The Goddess Within

by Soaking Wet


Chapter 1: Discovery

It was after midnight, but in Ponyville, the heat of the previous day still persisted.  In the town library, Twilight Sparkle was so uncomfortable in her bed that her coverlet was bunched into a moon and star-riddled pile beside her.  She rolled to her right, feeling for a brief moment a small desk fan across the room whisk the beads of sweat from her backside.  But the fan then sputtered and stopped, and her body was again cloaked in a blanket of heat.  Murmuring under her breath, her eyes blinked open and she lit a nearby candle with her magic.

“Oh no,” she whispered, “why did the Princess extend the summer this long?  It’s only three days until the Running of the Leaves!”

Stretching her legs, she looked toward the table where the candle sat.  Exhausted in the latter part of the day, she noticed once more that she’d forgotten to put a couple books back on the shelves.  On top of the stack sat a volume still partially wrapped in damaged packaging.  Twilight sighed when she remembered how Derpy delivered it to her instead of to Mrs. Cake.  Returning it to the Cakes was now item number two on her checklist for the next day, behind getting a new fan.

Recognizing that reading would probably be the only thing that would get her to sleep, Twilight summoned the book to her, peering under the packaging to look at the cover.  Golden cursive print spelled out the words “The Goddess Within.”  The title only deepened the mystery.

Twilight was curious, but had resisted reading it, worried about an admonishment from the Princess about messing around with other people’s things.  But she so admired the Cakes, their treats and their charm, that the thought of discovering what new desserts they had in store had become a latent obsession, adding to the discomfort of the night.  The Cakes had been on her mind in recent weeks as the rumor surfaced that the two were planning on starting a family of their own.  

At last, she relented.

Twilight shuffled her way up the bed, taking care not to wake Spike, still sleeping in the distance.  A couple movements and she was sitting up, laying on her back, pillows stacked up in a pile behind her.  With a modicum of effort, she discarded the packaging and eased the book open.  As she turned to the first page, she noticed the book had a curious smell that felt alien to the rest of the library.  The first chapter then presented itself, entitled “A Woman’s Pleasure.”

“With all due respect to the Princess,” it began, “within every mare is a goddess.  A goddess of pleasure.  You are designed both to please and to be pleased, and to know the deepest intimacy existence can afford.  And it is all reflected in your appearance.  Your mane, no matter its length; your fur, no matter its color; your flank, no matter its size.”

Twilight was perplexed.  This wasn’t like any cookbook she had ever read, and by goodness she had read quite a few.  But at the same time she was engaged, and at the same time a little more aware of her body than before.

“But the most important feature of your form lies between your hind legs.  It is your marehood.  It is the attribute over which the bloodiest wars have been fought, but has divined inspiration for some of the greatest achievements of ponykind.  It has ensured our survival for millennia as the gatekeeper of physical intimacy.  In order to love, you must love your marehood and respect its awesome power.”

This paragraph confused her.  She never thought much about her marehood - nopony did, except when they went to the bathroom.  And, even then, its existence was as unremarkable as that of the hole just above it.  Both were strictly functional to mares, the source of a momentary unpleasantness which brought them relief and nothing more.  

The release of waste was treated as common knowledge in Equestria, but was never spoken of, not even by her teachers nor in her biology books.  But the lack of information did not make Twilight curious - just thinking of the whole process made her cringe.  Despite her revulsion, she found herself continuing to read anyway.

“Your marehood is not to be ignored or shunned.  It is to be celebrated for the pleasure it stores within it, waiting to be discovered by your touch—or the touch of another.”

Bleh!  Twilight shook her head and stuck out her tongue.  She couldn’t fathom the thought of someone else touching her there, nor why they would want to do it in the first place.  It had dawned on her that this book wasn’t for her, but it intrigued her that the line responded to her thoughts so perfectly.  And so she kept reading, wondering if it would happen again.

“It’s okay that you don’t believe me, dear reader.  I will make you believe.  You will learn the biggest secret to your existence, and will be forever changed by it.”

A tingle shivered through Twilight’s body at these words.  This wasn’t some cookbook or a Daring Do sequel, but something more - much more.  It felt like the words were speaking directly to her, summoning her to act in accordance with its wishes.  And the more she read, the more readily she lay down her defenses and let it take effect.

“I want you to bring your hoof between your lower legs, dear reader, and touch your marehood.  Feel its softness, its shape, and know the power inside you.”

Twilight’s right hoof slid down the front of her sweaty fur before, with only a moment’s hesitation, it finally reached the mark.  As the edge of her hoof touched the cleft of flesh, pleasure spilled into her body, causing her eyes to pinch shut as she cried at the ceiling.  Surprised by the reaction, but relieved that Spike was still asleep, her eyes opened to read the next line.

“Feel your juices begin to flow, the blood rushing to your loins as it takes control.  Know the desire to be entered, to use your body to coax the essence of life until it fills you and creates life.  Knead your pony mound and bring your body to a simmer, climbing ever higher to the moment where there is no world but you, no experience but your own.”

Twilight’s hoof was already swirling around her moist snatch, juices dribbling down the insides of her purple thighs, creating a small puddle on her tail such that it soon funneled its way backward, trickling downward between her asscheeks.  Her mouth watered as her other hoof began to stroke the sensitive fur on the inside of her left leg, feeling her pleasure spike again when she reached a spot near her crotch.  All the while, she was trying to hold back the moans, suffocating them into a sustained whimper.  Consumed by these frightening new sensations, her vision blurred, making it ever harder for her to read the next paragraph of the floating book.

“That’s it, let yourself go.  Learn to succumb to your desire and let it change your body to its will.  In time, you. . .”

Twilight could no longer keep reading.  She cried aloud again, her head bucking backward into the pile of pillows as her hips thrust forward.  

As she stirred her crotch more feverishly, she felt her torso begin to stretch, her hips widening to better accommodate her busy limb.  A peculiar new sensation buzzed about her chest.  Her left hoof lifted itself from her thigh and felt something hard poking from her chest, then another a few inches away.  Slowly, but deliberately, soft fatty mounds rose beneath them, forming breasts that shook with her trembling body.  By then, her hoof was digging deeper into her pussy, her legs trying to unhinge themselves to swing wider and welcome the stiff invader more readily.  

Another pulse shot through her, causing her whole body to lift, the hard nipples on her hand-sized breasts becoming even more taut than before.  It was then she felt the need to grab the nipple, faintly aware that her left hoof had melted and flattened, distending into five digits that eagerly grabbed the breast with eager awareness.  Her other hoof had changed as well, fingers now wriggling deep within her pussy, where a spark inside her suddenly caught fire.

“Uh–un----UNH!!!” Twilight cried as her hand clenched her breast hard, her entire body locking in a curve as her hips lifted several inches above the bed.  

Twilight’s first orgasm hurtled through her changed form, juice splattering in all directions and coating her hand thoroughly.  Another pulse, then another, and still another consumed her as she cried louder still, the world falling away as the sensation continued to attack her every sense.  

With each pulse, her body gradually returned to its familiar form.  Breasts retreated back into her body, nipples disappearing into the fur of her shrinking torso.  Her hand slipped out of her soaking slit and thickened once more into a hoof, the other hand following suit soon after.  In just a few moments, she was lying on her back once again, her pony body reeking of a stench of sweat and her own essence.  The book, which had stood sentinel above her in a swirl of magic, then fell to the bed next to her with a dull thump.

Breathing deep, raspy breaths into her pillows, she jumped when she saw Spike standing there, his dragon eyes staring through hers.

“Twilight,” he said, “are you okay?  You sounded like you were hurt.”

Twilight hurriedly tossed the stained comforter over her, covering the book.  As the blanket fell, a puff of her musky scent whisked outward toward Spike.  He stood surprised, then appeared oddly relaxed.

“N-no, Spike,” she said hurriedly, giggling in between each few words, “I-I’m fine.  I’m sorry I woke you up, I just couldn’t sleep and I got mad—yeah, that’s all—I just got a little mad.  Not a big deal.  No big deal at all.  So, I need to get some sleep now, and you should too, okay?”

Spike looked at her sideways, shrugged, and walked back into the surrounding darkness.  Once out of view, Twilight blew out the candle and slid under the sheets.  There, illuminated by the swirl of magic about her horn, she lifted the book and continued reading.  

Chapter 2: Experimentation

The next morning was just another hot day in Ponyville, but Twilight awoke into it a changed mare.  Reading the rest of the book had thrown her off her daily rhythm, so she woke from her bed at mid-morning, hours later than usual.  With Spike still pestering her about if she was okay, she slipped slowly into her bathroom with a mumble and turned on the hot water tap with her mouth.  Heat or none, she had now learned to enjoy her own sweat.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Twilight looked at herself and smirked.  Her once well-coiffed mane was now tousled into an explosion of errant purple and pink strands, her coat matted with dried juice from five orgasms.  But she looked upon her appearance with new eyes, recognizing every curve and thin muscle in her small form, remembering all it had accomplished the night before.  And, above all, remembering her goddess within.

She had experienced much joy in her magic studies, for sure, but never anything like this.  For the first time in her life, she not only felt powerful, but aroused by that power, and by the thought of untapped potential.  And when she trotted around to the tub and looked back at the mirror, she could see her pussy glistening with fresh juice, ready for another go.

The room was heavy with steam when Twilight turned off the water and slid into the bath.  As her backside slipped against the steep porcelain curve, the warm water tingled up her body, sending another pleasant shiver from her hooves up to her horn.  She sighed deeply and summoned the white heart-shaped bar of soap to her.  

Where once she had vigorously washed herself, anxious to start the day, today she took her time, starting with a slow slide down the front of her chest where her breasts had risen.  She traced the approximate location of the shapes in slow, gentle circles, forming a figure eight of lather that tickled her purple fur.  Bringing a hoof to her mouth, she could still taste some of her juice from the night before, a sweet, saccharine brew mixed with the familiar musk of her loins.  And as her tongue traced the edge of her hoof and flicked off the edge, her other hoof slipped the soap beneath the waterline, then guided it over her swollen clit.

“Ohhhhh,” Twilight purred as contact was made.

Rubbing the lather into her chest, Twilight’s back arched and she cringed, her body making low squeaking sounds with the inside of the tub.  As her underwater hoof began making clockwise circles on her marehood, she could already feel her hips blossom into a larger shape, feel the breasts rise from beneath the lather, foamy soap bubbles popping as the pony flesh grew and stretched into new shapes.  She was changing much faster than before - practice, after all, had made perfect - and her longer torso was now rising visibly higher from the small tub, putting her purple breasts on full display.  

She had just chanced to look to her right when she saw the door to the bathroom was half-open, Spike stepping back out of view behind it.  But this time, Twilight wasn’t startled.  Instead, she glared over at the door with eyes narrowed.

“Spiiike,” she called calmly.

“I-I’m sorry, Twilight!” said Spike from the other side of the door.  “I was just walking by and—”

“It’s okay, Spike,” she said, turning the rest of her changed body toward the door.  With her breasts pressed against the edge of the tub, she made a come hither gesture with her slender index finger.  “Come here.  I want to show you something.”

“I’d love to, Twilight,” said Spike, “but you know I’ve gotta go meet up with Snips and Snails and we’re going to—AAH!” In a flash, Twilight’s horn glowed, enveloping the dragon in a purple aura that yanked him into the room hard enough to slam the door wide open.  She stopped him a foot over the bathtub as she rolled on her back, then abruptly let him go.  With a loud clap, he landed flat on top of her.  Before he knew it, Spike’s scaly face was buried between her breasts, trying to hang on to her new lathered curves.  

He looked up at her with surprise, a smile creeping into his countenance.  And as they sat, Twilight could feel something move between them, poking her furry chest with greater intensity.  Shaking his head, Spike placed a claw on each breast and pushed himself up.  Twilight moaned under her breath, wincing as she turned her head to the side.

“What’s happening to you, Twilight?,” Spike pleaded, “W-why are you doing this?”

Twilight smirked, leaned forward, and kissed Spike passionately on his lips.  She gently caressed her soapy hands up and down his back, then tugged gently at each spike on the back of his head.  He abruptly pulled back, then slipped on her soapy body and fell into the water between her thighs.  As his short leathery legs splayed outward, Twilight saw that his small pink cock, which prior to then she thought little of, was now three times its original size and hard as a rock.  Spike, suddenly embarrassed, smacked his claws back over his loins, but in his haste did so a little too hard.

“OW!” he yelped, “What was that about?”

“I’ve got a new task for my Number One Assistant,” purred Twilight, her hands slipping to Spike’s lap.  Still confused, Spike stared up at her as she gently pulled his hands away, exposing his angry little member as it stretched out further to meet her touch.  Her slick, soapy, satin-soft right hand then wrapped itself around the shaft, sending a shiver through the dragon’s little body.  “I want you to enjoy this.”  Then she started rubbing him up and down, up and down, slow enough for her to feel every pulsing vein in his rod.

“Unnnnnhhhh, ooh, Twilight,” murmured Spike, his cock filling her hand as blood rushed to his face, “I-wha----ffffuuuhhh, wh-what is this?”  

Almost immediately, Spike could feel his legs begin to grow as well, stretching and thickening along with his cock.  Twilight slowly picked up the pace.  The toes on his clawed feet splayed outward as they crept beneath the water and touched bottom between his caretaker’s legs.  As muscle and sinew bulked out beneath his scales, Spike found himself standing up on their mighty length, making him much taller than before.  There, Spike stood exposed.  Wet, carved muscle stretched his broadening chest many times its original width.

Twilight sat up from the bath, both her arms outstretched, and licked her pony lips.  Her left hand cupped Spike’s throbbing balls that swung freely between his legs, and she leaned forward onto her knees, her breath tickling the tip of his cock.  

Then he felt it.  Her tongue slipped up the underside of his shaft, then flipped the tip.  Spike shuddered, his new lantern jaw pressing into his thick neck as his lengthening tail flopped out of the tub.  Instinctively, his big clawed hands reached for the back of Twilight’s head, which was now looking up at his powerful new body.  With a grin, she closed her eyes, gently tracing the circumference of his glutted tip with her fickle tongue.  Then her mouth widened and she took him completely, his balls thwacking her chin as he slipped down her throat.  

She could feel Spike’s claws dig harder into her scalp, but the pain an afterthought, completely masked by the two fingers of her right hand that were two knuckles into her pussy.  In and out, in and out, and the salty musk of dragon sex filled her mouth, tickling her sensitive tongue as he fucked her mouth.  She could feel his heartbeat, his breath, all of him as never before.  She could feel his whole body throb harder and harder as her hands reached up to knead his leathery ass.  His pace quickened.  She could taste his sex, his desire, his power building within him.

Then, all at once, Spike moaned louder than before and something splashed down Twilight’s throat in one hard pulse.  She swallowed quickly, but no sooner had she tasted his salty goo before Spike’s cock twitched again, unleashing more and more until it filled her mouth completely, puffing out her purple cheeks.  Remembering the book’s advice, Twilight backed out quickly and swallowed it all in one hard gulp, but another stream of cum squirted from his cock and slapped her on the nose, thwacking a glistening line against the right side of her face.

She raised her stroking hand and licked her lips, but when she saw Spike’s body begin to shrink, she took action.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said sternly, grabbing Spike’s cock tightly, “we’re not done yet!”    

Almost instantly, Spike’s lost height returned, and his cock continued to throb in her hands.  She looked up at her toned dragon lover and stood to her feet, her hands rubbing his wanting cock.  He was a head taller than her now, his face darker and much more menacing, so it wasn’t difficult for her to submit to him.  She turned around and presented him with her ass, her long tail still twisting this way and that, wafting the scent of her sex towards him.  

She backed into him as he stepped towards her, both of their forms dripping a mixture of cleanliness and filth into the burdened tub.  His arms wrapped around her middle and she gasped, bulging biceps pushing into her sides as his right claw reached for her left breast.  As he pulled her close, she could feel his cock squeeze between her lubed buttocks, looking for a way inside.  The tip teased the puffed lips of her swollen pussy, and her breath quickened in anticipation of being filled.  For a moment, Spike’s right hand left her embrace, reaching between his legs to guide it in.  From there, instinct took over as he rammed into her once again.  The arm returned, pulling her closer still.  Twilight moaned loud enough to rattle a nearby window.  

He was inside her!  

For a moment, Twilight and Spike’s bodies locked together as her tight insides stretched to accommodate him.  Then he pulled back and drove into her again, her juice splattering all over his balls.  Quickly, his tempo increased.  Twilight grasped a shower rod as Spike fucked her into a frenzy.  With every stroke, her hands slipped down the rod until her body was parallel with the ground, breasts shaking freely, smacking against her curves with every thrust.

She could feel his claws explore all of her, slipping across her soapy fur to her breasts, clamping down on each once again.  Then his digits squeezed down harder until her nipples poked between his hard fingers, talons digging deep into her pony flesh.  She screamed to the uncaring wall from the pain, so she pulled Spike’s right hand down to her clit, stirring it onward toward orgasm.  He was hurting her, but she loved it.

Spike began to grunt in deep, bellowing noises, and he grabbed one of her buttocks with each hand, wrinkling her distinctive cutie marks beneath each grasp.  He fucked her faster still, his head arched back with a long lizard tongue slipping out of his grinning mouth.  It was not long before she felt the throbbing again, but this time she couldn’t tell if it was her or him.  The orgasm snuck up on her this time and she yelped in confused agony, trembling in place along with Spike.  Spike’s cum blasted deep inside her soaking womb and she squirted back, each responding to the other as her body locked onto his.  The cum continued to flow, and both lovers were helpless to stop it.  The mixture trickled out of Twilight’s pussy, making loud dripping sounds into the bath water.

As their juices emptied, the two slowly began to return to their normal forms once more.  Spike’s cock flicked out of her pussy, spurting once more onto her crack as his member retreated back into his small dragon body.  As he slipped back into the tub, Twilight’s front hooves returned, and she stood on all fours in the tub.  Spike slipped over the front of her flank and ended up straddling her back, utterly exhausted.  As they stood, Twilight looked back at Spike, feeling the mixture of their sex floating about her hooves in stinky white swirls.  

Warmed by the afterglow and the encroaching sun, a soaked Twilight summoned a pen and quill from the next room.

“Dear Princess Celestia,” she wrote, “today, I discovered that friendship isn’t the only thing that’s magic. . .”

Chapter 3: Assistance

As the sun grew hotter, more and more Ponyvillians decided to stay indoors.  Only a few shopkeepers stood sentinel under umbrellas, hoping somepony would pass them in the deserted town square on their way home.  

Even for the younger members of the community, enjoying the weekend outside had become unpleasant.  A group of teen-aged fillies ran out of sun screen and abandoned their bathing in the stream, the water evaporating almost instantly from their pastel-colored fur as they galloped to Sugar Cube Corner.  

Above them all, the last cloud for miles sublimated into nothingness, leaving the bluest sky the town had seen in weeks.  But Spike had long abandoned his plans to go cloud-watching with his friends, for now they were his captive audience under the soothing shade of a large tree.

“—and then after it came out, I was me again, and Twilight was normal, too.” finished Spike.  “Can you believe it?”

Snips and Snails, as always, were awestruck.  They’d never heard of magic like this before, not even when The Great and Powerful Trixie came to town.  Though the two young unicorns never showed it, they learned their lesson that day, and had at first been suspicious of what their dragon friend was describing.  But the mystery of it all was too curious, too fantastical to dismiss.  And after all, they thought, Spike had never led them astray before.

“Sweeeet,” the two ponies said in unison.  Spike smiled smugly, crossing his arms behind his head as he leaned against the tree.  He enjoyed having friends that were easy to impress.

“So, can you turn into this big guy whenever you want?” asked Snips.

“Well, uh, I guess so,” said Spike.  “Twilight never really explained it to me.  It just kinda happened.  But, boy, like I said, did it feel good!”

Snips and Snails looked at each other, then back at him.

“Do you think you can teach us how to do it?” asked Snails.  Spike rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact.  This was a question he hadn’t anticipated.  He hadn’t tried changing on his own yet, and never thought until that moment that this was a skill that could be learned.  Spike didn’t even know if the power to transform was an ability he himself possessed, or one merely lent to him by his care giver.  He had to find out.

“Well—yeah!  You know what, yeah, of course, I can show you.  Here, it’s like this.”  Scooting back, he leaned against the tree took a deep breath, and spread apart his legs.  His friends followed suit.  “Okay, the trick is working with this thing,” said Spike, taking his lizard dick in his claws, “Twilight called it a penis, but sometimes she called it a cock, so I dunno.”

Snips and Snails looked at their own modest members, their yet-undiscovered cocks still hidden beneath their furry sheaths.  Snails’ was much longer than Snips’.  They looked up and nodded at Spike eagerly, ready for the next step.

“Okay, well, then you just start touching it, you know, like this—” said Spike.  He started to tickle the bottom of his flaccid cock, trying to get it to move.  Nothing happened.  Next, he tried pulling on it.  A sharp pain greeted him as it snapped back onto his lap.  Spike’s face flushed red, worried that he’d made a terrible mistake.  But his friends weren’t calling him on it yet, as he saw they were having greater difficulty rubbing their sheaths with their hooves.  Then Spike remembered.  

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “she used her mouth.  That’s when I got big.”

“Ohhhh,” said Snips and Snails together, both nodding in agreement, but feigning understanding.

“So, let’s see, Snails, come over here and put my penis in your mouth.”  Without batting an eye, Snails walked over and sat down in front of Spike.  He moved his head down and slipped his genitals into his mouth, balls and all.

“Hwlike dis?” he asked.  Spike jumped when his teeth tapped the delicate shaft.

“No teeth, no teeth!” said Spike, “but yeah, like—” his cock began to grow inside Snails’s mouth, making him scoot down lower in front of the tree, as if his whole body was a deflating balloon,  “—yeah, like that.”  His breathing got deeper as Snails slipped Spike’s expanding cock down his throat, its building girth visibly stretching Snails’ narrow throat several times its original diameter.  “Fff—yeah—like that—,” Spike whispered, his claws tousling Snails’ short mane.  At last, Spike’s his legs ripened into sinewy forms on either side of the small pony, and the dragon’s heart beat faster.  

“Now, move your h-h-head back and forth,” Spike trembled.  Snails again complied, shuddering up and down, his neck expanding and contracting as the cock moved within him.  As Snails continued to lick and slobber all over his pounding rod, Spike’s torso bulked up, the spikes on his back tearing a vertical groove into the hapless tree.  Snips, still sitting on his stubby hind legs nearby, sat in wide-eyed amazement as his friend made the dragon grow.  Spike and he met eyes, and Spike summoned him over with his large claw.  “Come here, Snips, you—you do Snails while I—just—just get over here and s-s-suck his cock, okay?”

By now, Spike’s body was almost fully grown, his powerful body hunched forward over his suddenly much-smaller friends.  Blocked by Spike’s much longer and larger legs, and somewhat intimidated by the dragon’s size, the diminutive Snips scampered this way and that, trying to find a way in, but seeing none.  At that point, a panting Spike reached forward and took Snips in his powerful claws.  Gasping, he carefully rolled Snips onto his back, and slid him directly underneath his friend’s long, lanky orange legs.  There, Snips pushed his body upward, cradling Snails’ dormant orange sheath in his hands.  

Snips tried to follow Snails’ lead, but his buck teeth and small mouth made it impossible for him to put the entire organ in his mouth.  Instead, he stuck out his tongue and pressed his face into the musky hole on the tip of his sheath, repulsed at first by the strange stench within.  He gulped, then slipped his tongue inside, lapping up a patina of goo from inside.  Snails’ body shuddered as Snips tasted him for the first time, the strange material much sweeter and more pleasing than it smelled.  Intrigued, Snips turned his head and closed his eyes, letting his tongue trace the entire inside of Snails’ sheath.

The more he licked, the more Snails’ body quivered, and Snips could feel something begin to press against his tongue.  It pressed slowly, but at a constant rate, pushing Snips back in a way that compromised his balance.  Snails’ sheath distorted and grew larger, the hole widening larger and larger until something hard and sticky kissed Snips on the lips.  Another twitch and Snips fell onto his back, looking up to see a narrow black cylinder slip out of his friend.  As the sun glistened off the juices, it continued to stretch toward Snips like a finger, its ribbed edges throbbing with grotesque veins.  Snips was frightened, but somehow excited by the change, particularly as the tip slid over his chest, smearing slime all over his grey fur.  The cock slid up to Snips’ face, and he wrapped his front hooves around it.  Snails moaned, Spike shivering as the vibration of his vocal chords buzzed his own cock, and Snips licked the tip of the cylinder, coaxing a bubble of white goo to drip into his mouth.  

It was then that Snails’ legs buckled, and another indecipherable sound came from his cock-choked mouth.  In a flash, Snails’ body lengthened dramatically, yanking his cock from Snips’ grasp.  As a sharp pain stabbed his arched back, Snails could suddenly feel hands where his hooves had been, long spidery digits that rooted themselves in the grass.  His legs also grew in proportion to his torso, rising several inches higher so that it looked like he was about to stand up.  In reality, the distended orange pony almost toppled over, and his new hands clamped onto Spike’s thighs for balance.  Snips, meanwhile, was on his own, draped by the scrawny four-legged tent that was his friend.  He sat up and made a move for Snails’ cock when Spike spoke up.

“Alright, let’s change this up,” said Spike, easing Snails’ dumbfounded face off his cock.  The leathery green form flopped out and pulsed once, bucking upward.  “Snails, you are really good at this, so I’ll have you put Snips’ cock in your mouth to get him big.”  Stepping back, Snails turned to Spike and nodded, a drip of spit falling from his lip.  

“Your cock tastes like pudding,” said Snails, who licked his sticky tongue across Spike’s lips.  “See?”  Spike grimaced.  It tasted nothing like pudding.  

Snails then turned his back to Spike and assumed the position once more, bending over as he grabbed up Snips’ hind quarters, his friend’s buttocks squeezed in his hands.  Snips cringed, his head rolling in the grass as Snails slipped the entirety of his stubby grey sheath and balls into his practiced mouth.

Snails could feel Snips’ heartbeat pulse against his tongue, the sheath stretching to release its own hidden cock.  At first, the sheath reached only to the middle of Snails’ tongue, but suddenly his jaw began to ache as its full girth revealed itself.  Snails’ eyes watered as Snips’ giant dick expanded.  Snails cringed, his fingers digging deeper into Snips’ ass as he thrust his head downward, letting its length ram down his throat, straining his esophagus just shy of the breaking point.  Snips yelped at the embrace of Snails’ throat, feeling his round stomach begin to inflate like a balloon.  As he became heavier, Snails eased his friend to the grass and his hands let go.

Behind them both, Spike watched as Snails’ flank, now closer to eye level, parted to reveal his tight asshole.  Getting to his knees, Spike had another idea.  He inched forward, his slimy cock in hand, and guided the spit-soaked tip to Snails’ ass.

“I’ve never done it in this hole, I don’t think.” said Spike under his breath, “Is this like with Twilight?”  

The tip of his cock eased in easy enough, but an incredible tightness followed as Snails’ body cringed, his asshole trying to push him back out.  The strain only increased Spike’s resolve as he grabbed Snails’ ass as hard as he could, forcing the rest of it in.  This wasn’t like Twilight at all, he thought, this is better!  

Slowly, Spike’s cock fell out of Snails, then he eased it back in much quicker, starting the same rhythm he set with Twilight earlier that morning.  With every stroke, Snails’ exposed cock throbbed in thick beats of anticipation, inching closer to its inaugural climax.  And all the while below them, Snips’ body grew larger and rounder, his whole body fattening as his folds of flesh fell flat against his sides, making him resemble a dull grey sumo wrestler writhing on the grass.  His new hands caressed each fold of his stomach, thousands of nerve endings triggered simultaneously as he kneaded his belly like dough.

Suddenly, Snips let out a loud squeal, his glutted body trembling violently as he came straight down Snails’ throat.  The noise startled Snails, whose ass tightened around Spike’s dragon cock.   Both friends came simultaneously, Spike filling Snails’ ass with his seed as Snails’ splattered all over Snips’ belly.  Snails’ thick cock twitched uncontrollably as it released, and one spray of cum went straight up poor Snips’ nose, causing him to snort and cough as his body began to shrink back to normal size.  

Spike’s cock fell out of Snails next, with a pool of waste and semen flopping with a splat onto the once-pristine grass.  Finally, out came Snips’ cock from Snails’ mouth, revealing itself to be almost as big as Snails’ before it, too, reverted.  Snails gasped, his strained throat still ached as it contracted, letting several cups of Snips’ cum slip down into his stomach.  He then collapsed on top of Snips with Spike not far behind him.

At last, the three friends were cuddled next to each other in the grass, each tasting the others on their breath as they did.  As Snails lay on top of Snips’ belly, Spike leaned against Snails’ ass, which was now swollen and leaking trails of his dragon cum.

Snips and Snails met eyes and, in a moment of impulse, kissed deeply, their tongues tangled together as they tasted the brew their friendship had made.  As the two separated, a string of spit broke between them, and they breathed the same word into each other’s mouths.


Chapter 4: Entrapment

It was an exhausting afternoon for Derpy the Mail Mare.  She’d taken three breaks on her shift, but the heat made flying even short distances miserable.  Sure, in mid-flight there was the momentary chill of the wind whisking the beads of sweat off her soft grey fur, but the sensation never lasted very long before she had to stop at the next house.  Her mailbags were now empty of the few letters the Equestria Postal Service now trusted her with, so now began her daily task of retrieving improperly delivered packages.

She swooped down from the clear blue sky and, with a stumble, landed face-down in front of her first stop: Twilight Sparkle’s library.  She shook off the dust, adjusted her dark blue cap, and trotted up to the front door, clopping on the door with her hoof.  “Twilight Sparkle, are you there?” she asked.  

There was no answer at first, but then a rustling sound coming from inside and the unusual staccato of two clopping hooves instead of four.  Derpy tilted her head, her wild left eye squinting, when the door finally opened.  A musty odor wafted outward, making her nose wrinkle.  She took a step back.  

Even with her vision being what it was, Derpy could tell there was something different about the town librarian.  As it was, Twilight had transformed once more, stimulated to her bipedal form by her right hand which was sandwiched between her thighs at a spot not far from Derpy’s scrunched face.  She was leaning against the door, the fingers of her left hand wrapped about the frame, their grip tightening and relaxing.  All the while, Derpy kept sniffing, turning her head this way and that, trying to place the scent that now overpowered her.

“Can I help you, Derpy?” asked Twilight impatiently.  Derpy jumped, then saluted with her right hoof.

“Good afternoon, Twilight Sparkle,” she said, licking her dry lips.  “Sorry to bother you today, but I–I think I gave you something I shouldn’t have.”  Twilight giggled at the thought, her rubbing hand stopping its work.

“Well, I’m not so sure about that,” said Twilight.  She slipped the hand from between her thighs and lifted it to her face, the digits glistening with fresh juice.  Derpy began to sweat harder under the duress of the heat.  She stood entranced as Twilight’s mouth opened and she thrust both fingers inside, humming with delight as she sucked the nectar off of them.  She grinned as the digits withdrew with a quiet pop, her lips puckered in a kiss.  

Derpy was panting.  She was so thirsty!  The sight of the mysterious clear liquid, the abundance of which still trickling from between Twilight’s legs, looked so inviting, yet so unreal.  But she shook her head and dismissed it as a mirage.  Derpy guided the hat off her head, allowing her beautiful blonde mane to shake free.

“Can I have a drink of water?” asked Derpy, “it’s really hot out here.”  Twilight giggled again as she turned to her side, gesturing her inside with an extended right arm.

“Come in,” said Twilight.  Derpy perked up and trotted in triumphantly, setting her cap aside on a nearby table.  It quickly fell onto the floor.  Twilight breathed in the stink of the mail mare’s sweat as she walked by, not caring how loudly she did it, before her horn lit up and slammed the door shut behind them.  

It was the middle of the afternoon, but the entire library was dark, save for a few windows half-covered by wrinkled curtains.  Derpy’s eyes took an extra moment to adjust before she followed Twilight’s silhouette into the library.  Only a few steps in, Derpy’s hooves were sticking to the hardwood floor, not knowing that she was walking through puddles of Twilight’s smelly juice.  

In the dim lighting of the massive tree, she could still see sheets and blankets lying haphazardly on the floor, pillows piled in corners, and books and artifacts that had been thrown from structurally-compromised tables and into indecipherable heaps.  The edges of the wooden cabinets were noticeably worn, ground into a lighter shade of tan by some unknown force that had rubbed against them.  The disarray made Derpy feel uncomfortable.

“So,” said Twilight, standing in front of her with her hand back between her legs, “I’m sure you’re—wondering why I look like this, right, Derpy?”  Derpy looked confused, then her eyes widened when she remembered that, yes, Twilight suddenly had hands.  Twilight continued, her voice quiet and halting from the encroaching pleasure.  

“Well, it’s been a—fff—a real mystery ever since you delivered—this book to me,” she continued, lifting the copy of “The Goddess Within” with her free hand before letting it fall on a wooden chair.  “You see, last night, I was—touching myself like this—mmm—and—and I changed.”  She knocked the book off the chair and sat in it, rubbing her clit more feverishly as her legs splayed outward, her chin to her chest.  

“Then I had an orgasm, this—thing the book said happens when—you rub your marehood too long.”  Twilight gasped, grabbing her left breast as her head rocked back, shaking her mane as she did.  “And–and—UNH!” Twilight’s thighs tightened a large burst of juice squirted from between her fingers, the remainder dribbling from her pussy and down the front of the chair.  As her hands began to bulge into hooves once more, she jammed the growing mass into her splayed-open snatch, and the fingers returned.  “—And I turn back—to normal when it happens.”

Watching the juice dribble off the front of the chair and onto the floor made Derpy lick her lips.  Up close, it looked even more refreshing than before, a mix of tiny purple and pink stars floating in the secretions.

“Can I have that glass of water, Twilight Sparkle?” asked the mail mare.  Twilight only shook her head and stood up, raising one finger as she continued her lecture.  Derpy sighed.

“And, the next day,” said Twilight, pacing around Derpy, “I had sex for the first time—mmm—with Spike.  I had him put his hard cock inside me, just like the book taught me.  And he changed with me.”  Twilight hissed when her slender fingers tugged her hard right nipple.  Looking down, she walked behind Derpy, who was sitting patiently on her hind quarters, her grey ass partially glued to the floor by the secretions.  

“I’ve been experimenting with it ever since, finding new ways to let it happen to me.”  Twilight got on her knees and slid her hands up and down Derpy’s quivering front legs, easing the saddlebags off her back.  “And I am very, very good at it.”  She then opened her mouth wide and brought her lips to Derpy’s ear.  “But there’s one thing I haven’t tried yet,” she whispered.  As the words puffed against her face, Derpy could feel Twilight’s tongue slide up the edge of her ear.  “I want to do it with a mare.”

Twilight’s horn glowed a fierce purple in the darkened library, and Derpy felt herself being pushed forcefully onto her back.  She fell so quickly that she tried to get away, but she was now stuck fast to the floor, her wings rendered useless by the adhesion.  Derpy looked up and saw Twilight lean into her for a long, deep kiss.  It felt good to the mail mare, but she couldn’t figure out why, and her terror rose.  Twilight lifted her head, then leaned down once more to give her a peck on her chest, her tongue slipping out to tickle her soft, sweaty underbelly.  Derpy cringed and let out a high-pitched moan, a single tear falling from her eye.

“Please, Twilight Sparkle,” she said, “can I have something to drink?”  Twilight sat up.  She was annoyed at first, but her downcast frown soon melted into an eerie grin.

“Okay,” said Twilight, turning her body around and letting her cum-matted tail flick Derpy’s side.  She hoisted her left leg over Derpy’s chest, giving her a clear view of her trembling pussy as it squirted two drips of juice onto her chest.  As Twilight’s knee reached the other side, the soaking slit grew larger and unfurled, the purple ass descending rapidly as it quickly slapped onto Derpy’s face.  “Now drink, you dirty little pony!”

Her body roasting under the heat of Twilight’s loins, and her mouth wedged firmly between the folds of Twilight’s thick lips, Derpy opened her mouth to gasp for air, only to end up with it getting filled with a load of sticky cream.  Her body convulsed to the strange taste, and she gulped it down quickly, only to find herself coaxing more of it out with her tongue.  

Twilight leaned her ass back and Derpy’s nose was pinched shut, causing her to clop her hooves helplessly against the sticky floor.  With great difficulty, she managed to wriggle her nose free, a trail of the strange material shooting out of each nostril.  She heard Twilight moan loudly, her purple fur tickling Derpy’s nose as she rocked back and forth on her face.

It was then that Derpy felt her legs hoisted upward, each gripped firmly by Twilight’s wandering purple hands.  No sooner did the mail mare feel the strain in her spine before Twilight’s tongue dipped into her marehood, wriggling inside the tight confines and awakening sleeping nerves.  Derpy’s mouth widened, accepting more cream as her whole body began to tingle.

Then came a feeling that tightened, then slowly released every muscle in her body.  As Derpy’s body relaxed, a sense of mind-blowing euphoria took hold.  It felt like she was melting, her entire form spilling outward into yet another puddle on the floor.  Her four hooves stretched further from her body, fingers splayed from flattening hooves.  Her hips poured in all directions, trying to scissor her molten thighs together.  And as she melted, she could feel her soaking ass kiss the wood floor, the sensation of Twilight following her marehood down to the ground.  And when Twilight leaned forward to continue devouring her, her purple ass lifted, her breasts now squeezing into her lap.  

Only this time, Derpy had breasts, too.  And hands.

Suddenly, the events that preceded this moment no longer existed for Derpy Hooves.  It felt good having Twilight lay on top of her - relaxing even - and it felt like some kind of dream where everything was in slow motion.  Derpy gently brought her hands up to Twilight’s ass, kneading the imposing purple spheres until her tail whisked by her face.  She sat up a little and let her snout slip between Twilight’s buttocks, her tongue flicking the rim of her partner’s asshole.  She pulled back her face and gently slapped Twilight’s ass, letting it shake briefly.

“My turn,” cooed Derpy.  Twilight lifted her head, then rolled onto her back, guiding Derpy on top of her.  As she stood straddling Twilight’s face, she eased a strand of blonde hair from her face and admired her new body.  Two large breasts shook free from her chest, capping a long, sweeping curve that now made her as tall as Twilight.  And as she eased her throbbing pussy onto Twilight’s face, she rushed her fingers through the batch of twisted grey pubic hair, somehow carefully crafted into the shape of a certain baked good.  “Do you like muffins?” she teased as she eased down on Twilight.

Derpy moaned louder than before, her body falling, then snapping back to vertical, letting her blonde mane and tail float freely behind her.  Derpy rocked forward and back, thrusting vigorously over Twilight’s face.  Her wings quivered, then fanned out triumphantly, locking in that position as pounding blood flowed through their lengths.  She then swooped forward once more, placing her open palms on the floor, and walked her way down into Twilight’s lap.  A fresh rivulet of juice welcomed her, and she lapped it up quickly, flicking Twilight’s clit with her tongue before shaking her head back and forth to tease it further.  Twilight freed her face and moaned, releasing more of the tiny stars.

“Wow, you’re—really good at this,” she cried, her breaths growing more raspy by the moment.  Derpy beamed with pride, licking her lips before burying her face between the purple thighs once more.

Faster and hungrier they licked each other, juice pooling under Twilight’s body as their tongues grew numb from the effort.  Derpy’s back arched and she came first in one large burst, splattering cum all over Twilight’s face.  As she lifted her head to release her first orgasmic moan, Twilight writhed under her and squirted, gushing all over Derpy’s chin so that it dripped down the front of her neck.  As they continued to squirt on each other’s faces, the two changed ponies felt as though their bodies were merging, their legs tangled together even as they slowly slid back into their old forms.

Eventually, Derpy got her legs under her and she trotted off with her head held high, allowing Twilight to get back on all fours.  As Twilight recovered, the librarian couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, wondering why the grey creature was being so cavalier about their encounter. Nevertheless, Twilight’s purple horn glowed once more and “The Goddess Within” floated into Derpy’s view.

“Here,” said Twilight, “you can have your book back now.”  Derpy caught it with her mouth.

“Hwank yew,” said Derpy as she nudged her way under her saddlebags and trotted out the door.  She tripped at the entrance, but calmly shook it off and flew away.

No sooner had Derpy left before Twilight lay back against the discarded pillows in the corner.  Splaying her legs apart, she stirred her tender pussy with her hoof, breathing in deeply to keep fresh the memory of the grey creature who rode her face.  Anxious to see if she could still transform without the book, she soon felt three fingers slip inside.  As her body blossomed forth once more, one question began to distract her from the pleasure.

“Why didn’t anypony tell me we could do this?”

Chapter 5: Conquest

“Stand still, dear.  I haven’t finished my measurements yet.”

It was a difficult week for Rarity at the Carousel Boutique.  The heat had kept almost all of her customers away, none of them wanting to bother with the bulky dresses and gowns that had come to define her small business.  But still, there was Lyra, standing center stage on a low podium wearing a simple, but elegant sleeveless dress, its gold satin skirt riding high up her flank to show off her cutie mark.

“Can’t I just sit down for this?” asked Lyra.

“Absolutely not,” Rarity answered flatly. “Now hold still or it’ll look horrid!  These summer fashions are always such a pain to get right.”

During the conversation, Spike walked by the shop in a post-coital daze.  Twilight, still in the library, had sent Spike out to market to buy as much whipped cream as twenty bits could buy.  “I have some more experiments I want to run,” she said with a wink, “but then we’ll have dessert.”  The total came out to ten cans, resulting in a perplexed look from the clerk and Spike’s tiny arms dropping the unwieldy stack twice since he left.  Just as he passed the Boutique, they fell a third time.  One of the cans bounced as it fell, spraying a comically large gob of cream onto his stomach.

“Doggone it,” he sighed, brushing off some of the cream, “how am I gonna get these back in time?”  Then, looking down, an idea popped into his head.

Spike saw his cock was already starting to grow, tipped off by his idea to transform so his arms could get bigger—among other reasons.  Twilight had finally told him that she could change all by herself, but Spike still wasn’t sure whether he could without someone’s mouth.  As he thought, he touched his throbbing cock, exploring the tender veins that riddled its length.  Forgetting the whipped cream was still on his hand, the topping made his cock twitch with approval, its length slipping effortlessly across his palm.  Without thinking, his claw clenched the shaft on his own and his hips thrust forward to complete the first stroke.

“Unhhh!” cried Spike, “I—I hope we have enough cream left over so I can do this!”

Spike dropped to his knees and continued to shove his cock through his creamy green claw.  And sure enough, the change not only began, but accelerated much quicker than before.  His muscles exploded outward in rapid bursts, hammering his scales like tempered steel into large, bulky, angular shapes.  As he changed, his mind filled with the sights, the smells, the overwhelming sensations the day had given him.  He grew tall, his upturned face warmed by the persistent sun as he enjoyed his secret height. As a pressure built inside his asshole, his thoughts then turned to Rarity, and to the gentle kiss she gave him that day at the library.  Riding the momentum, his ferocious taloned feet dug ruts into the grass, and the tip of his cock began to tingle as gobs of whipped cream spurted out of his grip and onto the ground.  

The whipped cream!  

It was then that Spike remembered his purpose, reluctantly letting go of his cock just a few strokes short of satisfaction.  His heart still racing, he got to his feet and hurriedly reassembled the stack of cans, five under each arm.  The sooner he got back, after all, the sooner he could finish.  But it was as he turned toward home that he happened to glimpse inside a window of the Boutique.

There, Rarity and Lyra were continuing their work, their backs turned to him.  Rarity’s smooth white flank was in plain view, and when she stooped to retrieve her tape measure, her soft, clean slit winked at him, just visible enough to excite Spike further.  He didn’t need to rub himself anymore; his cock was pounding harder than ever, and he began to worry what would happen if he reverted without being inside someone.  But the thought then began to thrill him, and with rapid breaths, Spike’s mind embraced a more daring thought the very moment he thought of it.

He wanted—no—he needed to be inside her.

Secure in his purpose, Spike felt controlled by it, unable to stop himself.  He let the cans fall to the ground and made a move to the front entrance.  He turned the knob and stepped inside, the dragon faintly aware of the bell ringing as the door opened, then closed behind him.  Past the point of no return, Spike’s heart pounded even harder, his cock tingling and primed to explode, a drip of precum falling from the tip and onto the welcome mat.  He felt dangerous, and he projected the same.  Lyra spotted him first, her face aghast as she stared at the monstrous creature who entered.  Rarity, still with her back turned, hardly noticed, unfurling her measuring tape with her magic.

“I’ll be right with you, dear,” Rarity chimed. “And thank you, Lyra, just keep standing still like that and we’ll be done.”        

Undaunted, Spike walked nonchalantly up to Rarity and got on his knees behind her, close enough to hear her hum the first few bars of “The Art of the Dress.”  Leaning forward as stealthy as before, he gave two short sniffs, absorbing her rich scent and making it a part of him.  He then brought up his claws, his mouth salivating as, for a moment, he savored the tension.  Then, all at once, he grabbed her asscheeks roughly in each claw.  Rarity screamed, her body moving under his claws as she dropped the cluster of fabric and scissors that levitated before her.

“EEEK!” she cried, “What in the world—”

But before she could turn around, Spike shoved his face between her cheeks, his tongue slathering all over her waking snatch, rushing over it quickly from bottom to top.  By the end of the first lick, Spike could taste her for the first time, the musk of her sex mixing with the expensive perfume of her coat to create an intoxicating odor that seemed to grab his face and ram it back into her once more.  Rarity screamed much louder, her buttocks clinched around Spike’s face as he licked her.  Lyra fell from the pedestal and onto her back, and she stared wide-eyed at the assault commencing before her.

“Unhand me this instant you—EEEK!” Rarity screamed when Spike licked her again.  Rarity tried to trot away, but Spike inched her kicking hind legs off the ground.  As she looked behind her, Rarity rolled and fell onto her back, releasing her legs from his grip.  As her ass fell from Spike’s face, she lay stunned and, for the first time, vulnerable.  Never looking from his face, her brow furrowed, and words trembled from her lips: “Spike?  Wh-whatever do you want?  What are you doing?  What happened to you?”

“Isn’t it awesome, Rarity?” he said breathlessly, gesturing at his new body, “Twilight showed me how to do it.  And here,” he said, grabbing her right-rear leg and yanking it into the air.  “I can make you just like me, just watch!”  Spike kissed her just above her hoof, then again a couple inches higher toward her knee.  Rarity screamed again, but this time ending with a whimper that dampened the noise.

“No, no, no—” pleaded Rarity.  But Spike maintained course, giving her one kiss after another in rapid succession.  When he reached her inner thigh, she shuddered, and a small squirt of juice trickled from her pussy, the soft pink lips squeezing out to reveal her marehood.  Her white face blushed visibly and she made a strange noise when she exhaled.  Rarity whole body tingled, then quivered, and a nagging voice in her head was telling her to shut up, to embrace the strangeness of the sensations.  But still she tried to resist.  “No—nooo–” she cooed quietly.  Spike could delay it no longer.  His tongue flicked out, fully three inches in length, and slipped between her tender pussy lips.  His face quickly followed, shunting hard against her pubic mound.  “—oooooooohhh—ooh, Spike—ooh—Spike—”

Her elegant voice started to trail off into squeaks, tears welling in her eyes as the horror of it all was met with a strange desire to prolong the misery further.  Confused and exposed, her defenses failed completely and she lay limp, allowing Spike to grab her other leg with his free hand.  He then hoisted up her hind quarters, allowing his face to push harder against her soaking marehood.  The more he licked her, the more her juice trickled down her inner thighs, tacking into a growing puddle that shone brilliantly on the cool tile floor below.  Spike devoured the juice with fevered determination when he noticed how much it also tasted like rubies, sapphires, and a hint of emerald.

“Oh, Spike,” she moaned, “oh Spike!  I had no idea you could—d-do this to me!”

The more Spike licked, the more Rarity felt her body begin to change.  Her breasts were the first to grow, larger and larger they became as they shook lazily against the subtle movement of her body, the rise and fall of her breaths.  Her trembling white hooves met the tender purple nipples as each hoof reformed and smoothed out into hands, new fingers caressing each shape in clockwise circles.  Her body soon extended taller than Twilight’s, squeaking along the sweat of her furry backside as its curvature changed.  Her hips stretched next, growing fuller until they formed a near-perfect heart shape with Spike’s head as its tip.  Finally, errant strands of short blue hair grew and coalesced above her marehood, forming a short rectangle that pointed to the tender little clit beneath.

Fully transformed, she pushed herself up with her hands, forcing her hind quarters to fall from Spike’s grip.  He stood dumbfounded at the creature now before him, her hand softly cupping his right cheek as she leaned in, turning her head to the side.  The two kissed deeply, her tongue slipping between his jaws to taste the juice he had taken from her so roughly just moments before.  Spike let his hands wander as well, large hands rubbing the smell of sticky sex into the back of his lover’s expensive blue mane.

Across the room, Lyra felt invisible, forgetting that she herself was there, until she suddenly felt a soothing cool sensation against her hooves.  Looking down, she saw front hooves were, in fact, hands, as her body was already in the final stages of transforming.  She smiled deliriously, bringing both palms to her face, admiring each digit as they fluttered to her will.  Looking down, she saw a v-shaped tear begin to form on the front of her dress where new breasts had pulled the soft fabric past the breaking point.  She grabbed onto the half-exposed mounds, their nipples aching as they pushed beneath her touch.  

Her growth had also caused the dress to hike up above her waist, where she felt a heaviness at her exposed loins and the sensation of sitting in something wet.  Her right hand zipped down to investigate, and she shivered as her fingertips grazed over a growing tangle of golden pubes pulled taut by the nerves beneath.  She sucked the index finger of her left hand and bit the tip, then felt the middle finger of her right hand flick her swollen clit.  

Her legs scissored shut to her touch, clamping over her hand as she moaned to the ceiling.  Her left hand fell from her mouth and, reaching just below her neck, ripped apart the front of her weakened dress, letting her breasts spill out into view.  As the tattered fabric fell from Lyra’s body, her hands relentlessly kneaded the curves beneath, and she watched with hungry eyes as Spike rolled Rarity onto her stomach.

Spike lifted Rarity’s trembling ass until she was on her knees.  Holding her tail above her in his left claw, his right claw slipped over the curve of her right buttock, then down and over her pussy, slow enough to collect a modicum of juice on his leathery digit as the talon sank inside.  Rarity moaned as the razor-sharp talon eased back out of her, then carefully slid up her taint just hard enough to make her feel an unnerving pain.  

After a few torturous seconds, she felt the talon tap the edge of her tight white asshole.  With an agonizingly slow speed, Spike traced a line of juice around the edge, then rubbed it in over the top, coating the hole thoroughly.  He leaned in and gave the hole a light kiss, feeling her fur stand on end as his lips neared.  Rarity’s white body quivered, her legs stepping outward, her tail now holding itself upward in anticipation of something she knew not of, but desired nonetheless.

“I let you stick me with your pins,” said Spike as his left claw slammed down next to Rarity’s side.  The thoughts that filled his mind excited him so much that he could feel himself slipping.  More menacing thoughts came to mind and he could no longer hold them back and keep from forming them into words.  “Now it’s my turn to stick something into you.”  She could feel the tip of his cock pressing at her asshole,  the first few centimeters already easing inside on the gathered slickness.  “And you’re gonna feel it!”

With sub-glacial speed, he slid his cock into her.  Rarity bit her lip and pushed her upper body upward, her breasts shaking to a stop as he entered her.  “Oh Spike, oh Spike, oh Spiiiiiiiiiiiike–!” she cried, writhing into herself as inch by inch, the dragon cock throbbed into her, her body expanding obediently to let him in.  Her eyes were full of tears, a mix of agonizing pain and newly-discovered pleasure, and as Spike lifted her upper body upwards, her tears shook off and landed on her breasts, trickling down the fur.  It was only a moment before Rarity’s back slapped against Spike’s chest, her arms instinctively reaching behind her as his face buried itself in the crook of her neck.  He nibbled the spot playfully, then soothed it with another wet kiss.  And between them, Spike’s cock pounded inside her ass, never withdrawing more than an inch in a series of shallow, halting strokes.

Lyra rubbed herself vigorously as she watched Spike and Rarity do the same.  She could see Spike’s hands slip between Rarity’s breasts, then down between her legs, where her hands met his and pushed them into her.  Lyra stirred her pussy relentlessly, her sweaty palm scrubbed by her golden bush, letting more and more of her fresh juice dribble onto the rag pinned beneath her ass.  She then saw the two of them fall backwards, Spike landing on his back as Rarity fell forward, then pushed herself upward, rocking her hips against his lap.  As she rode him, Spike’s face contorted, and Rarity’s jaw opened wide, her eyes closed tightly and a blue aura swirling about her horn.  Lyra moaned, then fell down as well, her feet planted on the floor as her hips bucked upward, putting her pussy on full display, hoping for reasons unknown to her that the two would take a look.

“I—I think it’s gonna—” Spike started when, all at once, his cock exploded inside Rarity’s ass.  Rarity’s body jiggled as the dragon filled her, the thick cum splashing deep inside of her.  Another pulse, and then another, and the excess quickly squirted out of her, coating Spike’s throbbing cock.  Soon after, Rarity grabbed Spike’s right hand and pressed it hard against her loins, screaming as her pussy released as well, their fingers trembling side to side over the spot as her own cum sprayed everywhere, coating the insides of Spike’s toned legs.  The noise sent Lyra over the edge, and she squirted even harder, a large trail of translucent goo thwacking onto the tile, then another a few inches short of the mark.

As the moans subsided, Rarity’s body began to shrink, and she fell forward on all fours, letting Spike’s cock flick free.  Lyra, too, scooted backward, savoring the final moments of her beautiful hands until all the digits fattened and disappeared, merging together into her familiar monochrome hoof.  

At last, Spike, his body further weakened from all the day’s exertions, finally returned to his old shape.  But, inside his nonthreatening form, he felt changed by the experience down to his very core.  Unlike that time on Spike’s birthday, the dragon Rarity once knew was now gone for good, and both of them knew it.  For Rarity, in Spike’s place stood the nameless beast who, by force, had made her his.  And, for all she knew, he was capable of anything.

With narrowed eyes, Spike stood over her, looking at her sex-tattered mane, her once-immaculate coat now wreathed with sweat as it rose and fell to struggling breaths, her throbbing asshole dripping with his cum.  When she turned around and looked at him with bedroom eyes, the old Spike would have felt sorry for her, and for what he had done.  But such thoughts never reached the dragon.  Instead, he just pointed at his cock.

“Yes, Spike,” Rarity said, sliding slowly over to him.

“Call me Master,” he said gruffly.  Rarity stopped and bowed her head.

“Okay—Master—” she answered into his lap.

Rarity leaned forward and, with a gentle slurp, sucked his cock back into her mouth.

Chapter 6: Attraction

With a single flap of her wings, Fluttershy floated into the living room of her home, then glided to a soft landing on her rug.  More than a dozen woodland creatures greeted and surrounded her, all of them seeking refuge from the heat as they eagerly awaited their meal.  But their owner was strangely silent - more so than usual - distracted by what she had seen on her way home.  

Even as she began filling all their small bowls with various dry goods from torn burlap sacks she held between her teeth, she felt haunted by the same memory - the sight of Spike changing outside Carousel Boutique.  

She cringed as the scene replayed itself in her mind and scolded herself for not looking away. She wondered why she peeked around a tree in the first place and stood there transfixed, watching the little dragon’s body twist and expand into that terrifying beast.  She also wasn’t sure why her body tingled as he grew, why her cheeks blushed, and why her mouth watered.  After all, dragons still terrified her, and though she’d been friends with Spike for months now, she secretly feared he would lose control of himself again.  But she never anticipated the intrigue, never thought she’d notice how nice his butt looked as his growing tail slithered her direction.

Then she felt something thump against her leg.

Fluttershy shook her head and saw Angel was scowling up at her, gesturing with his paws toward the pile of rabbit food that had missed his bowl completely.  Only then did the pegasus release the empty sack from her mouth, letting it fall to the ground on top of the rabbit.  Angel wrestled his way out of it and crossed his arms, tapping his foot impatiently.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Angel,” cooed Fluttershy, “here, let me clean that up for you.”  As she crouched down and carefully scooped the pieces of food into Angel’s bowl, she remembered holding that same position where Spike was after he left, her looking over the spattered whipped cream that lay there, reeking of the dragon’s musk.  And, though she pressed her eyes shut and shook her head, she couldn’t stop herself from remembering that she’d opened her mouth and, with reluctant delight, licked up every drop.  Her body throbbed.

“Ohhhh—” she cried.  She felt good - real good - but why now?  She felt scared and flushed with heat, but at the same time she was soothed by the sensation of someone gently brushing down a length of the sensitive fur on the inside of her left-rear thigh. But the further down it went, the more she realized that something was leaking out of her marehood.  “Oh my—”

She stopped what she was doing and lifted herself up to bring a hoof underneath her.  As the hoof grazed down the length of her soft belly, the trickling moisture made her fear something was wrong with her body.  Scared, she gulped, and her touch jumped to the spot of the leak.  Anticipating pain, her body clinched tight, but she was then stunned by a slow burn of melting pleasure.  She moaned in a high-pitched tone, her tongue still tasting of Spike as it flicked her teeth and slipped from between her lips.  

The sound made the hungry animals stop eating.  They sat and watched Fluttershy cringe and tremble, the mare feeling more of her juice dribble all over her hoof.  The creatures made no sounds, but only stood erect, sniffing the air.  Looking into their tiny eyes made Fluttershy feel exposed, and it was only when she stared at the floor that she began to play with herself, imagining Spike and his adorable little ass.

Despite Fluttershy’s embarrassment, her stimulation intensified.  More juice gushed from her, dribbling down the inside of her shin until it streaked quickly over her hoof and onto the rug below.  As the rivulets of moisture grew wider and flowed faster, a peculiar odor filled the room, a musky stench that grew stronger by the second.  When Fluttershy noticed, her cheeks flushed into an even brighter red.  She tried to escape the smell by holding her breath, but her body was now roasting from within and she began to pant, tasting the scent on her tongue with every breath.

All of a sudden, Fluttershy felt something grab onto her damp rear leg, something soft that squeezed tight, then mashed the secretions into her fur with several vigorous rubs.  She squeaked in fright, her hind legs buckling as her busy hoof flicked forward to keep her balance, stamping a soaking hoofprint into the rug that radiated outward into a perfect circle.  Whimpering, she looked back to see Angel had his tiny arms gripped around her yellow shin, his floppy feet completely off the ground as his hips thrust into her.  He glanced at her with glazed black eyes, then jammed his face against her shin, licking the juice hungrily with his tiny pink tongue.  The more he rubbed, the more her body throbbed and her marehood soaked, and the friction from Angel was just enough to make the skin beneath her fur begin to burn.

“Angel, stop that!” said Fluttershy, unable to stare at him long enough to have any effect.  She tried to gently shake her leg, but he refused to budge.  “Stop it—AH!”  Something then slapped against her pussy, little claws of an airborne ferret grabbing her splayed asscheeks, dragging tiny inch-long marks down each inner curve before it stopped halfway down.  In the same movement, the ferret thrust its head inside her pussy, bathing its little face in her moist juices as it began to drink her.  Startled, Fluttershy lost her balance and fell flat onto her rug, and as her ass thumped onto the ground, the ferret’s flailing hind legs caught traction, and he rammed half his body into her pussy.

“Oooohhh-aaaah-aa-AAAAH!” cried Fluttershy as the ferret wriggled inside her, her insides trying to squeeze him back out.  

The more the two animals violated her, the more Fluttershy could feel her body begin to stretch, signaling the beginning of her own transformation.  A squirrel climbed up her right side, then rubbed against her growing left flank just above her cutie mark.  As he too began to hump her smooth fur, Fluttershy’s back dipped low, forming a gentle curve that brought her ass into greater relief.  Hard nipples poked into the stained rug beneath her, breasts inflating as they lifted her chest from the ground.  

It was then that the ferret fell out of her with a sickening flop, and as the creature coughed to clear his lungs, a blue jay grabbed her tail and yanked it upwards, allowing a hummingbird to ease slowly toward her pussy lips.  As the tiny bird neared, Fluttershy cringed from the persistent tingle it created.  It was an unbearable torture, her throughly-soaked pussy feeling as though it wanted to take the tiny bird inside her.  She felt her own hooves begin to grip the rug, harder and harder until the fabric squeezed between new yellow fingers.

As pleasure consumed her, Fluttershy rolled onto her back, bucking the squirrel from her flank and bringing her breasts into view for the first time.  For a moment, the breasts were all she could see, as the two shapes had fattened into shapes almost as big as two of Pinkie’s toy balls she kept for ball emergencies.  But she only saw her breasts for a moment before two badgers pounced on her, their sharp claws clamped onto the spongy flesh, squeezing just short of puncturing her skin.  The badgers then turned their heads to the side and stuck out their tongues, flicking her pink nipples with their slobbering tongues.  

Fluttershy brought her strange new hands to the badgers, but in her fascination with how they looked, she thought twice about brushing the creatures off, choosing instead to stroke their fur and feel their coats.  Fluttershy then convulsed once more as the hummingbird eased back between her legs to continue its work, tickling her moist lips mercilessly.  

All around Fluttershy, her remaining pets began to mount one another, biting and scratching each other as they rolled on the floor.  The cum-covered ferret found his mate, smearing stinky pony juice into her back as he entered her tiny snatch.  The blue jay met another in mid-air, and the two of them chased each other in daring spirals over Fluttershy’s smelly loins.  Other creatures tried to rub up against the changed pony, including the squirrel, who moved to her shoulder.  A raccoon tried to nestle under her left wing while a mouse whipped Fluttershy’s right flank with its tail.  And, all the while, Angel continued to embrace his owner’s now much longer shin, letting his stimulated groin mix his bubbling precum into her juice.

It was all too much.  Biting her lip, Fluttershy felt her body tighten, then lock beneath the hungry creatures, her mouth opening to let drool trickle down the edges and over her blushing cheeks.  “Oh my goodness!” she cried, her badger-covered breasts lifting with her bucking torso.  “Oh my goodness! Oh my----AAH—AAAUGH!”

Something detonated inside her and cum blasted from her pussy, splattering over the hummingbird and sending him tumbling across the room.  Her arms twitched as she grabbed the rug harder, pulling fistfuls of the fabric upward as the mating animals were tossed off their feet by its sudden movement.  Her knees banged against one another, then fanned apart to blast out more juice, but a sweaty and cum-stained Angel still held on, thrusting a few more strokes before he, too, released, splattering a tiny stream of his seed on her leg as it began to shrink beneath him.  

The more cum sprayed from between her loins, the more Fluttershy’s body returned to normal, causing the badgers to fall from her disappearing breasts.  She rolled back onto her stomach, knocking the racoon and mouse away, followed quickly by the scurrying squirrel.  Finally, Angel released his grip, falling flat on his back as his little pink cock slipped back inside him.  But the blue jay wasn’t satisfied.  He wrenched her tail harder in his beak, allowing a white duck to waddle up to her and clumsily buck its feathered body against her quivering mound.

“AAAH!” Fluttershy cried as the duck’s feathers tickled her once more.  Tears trickled from her eyes in humiliated frustration as her breasts began to grow once more.  “I need to find Twilight—AH!—She’ll know what to do.”

Chapter 7: Starvation

Pinkie Pie was pretty much the only pony in Ponyville who didn’t seem to mind the heat.  She bounced merrily through the town square on her way to Sugar Cube Corner, just as she always had, saying hello to the few other citizens she passed.

First, she saw a mare standing by her cart filled with vases of bright red roses.

“Hello, Roseluck!” she chimed.  The cream-colored earth pony wiped her brow with her hoof and smiled back at Pinkie.

“Hi,” she said, climbing on two legs to adjust the position of the large pink umbrella above her.

Next, Pinkie saw a white pony approach with a baby dragon riding on her back.  The dragon held a pair of black reins attached to a steel bit cinched between the pony’s jaws.  Her saddlebags were stuffed with partially-visible cans of whipped cream.

“Hello, Rarity!  Hey, you’re giving your little Spikey-wikey a ride?”  Pinkie giggled, clopping her hooves on the ground.  Rarity looked nervous, feeling Spike’s eyes burning through the fur on the back of her neck.

“Mrnk yew Prnkie,” Rarity mumbled around the bit in her teeth.  Spike yanked back on her reins and she squealed, her eyes filling with tears as she plodded past her.

Finally, Pinkie passed two mares on a park bench.  One of them, a unicorn, was noticeably taller than the other even though she was sitting with her knees on the ground.  The other, a mare with a curly blue and pink mane, was sitting upright on the bench, her partner’s upper body holding her legs apart.

“Hey, Lyra!  Hey, Bon Bon!”

“Oh–oh–ohhhh, Lyra—!” cried Bon Bon as Lyra’s hand slipped deeper into her pussy, her engorged lips sucking tightly against Lyra’s damp wrist.  Lyra hummed with approval and slowly squeezed the hand into a fist inside her partner’s body.  Her tongue slipped inside Bon Bon’s belly button before she gave the fleshy pucker a kiss. “No—it’s too tight—!” Bon Bon whimpered, her body trembling as, without warning, two breasts popped from her flat beige chest.  Lyra just kept humming as she rubbed her own moist pussy between two lean fingertips.

This struck Pinkie as odd.  Sure, Roseluck was selling flowers and Rarity was giving Spike a ride, but what were these two doing?

Pinkie was about to look back again when her Pinkie Sense made her tail begin to twitch.  Right away, she knew what it meant.  She took a step to the right, yanking herself out of the way before something small landed right next to her, kicking up a cloud of dust.  Pinkie coughed and looked up, seeing Derpy flying erratically through the clear blue sky.  The dust cleared, Pinkie looked down, and “The Goddess Within” was lying at her hooves.

“Hey!” she yelled at Derpy, “you dropped your book!”  But the mail mare didn’t respond and instead disappeared behind the town’s clock tower.  Pinkie’s eyes spotted the time.  “Oh, no, I’m gonna be late!”  She stooped down and picked up the book with her mouth.  As she began to gallop toward her destination, her tongue chanced to flick the cover.  It tasted weird to her: almost like chocolate, but stickier.

A few moments later, Pinkie was through the front door of Sugar Cube Corner, where Mrs. Cake was nudging a large crate toward the wood-cut counter in her kitchen.   Spots of sweat were smeared over the front of her apron, her curvy light blue body strained from the effort.  Almost immediately, Pinkie could smell the familiar cinnamon and chocolate scents of the shop, though this time a hint of fruit was noticeable as well.  She guessed the kind of fruit as soon as Mrs. Cake bumped open the crate, revealing a pile of fresh bananas.  Pinkie zipped toward her and, spitting the book onto a counter, peered inside, feeling her mouth begin to water.

“Oooh,” said Pinkie, “what’re we going to do with these?”  The older pony sighed.

“We have to make a banana cake for the Princess,” Mrs. Cake answered, disinterested. “It’s a last-minute order from earlier today, so come on, let’s get going.”  Pinkie sprang up and down again, her legs flailing frantically every time she was airborne.  Mrs. Cake, on the other hand, continued to mope.

“Oh, boy!” Pinkie squealed, “And are we gonna make banana flavored frosting with banana pieces and little itty-bitty sugary tiny—”

Yes,” Mrs. Cake interrupted, “of course, just like you’re supposed to, okay?”  Pinkie stopped jumping and, sheepishly, looked back to the other side of the kitchen.

“Where’s Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake?” asked Pinkie.  “Don’t we need him to help with the baking?”  Mrs. Cake sighed again, avoiding eye contact.

“Mr. Cake and I are having—some personal problems,” Mrs. Cake said to the wall.  Pinkie craned her head toward her, but Mrs. Cake brushed her off with a waving hoof.

“Oh no!  What kind of problem is it?  Can I help?  ‘Cause you know a good friend is always there for her friends when they—” Mrs. Cake turned around, the anger in her round face frightening the giddy Pinkie into submission.

“A personal problem, Pinkie.” she answered, “Now don’t worry about it and let’s—” It was then that Mrs. Cake noticed the book on the counter.  Her cheeks blushed and her pupils shrank several times smaller from their normal size.  “What’s that, Pinkie?”  Pinkie turned toward “The Goddess Within,” and her uncontrollable happiness returned.

“Oh, yeah,” said Pinkie, “you’re never gonna believe this, it was so silly!  I was just bouncing along, minding my own business, and I saw Roseluck and Spike and Rarity and Lyra and Bon Bon and then my Pinkie Sense made my tail twitcha-twitch and I moved and this book landed next to me.  I think Derpy dropped it trying to get it out to somepony, and I couldn’t get her back in time, and I didn’t want to leave it there, and it looked like it was a really good book, and I knew I was late to help you and Mr.—I mean help you with this cake and so I brought it here, and here it is!  Isn’t that crazy?!”

But Mrs. Cake didn’t hear a word of Pinkie’s story.  She was absolutely terrified, thinking that her tenant, the town chatterbox, had read the book, the one thing which the sender told her to absolutely, positively make sure nopony else did but her.  She’d promised that against all odds she’d keep the book safe and tell nopony who had written it, for fear of what the Princess might say or do.  But now, she—or, more accurately, the Equestrian Postal Service—had broken that promise, and though she did not know what her punishment would be, she knew it was on its way, and she was certain it would be severe.

With this fear came anger, but then, very quickly, a strange acceptance, the baker recognizing that nothing she did now would change her fate.  And, least of all, it didn’t matter if Pinkie learned the rest of the story.  

As Pinkie continued to laugh and chatter through some tortured segue about funny words that rhyme, Mrs. Cake lifted her bowed head, revealing the tears in her eyes.

“Mr. Cake’s never bucked me,” said Mrs. Cake miserably.  Pinkie stopped, the confusion clear on her face.

“Huh?” asked Pinkie, “I–I don’t understand, Mrs. Cake.”  She really didn’t.  Her boss gave a weary smile.

“I’m sorry you had to learn it this way,” said Mrs. Cake, “it’s my fault, I suppose.  I’ve been too scared to ask him, and he’s never made a move on me.  I just thought doing this would help us out so we could start a family.”  Pinkie’s eyes began to tear up as well.

“Mrs. Cake—” sobbed Pinkie.

As Mrs. Cake shook her head, the irony of it all washed over her.  Though she’d requested the book at great personal risk to herself, she never herself had a chance to read it.  But she then realized that now, even with Pinkie there, was just as good a time as any, and there was no time to lose.  She got up on her hind legs and nudged the book open with her nose.  Flipping through the pages, she found the table of contents and hummed the chapter titles to herself, looking for the one the sender told her about.  Pinkie Pie peeked over the other side of the counter, still not sure what her employer was up to.

“Here it is!” said Mrs. Cake, “Chapter 69: Foreplay with Food.”  As she flipped over to the page and began reading, Pinkie couldn’t stop more words from coming.

“Ooh, you mean like a food fight!  ‘Cause those are so much fun!  Lemme see what I can grab and I’ll show you—”

“Shh!” hushed Mrs. Cake.  “Let me finish reading this, and then we’ll start.”  

Pinkie nodded, then made a zipper motion with her hoof across her grinning mouth.  She stepped back around the counter and watched with excitement, then confusion as Mrs. Cake began to breathe deeply, her face looking like her every thought was hanging on each word.  She could see her begin to sweat, her hooves knocking against the flimsy knot that held her apron to her body. With some nudging, she managed to guide her head out of the frilly hole on top.  Naked, Mrs. Cake glanced up at the clock on the wall, turned the page, and, after a few moments, finished reading.

“All right,” said Mrs. Cake with determination as she trotted toward a window.  “Here’s how we’re going to do this.”  She nudged her nose under a pie she had made that morning and lifted it onto her snout, letting a gob of cherry filling drop on the floor.  She laid it down at Pinkie’s feet, not caring that she’d broken the crust.  “I know you’ve been practicing this, so I want you to lie back and smash this pie all over you.”  She then trotted back to the window, her large blue asscheeks rubbing against each other.  “I’ll do the same with this other pie.”  Pinkie gingerly put her nose under the pie.

“That’s not like any food fight I’ve done, Mrs. Cake,” said Pinkie as she eased onto her back.  “Usually, you throw it at somepony else.”  Mrs. Cake was about to say something, but instead forced her nose under the second pie and sat next to Pinkie on the floor.  The blue pony tried to roll onto her back, but she fell right after she sat down, causing the pie to splatter against her blue chest.  Warm gooey filling slithered over her curves, and small syrupy cherries floated in the sea of red amidst flaky icebergs of shattered crust.  Mrs. Cake purred loudly, feeling the heat of the mess as it spread over her.  Her front hooves began to mash themselves into the boiling goo as it conquered her fur.

Pinkie shrugged, then flicked her nose against the edge of the pie so that, with a loud smack, it splattered all over her lap.  The result made her yelp in pain from the heat, her upper body springing up as she hissed through clenched teeth.  But soon the goo covered her as well, trickling in all directions over her lower half.  The majority of it slid downward and plunged between her rear legs, smothering her marehood in its thick embrace.

“Ooooooohhhhh—ooh—ohhhhhhhh—” cried Pinkie, easing back down and letting her hooves slip between her legs in a half-hearted attempt to brush the stuff off of her.  As she moved, a loud sucking sound came from the spot, and she pressed down between the cherry slime-covered lips of her marehood, feeling the warmth inside her.  As she pushed harder, a cherry squeezed through her soaked pussy lips, and the tiny fruit popped inside her.  She exhaled loudly and her mane and tail relaxed, the curly hair deflating, then flattening into the sultry straight hair of her youth, her mane falling to cover the left half of her face.  

Pinkamena had returned.

Mrs. Cake looked over and followed Pinkamena’s lead.  She drew two crescents of goo on her lower body as her hooves pressed against her own marehood, one on top of the other.  She moaned loudly as she began to feel moisture cover her thick hooves, her fat thighs squeezing her rotating leg between them.

By this point, Pinkamena could feel her body begin to pull apart like warm taffy, distending and stretching into sweeping curves.  Her legs grew into longer, more slender forms that led up to generous hips, where her buttocks now poured themselves into a soft teardrop shape.  Her hooves throbbed harder than the rest of her tingling body, buckling in hard, thick pulses into hands, her narrow fingers wedging two, then three at a time between her pussy lips until they reached her even pinker depths.  Her chest tingled, then bulged rapidly into two hand-sized breasts, their dark pink nipples pushed painfully into hardened nubs.

“See?” huffed Mrs. Cake, “I knew you were good at this.”  Pinkamena only moaned in response, still unable to comprehend what had just happened to her.

Mrs. Cake was in the closing stages of changing as well.  Hers was a smoother transition than Pinkamena’s, preserving many of her existing curves, but large, low-slung breasts came forth to complement her mammoth ass.  As she morphed into her new shape, feeling the cherry goo slip under her bountiful chest, she began to resemble a fertility goddess with pink hair, thick and large, but undeniably feminine.  Her hands were huge, stretched by the mysterious force within her such that she could embrace large parts of her flesh in one grip, which she proceeded to do as her hind legs finished bulking into longer forms.

Mrs. Cake let go of her marehood and rolled to her knees.  Her head at Pinkamena’s feet, she brushed her heavy body up the front of the pink pony, letting her breasts drag up the length of her changed body.  With the cherry pie as lubricant, Mrs. Cake’s nipples tingled at the touch, and Pinkamena shivered under her breath as they traced up her torso, building gradually to a sudden body-convulsing twitch when their nipples touched.  Without thinking, Pinkamena grabbed Mrs. Cake’s right breast in her hands and thrust the large dark-blue nipple into her mouth, tasting the cherry pie on top, plus a hint of mother’s milk.  Mrs. Cake savored the sensation, craning her head back as she stepped her knees to Pinkamena’s sides, taking the back of her tenant’s head in her blue hands.  

She stopped short of sitting on Pinkamena and stood up, releasing her so she could retrieve three handfuls of bananas from the crate.  Pinkamena leaned sideways and looked back at Mrs. Cake with hunger in her eyes, licking her lips while rubbing cherry pie all the way down the front of her, becoming one with her new bipedal form.  Mrs. Cake then walked back to her and sat in front of her feet, letting her hind legs step out in front of her so that her hooves came within inches of her partner’s.  Pinkamena’s hand was still stirring her own pussy, the tenant aroused by the fact that her boss was watching her.

Mrs. Cake peeled one of the bananas, slipped the tip of it in her mouth. and proceeded to suck it lovingly.  She then withdrew it so that it flipped down her lower lip, then her neck, and finally around the curvature of her breasts.  From there, her other hand grabbed hold and, with Pinkamena still watching, she plunged the banana between her legs.  As Mrs. Cake leaned forward and moaned, the fruit flopped between of her puffy blue lips and slipped inside her with ease, eventually squeezing out of its peel.  She could feel the fruit draw deeper inside her and mash into a thick cream, her pussy twisting and buckling the juice-covered object until it was one with her essence.  

Filled with fruit, Mrs. Cake held one hand over her crotch and pushed Pinkamena backward with the other, walking forward on her knees until she straddled the pink pony’s face.  Only then did Pinkamena let go of herself and begin to caress the warm folds of Mrs. Cake’s legs, reaching up to guide Mrs. Cake’s hands away from her glutted pussy.  The blue mare then began to crouch down on her face, her eyes downcast as she sighed.  The more she moved, the more Pinkamena could see the lips of her pussy separate, squeezing the thick mixture of bananas and sex out of her and straight down Pinkamena’s wanting throat.  She swallowed the mixture gladly, then pushed herself out from under her so that Mrs. Cake could sit on the floor.

As Pinkamena stood above her boss, she turned and plucked from the crate a particularly large banana, a single fruit that measured nearly eighteen inches in length and three inches in diameter.  Mrs. Cake gasped, watching the pink pony trace her steady hands over its length.  Mrs. Cake shifted her weight and began to pant, massaging her breasts and fingering her pussy, taking time to taste the remains of the mixture she had just expelled into her protégé.  

Slowly, Pinkamena peeled the fruit apart, her seductive eyes peering from beneath her flattened mane.  Then, when the girth of the entire banana was revealed, she turned her to the side, stuck out her tongue, and began to ease the fruit into her mouth.  More and more of it disappeared into her, continuing on as it headed straight down her throat.  Pinkamena felt her way up to her left breast, twisting the hard nipple on top, then let the banana slip in and out, in and out, never gagging on it, never once letting the white object touch her teeth.  At last, she pulled it out completely, letting her tongue flick the moistened tip.

Pinkamena then got down on all fours, and with fruit in hand, walked up to Mrs. Cake, kissing her passionately on the lips.  As their two faces mashed together, Pinkamena’s left hand traced the banana over the edge of Mrs. Cake’s right shoulder, leaving trails of sticky juice and spit all over her blue fur.  Pinkamena kissed her right breast, then the nipple, which she nibbled gently as she thrust her hand downward to let the fruit slip between Mrs. Cake’s waiting pussy lips.  The giant object faced some resistance at first, but when Pinkamena bit her nipple a little harder, Mrs. Cake moaned and grabbed onto the back of her head, then relaxed and let the first nine inches of it slip deep inside her body.  Pinkamena smiled and traced her tongue up the edge of Mrs. Cakes’ round jaw line all the way up to the tip of her right ear.

Not wasting any time, Pinkamena sat back at Mrs. Cake’s feet, stepping her legs apart so that they were now tangled between hers, both their marehoods clearly visible to the other.  Between them, the remaining nine inches of the banana protruded rudely from Mrs. Cake’s pussy like a fat white cock, and to her it felt every bit as sensitive.  With a muffled clopping sound, Pinkamena crab-walked forward a few steps and took the other end of the banana in her fingers, guiding the curved end into her own pussy.  Then she took another step, another, and another still, letting it slide inside of her until, at last, the two mares’ organs clapped together, linked by the fruit buried inside them.

“Aaaaaauuughhhh—” the two ponies cried together, their fingers threading between one another as their palms pressed together.  

Instantly, both their hips rocked and bucked against each other, their engorged clits colliding, the flesh kissing and sending stinging impulses of pleasure with every beat.  The more they thrust, the more the two of them pressed together, as if trying to merge into one creature.  Their thighs pressed upward and their arms reached around behind one another, yanking them closer so that their breasts hit and crowded together, their sore nipples poking into each other’s fur.  And, finally, their two faces met in another kiss, their spit-drenched tongues dribbling over one another as they fucked each other harder and harder, louder and louder.

Finally, critical mass was achieved, and both ponies fell over the edge together, their orgasms buckling their sweaty bodies together in an even tighter embrace.  Pinkamena came a moment before her boss, a spurt of rainbow-colored confetti bursting from her loins with a strange party favor noise, littering the square pieces all over Mrs. Cake’s loins until they resembled lost kites stuck in the tangled bush of the elder pony’s pink pubic hair.  Mrs. Cake then fired back with gob of pale blue frosting-like substance that smelled of musk and vanilla, a material heavy enough to finally cause the burdened banana to break between the two ponies, the goo smothering Pinkamena’s sizzling cunt with several coats.

As more and more of the strange excretions shuddered forth from the two lovers, their fingers gradually untangled and hardened into hooves that were pressed firmly together.  Their bodies returned to normal at an extremely slow speed, their spines readjusting first such that they fell onto their backs like turtles, watching their familiar bodies again take form.  Two halves of discarded banana spurted out and fell from their exhausted marehoods.  At last, they were lying on their sides, breathing deeply into the messy wooden floor in a room that reeked only of sex with a hint of food.

Then, from the quiet, came another party favor sound as Pinkamena’s mane and tail fluffed out into familiar curls.

“Now that was fun!” said Pinkie Pie, “I’ve gotta tell my friends about this.  So what was that book about, anyway?”

Mrs. Cake froze, then placed a sticky hoof over her face.

Chapter 8: Relief

For Rainbow Dash, the one advantage to a day this hot was that she was finally alone with her thoughts.  Her sleek blue body leaned against a tree, her forelegs crossed behind her sparkling rainbow mane, she exhaled in the shade as her wings flapped once, then pressed back against her sides.  

With a smile, she closed her eyes and dreamed again of the day she would finally join The Wonderbolts, particularly what it would be like in their dressing room as she stepped her hooves into one of those tight spandex outfits for the first time.  It was a fantasy she had fleshed out with every possible detail through countless repetitions, imagining it all the way down to Spitfire reaching under her chest to ease the zipper up her body, pulling the outfit taut around her every curve.  From that point on, she thought, she would be as inseparable from The Wonderbolts as the suit from her flank.

As Rainbow Dash dreamed, she also took in the quiet trickling sound of the nearby shallow brook, listening to the water bubble among the smooth rocks as it slipped downhill toward a distant bay.  Though it was flying she loved - and with it the freedom of racing higher and faster than anypony had gone before - it was water that fascinated her.  On a number of her many flights, she’d head out alone to the sea and fly as low as she could, feeling the salty spray against her face as she cleaved a trail across the rolling waves.  On a day like this without a cloud in the sky, a full afternoon of that was just what the doctor ordered.  And as she sat, she now felt refreshed, powerful, and more alive than ever before.

The more she listened, the more aware the pegasus became of her bladder, which she’d filled to capacity from an earlier drink.  She looked around her and took a moment to listen for hoofsteps, then relaxed once more, sliding down further.  As her tail bunched beneath her, she let her hind legs splay apart to reveal her small marehood.  Then, with a gentle sigh, she relaxed her loins, letting a narrow stream of urine squirt out of her in a wide golden arc.  

Urinating in public was frowned upon in Ponyville - especially after The Mare appropriated funds for indoor plumbing - but Rainbow Dash was not a mare to be denied her pleasures.  For twenty seconds or more, she continued to pee, letting the twinkling leak dribble onto her rainbow tail until the stream disappeared.  She liked the way her wee smelled -  she’d painstakingly experimented with different oats and grasses for that purpose - and she didn’t mind the warmth of the resulting puddle against her buttocks.  Sure, it made her tail smell strange, but it was her tail, and she knew she could do with it whatever she pleased.  After all, this was her true pleasure, her biggest secret, and she always took precautions to make sure it stayed that way.

And this was why she jumped when Derpy landed not far from her feet, her ass thwacking hard against the grass.

“Hello, Rainbow Dash!” yelled the mail mare, the front of her large hat flopping down over her eyes before she adjusted it back to its proper place.  Rainbow scrambled, pushing her thighs together in a hasty attempt to hide her shame.

“Oh, uh, hiya, Derpy,” squeaked Rainbow with a little wave.  “What are you doing here?”  Derpy trotted around to Rainbow’s left, then leaned back against the tree as well.  

“Oh, you know,” said the mail mare, exhaling.  To Rainbow’s surprise, Derpy closed her eyes and let her grey legs swing apart.  Urine sprayed out from her marehood, creating an impressive trail that extended more than three feet.  “Ahhhhh—”

Rainbow didn’t like the stagnant scent of the mail mare’s urine as it overpowered that of her own, but she couldn’t stop watching, either.  The more she did, the more the blue pegasus found her hooves begin to rub over her body.  She breathed deeply, feeling strangely anxious the longer she watched.  Eventually, her hooves nudged against her closed thighs, and after a few taps, she let them both wriggle between to reach her marehood.  But by this time she was doing so unconsciously, not realizing what she was doing until she tapped her dormant clit, sending an unexpected shock backward through her loins and up to the base of her damp tail.  Rainbow hissed, then looked back at Derpy, who was humming to herself as she continued to pee.

“You like to do that with your marehood?” asked Rainbow.

“Mmm-hmm,” smiled Derpy, her eyes still closed.  “I always come here to do this.  It feels so nice, you gotta try it.”  Rainbow’s hoof nudged her clit a little harder, and she felt her marehood start to get wet to the touch.  She found herself entranced by the spot where Derpy’s piss battered a patch of grass, so much so that she thought the sight alone was making her own marehood wet.  Quietly, she leaned closer and closer to the spot until she let go of herself and was down on all fours, her face just inches from Derpy’s puddle.  Then, in one quick movement, Rainbow flipped herself over like a dog, her marehood facing Derpy’s as she slid underneath the stream.

Ahh-aaaaaahhhhhh—” moaned Rainbow as the mail mare’s hot water splattered against her chest, vaulting hundreds of tiny drips off of her and all over her face.  

In an instant, the proud pegasus seemed to lose control of herself completely.  She writhed in the puddle of stench below her outstretched wings and opened her mouth, letting the drops tickle her tongue as she tasted her.  Her front hooves vigorously rubbed her smelly belly, slipping and sliding over the urine as it beaded on her blue fur.  Eventually, her left hoof made it to her face, and she licked some of it off, tasting its bitter flavor as her other hoof squished over her now-soaking marehood.  She gave a low moan and her body tightened, her head grinding itself against the grass.

Unbeknownst to Rainbow, Derpy was watching her now, and she didn’t mind what she saw.  Nearly a minute had passed since she started to pee, and though her bladder was almost empty, she smiled as she watched Rainbow’s body begin to change, remembering her experience with Twilight.  

Rainbow’s legs and torso stretched at the same time, moving the terminus of Derpy’s stream to her belly button, then finally over the hoof that was rubbing her marehood.  As it did, her hoof seemed to melt under the heat of her piss, reducing the hoof’s width as fingers slipped free, then plunged quickly between the urine-and-juice drenched lips growing thick to her touch.  Above her hand, a narrow ring of rainbow-colored pubes formed an arc that terminated somewhere beneath her palm.  Rainbow moaned again, and two dark blue nipples popped up from her soggy blue chest, but very little fattened beneath them as only hints of breasts manifested there.

Only then, at last, did Derpy stop peeing, the mail mare shivering as the last few drops tickled her equally-stimulated marehood and landed on her tail.  She lay there and caught her breath, idly grazing her engorged grey lips with her right hoof.

At Derpy’s feet, Rainbow was utterly consumed by pleasure, continuing to rub her lubricated body and squeeze her tiny breasts.  As she shoved her fingers deeper inside her, she moaned even louder and twisted her legs, juice gushing down her fingers and into the grass.  The more Derpy watched, the more she began to touch herself, feeling the same sensations she felt earlier that day.

Derpy got on her hind legs and, supported by the tree, felt her own body begin to change once more.  Her legs grew first, causing her to lose her balance and just barely catch herself with her front legs as they pressed down on either side of Rainbow’s hips.  Her face now inches above Rainbow’s stomach, Derpy then slipped her hoof back to her marehood and continued to rub, hopping her stretching upper body forward on her other hoof as it morphed into a sticky hand.  The more she stretched, the larger her breasts became, compromising her balance once more.  Derpy bent her knees to crouch lower, and it was then that Rainbow began to feel her presence.  

But Rainbow’s vision only cleared just in time to see Derpy’s face above hers, blonde hair tickling the edges of her face as her lips pressed into hers in a kiss.

The two mares let go of their marehoods and Derpy let her weight fall on Rainbow, sharing the soaking stench of the urine on her body, their combined warmth roasting them both.  Wrapped in the embrace of each other’s arms, they rolled to their left, then tumbled into the brook with a loud splash, Rainbow landing on top of Derpy.  The two lovers found a soft spot in the rocks, a cradle of algae cupping Derpy’s ass in its slimy smoothness as the cool water rushed by her hips.  

Seeing Rainbow still straddling her, Derpy then felt the blue pegasus kiss her neck, her collarbone, then suck her giant left breast, grabbing onto it with her new hands as if trying to pull it off of her.  As Derpy again shivered to another’s touch, she lifted her head from the water, her soaked blonde mane whisking from the water and slapping against her back.  

Feeling drips of water against her head, Rainbow’s kisses accelerated, a half-dozen tiny pecks down Derpy’s torso all the way down to the waterline and her muffin-shaped bush.  She had just enough time to swing her legs wide when Rainbow got to her knees and reached under the water to hoist up her ass, allowing her to bury her face in Derpy’s snatch as water dribbled off her thighs.

Derpy could feel Rainbow’s voice humming, trembling her marehood to her swiftly lapping tongue.  Rainbow’s tail whipped against her flank as her asscheeks parted, making her reach back from Derpy’s thighs to ram three fingers hard into her begging slit.  Derpy’s hands fumbled to hold onto the slick rocks and she walked her upper body upwards, water dripping from her fingers as they rushed through the back of Rainbow’s glorious mane.  But she couldn’t hold this position for long before Rainbow let her ass splash back down into her rocky perch.  

Still in a rush, Rainbow sat down in the water and thrust her leg under Derpy’s thigh.  Then, with hands flat on the rocks behind her, she pushed back against the mail mare’s lap, bashing her crotch into Derpy’s so that a geyser of cold stream water sprayed up between them.  The two leaned back and moaned loudly as their marehoods kissed beneath the waves, spurts of juice squirting up onto their laps with every wet slap that followed.  Derpy tried to set a steady pace, but Rainbow pushed back harder and faster, water splashing all over their hot bodies.  

Rainbow’s blue body sweat profusely as she huffed deep breaths to ram her more than twice a second, her tiny breasts vibrating with every bump as the water disturbed into white foam around her.  Derpy was helpless to the barrage, and she stopped moving her own hips to let it happen to her, feeling the water caress her hips as it rushed by, her head swung back so her tongue could flip free, her heavy breasts flopping up and down.

Just when Derpy’s loins had almost become numb from the cold water and the constant banging, Rainbow cried as she slammed her once more and stopped.  Derpy could feel cream squirt out of her partner and into her own bruised pussy.  Then she pulled back and locked against her again, another geyser of water splashing them both as she pumped more of the juice inside her.  

Rainbow was about to pull back again when Derpy’s body reared back and bashed back at her the other way, unleashing a sizeable volume of cum that drenched the entirety of Rainbow’s loins, which then slithered off her body and was carried downstream.  The two then grabbed each other’s shoulders, trying to keep themselves from falling over, and their marehoods kissed once more, throbbing less and less as they released their final loads.

In a few moments, they each felt a hoof at their back, their bodies back in their normal pony forms.  They breathed deeply, inhaling the odor of wet cum and dried urine that covered them both, feeling the trickling water of the brook rush over and past their tired bodies, carrying some of their sex with it.

“So—awesome—” said Rainbow.  “I’ve never felt that way before—I like it!”  In a burst of excitement, she got on all fours and kissed Derpy on the cheek.  Derpy blushed.

“You’re welcome, Rainbow Dash,” said Derpy with a huge smile. “Twilight Sparkle showed me how to do it.”

“Twilight?!” said Rainbow, helping Derpy out of the water.  “That egghead likes to do this, too?”  Then she giggled.  “No way!  This I’ve gotta see!”

Chapter 9: Awakening

Sweet Apple Acres looked its most beautiful in the late afternoon.  As the sun set, the shadows stretched between trees whose leaves glowed gold as the rays hit them.  Beneath the multi-hued canopy, Applejack and Big Macintosh closed in on completing their harvest, an effort that both the weather and the day’s strange absence of their friends had made more strenuous than usual.  But still, through it all, they were now just five trees away from finishing their work.

Applejack’s legs felt rubbery from all the day’s exertions, but she tried her best not to show it, having challenged her brother to a race.

“You gettin’ tired there, Big Brother?” she teased as she positioned herself in front of the next tree.  Big Macintosh, with some difficulty, shook his head and got to the tree across from her.

“Nope,” he answered.

Applejack leaned forward, the sun glistening off the moisture that dripped from her back and rolled through her fur.  She tightened her stomach as her powerful hind quarters lifted up, the soft muscles inside her thighs coiling tighter and tighter until they bulged from between her folded legs.  She grimaced and kicked her legs back as hard as she could, the shock of the contact reverberating through her body.  With a loud thud of hoof to tree trunk, a burst of sweat shook from her body, the drops spraying in all directions, then twinkling in the fading light as they disappeared from view.  

As dozens of red apples shook down from above and thundered perfectly into two baskets, Big Macintosh pounded his tree, though at a spot much lower than he typically did.  The result was only a fraction of his sister’s take.  As his thirsty tongue slipped from his mouth, Applejack giggled playfully, then trotted toward the next tree.  He bucked again much harder, hard enough to leave his hoof prints on the trunk, and the remaining fruit tumbled down.

“I’m—gonna beat’cha—better keep up!” Applejack panted.  But this time her brother didn’t answer.  He sprint to the next tree and bucked it at the precise moment his sister did hers.  As the apples fell between them, Applejack scooted toward the final tree, letting her hat fly off the top of her head and land in the dirt.  Big Macintosh was alongside her, but only for a couple steps before he tripped on a root and fell, his chin digging a small trench into the fertile soil.

“Yee-haw!” cried Applejack as she bucked the final tree, unleashing the final torrent of apples.  “I win.  Good race there, brother.”  Big Macintosh blushed as he got to his feet.

“Eeyup,” he said.  He stooped down and picked up his sister’s hat with his mouth, feeling his thick wooden horse collar slide a few inches up his thick neck, then fall back in place.  He slowly walked up to her, discovering in the process how much his hind legs ached from the day’s efforts.  He lifted his head and let the hat fall on her.

“Thank you kindly,” she said, tipping the hat back on her head.

That final tree sat on the rise of a large hill which offered the two ponies a panoramic view of Ponyville, its small wooden structures bathed in the shine of the setting sun.  There was a peculiar stillness to the town that evening, no pegasi darting through the cloudless sky, and nopony trotting through the surrounding countryside, making the sight resemble a large painting.

As they stood, Big Macintosh’s eyes wandered to her sister, to the gentle motions of her sweaty body as she breathed, and to the clumps of mud stuck to her dusty hooves.  He then watched her breathe deeply, raising her head and closing her eyes, letting the sun warm her freckled face.  She exhaled with an air of contentment, and with glistening eyes she looked back up at him, her Big Brother, her best friend.

Her lover.

Applejack blushed as she let her eyes follow down the ripples of his powerful legs before they turned back toward the town.

“I let Mrs. Cake borrow my book,” said Applejack.  “I hope all them stories can help her out with her problem.”

“Eeyup,” said Big Macintosh, feeling his heart rate begin to increase.  Applejack sighed, laughing a little to herself.

“It’s strange,” she said, “I don’t know how she found out about it.  I ain’t never told nopony I wrote a derned book.  Not like anypony would believe me anyways.  But I reckon I’ve learned not to ask questions anymore.”

Big Macintosh nodded.

“I wonder what it’ll be like when she changes for the first time,” she said, looking back into her brother’s eyes.  “I hope it’ll be like the first time it happened to us.”  Both of them knew what was going to happen.  Their loins were already tingling.

“I hope so, too,” answered her brother.  

Applejack took a step and, with one hoof raised, eased her face toward his, closing in enough to let him feel her quaking breath against his lips.  Her eyes closed as she giggled, then drew a breath as her face sucked into his.  As the two kissed, Applejack let her right-front hoof slide down her belly until it squished into her marehood.  Beneath Big Macintosh, he could feel his sheath begin to yaw open, reshaping itself into the first few inches of his impressive black cock.

Between Applejack’s loins, she could feel her hooves begin to flatten, her fingers elongating and flicking the caked mud off each digit before they flexed inside her squishy slit.  Her hoof against her brother’s face changed simultaneously, liberated fingers stroking gently down her brother’s red fur, then reaching down under his horse collar to twirl in a thick mat of moist fur that puffed from just above his chest.  She pulled her face back from his, then slid her face past, making use of her distending legs and torso as it twisted into curves to her touch.  As she ground against him, her breasts fattened and she felt the friction of her hardened nipples, her brother’s heartbeat throbbing faster and faster against her stretching body.  At last, she was finished, her quivering breath tickling Big Macintosh’s ear, causing it to twitch.

“Buck me,” her voice whispered, her left arm reaching further and further down his stomach.  “Buck me hard, Big Brother.”

At these words, more and more of Big Macintosh’s cock revealed itself, squishing out of him and into her sister’s waiting hand.  He quivered to her touch, his body buckling as she began to stroke its length, her hand cupped under the bulky shaft, but not able to reach completely around.  It was his most sensitive spot, as she’d discovered that first time years before.  With the growth came a familiar pain at his loins as the torque of the shaft tugged it downward. Applejack flopped it up and down with her hand as it became more glutted with pounding blood.  His chest broadened at the behest of new muscles, causing his hooves to drag apart in the clay below until big red fingers clinched down to pull his arm muscles taut.  His legs pulsed into longer and larger shapes, causing him to change his stance so that he was sitting on his knees.

Applejack slid off of her brother’s back and let him sit up.  He grabbed his horse collar and lifted it off of him, revealing his chiseled red chest, his pulsating black cock, and, lying on the ground, his mighty red balls now boiling with seed.  As Big Macintosh let his collar thump onto the dirt, Applejack let go of herself and leaned in to his chest.  She kissed him between his pecs, biting him gently, then let her tongue slide up against the grain of his fur.  She moved down on her own knees and lifted her head up higher until it once again met his in another kiss.  His sinewy arms wrapped around her tightly, yanking her body into him so that her breasts and his cock were pressed between their bodies.

Applejack’s arms were just barely long enough to embrace him, and as her hands rubbed over his shoulders, he eased her onto the ground, bringing a hand out to the side to keep his weight from crushing her.  His kisses moved down to her neck and he let his hungry tongue slobber over her nipples, sucking them each as his hands groped them both mercilessly.  He then sat up and her hands fell from him, her finger slipping into her mouth to taste his salty musk.    

She watched as he shifted his knees to the sides of her hips, then eased his cock down the front of her.  Applejack licked her lips, staring into the oozing tip of his member, feeling its searing warmth against her soft stomach.  She then grabbed her large breasts in her hands, squeezing them together, feeling the tip of her brother’s cock start to push between them from below.  Big Macintosh could feel her chest rise and fall beneath him as he eased its length forward, her strong arms keeping her grip as tight as she could as it smeared goo all over the inside of her cleavage.  

As her brother cringed under the pressure, Applejack watched with excitement as the tip popped out from between her tits, dribbling a little precum onto her chest.  With the base of the long shaft still lying a few inches below Applejack’s chest, her brother then slipped it back out and began to grind his hips against her.    

Big Macintosh groaned, his balls dragging over her body as he continued to fuck her tits.  He planted his hands on the ground next to her and continued thrusting, feeling the tip move closer and closer to her mouth.  On the ground, Applejack watched as the tip of his cock began to swell and buck upward, more and more precum dribbling down onto her.  Her mouth watered in anticipation.  She could tell he was close.

“Do it,” she said. “Get it all over me. Make me a mess, Big Brother.”

With those words, Big Macintosh thrust one more hard stroke and groaned louder, his teeth locked together.  As Applejack felt his thighs pinch against her sides, she felt his cock buck upward and a huge burst of cum spit out of him like a cannon, splattering all over her face.  She licked his goo from her lips and another burst quickly followed, more and more of his seed splashing over her, creeping into her nose, dribbling off her chin, and sticking in her mane.  Big Macintosh sat up as Applejack let go of her breasts, rubbing his salty-sweet cum from her face to lick it from the backs of her hands.

Big Macintosh began to hunch forward as his body started to revert, but Applejack grabbed his cock once more and, leaning her head under the shaft, began to trace her tongue up along the bottom.  From the numbness resulting from his ejaculation, her brother suddenly felt her lips kiss a spot beneath the tip, and he stood up straight once more, still in his bipedal form.  He looked down and watched his sister continue to play with him, both her hands rubbing up and down his cock as she kissed the tip, letting her tongue slip inside the hole.  She loved it when he watched her, and she smiled every time she made eye contact with him just to make him blush a little more.

Applejack climbed to her feet, reluctantly letting go of Big Macintosh’s cock, then slowly walked back toward the final tree.  She turned and let her ass kiss the rough wooden trunk, her tail swishing backward against the wood before it stopped behind her back.  She watched as her brother got to his feet for the first time, revealing his towering form to her, and the return of his fully-erect manhood.  Applejack reached behind her head and pulled free the ribbon that held her mane in a ponytail and let the blonde strands flow free.  She released the ribbon with outstretched hands, letting it float down the hill as Big Macintosh walked up to her.

Her brother was more than a head taller than her, as big and strong as he ever was.  And she loved to let him take her this way.  She felt his hands reach under her orange buttocks and hoist her upward, her back sliding up against the tree until her face was level with his.  As he pressed closer to her, she let her arms reach around the back of his neck so that she could pull him into another kiss, her feet dangling more than a foot off the ground.

“Put it in,” she whispered under her breath, “I want you inside me, Big Brother.  Please.”

Big Macintosh reached down and took his cock in his right hand, moving his hips backward to guide the fat tip into her soaking marehood.  As her lips parted to let it in, the two kissed harder as he squeezed his hips forward, slowly coaxing inch after inch inside her, straining and distorting the delicate organs within.  More and more of him began to fill her, and Applejack’s legs swung outward as her hips met his, allowing her legs to cross behind him and tap his back just above his square red ass.  

The more he filled her, the higher he lifted her, and the tops of her breasts pushed into his chin.  Applejack gasped to the treetops, then felt her brother withdraw just as slowly, easing her back into his face.  A thick odor of apples and nutmeg rose from their loins as her delicious juice now coated his exposed rod.  The two trembled in each other’s arms as Big Macintosh grunted, rocking his hips gently back and forth, her pussy sucking him back in with every stroke.  

“Harder,” said Applejack, “Buck me harder!

He obeyed her command, but he slipped his cock into her just a shade faster than before.  His sister meant the world to him, and from the first time they made love, he always worried about hurting her when he did it.  His bipedal form frightened him - in truth, he feared its power - and he couldn’t quite figure out why his sister always wanted him to get rougher every time.  But he also couldn’t deny how incredible it felt inside her, how wonderful her juices felt as they dribbled over his balls, and he knew he couldn’t deny her.  So he sped up a little more.

“Ahh-ahhh—” moaned Applejack, “Just keep ‘er right there—yeah----ffffff-yeah—”

As Big Macintosh kept his rhythm, Applejack started hopping up and down on him, biting her lower lip as her grip around his neck tightened.  His balls were now soaked in her juices, tingling so much that he could feel each individual droplet fall from the sack and onto the ground.  Her fingers rushed through his mane as she kissed him once more, shunting her hips to twist his cock inside her.  Her hands pushed his head downward, letting her big breasts bounce against his face, smacking against his chin.  He could feel her pussy wriggle around his cock, pulling taut around its length, and he knew that her orgasm was fast approaching.  

“Unf! Unf! UNNNF!” cried Applejack.

Applejack came first, a sticky burst of her rich juice smothering his loins, squirting inside his dick, and sizzling against his furry crotch.  Her head pressed against the side of his as her ass continued to tremble against the tree, squirting volley after volley of the goo all over her brother’s rod.  Her fourth pulse triggered Big Macintosh’s glutted cock, and a huge burst of his seed blasted deep inside her, burying itself inside her womb.  Another two blasts followed in rapid succession, immediately filling her distended pussy until more than a cup of the goo fell out of her, tacking into large dark spots on the dirt below.  And, all the while, the two kissed, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues, her nipples stimulated by her brother’s sweaty fur.

The two lovers held this position for several minutes, even as their bodies finally returned to their normal forms, his cock slipping back out of her stuffed pussy as it retreated into his sheath.  Eventually, Big Macintosh’s flank thumped the soil below, his sister still straddling him, still enjoying the kiss.  She then eased back from him and gave him a soft peck on the cheek.  She trotted toward her apple baskets, deliberately giving him one more look at her marehood as she stooped down to lift two of them with her back.

“You’re the best, Big Brother,” said Applejack, rubbing the last of the cum from her face so nopony else would notice.  “Ain’t nobody bucks these apples quite like you.”

* * *

Meanwhile, as the sun set behind the distant hills, Mr. Cake trotted up to the front door of Sugar Cube Corner.  His apron reeking of sweat, his face tired from a long day away from his home, he bit down on the small patch of daisies he held in his teeth and clopped gently on the front door.  His heart skipped a beat as he heard hoofsteps clop toward the door.  Memories of the argument he had with Mrs. Cake that morning rushed into his mind, making him think for a moment of retreating.  But, all at once, the door opened, revealing the silhouette of familiar curves that now stood on two legs.

“Cup Cake?” asked a shocked Mr. Cake.

Without saying a word, Mrs. Cake's fingers grabbed the straps of her husband's apron and yanked him up into her arms, pulling his face into hers.  As the daisies fell from his kissing mouth and onto the entryway, Mrs. Cake smirked, turning hard enough to smack the door shut behind them with her round blue ass.

Chapter 10: Empowerment

It was dark again in Ponyville when Applejack trotted alone into the sleeping town.  Her orange coat glistened under the occasional street lamp outside the town square, her body smelling of apple blossoms from a warm bath she enjoyed when she got back to the farm.  And even after a hearty meal with her family, she could still taste Big Macintosh’s seed on her tongue.

On any other day, the workhorse would have retired long ago, resting up for another full day of work.  But she couldn’t sleep; she had to know how the Cakes were doing.  She did love to watch couples buck - one of the many things she discovered about herself when she ran off to Manehattan all those years ago - and to know that her book was playing a role made the watching that much more erotic.  

But nopony had ever read her book before - nopony besides Big Macintosh anyway - and the fear that Mrs. Cake hadn’t followed her strict instructions was also not far from her mind.

As she neared Twilight Sparkle’s library, Applejack noticed all its lights were on inside.  Intrigued, she stopped and trotted slowly in that direction, hearing more and more of a muffled commotion as she neared the lowest window to the right of the entrance.  

Her hooves perched on the windowsill, she inched her head up to see a the profile of a strange purple creature sitting on the other side, her smooth backside pressing a star-shaped cutie mark against the foggy glass.  A slender purple arm reached up, shaking a can of whipped cream before spraying it on the her breasts in a loud “fssssh.”  Moments later, a stretch of rainbow-colored hair rose from her belly. Rainbow Dash’s face followed, her flat chest coming into view as she turned to suck her face onto Twilight’s left breast.  As Rainbow swallowed the cream, Twilight let out a sigh, brushing her fingers through her mane.  Rainbow’s cream-covered face then turned toward the window, and her ears perked up.

“Hey, Twilight,” Rainbow squeaked, “it’s Applejack!”

Stunned, Applejack fell back from the window and into the bushes.  Her mind raced with too many thoughts to count, each of them colliding and breaking apart, keeping her from turning them into actions before they were lost completely.  All she could do was lie on top of the bushes and watch the door fling open.  

There before her stood a bipedal Twilight, Rainbow standing behind her with her blue hand squished between Twilight’s soaking legs.

“Applejack!” said Twilight, Rainbow kissing her left shoulder as she slipped her fingers into Twilight’s snatch. “We’ve been wondering where you’ve been!  Come inside, we’re having a sleepover!”  Twilight’s right hand grazed up Rainbow’s arm, pressing it against her.  Twilight moaned, then bit her bottom lip.

“Twilight—Rainbow—” stuttered Applejack, “wh-what in tarnation is going on here?”

“It’s a sleepover, A.J.” sighed Rainbow, leaning herself against Twilight’s back and kissing her purple neck. “Twilight read this awesome book, so now we’re having some fun with our - what was it, Twi?”

“Our goddesses!” giggled Twilight, feeling her juices dribble tiny stars all over Rainbow’s fingers.  Twilight touched Rainbow’s chin and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

Applejack’s heart sank.  She sat motionless, the word “goddess” echoing in her head as the two changed ponies reached out and grabbed her, dragging her inside the library.  As they let go and the door slammed shut behind them, Applejack stood still, consumed by the moist air sinking around her as she watched her friends violate each other.  

To her right, Fluttershy lay against a pile of cum-stained pillows, trying to shoo away Owlicious as he lay between her sweating thighs, cuddling his small feathered body up against her leaking slit.  Applejack could see the shooing motion of Fluttershy’s hoof move from the owl down to her clit, and she whimpered as her breasts began to rise from her stretching chest.  

A transformed Pinkamena sat in a desk chair to Fluttershy’s right, rubbing a tremendous amount of whipped cream into her fur, letting it fall from her body in large gobs as she felt over her curves in slow, steady circles.  Through her flattened mane, just one eye was visible, staring down at the changing Fluttershy.  Pinkamena licked her lips and stood up, strutting over to her on long pink legs.  Then she stooped down and leaned in to kiss the yellow pegasus on the mouth.  With a tear rolling from her closed eye, Fluttershy let her mouth open and lifted her head to kiss back.

On the other side of the room sat Rarity.  Still in her four-legged form, she was also on her back, but now in the lap of a large transformed Spike.  Her hind legs were splayed apart over his crotch, the shaft of the dragon’s dripping cock throbbing right against her soaking slit.  Spike’s fearsome claws were holding her front hooves in place behind her, and she writhed from the unending torture of her lips trying to wrap around the tip of his rod.  All she could do was watch Pinkamena scoot Owlicious away and get to her knees to slide between Fluttershy’s legs, letting her pink asscheeks splay apart to reveal the bits of confetti glued to her inner thighs by dried cream.

It was then that Applejack felt a face press between her asscheeks, then a tongue slip from the bottom of her marehood up to the top.  

Applejack shuddered and cringed at the sudden realization that she was not only observing, but was a part of the scene, and as she felt hands run up the sides of her toned flank, she looked back to see that Twilight was on her knees behind her, her horn batting against her billowy blonde tail.  Twilight’s voice hummed into Applejack’s moist snatch and the orange pony moaned loudly, feeling the purple pony shake her head between her cheeks.  Applejack gasped and felt herself blush, her mouth tasting the thick scent of sex in the stagnant library air.  

Applejack then felt a blue hand cup her jaw and steer it into Rainbow Dash’s face, and the two kissed deeply.  Before she knew it, her own orange hands had returned, and as her stretching body eased forward into Rainbow, she reached her right hand up to slide through Rainbow’s mane, unable to stop herself from pulling her face into hers.  Rainbow then got to her knees and let Applejack’s free arm wrap around her, the orange pony letting her breasts dangle down over the sticky hardwood floor.

The more Applejack and Rainbow kissed, the more Rainbow leaned back to lay flat on the floor, letting her athletic rival climb on top of her.  As the two continued to kiss, Applejack stepped her extended legs apart and Twilight sat up, letting her tongue flick out of her pussy and slide over her puckered asshole.  At the same time, Applejack could feel Rainbow’s hands gliding up and down her back, her breasts slipping over the hardened nubs of Rainbow’s flat chest.  A throb reverberated through Applejack’s body and her pussy warmed so rapidly that it felt like it was going to melt off of her body.

But it was then that Twilight stood up from behind Applejack, smacking her smooth right asscheek as she walked by. Applejack sat up, bringing her ass down until her loins pressed against Rainbow’s belly, and saw Twilight walk over to Rarity, who was still in Spike’s jealous grasp.  As Twilight did, Applejack felt Rainbow grab her inner thighs and shimmy her body beneath her loins.  Applejack had just felt Rainbow’s breath tickle her soaking lips for a moment before Rainbow gave it a lick herself.  

As Rainbow’s tongue slipped inside, Applejack moaned at the ceiling and rocked back, letting her smooth ass sit on her blue face.  Applejack grasped her right breast and pushed it up to her chin, finding herself licking it with the tip of her tongue as Twilight leaned in to give Rarity a kiss.  Spike’s thick jaw grimaced, but Twilight only giggled and began to rub his throbbing shaft.  Spike let his head swing back as his low moaning rumbled through the room, shaking two books from a nearby shelf.

The sound attracted the attention of Pinkamena, whose pink legs were now threaded between Fluttershy’s more slender yellow ones.  Now sitting sideways with Pinkamena’s back toward Applejack, the pink pony let Fluttershy gently nudge her pink pussy with her own, the yellow pony unable to stop herself, even though she couldn’t stand to watch it happening.  Twilight and Rarity kissed, and Pinkamena grinned at them, clasping her gooey pink breast, tugging the dark nipple to summon a welcomed sting of pain.  

As Twilight got to her knees, still rubbing Spike’s cock, she slipped her other hand from Rarity’s jaw to the front of her white chest, welcoming her swelling breasts with a gentle squeeze.  Spike could feel Rarity’s hooves change inside his grip, smoothing out into hands from slender arms.  As Pinkamena felt Fluttershy’s stinky juice smear over her pussy, Pinkamena began to shudder back against her, letting her pink mane whisk across her face as she now stared down the pegasus.  All the while, Owlicious kept hovering above them, looking for way to get back to Fluttershy’s oozing marehood.

At last, Spike released Rarity’s hands.  But before Rarity could move off of him, Spike then grabbed the back of Twilight’s head and thrust it down over his cock, ramming its length clear down the first few inches of his caretaker’s throat, and in the process pinning Rarity’s right thigh in place.  As Twilight began to suck him off, her spit dribbled down to the base of Spike’s shaft where Rarity’s marehood still sat painfully exposed, the transformed white pony drooling from the mouth as her hands were finally free to rub her clit.  As she did, Rarity looked upward, letting her sticky left hand roam to the back of Spike’s neck. As Spike felt her soft touch fondle his muscles, Spike let his claws grind up Rarity’s hourglass figure before they clamped over her breasts.  Rarity moaned and Spike leaned his face down, the two kissing deeply as Spike’s cock pounded inside Twilight’s mouth.

Back at the entrance, Rainbow Dash continued to gobble up Applejack’s thick juice, her blue hands sliding up and down her muscular thighs with every lick.  By now, Applejack had completely lost the ability to hold still, her hands sliding all over her curves, squeezing her breasts and tugging hard at each nipple.  The touching sped her toward orgasm, and she leaned forward and slapped her hands against the sticky floor, banging the back of Rainbow Dash’s head against the ground.  But still the pegasus kept up her constant licking, reaching up to her hips and grabbing handfuls of Applejack’s ass as she felt her body begin to tighten on top of her.  

Applejack then yanked her head upward, her hat flying off and her mane flowing free as she came straight down Rainbow Dash’s throat.  As another burst of apple-scented juice splashed into the pegasus’ mouth, another strange smell filled the air as Rainbow let her legs splay apart, letting a strong stream of urine spray against the front door.  

Spike roared and Twilight twitched, leaning forward to let the dragon’s thick seed squeeze into her.  The throb of Spike’s cock bucked it against Rarity’s pounding slit, and she too released, squirting her gemstone-reeking juice between her fingertips and around the base of the shaft, letting it drip down and tack onto the wood floor below.  

A kazoo sound then pierced the air and Fluttershy felt confetti burst against her marehood, more and more of it issuing forth until her golden lips were completely coated with the tiny scraps.  A moment later, Fluttershy screamed, and a thick gob of stinky juice splattered all over Pinkamena, a confetti-mixed onslaught that reached as high as her belly button, followed by three much smaller spurts right after.  As the two ponies’ loins separated, Owlicious perked up and swooped into the resulting gap, fluttering his wings against the two mares’ numbed genitals as he gobbled up the irresistible confetti-laden goo.

As the ponies continued to twitch in all-consuming orgasms, they all started to fall to the floor.  Applejack fell first, leaving Rainbow Dash on her back to lick the sweet juice from her fingertips.  Fluttershy and Pinkamena fell over next, the pink creature’s mane fluffing back into its old shape as she now caught her breath as Pinkie Pie.  Twilight managed to lift her head from Spike’s lap, coughing once as a final spurt of cum sputtered from Spike’s cock and landed on Rarity’s stomach.  Twilight stayed on her knees then moved to all fours while Rarity slumped forward in Spike’s lap, her legs drawing back into her as they returned to their normal size, hands reforming into hooves.  

Gradually, the numbness of the white pony’s release subsided, and she began to notice that Spike had not reverted yet, his pounding cock still kissing her marehood.

“Um, Master?” whispered Rarity, her hooves tapping gently against his claws.

As the friends finished reverting, Twilight took a couple steps and kissed Pinkie Pie, then felt a lick from Rainbow Dash on her purple cheek.  Applejack then trotted over and tended to Fluttershy, who, with some difficulty, also got to her feet and moved toward the group.  The two embraced their friends, causing Fluttershy’s wings to twitch, and the orange pony laughed, forgetting the fear that brought her there in the first place.  

Rarity, meanwhile, began to struggle in Spike’s grip, unable to free herself.

“Girls—” whispered Rarity.  But nopony heard her.

“Well I’ll be,” said Applejack, “I ain’t never actually tried a Chapter 23 before.”  Twilight, licking a thin trail of Spike’s cum from her leg, lifted her head.

“Oh, you’ve read ‘The Goddess Within?’” asked Twilight, clopping her hooves together.  “How exciting!”

“Read it?  Heck, I wrote the durned thing,” said Applejack.  The other ponies sat up and blinked their eyes at her in disbelief.  Rarity, meanwhile, trembled in fear, feeling Spike’s grip on her begin to tighten.

Girls!” whispered Rarity.  

“You wrote that, Applejack?” asked Twilight.  “Wow!  Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Because, uh—” started Applejack before she shook her head.  “Aw, heck, it’s a long story.  But y’all surprised me.  I’ve gotta say, I ain’t never thought that a dragon could change like we ponyfolk could.”

Spike began to growl under his breath, his thick heartbeat racing until Rarity could feel it thump against her back.  Rarity’s eyes filled with tears, barely able to whimper any more words because of the pressure Spike applied to her chest.

“You mean this is something we can all do—?” began Twilight, but her voice was cut off by a fearsome roar that filled the room.  

The ponies sprang up and saw that Spike was growing larger, fearsome horns piercing through his scales and springing out of his shoulders as his body tore against the bookcase behind him.  The ponies watched in horror as Rarity struggled frantically to free herself, her horn igniting a bright blue, but to no avail.  

Rainbow Dash yelled something barely audible under the clamor, gesturing wildly at her friends and pointing toward the door.  Pinkie and Fluttershy ran past her and held open the door while Rainbow flew up to Rarity, who was now held in the grip of one large purple claw.  But the moment Rainbow reached her, the other claw swiped down at her from above, swatting her into a tailspin before Twilight caught her with her magic and guided her to the floor.  

Twilight then turned and gulped, focusing her own magic on Spike’s hand.  After several seconds, she managed to inch two of his fingers free, causing Rarity to tumble free before she fell into Rainbow Dash’s arms.  Spike roared once more, his body curling under the restrictive height of the library, and the six ponies rushed out the door, Rainbow flying out with the weakened Rarity lying limp in her hooves.

Outside, the ponies huddled together by a street lamp, clutched together in terror.  Spike’s roars grew louder, smashing out the library’s windows from the inside, scattering shards of broken glass all over the grass. Next came the sound of something tearing apart, the earth trembling as fearsome green tentacles shot out from every window, wriggling wildly.  The tentacles cinched backward around every part of the tree, pulling taut against it as branches snapped off and the tree began to whine from an interior strain.  At last, the front of the tree failed in a spectacular blast of splinters and smoke.  As the tree’s lights blinked out, something leapt out from inside, a shadow manifesting in the cloud before it cratered into the ground several feet in front of the six ponies, shaking debris everywhere.

“Wh-what is that, Twilight?” asked Applejack, coughing.

The smoke settled down, and the moonlight revealed a monstrous creature squatting down on its hind legs, massive arms hanging down to two huge fists that were mashed into the grass.  Frightful horns riddled the rigid edges of its squared body, and two fierce red eyes burned from its menacing face.  Behind the creature, eight tentacles wriggled and twisted around him, each tugging from spots of distended flesh on either side of his spiked spine.  As the creature sat there, breathing deeply, his grunts reverberated through the earth, waking the few Ponyville residents who somehow managed to sleep through everything else.

“Spike?” asked Twilight.

The creature grunted louder, then sat up.  As he revealed more of his height, his pounding cock stretched into view, the entirety of its shaft ribbed with stiff ridges wreathed with massive, pulsing veins.  The creature breathed deeply, then leaned his head back to roar a loud, ear-rending noise into the sky.  But the ponies could only hold each other tightly, their eyes closed as hard as they could as they anticipated the end.  

The creature was just about to pounce when a bolt of lightning shot down out of nowhere, flashing the ground directly between the monster and the ponies.  As the flash subsided, they opened their eyes and saw six glowing pastel-colored objects poking out of the ground, each nearly three feet high.  Spaced just far enough apart to see them individually, five of the shapes formed a ring, all of them curving inward toward the sixth almost like a miniature Stonehenge.  So absorbed were the ponies by all the strangeness that they jumped when the Royal Canterlot Voice thundered down from above.


The six of them looked up and saw Luna hovering in front of the monster, the underside of her dark alicorn body illuminated by the objects below, her beautiful mane twinkling in the shadow of the beast.  She met eyes with the ponies for only a moment before a mighty flap of her wings turned her toward the monster, bringing her soft dark blue posterior into view.  The ponies looked at each other in confusion, then heard Luna scream as the monster’s tentacles whipped around her body, four of them splaying her four legs apart and suspending her in the air at the monster’s chest.  

“QUICKLY!” yelled Luna, feeling another tentacle slip over her marehood, leaving a slimy trail over it. “WE CANNOT HOLD HIM OFF FOR LONG! THOU MUST INSERT THEM NOW!”

“Come on, girls!” yelled Twilight as she ran into the middle of the circle.  The other ponies galloped after her, each of them drawn to the object that matched the same color as their coats.  One by one, they turned their flanks toward them and backed up over their curved tips, groaning as their hard tips mushed into their tightened marehoods.  Rarity was particularly reluctant, feeling her legs tremble before her white object even touched her.  “Now!” yelled Twilight, her purple marehood already poked apart by her purple shaft.

All at once, the six ponies sat down together, ramming the objects all the way inside their trembling marehoods.  As they sat down on tem, feeling their insides warp to accommodate the objects in one painful twist, their bipedal forms quickly returned, the ponies’ stretched legs coiling into a crouch as their upper bodies arched upward, pressing breasts from their chests that aimed at the sky.  As they sat, the five ponies around Twilight felt their asses touch, and they shivered and trembled, feeling a strange energy fill them that kept their bodies locked in that position.

One by one, the glowing protrusions worked their magic, each of them disappearing inside the ponies and changing their bodies once more.  

A blushing Twilight felt her object vibrate inside her, disintegrating in her pulsating pussy as her purple fur stood on end.  Something sizzled against her hard nipples, then on her clit, and she felt narrow strings whip around her hips and up between the crack of her ass, then over her shoulders, around her back, and across her chest, squeezing her breasts together.  A revealing pink bikini formed from the resulting g-string and, above it, the revealing top whose cups were really just eyepatch-sized pieces of tingling fabric just large enough to cover her nipples.

The base of Rarity’s object, once rooted into the ground, split apart, and the ends fanned outward and darkened into thick black leather belts that fell out of her pussy and stretched out for several feet.  Without warning, the belts became cognizant, six of them whipping up in two groups of three against her back and her chest hard enough to leave stinging marks on her white body.  The soaking belts then slid over her sore body and cris-crossed each other, looping through metal buckles as they surrounded her breasts and cinched down over her curves.  Some of the straps narrowed as they extended higher, and they whipped across her snout and spread back around her head, forming a bridle that held fast to her face.

Fluttershy’s object seemed to grow larger and fatter inside her, but in reality, it was forcing raw energy upward and outward, causing her to cry out in pain as her entire body throbbed to the beat of bulking muscles.  As stinky juice gushed from her loins, Fluttershy’s soft yellow fur grew shaggy and tangled, her veins pressed to the surface of her skin below, her bones cracking and reforming into stronger, sturdier forms as claws jutted from her fingertips.  Her teeth bit down hard as tears rolled down her wrinkled snout, fangs growing from her clinched teeth as spit dribbled down from the edges of her lips.

Peering between the strands of Pinkamena’s mane, the pink pony felt her object seem to loosen from an unforgiving hardness into a gelatinous tube that wiggled inside her.  All at once, the object turned to a thick red goo that slipped into her bloodstream.  Her body buckled as long red streams burst from every pore on her body, then separated and whipped around her in sweeping crimson arcs.  Several of them blended together into a translucent sheet that sucked itself onto her body, squeezing her body and cupping her breasts.  As she twitched, the strange outfit jiggled with her, releasing the saccharine odor of red gummy bears.  Soon, she felt her lower legs embraced by the same tightness as thick rubbery boots engulfed her shins, extending to just below her knees.

Rainbow Dash’s object seemed to disappear entirely once she changed, but her insides had just enough time to shrink back to size before her bladder swelled larger than it ever had before, pressing against the bottom of her stomach.  Very quickly, it released, but the powerful stream adhered to her body, racing impossibly against gravity up over her pubic hair and leaving a golden trail straight upward before it forked underneath her breasts.  As her tongue dangled outward, the warm liquid coalesced, covering her breasts as it flowed behind her and slipped back down between her asscheeks, creating an outfit made of the resulting continuous flow.

Finally, Applejack’s object heated up quickly and sublimated inside her, causing sweat to creep over her entire orange body from head to toe.  The more the sweat covered her, the more the sweat began to thicken and drip into slower white strands all over her body.  As the material dripped down onto her tongue, Applejack could taste the familiar scent of Big Macintosh’s musk and the powerful odor of his cum.  The goo was covering her completely, becoming one with her, coating her orange fur with streaks of white as it hardened into a sticky protective coat from the heat inside her.  She licked her lips and got to her feet, following the lead of the other five changed ponies as they stood up and stared up at the monster, all of their bodies glowing bright as the released energy of the objects swelled inside them.

All six ponies shuddered as they got to their feet, their bodies burning with lust.

Luna, her body in the final stages of transforming into her bipedal form, now had a tentacle wedged between her large breasts with another stuck more than a foot into her soaking dark blue pussy.  The glass slippers on her front hooves had fallen from her reformed hands and shattered on the ground more than twenty feet below.  But as she moaned, she took a moment to glance back at the six changed ponies.  She smiled at what she saw.  

“Masturbation. Submission. Bestiality. Food Play. Watersports. Incest.” Luna thought to herself.  “The Elements of Debauchery.

From the middle of their circle, Twilight thrust out a glowing purple arm and pointed up at the monster.  “Hey, Spike!” she yelled, her stance compromised by the relentless vibrations between her legs.  The monster relaxed his grip on Luna, who still had his tentacle deep inside her marehood.  “You’d better save some of that for us!”

In a flash, Rainbow Dash again darted toward the monster, but this time with a burly Fluttershy following close behind in her draft of urine dribbling off her moist body.  A massive claw swept toward the blue pegasus, but Rainbow dodged it this time, and Fluttershy fanned out her sinewy arms and landed directly on one of the tentacles that was holding Luna in place.  Her claws sank into the soft green flesh and she bit down on its length, drawing out a modicum of blood.  The monster groaned as the tentacle released Luna’s right arm, right before Rainbow splayed her legs apart and smacked them around the monster’s mouth, pressing her stinky piss-covered pussy against his lips.

“Taste the rainbow, Spike!” yelled Rainbow Dash, smacking his face with an outstretched blue palm.  As her urine dribbled inside his mouth, the monster cringed, finally releasing Luna, who glided back to the ground.

Down below, Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkamena ran three-abreast between the monster’s thighs.  The closer they came, the more they could feel the building air pressure as the monster’s fist rushed down toward them.  Applejack ran out of the way before the fist could get her, while the other two quickly disappeared in a purple flash, then teleported onto the top of the monster’s enormous cock.  Twilight ended up straddling the tremendous shaft with her thighs, then ground her trembling hips against a vein that throbbed hard enough to lift her with every beat.  As she leaned forward to kiss one of the ribs, letting her tongue flick out, Pinkamena moved in behind her, tugging Twilight’s purple g-string out of the way so she could jam her face into her soaking marehood.  Twilight moaned, shuddering harder against the back of the cock.  Pinkamena could feel sweat pooling inside her gummy boots.

As the monster shook his face, unable to get Rainbow Dash off of his lips, his tentacles whipped around more erratically, all of them intent on controlling the raging Fluttershy, whose fangs were still buried in one of their lengths.  Eventually, he managed to shake her off, and all eight tentacles whipped out to catch her in mid-fall.  Four of them grasped onto her arms and legs, just as they had before with Luna, only now two more were wrapping around her torso, squishing her fuzzy body as tight as he could.  As the yellow pegasus growled in disapproval, two tentacles abruptly jammed themselves inside her marehood, stretching it beyond dimensions to the point that it felt like her legs were going to rip free of her body.  But the monster only got to stroke her a couple times before he felt something tingle against his balls.

There, back at ground level, Applejack was rubbing herself against the giant leathery spheres as the monster’s scrotum lay against the ground.  She licked the fowl musk from their shapes, then ground her cum-caked orange body against them.  She could feel him tremble to her touch, feel the gallons of boiling seed flowing through them, and she teased them gently with her orange hands, grabbing them, then sliding her hands over their curves.

“You like that, don’t ya, feller?” she asked, leaning in to lick them with her tongue.  She then turned around and got on all fours.  “Well, how ‘bout this?”  

Applejack’s legs scissored back, then kicked with all their might, smacking the testicle so hard that she could see a shockwave reverberate though it.  The monster roared in agony, which allowed Rainbow Dash to readjust her position and grab onto his upper lip, shunting her pussy against his fearsome nostrils as her hind legs pinched over the tip of his nose.  A primal scream then roared out from the monster’s chest and, in an explosion of blood and sinew, Fluttershy ripped herself free of the tentacles, letting the discarded green lengths thump onto the ground below.  The monster roared louder than before, his claws outstretched to the sky in paralyzing pain.  The yellow pony then raced up to the right side of the monster’s neck and bit down hard again, hard enough to pierce his scales and leave two tiny, stinging holes at the spot.

Luna watched from the ground as the ponies did their work.  Sitting in amazement, she was still in her bipedal form, her slender dark purple fingers rubbing over her oozing slit.  It was even better than when she discovered the Elements during the first night of her banishment on the moon, better than that forbidden moment of reckless abandon when she’d used all six of them to violate her every hole, kicking up lunar dust with her convulsions of pleasure.  

At the same time, Luna couldn’t help but notice that Rarity was still sitting to her left, trembling in place and still wrapped in her leather prison.

“Master—” she whimpered, gently nudging her leather-clad pussy.

Back on the monster’s cock, Twilight and Pinkamena had inched their way toward the tip, which because of its size still easily supported both their weights.  The purple pony then grabbed onto the base of the flared head and slid her face down the front of it.  With Pinkamena holding her legs in place, still gobbling up her juices as she did, and the pink pony’s boots stuck fast to the slimy length below, Twilight pressed her face into the soft hole on its tip and let her panting tongue slip inside.  Her hands massaged the delicate flesh beneath as she took in the musky taste, watching as dribbles of precum slid past her and fell out onto the ground.  The cock bucked up beneath them, nearly kicking the two of them off, and they grabbed it tighter with their legs.

Below them, Applejack was kicking the monster’s balls more frequently, causing the monster’s thighs to slide inward with every hit.  The more she kicked, the more his cock twitched, and pressure built rapidly inside the monster’s loins.  As Fluttershy finished her bite, spitting out a torn-out scale from her bloody maw, the monster’s whole body shivered and shuddered, twisting deeper ruts in the dirt with its knees.  Twilight, herself on the brink of orgasm, lifted her head and looked back at Pinkamena, the two of them feeling his seed advancing beneath them toward the tip.

“Hold on!” yelled Twilight.

The purple pony had just enough time to lick the tip of the monster’s cock once more before a cannon burst of cum blasted out of the hole, whisking Twilight’s weary mane against her face.  They watched dumbfounded as the cum shot more than a half-mile away, landing somewhere in the middle of the Everfree Forest.  

From there, the dragon’s cock bucked constantly, firing more and more of the white liquid salvos all over the periphery of Ponyville.  Twilight and Pinkamena lost their grip, then disappeared in a purple flash as they teleported back to the ground, where an escaping Applejack was now running from the monster’s quivering balls.  

Large drips of pearly-white cum splattered all around the three as they ran from the monster and toward Luna, who was gesturing them her way with her free hand.  Twilight looked up behind her for a moment to see Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash swoop down hand in hand, the monster continuing to writhe in his unending orgasm.  As they stood transfixed by the scene, Rarity slowly trotted up behind them, looking up at the monster with tears in her eyes.

At last, with one final drip of cum tumbling out of the monster’s tip, the creature slumped forward and fell down with a tremendous thump, his unconscious face landing right in front of the group as it split thick cracks in the earth below.  As the dust settled, a voice screamed.

Master!” yelled Rarity, running up to the monster’s face and sliding onto her knees.  But as she rubbed his face with her silky white hands, the creature gave no answer, his tremendous eyes still closed, his body not moving.  “Oh, Master—” she sobbed, leaning her bridle-covered face into his leathery cheek and giving him a tiny kiss.  Rarity turned back toward her friends, her face reddened with rage.  “What did you do?  What did you do to my Master?

“Rarity—” started Pinkie Pie.

All at once, the dragon’s body glowed a bright, shimmering green and began to shrink down, the horns receding and the stumps of its tentacles disappearing, limbs reshaping back into their old forms.  As the ponies watched, the creature continued to shrink until all that was left was Spike, his small body curled up in the middle of a giant crater.  The ponies ran into the deep hole, their outfits disappearing as the Elements reformed in their wombs and slipped out of their shrinking marehoods, tumbling into the grass.  Now on all fours in their old forms, the six of them piled in and embraced Spike, lifting him out of the dirt.  The little dragon couldn’t hide a smirk, especially when Rarity brushed her face against his.

Luna, now back in her old form as well, then approached the group slowly, the cum-covered Elements floating in a halo around her, suspended in her magic.  The ponies stopped their celebration and looked back at her.

“Dragons aren’t able to control their sexual transformations, not like us ponies,” said Luna in a quiet, measured tone.  The six of them looked back, perplexed.  “The power that makes dragons change when greed takes hold can accelerate the change.  Only the Elements of Debauchery can return the creature to normal.”

“Elements?  Transformations?” said Twilight.  “I-I don’t understand.  Why didn’t anypony tell us any of this before?”  Luna sighed.

“It is not something any of us are born with knowing,” said Luna, “but it is a part of us all.  And it is something everypony must discover for themselves when the time is right.”  Luna then narrowed her eyes at Applejack. “But you were not supposed to discover it like this.  Not this early.”  Applejack gulped, then cowered down on all fours.

“Applejack,” continued Luna. “My sister requests an audience with you first thing tomorrow morning—alone.”

Chapter 11: Afterglow

The slurp of thick cocks slipping into stretching marehoods gushing with hot juice.  The robust stench of sex filling the moist air of the windowless dimly-lit room.  The sight of bodies twisting and changing, hooves compressing into hands that slid over the distorted limbs of altered ponies.  The moaning din of reckless lovemaking.  It was all too much for an impressionable grade-school-aged pony to see, much less experience.  But young Applejack was no ordinary filly.

Bucking her brother Big Macintosh for the first time had left an indelible mark, prompting this fateful journey of discovery to Manehattan and, though her family didn’t know it, to the metropolis’ infamous Stable 54.  At Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack knew she was just an ordinary workhorse doing thankless chores.  But here on the floor of the club, when some nameless pony stuck their tongue in her tight, sticky-sweet snatch to eat her gooey apple pie, she became something more, something powerful, something desired.

She became a goddess.

In the few weeks she lived with Aunt and Uncle Orange, Applejack would sneak out of the house every night and smuggle herself into the nightclub to partake in more forbidden delights.  As she discovered, her tiny size hid within it a fully-developed sexual creature, one that, when revealed, was so potent that she was soon fought over by the many stallions and mares who frequented the establishment.  She found herself literally thrust into an exhilarating double-life, keeping a diary of her sexual conquests by masturbating with one hand and writing with a quill in the other.  Then, after a steamy bath, the next day she’d exchange knowing glances with familiar faces from the club who had shown up, visibly embarrassed, to the Orange’s fancy dinner parties.

It was only when she filled all the pages in her diary that she took it with her and followed a rainbow back to Ponyville, eager to show her brother all that she had learned.  It was their deepest, darkest secret, one which only the two of them had ever known.  

But another fateful decision, Applejack’s choice to entrust that secret to Mrs. Cake, had likely doomed her to an eternal banishment to parts unknown.  She should have known that nothing got past Princess Celestia, especially with regard to the mail.

It was of little comfort to Applejack that Mrs. Cake was already there when she arrived in Canterlot Castle’s main hall, her pudgy four-legged body quivering against a column.  But she did refuse to help her get to her feet.  Instead, she watched the clumsy creature struggle to her legs, seeing a strange translucent goo dribble from between her thighs.  Then they both winced when a voice echoed through the cavernous hall.

“You may leave now, Mrs. Cake,” said Princess Celestia from somewhere behind her.  “But let me remind you, you are not to tell anypony what transpired here, is that understood?”  Mrs. Cake nodded, shaking the tears from her eyes.  Applejack, taken aback by how furious the Princess’ voice sounded, jumped down into a squat and took off her hat.  She stared at the carpet, not daring to meet eyes with her matriarch.

“Yes, Your Highness, I promise I won’t tell a soul,” said Mrs. Cake as she shuffled out of the room.  

The irregular clopping noise of Mrs. Cake’s stumbling hooves was followed a few moments later by the loud slam of a large wooden door.  Silence then filled the hall, and with the Royal Guards called away, Applejack now sat alone.  

Applejack next heard the slow clopping sounds of slippered hooves on the surrounding tile.  As the clops neared her, closer and closer, her body tightened in fear.  All of a sudden, something smacked down on the carpet in front of Applejack’s snout.  It was “The Goddess Within.”  She heard just a few more clops in the distance before they ceased completely.

“Before I say anything more,” said the Princess, “nothing that you see leaves this room, either, understood?”  Applejack, still staring at the floor, nodded.

“Y-yes, yer Highness,” she answered.

“Say it to me, Applejack.”  The orange pony lifted her head and was stunned by what she saw.  The Princess was standing on two legs, her back turned toward her so that her smooth white ass sparkled from beneath her flowing four-colored tail, the light from the surrounding stained-glass windows illuminating the sweeping curves of her backside.  She could see two white hands rubbing up and down her upper arms, their fingers gently squeezing her soft fur, then grazing over it once more.  Applejack blushed.

“Yes, yer Highness!”

Slowly, the shimmering mane began to move, revealing the left side of the Princess’ face.  The mystery deepened.  She looked more sad than angry, her eye twinkling from tears that welled up along the bottom.  She seemed so—vulnerable.

“Am I a goddess?” the Princess asked quietly.  Applejack looked around her, still trying to make sense of what she was seeing.  Then, just as quickly, she remembered she was still very much in danger, perhaps even more so because of the question.

“Well—yessir, Princess.  Ya look beautiful like that.  I mean, why’d ya have to ask me?”

The Princess bowed her head and turned around, standing naked before the orange pony.  Her slender white arms pressed against her breasts, hiding much of the bright gold necklace that still embraced her neck.  Her right hand was pressed against her left cheek, which blushed a bright red between her fingertips as tears dribbled down on each digit.  But Applejack only noticed these details after she saw the tremendous fully-erect white cock that bucked up from between her snaky thighs.

“What about now?” asked the Princess.

The Princess’ cock took Applejack’s breath away.  It was a sense of horror and intrigue that she had felt just once before, that day she was bathing with Big Macintosh all those years ago.  Their loins had met by chance that day, just as they had many times before as their homemade apple soap lubricated the slick edges of the inside of the tub.  But that day something sparked between them.  Suddenly, her brother’s cock grew in that most incredibly fascinating way, slipping out of him larger and wider until its black length rose out of the suds and he could no longer hide it with his hooves.  He tried to climb out, but she held him in place, slipping his hooves away from his lap as she felt them become hands under her touch.  

And it was then, as she watched his cock throb toward her face, that she first smelled that wonderful smell, a scent her mouth couldn’t keep itself from tasting in one unforgettable lick.  The memory made her mouth water, causing a small trail of spit fall from her mouth when she answered.

“You look right gorgeous, yer Highness,” said Applejack.

The Princess blushed, then walked slowly up to Applejack, kneeling beside her so that her white hand could slide through the back of her smooth blonde mane.  Applejack’s orange ears twitched to her touch, her eyes struggling to look away from the Princess’ cock, which up close looked just like one of the strange Elements that she and her friends sat on the night before.  This one, however, was leaking at the tip, a pool of white goo dribbling out the edge of the hole on top and down the bottom of the aching shaft.  Applejack gasped, then felt the Princess rub her mane again, moving from top to bottom, her long fingers sliding deeper into her hair.

“The Element of Honesty,” said the Princess, “and the Element of Incest.  You are a wonderful pony, dear Applejack.”

The Princess leaned in and gave Applejack a small kiss on her forehead.  The edge of her tremendous mane tickled the left side of her neck, standing her fur up on end.  The Princess sighed, then started to brush her mane even slower.  It felt good - really good.  Before Applejack knew it, she was cuddling against the Princess, letting her white arm lay against her as it continued to brush.  The Princess cuddled her back and smiled, letting Applejack get a better view of her cock.

“It has not been easy being this way,” said the Princess, “but it has been both my curse and my responsibility.  Whenever a mare in Equestria wants to have foals of her own, their husbands send them to me.  And here, in the privacy of my palace, I use my gift to grant them their wish.”

Applejack’s body was now sweating profusely.  She couldn’t make any sense of what the Princess was saying.  It sounded like nonsense, and wanting only to look at her cock, she quickly dismissed it as such.  By now, the fat white shaft twitched well within her reach, just begging for somepony - no, for her - to do something with it.  The Princess reached across her lap to pick up the book, her right breast pressing against Applejack’s face.  As the Princess leaned back, she then let her soft white forearm graze Applejack’s forelegs as she sat back up.

“But this book,” the Princess continued, “your book is my salvation.  Your book showed me that there are other beings like me, others who possess a—” she paused, gesturing at her cock, “—a gift similar to my own.”

Princess Celestia’s hand drifted over Applejack’s right cheek, and the orange pony felt flushed, her marehood oozing fresh juice onto the expensive red carpet beneath her.  Applejack moaned under her breath, desperately trying to save face.  But she could no longer hide her arousal.  Her hooves were already hands, their fingers digging deep into the carpet.  Her chest felt heavy with her growing breasts.  Surely, the Princess had noticed, even encouraged this to happen, but she did not show it.  It was up to Applejack to choose her first move.

“So perhaps I can let others do the changing for me, and they can start their own families,” said the Princess, leaning her face closer and closer to Applejack’s left ear.  “Then I can buck whoever I want,” she whispered into her twitching ear, letting her tongue slip out to flick the inside.

Applejack could hold herself back no longer.  In an instant, she grabbed the Princess’ cock with both hands and jammed her mouth over the flared tip, letting it wedge deep down inside her throat.  The Princess moaned loudly at the arched ceiling above, her fingers grabbing tighter against Applejack’s head to shove it further down.  The orange pony flopped down to her knees and scooted over as she slid her head up, letting the Princess’ tip pop out of her throat to be cradled with her tongue.  Her taste buds registered the familiar saltiness of a man’s cock, but with it an intoxicating cream with a hint of frosting to it.  She then thrust her head back down, still only able to swallow a third of its length, feeling the Princess’ hands run up and down her back.

As Applejack continued to suck the Princess’ royal cock, the Princess stood to her feet, and Applejack sat up to continue her work.  She let one orange hand slide down the front of her and into her soaking pussy, slipping three fingers deep inside her.  She couldn’t get as much of the shaft down her throat in this position, so she used her other hand to rub over the base, feeling the Princess’ life force throb beneath her fingertips.  As the Princess’ ravenous hands began to shake apart Applejack’s mane, severing the little ribbon that held her ponytail together, Applejack slipped her fingers back out of her pussy and smacked the gooey palm against the sun-shaped cutie mark on the Princess’ right flank.  With a slap, the buttock quivered to her touch, and the Princess moaned louder, feeling as though every drop of blood inside her was rushing toward her loins.

By this point, the Princess was thrusting her hips with every stroke, gripping the back of the orange pony’s head even harder as she fucked her face, trying to get a couple more inches down her throat.  But it was too much for her.  Applejack let go of the Princess’ shaft and reached down between her white legs, discovering a small scrotum with two egg-sized balls inside.  She cupped the sack in her hand and the Princess stopped thrusting, her body locking into a quiver as Applejack kneaded the sensitive shapes in her sweaty palm.  The Princess moaned, then hissed, lifting a hand to her nose to drink in the scent of apples and exertions that collected there from her scalp.  Applejack then began to shove her face back and forth once more, and a white finger slipped between the Princess’ lips, her teeth biting down harder and harder on the tip.

All of a sudden, the Princess’ cock bucked upward in Applejack’s mouth, almost triggering her gag reflex before a gob of royal cum pumped deep down her throat.  Determined, Applejack’s practiced throat gulped down the first load without tasting it, then felt the next burst slather over her tongue, the squishy goo filling her mouth and almost overwhelming the earth pony’s senses as it, too, slid down to become a part of her.  The Princess’ grip on Applejack’s head began to relax, her fingers now just shivering inside her blonde mane as she emptied inside of her.

But Applejack wasn’t finished yet.

She pulled her head back, letting one final spurt of cum slap across her snout, then quickly turned her back and got on all fours, lifting her ass as high as she could.  Her face pressed into the carpet, the orange pony then reached back to shove three fingers back inside her pussy, letting the Princess see how wet she had made her.  She then pulled them out and slathered her digits all over her tight little asshole, squishing her middle finger inside to get it nice and wet.  As she did, she could see the Princess’ eyes widen, a mischievous toothy grin forming across her white face as she, too, got to her knees.  

Applejack’s finger popped out of her ass and she began to pull it back when the Princess grabbed her wrist, pulling her orange arm taut behind her.  Instantly, the Princess let her tongue lick the waste from Applejack’s finger, traveling from the bottom to the top before her mouth sucked down on it, licking it clean in circular strokes.  Applejack trembled under the strain of her arm, feeling a low “mmmm” sound vibrate against her fingers as she slipped the fingers in and out.  She could tell the Princess liked what she was tasting.

Finally, the Princess released her, and Applejack’s hands smacked onto the carpet, her damp fingers trembling as her body anticipated being entered.  But she winced when she felt lips kiss her asshole, pressing hard against its puffy rim as a tongue wedged its way inside.  Applejack moaned loudly, feeling the hole stretch and contract as the Princess licked up the mixture of waste and juice inside her, replacing it with her thick, weeping spit.  

The foreplay was unbearably intimate, but still short of what Applejack truly desired.  As her pussy oozed with greater intensity, Applejack couldn’t stop herself from yelling her body’s single demand.

“Buck my ass, Yer Majesty!” said Applejack, “I need you insahde me!”

Applejack trembled at the words, aroused further by her determination to break the only rule she had ever given Big Macintosh.  She didn’t care what happened to her now; she wanted the Princess to destroy her and leave nothing left, if only for the momentary sensation of being filled completely.  

The Princess pulled back her face, licking her lips as she teased Applejack’s pussy with the tip of her member.  She pressed just the tip inside, just enough to feel the embrace of Applejack’s juice as it slipped and slid around its circumference.  Applejack’s legs splayed apart on contact and bucked backward, but the Princess moved her cock away in time, sliding a snail trail up her taint.  Then, at last, the tip was pressing against her asshole, pressure building at the spot as it started to pull it open.

“Yes—oh, buck yeeeees—” cried Applejack, trying to relax her quaking body to let the hole continue to grow.

Wider and wider her asshole stretched, larger than it ever had before.  She could feel her tiny brown star begin to mold itself into the shape of the tip, juice soaking the distended flesh as it fought its way inside.  Finally, with a spike of pain, the tip of Princess’ cock ground inside her ass, pulling apart her delicate insides as it ripped into her.  

Both ponies moaned as more and more of it slowly followed, Applejack’s body twisting inexplicably to the right until it felt like her spine was about to rip out of her backside.  Further and further the mighty cock slid, Applejack’s tight rear legs quivering into mush, her whole body wanting all of it inside her.  Applejack’s mouth opened, but her stomach was now hurting so much that no sound escaped other than an occasional squeak.  It was too much for her body to handle, but she clinched her fingers tighter, grinding her teeth together until finally the Princess’ balls bumped against her puffy slit.  Applejack was almost in the fetal position by now, holding herself on all fours through sheer willpower.  

It was then that the shaft bucked inside her, almost lifting her off the ground, and it slid halfway back out of her before ramming back inside.  At this second pump, a burst of juice splattered out of Applejack’s pussy, and her tongue fell out of a gasping mouth.  The Princess winced, then got down on all fours, letting her breasts rub Applejack’s back s she shoved it back in once more.

It was a slow and excruciating process, a relentless fucking where the strokes were easy to count, but the sensations were impossible to quantify.  Applejack’s ass tightened abnormally quick the moment the Princess withdrew, and every time she re-entered, she had to pry her back open, filling her to the brim with her impossible cock.  By the fifteenth cycle, Applejack could feel the Princess’ body shivering hard against her, her arms locking at her sides when, at last, her cock bucked even harder, filling what little space remained inside her with cum.  Applejack felt a momentary relief in the release, but the cock continued to twist inside her, bucking faster and faster as the seed rebounded back over the mammoth rod, then erupted out of her stuffed ass.  The twitching caused Applejack to cum once more, spurting a sizeable dollop of juice on the edge of the carpet that leaked over onto the tile.  

Seconds later, the Princess lost her balance and her cock flicked out of her gaping asshole, its waste-covered length spurting two more gobs of cum onto her back as the overflowing mixture dribbled out of Applejack’s ass.  

Shuffling across the floor, a weakened Applejack was so numb that she hardly noticed her body reverting until she met eyes with the Princess, lying on her side.  The two of them cuddled in that position, their bodies facing each other, breathing deeply into each other’s mouths.  Both of them watched as the Princess’ cock disappeared back into her body, leaving only an innocuous white marehood in its wake.  When it had finally gone, the Princess nudged Applejack’s head under her chin and held her tightly.

“Thank you, my dear Applejack,” she breathed, patting her back.  “Thank you.”

* * *

Some time later, Applejack limped out of the castle to meet with Twilight and the rest of the gang, who insisted on waiting outside for the verdict.  The ponies talked over each other in a flurry of questions, prompting Applejack to lift a hoof to quiet them down.

“Now, now, ah can’t tell you what happened in there,” said Applejack with a smile, rubbing the Princess’ cum from the side of her snout, “but ah think things are gonna be okay.”

At those words, the five other ponies hugged her tightly, though Twilight gave a curious sniff to the sticky stuff that remained on the orange pony’s face.  It was then that Spike, still riding on Rarity’s back, let out a tremendous burp, causing a scroll to materialize in front of him.  Twilight caught it with her magic and unfurled it.

“Dear Applejack and Friends,” read Twilight, her face scrunched in faint disapproval.

“I have a new assignment for you.  You have all discovered the Magic of Friendship, and you have all learned about it to my satisfaction.  Now, my little ponies, begins the time for you to teach others.  Everypony in Equestria has a god or goddess within them, but not everypony has experienced what the six of you have.  It is now your duty to change this.  Report to Princess Luna on your findings, and best of luck to you all."

"Love, Princess Celestia.”

Far above the crowd in the castle itself, Princess Celestia smiled to herself as the six friends and their baby dragon looked at each other and nodded, then trotted back to the train station.

“I do not approve of this, dear sister,” rang Luna’s voice, the mare hiding in the shadow of a thick cerulean curtain.  “They are too young, and you know they do not understand what this power means.”

“Perhaps it is better that way,” said Celestia, turning back toward her sister.  “Are you really saying we handled this any better all these years?”  Luna’s dark cheeks blushed brightly.

“There should not have been anything for us to handle!” answered Luna, “Now, I—”

“Yes,” answered Celestia, “now it is your turn to protect something of value.  The Elements of Debauchery are not your playthings.  They are your responsibility.”

“But—” started Luna.

“I will not hear anything more on the subject,” said Celestia.  “You say you wanted to prove yourself, so now here is your chance.”  Luna grumbled to herself, avoiding eye contact.

“Yes, sister.” said Luna.

“Now,” said Celestia, using her magic to raise “The Goddess Within” to eye level so that it opened to Chapter 69.  “If you’ll excuse me, I am expecting an overdue cake.”


Wait, did you think that word “Complete” on the bottom of the page means this insanity is over?!  

Come now, you know better.  I haven’t yet written a scene where Rainbow Dash does a stallion, and certain other characters I haven’t used need some special treatment.  And, for better or worse, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Elements of Debauchery.  

As such, “Beyond The Goddess Within” is already in pre-production.  Right now, I’m thinking “BTGW” will be a series of stories that are posted separately so people can find them by character.  I have no idea if I’m going to write just one more chapter or thirty, so I feel this approach is flexible enough to accommodate for either contingency.

And thank you, everypony, for your comments and your readership!  This has been an exciting experience for me, and I hope to improve the more that I do this.  This is easily the most active writing community I have been a part of and I hope to earn your support in the days and weeks ahead.

And hit me up with a private message if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns, I love to hear from you all!

Your Clopmaster General,


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