Twilight Discovers Nuclear Explosions

by iAmSiNnEr

Chapter 1: And it Definitely is the Most Impressive Explosion

Author's Notes:

I know I said I had burnout, but huge shoutout to the friends who motivated me enough to push past burnout. But unfortunately, this will definitely be the last installation for a bit, my exams are on Friday.

But I hope you enjoy!

"So what's it gonna be?" Tirek asked. "Unlimited chaos, or friendship?

Discord glanced at the picture of him and Fluttershy together. He made his decision. He raised his fingers to snap. “Friendship, Tirek,” he smiled. “One, her tea is amazingly good. Two, I have a fellow explosion appreciater in Twilight Sparkle.”

“Very well,” Tirek nodded. “You made your choice.” Grinning, his horns lit up as he absorbed Discord’s magic, sucking it in. As he did so, his body swelled and the manacles on his hands broke.

“How?” Discord whispered as he convulsed on the ground.

“The manacles were never a problem,” he gloated as he straightened up. “They could never restrict me.”

Twilight Discovers Nuclear Explosions

By iAmSiNnEr

“Tirek has absorbed Discord’s magic,” Luna said morosely. “There is no doubt he is coming for us next. He wants Alicorn Magic.”

“We must rid ourselves of our magic before Tirek has the chance to steal it from us,” Celestia said resolutely.

“Tirek is set on possessing Alicorn magic. When he comes for us, we cannot have what he is looking for.” Luna explained.

Twilight hesitated for a moment, before nodding. “I'm more than willing to do my part and give up my magic.” She stepped forwards.

“You misunderstand,” Luna held up a hoof. “Our magic cannot just disappear into thin air. Somepony must keep it safe.”

“That somepony is you, Twilight.” Celestia added.

“Wha-” Twilight stammered. “Why me?”

“We do not believe that Tirek is aware that a fourth Alicorn princess exists in Equestria. If we transfer our magic to you, Tirek will not know where it has gone,” Celestia explained, before frowning. “And no, do not blow him up with the magic, Twilight. I know what you’re thinking.”

“Do you understand what we're asking of you?” Cadence queried. “This is something very big that we’re asking of you.”

“Yes. It's just... I'm only now learning how to control my own Alicorn magic. To take on even more–”

“Twilight, you represent the element of magic,” Cadence reassured her. “If there is anypony who can do this, it's you.”

“Taking on this task will be one of the most difficult things I'll ever do, but with the help of my friends–” She began.

“I'm sorry, Princess Twilight, but you must keep your new abilities a secret,” Celestia interrupted. “I fear that your friends being aware of your new power could put them at great risk. Do you still think you can take on this responsibility?”

“This is the role I am meant to play as a princess of Equestria! I will not fail to do my duty!” Twilight nodded. “With or without my friends, I will do what is required of me.”

“Then we must begin at once,” Celestia said, before Cadance, Luna and her surrounded Twilight in a triangle formation. All three of them lit their horns, before the room brightened as their magic flowed into Twilight. Twilight grimaced as the magic entered her, and she shook her head wearily as the other three alicorns looked at their flanks, where their cutie marks used to be.

“It is done,” Celestia whispered, before slumping in exhaustion.

Tirek glared at the stained glass windows. Who was this fourth princess? He needed answers, and he knew where to get them. Discord.

“I can do this,” Twilight breathed, staring at the cliff in the distance. She concentrated, before teleporting. She appeared on top of a mountain, before appearing in Canterlot, then appearing on top of the cliff she had originally intended for.

“See! Ha! Perfectly controlled teleportation–” she teleported once more into a rock. “Damn it! Die, rock!” The rock blew up, rubble flying everywhere.

Princess Twilight!” Tirek bellowed in the distance.

“Tirek!” Twilight grinned. “Let’s dance. Bomb trap, check. Explosion spell, check. Explosion runes? Check. Discord’s fireworks bomb? Check.”

“You have something that belongs to me!” Tirek bellowed as he closed the distance. Twilight responded by throwing a large rock at him, but it barely slowed him down as he smashed through it.

Twilight teleported as he threw a rock at her, before popping back into existence behind Tirek and firing a magic bolt at him. It sent him off balance, making him stumble.

“Now I understand what your fellow princesses have done!” he roared, before unleashing a blast of magic at Twilight.

The battle had begun.

“It appears we are at an impasse,” Tirek rumbled. “How about a trade, Princess Twilight? Their release for all the Alicorn magic in Equestria.” With a snap of his fingers, bubbles imprisoning her friends appeared in the sky, all of them looking sullen. As soon as they saw her, shouts of protest could be heard.

“What's it going to be, Princess?” Tirek gloated. “Your friends? Or the magic?”

“Don't do it, Twilight!” Rainbow Dash yelled through the bubble, her voice muffled.

“We’re not worth it!” Fluttershy added.

“Oh, but you are, Fluttershy,” Discord whispered sadly. “You're the pony that taught me that friendship is magic.”

Enough!” Tirek bellowed. “I want an answer, and I want it now!”

“ I will give you my magic, in exchange for my friends,” Twilight replied without hesitating.

“Very well,” Tirek nodded, and with a pop, every bubble disappeared and Twilight’s friends dropped to the ground. “Your turn. The magic. Now.”

“...nah,” Twilight grinned as she blasted Tirek in the face point blank with a nova of power, sending him flying. She winked at Discord. “We’re gonna be seeing some fireworks today, Disc. Thanks for the inspiration.”

Discord grinned weakly. “Go get him, tiger.”

Twilight laughed as she sprang forwards, her horn lighting up as she activated every explosion spell she had, while covering her friends with a shield. What was going to happen was going to be an explosion on a scale no other had ever seen before.

“Kill...you!” Tirek pushed his way out of the rubble.

“Nah,” Twilight replied simply, as the spells activated.

The world went white as her spells, augmented with the power of four alicorns, blew Tirek up, flooding the world with the sound of a dozen earthquakes.

“Princess, we beat Tirek!” Twilight grinned as she returned the princesses their magic. “It was amazing!”

“Please tell me you didn’t blow him up,” Celestia begged.

“I did!” Twilight grinned. “I used Discord’s spell formula for some! Alicorn magic is so great for explosions.”

“...of course you did.” Celestia slammed her head into a wall.

“Huzzah!” Luna cheered. “Tia, you owe me ten bits!”

Celestia slammed her head into the wall again.

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