, still gobbling up her juices as she did, and the pink pony’s boots stuck fast to the slimy length below, Twilight pressed her face into the soft hole on its tip and let her panting tongue slip inside.  Her hands massaged the delicate flesh beneath as she took in the musky taste, watching as dribbles of precum slid past her and fell out onto the ground.  The cock bucked up beneath them, nearly kicking the two of them off, and they grabbed it tighter with their legs.

Below them, Applejack was kicking the monster’s balls more frequently, causing the monster’s thighs to slide inward with every hit.  The more she kicked, the more his cock twitched, and pressure built rapidly inside the monster’s loins.  As Fluttershy finished her bite, spitting out a torn-out scale from her bloody maw, the monster’s whole body shivered and shuddered, twisting deeper ruts in the dirt with its knees.  Twilight, herself on the brink of orgasm, lifted her head and looked back at Pinkamena, the two of them feeling his seed advancing beneath them toward the tip.

“Hold on!” yelled Twilight.

The purple pony had just enough time to lick the tip of the monster’s cock once more before a cannon burst of cum blasted out of the hole, whisking Twilight’s weary mane against her face.  They watched dumbfounded as the cum shot more than a half-mile away, landing somewhere in the middle of the Everfree Forest.  

From there, the dragon’s cock bucked constantly, firing more and more of the white liquid salvos all over the periphery of Ponyville.  Twilight and Pinkamena lost their grip, then disappeared in a purple flash as they teleported back to the ground, where an escaping Applejack was now running from the monster’s quivering balls.  

Large drips of pearly-white cum splattered all around the three as they ran from the monster and toward Luna, who was gesturing them her way with her free hand.  Twilight looked up behind her for a moment to see Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash swoop down hand in hand, the monster continuing to writhe in his unending orgasm.  As they stood transfixed by the scene, Rarity slowly trotted up behind them, looking up at the monster with tears in her eyes.

At last, with one final drip of cum tumbling out of the monster’s tip, the creature slumped forward and fell down with a tremendous thump, his unconscious face landing right in front of the group as it split thick cracks in the earth below.  As the dust settled, a voice screamed.

Master!” yelled Rarity, running up to the monster’s face and sliding onto her knees.  But as she rubbed his face with her silky white hands, the creature gave no answer, his tremendous eyes still closed, his body not moving.  “Oh, Master—” she sobbed, leaning her bridle-covered face into his leathery cheek and giving him a tiny kiss.  Rarity turned back toward her friends, her face reddened with rage.  “What did you do?  What did you do to my Master?

“Rarity—” started Pinkie Pie.

All at once, the dragon’s body glowed a bright, shimmering green and began to shrink down, the horns receding and the stumps of its tentacles disappearing, limbs reshaping back into their old forms.  As the ponies watched, the creature continued to shrink until all that was left was Spike, his small body curled up in the middle of a giant crater.  The ponies ran into the deep hole, their outfits disappearing as the Elements reformed in their wombs and slipped out of their shrinking marehoods, tumbling into the grass.  Now on all fours in their old forms, the six of them piled in and embraced Spike, lifting him out of the dirt.  The little dragon couldn’t hide a smirk, especially when Rarity brushed her face against his.

Luna, now back in her old form as well, then approached the group slowly, the cum-covered Elements floating in a halo around her, suspended in her magic.  The ponies stopped their celebration and looked back at her.

“Dragons aren’t able to control their sexual transformations, not like us ponies,” said Luna in a quiet, measured tone.  The six of them looked back, perplexed.  “The power that makes dragons change when greed takes hold can accelerate the change.  Only the Elements of Debauchery can return the creature to normal.”

“Elements?  Transformations?” said Twilight.  “I-I don’t understand.  Why didn’t anypony tell us any of this before?”  Luna sighed.

“It is not something any of us are born with knowing,” said Luna, “but it is a part of us all.  And it is something everypony must discover for themselves when the time is right.”  Luna then narrowed her eyes at Applejack. “But you were not supposed to discover it like this.  Not this early.”  Applejack gulped, then cowered down on all fours.

“Applejack,” continued Luna. “My sister requests an audience with you first thing tomorrow morning—alone.”

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