by PonyAmorous

Chapter 1: Prologue

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"AJ, there's...there's something I have to tell you." Rainbow Dash's wings ruffled in agitation at her sides as she nervously shifted her weight between her legs.

"I'm listening, sugarcube." Applejack replied with a wry smile.

"W-Well the thing is...I–uh–is it hot in this barn all of a sudden?"

"Now that you mention it, it is a mite bit steamy."

Applejack removed her hat to gently fan herself, giving a sharp shake of her head that shook loose her signature ponytail and sent her mane cascading down around her shoulders like a waterfall of gold. Eyes half-lidded and bearing a predatory smirk, she took a step closer.

"You were saying?"

Rainbow Dash's eyes darted around in search of something to focus on that wasn't the thin sheen of perspiration that still clung to the farm pony's coat after a hard day bucking trees with those powerful, well sculpted legs.

"R-Right! I was-uh-I was...where was I?"

"I think..." Applejack slowly leaned forward as Dash's face flushed bright red. "...you were right...." they were so close that each could feel the hot breath of the other on their face, "...about..." Dash's lips parted as she began to lean forward to close the final gap, "h—"

"Cadence! There's somepony at the—"


Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, Princess of Love and sovereign of the Crystal Empire, flailed at her desk, sweeping a small pile of detailed figurines into a drawer.


"Yes, dear." Shining Armor replied. "It's just that there's somepony here to see you."

"Did you see anything?!"

"No, honey. I didn't see you playing with your dolls again."


After a few quick moments of tidying and the strategic deployment of very important looking papers and folders, Cadence's 'study' was ready once again to receive visitors. She put on her serious princess face, which she immediately dropped again as soon as she saw the lavender alicorn round the corner.

"Twilight!" A quick childish chant and a hug later, and Twilight was already taking a seat next to her. "It's so good to see you! What brings you all the way up here?"

"Well..." Twilight cautiously started while helping herself to an offered cup of tea. "There's this problem I need some help with, or maybe just some advice."

"I'm listening."

"You see...two of my friends...they get along well. Like really well. I think they'd actually make a pretty great couple, but I don't think either of them even realizes it. I want my friends to be happy, and with Hearts and Hooves Day just around the corner, I was wondering if there was any way I could help...speed things along? Help them get over that last hurdle? It's just that the thought of Applejack and Rainbow Dash finally getting together makes me...sorry, that probably sounds super weird, right?"

Cadence said nothing as she reached a hoof under her desk to press a button. Wall panels spun around, revealing charts, graphs, and numerous posters with highly detailed and imaginative illustrations of the pair in question. One particularly large one featured a heart shaped apple with rainbow text in a jagged font reminiscent of lighting bolts spelling out AJ + RD 4EVER.

"Come, Twilight. We have work to do."

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