by Hiver

Chapter 3

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The trail of grapes lead to one of the smaller private sitting rooms overlooking one of the small parks in the castle. One of surprisingly many actually, but it likely shouldn’t be.

Celestia liked them and it was she had remodeled the castle so many times, it was hardly a wonder that it was the way she liked it.

Poking my head inside revealed a roaring fireplace, the table, couch and chairs pushed to the side to make space for a blanket laid out before the fireplace.

On the blanket, was a Luna. More specifically, my Luna. She looked up from her book when I entered before she smiled and raised her wings,"You found me,” she said as she closed the book and floated it over to the table with her magic.

"I did," I said and smiled as I crossed over to nuzzle her, "...Can't say I'm overly flattered with the way you got me here though..."

"It worked, did it not?"

I stuck my tongue out at her before I settled down next to her, her long wing quickly shifting to lay across my back as she pulled me close, "How was court?" I asked after several long seconds of leaning against her.

"Quiet," she said and nuzzled at my ear, "There was a single supplicant that wanted to borrow money from the Crown to repair his farm. There was some damage during one of the autumn storms, apparently it ripped the roof straight off his barn."

"Not many dare out in weather like this."

"True," she agreed, "How was your practice?"

"Short," I admitted and gave her a small kiss, "Got cold, even with the spell on the cloak... and it snowed so hard I could barely see the targets away, so I figured I might as well give it up for now. But for a more interesting topic..."


"What is all this?" I asked and looked at her in question, leaning against her and nuzzling at her neck.

Luna smiled against my mane and pulled me a bit closer with her wing, "Just wanted some time with you and it seemed like just the right time for it. We’re both usually busy."

She more than me, but I had my own duties to tend to. They just were less public than hers.

"No arguments there," I agreed and nuzzled at her neck with a small sigh as I got comfortable.

We just stayed like that for a long moment, just enjoying the warmth and closeness before Luna finally spoke up again, "...I think you should change your sleeping pattern again and go back to half night and half day."

"Wuzzat?" I asked, almost half asleep as I blinked my eyes back open again.

"I love having you with me at night," she said and smiled down at me, leaning down to bump her nose against mine, "But it can't be that practical for you. And I know Sunset misses having you around when she’s actually awake too."

I shifted slightly, "I guess you're right," I admitted, "I have been thinking about it, it's just... you know, since this," I said and shifted my thestral wings, "It just feels so much more natural to be up at night. And I loved that it works better with your schedule too."

"I know," she said and nuzzled at my ear, "But the one you had before worked well..."

"Bit after noon until three or four at night?" I asked before I nodded before I groaned, "...That did work well, It's just going to be such a pain to twist things around back there again."

I didn't look forward to spending time out in the sun either... so bright. I'm not sure how Fluttershy did it, I think I might have to send her a letter and ask or maybe visit her dreams or something

"I'll miss waking up next to you though," I then admitted and looked up at her, "That was the best part of all this."

"I'll miss it too," Luna said softly and gave me a small kiss, "But I know you have things to do that's much easier during the day."

Like meeting with my publisher. Not to say that she 'wouldn't' be willing to put in the time to meet at two in the morning for as many Bits as I had drawn in for them, but it did make me feel bad about the entire thing.

Luna was right and in all honesty, I should have put a stop to it ages ago myself.

"I know, I know," I admitted and sighed, slipping out from beneath her wing so I could stretch my own, "...Which means I'm going to get up early today, aren't I? What time is it anyway?"

"Around four," Luna supplied as she watched me, one ear flicking slightly.

"I'll stay up another couple of hours then," I said and slipped back beneath her wing, nuzzling at her neck, "And I know just how to spend them."

"...Page, I don't have two hours, there are matters I have to-eeep!"

My wife didn't get much more done that night. I made personally sure of that. As revenge for making way too much sense.

Such a thing can’t go unpunished after all.

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