My Little Dashie: A sequel

by ty500600

Chapter 1: Chapter One

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As I sit in my chair, I can’t help but glance back at where my Dashie was just lying only minutes ago. Where she was lying before Celestia and the other ponies stole her away from me. I almost snorted aloud. No, where she was lying before her friends came and took her home. I feel a pang of guilt for being so selfish. This stage always comes in a parent’s life. Ha, just listen to me, I sound like a person who had raised a child. Well, actually, isn’t that what I am? Great, first I was selfish, now I’m being extra critical of myself. Of course that’s what I did. Dashie was no different than any other human other than her looks. She talked, she wrote, she played, she loved… I cringed at that thought. I could feel tears coming on again, slowly dripping down my cheek. She was my child. No matter how she looked, I raised her to be the best person she could be, no matter where she lived, and I should take pride in that.

I glance back out the window, comforting myself with that pride. The window is cracked, and I hear birds chirping. ‘Heh,’ I think to myself. ‘Too bad Fluttershy isn’t here; she might enjoy meeting these new birds, this new world with the new creatures. Oh wait, never mind, the animals here are no different than the ones in their world… in Dashie’s world. Clouds are starting to form overhead, rain, I assume. I stand up to shut the window, but as I rise, a leaf blows in through the window. I follow it with my eyes, dancing and weaving through my living room, landing on the rug that the ponies were seated on not moments ago. I shut the window and I turn to face the room.

Other than my book of photos, there are no memories of Dashie left. I sink back into my depression. All thought and emotion other than sadness escapes my body. Just standing there, I collapse in on myself, remembering all that I could about my little girl. Her first bath, her first words, her first flight. Her cutie mark and the broken windows that came with it. At that thought I smiled a little, but it is quickly wiped from my face. I don’t know how long I stood there, just remembering.

When I came too though, I was sitting in Dashie’s recliner and the roar of water hitting my window helped to stir me. I got back up and approached the window and leaned on the sill, staring over our yard; my yard, I guess. The rain drops sliding down the window made me feel even gloomier. No, not gloomy, angry. I got so angry I could scream, so I did. I yell at the top of my lungs for as long as I can hold it. It felt like just seconds of a yell, but it was almost a full minute. The yell finally is muffled by a yawn. The yawn just provokes more anger, ‘how can I be tired at a time like this?’ I think to myself. I think of the episode of My Little Pony where Fluttershy becomes a model, and how she kicks her vase. I look around for the nearest vase, found one. The crashing sound reduced my anger some. I sigh in despair, and bang my head against the window. I told myself that I wouldn’t be angry. I told myself that I would be happy for her. After all, every parent must say goodbye to their child.

I turn back to the dark, empty house and I start walking. Something I haven’t done since the day Dashie found out where she was really from. I walked all over the house, up the stairs, and into our rooms. Seeing the office put a hole into my heart, and I had to shut the door to keep from crying again. I pulled out my key, and locked it shut. I didn’t want to go in there ever again, and for that matter no one should. Ha, that would require me having someone over. I proceed into my room and fall onto my bed. I feel empty, and I just wanted to cry myself to sleep. So many questions left unanswered. Will she remember me? Did she keep her things? I’m sure there were more but I’m too tired to remember. I let myself drift off to sleep.

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